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Much Ado About Nothing? Why Trump Allies Are Unfazed by Michael Cohen's Plea Deal

Much Ado About Nothing? Why Trump Allies Are Unfazed by Michael Cohen's Plea Deal Read Transcript

- He once said he'd take abullet for President Trump,

now Michael Cohen isworking with Robert Mueller.

The man many Americans believe

is unfairly targetingthe Commander in Chief.

- What he's trying to dois get a reduced sentence,

so he's lying about a projectthat everybody new about.

- [Jennifer] Thepresident's former attorney

says he lied to lawmakers about a proposed

Trump real estate project in Moscow.

Cohen told them the project was abandoned

in January of 2016,

before the Republicanprimary got underway.

Now he says project planning

continued into June, deep intothe presidential campaign.

The president says heput a stop to the project

because of his run for the White House.

- There would be nothingwrong if I did do it.

I was running my businesswhile I was campaigning.

There was a good chancethat wouldn't have won.

In which case, I would havegone back into the business,

and why should I loselots of opportunities?

- [Jennifer] Some fear Cohen's testimony

may have put the presidentin a perjury trap,

but Trump attorney, Rudy Giuliani says,

the president's written answers to Mueller

about the Moscow project,match Cohen's version.

The president today,tweeting that he was open

about his business dealingsduring the campaign.

Lightly looked at doing abuilding somewhere in Russia.

Put up zero money, zero guarantees,

and didn't do the project.

Witch hunt!

While the mainstreammedia has had a field day

with these latest developments,

CBN News Chief PoliticalAnalyst, David Brody,

had this take on Faith Nation.

- This is a big whopperof a non-story, non-story.

This is about a TrumpTower deal in Moscow,

that was never a deal by the way,

and Michael Cohen lied to Congress.

Okay, that's a problem,

but for Donald Trump and collusion?

What in the world does this

have anything to do with collusion?

But if you look at themainstream media networks

you would think it's the end of the world.

It's the smoking gun.

- [Jennifer] Former campaignmanager, Corey Lewandowski,

and former deputy campaignmanager, Dave Bossie,

tells CBN News, Cohen's lies

have nothing to do with the president.

- Michael has his old legalissues that he's created.

They have nothing to do withthe outcome of the election.

They have nothing to do with some type

of fake Russian collusion story.

- Meanwhile the presidentcanceled a planned meeting

with Russian President Vladimir Putin

at the G20 Summit, citingongoing disapproval

of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.


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