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Christian World News - November 30, 2018

Christian World News - November 30, 2018 Read Transcript

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- [Heather] This weekon Christian World News,

a missionary is killed whiletrying to bring the gospel

to an isolated Indian tribe.

Now many are wondering ifhe did the right thing.

We learn more about thismartyr's final moments

and how his death hasimpacted the missionary world.

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- [Mark] Plus tensions flare in Europe

after Russia seizes three Ukrainian ships.

See how the church could be atthe center of this gun battle

and why it could lead to an all-out war.

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- [Heather] And hear how you can literally

rewrite your DNA and changeyour family's destiny.

We go inside the science of epigenetics

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- Welcome to ChristianWorld News, I'm Mark Martin.

- And I'm Heather Sells.

We begin with a troublingtrend for the Church in China.

Senior International Correspondent

and Christian World News host

George Thomas visited China this week.

He reports growingopposition to the gospel

and anti-church activity thathas not been seen for decades.

Even though China is anofficially communist nation,

it has seen dramatic churchgrowth in recent decades.

Now the state is beginning to push back.

And George joins us now by Skype.

George tell us, how isthe government starting

to crack down on the church?

- Look, we began to seesome of the rumblings

of this crackdown probablyabout four years ago

when the local authoritiesin China's eastern province

of Hunan started to gointo churches and begin

to tear down crosses.

Initially the accusationagainst the church was

that they didn't have thenecessary building permit,

they were not meeting thevarious building codes.

And so they came in with their bulldozers

and started taking down the crosses.

Eventually it spread todestroying of churches.

But then it began to spreadin several of the other

more prominent eastern,southeastern provinces

where there is a strongChristian population.

But what we have seen Heather,in the last four years

has been an aggressive campaignby the Chinese government

to go after people of allfaiths, not just Christianity.

Muslims, Buddhists, inessence they have just

in the last 24 months theyhave released what's called

a White Paper, in essencegiving Chinese citizens

the sort of blueprint of how they can

and cannot practicetheir faith as it relates

to the rules and regulations of the state.

And what we have seenin the last four years

has been a tremendous crackdownon all peoples of faith.

- It sounds like this reallymade an impression on you,

on your just recent trip there.

What were you seeing and why now?

- Yeah, I've been visitingChina for the last 25 years

and I just came out of Beijing this week,

and it was truly alarming.

Because as someone whohad documented the growth

of religiosity in Chinafor many many decades,

to see the country in essence,

turn its back on people of faith,

specifically Christians and Muslims,

it was very very disconcerting.

And those I have spoken to,

leaders within both the Muslim community

as well as the Christian community,

they are very veryconcerned, because in essence

what the Chinese government is saying,

is that you have to lookat faith through the prism

of Communism, through the prismof the central government.

Everything should beseen through that prism.

And worship of faithabove the Communist Party,

above the government,

can get you into somevery very serious trouble.

- George, how do you think this might play

out for believers?

Practically, will itinhibit their movements,

might some of them beginto leave the country?

- Well what we have seenin recent months is that

we're not talking about the kind

of persecution the Churchendured circa 40, 50 years ago.

Back then it was very very severe.

You had pastors who wereimprisoned, tortured, killed.

In this case, what we'reseeing today is that

you've got prominent so-calledunderground churches,

the authorities comein and tell the pastor,

listen you cannot go outside of your home,

you're restricted to your home,

you cannot leave the country,you cannot leave the province

or the city that you live in.

And so the Church understands,

they have a history ofenduring persecution.

What we are seeing today is that so many

of these so-called underground churches

that flourished in the last 25 years,

pretty much since theopening of market reforms

and the ushering of economicreforms by Deng Xiaoping.

You are seeing todaythe underground church

go back literally underground.

They used to, maybe three,400 people would gather

on a Sunday morning, on a Saturday,

now that's not happening.

Those 300, 400 have broken upinto very very small groups,

they're meeting in different homes,

moving from place to place.

So they understand this kind of lifestyle

and what it means to live out their faith.

And let me make a very very clear point,

it's not just Christians.

Muslims today, for examplein Xinjiang Province

all the way in the westernhinterlands of China

where I have reported from in recent past.

They are also suffering tremendously.

The reports are, numerousWestern agencies say

that close to about a millionplus Muslims have been put

into these so-called internment camps.

Where the government is in essence trying

to brainwash these Muslimsto abandon their faith.

To not, for example, practice during the--

- Sorry G we gotta go,but thank you so much

for your report and it's a great alert.

We appreciate your time.

- You're welcome.

- In other news the reporteddeath of missionary John Chau

has drawn worldwide attention this week.

John was last seen by fishermenas he approached India's

North Sentinel Island.

He was attempting to reachthe isolated islanders

with the gospel.

Those fishermen later reportedseeing those islanders

drag a body on the beachwhich they believe is Chau's.

Across the world peoplehave attacked the missionary

for exposing the NorthSentinelese to modern disease.

His missions organization,Kansas City based All Nations

says he took preventative health measures,

and they include 13 immunizations

and quarantining himselfright before he left

for the island.

- Since he was18-years-old, he felt a call

from God to share the loveof God, the goodness of God

with the North Sentinelese.

And every decision he has madein the last eight, nine years

has been to equip him to love and to care

for the North Sentinelese.

He was extremely wellprepared in every way.

So that is why we supported him.

- Days after Chau reportedlydied at the hands of the tribe,

Indian authoritiesstill have not been able

to recover his body.

So what impact will this have

on Christian missionarywork around the world?

I recently spoke with Dr. Corne Bekker,

the Dean of the School ofDivinity at Regent University.

(digital beeping)

How should missionaries prepare to try

to reach isolated people groups.

- I'm not sure the criticism is warranted,

for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we know that Mr.Chau got all the inoculations,

vaccinations that heneeded, he was quarantined

for a little bit before he went in.

Maybe the one thing he couldhave done differently, right?

So Jesus said, when peoplego out in mission always go

in groups of two.

It would have probably beena better idea for him to go.

We also know that he did somelanguage training as well.

So when people prepare for mission,

make sure you understand the language,

make sure you understand the culture,

and make sure that you goin groups, certainly of two,

so that you can make gooddecisions and good judgements.

- Others have praised hispassion and his willingness

to follow God's call.

The unknown health risks thathe posed to the islanders,

I know you mentioned theinoculations and so forth,

but there were still unknown health risks

that he posed to them, andthe risk to his own life.

In your opinion, was he right to go

to the North Sentinel Island?

- I think it's of tremendous importance

to go to every nation that has not heard.

Unfortunately Mark, welive in culture right now

where the gospel of JesusChrist is no longer considered

as the only way, as the onlyanswer to the worlds problems.

And so I praise his passion.

And again, we don't havethe full scope of his true,

we don't know what is goingto happen in the future.

And maybe his sacrifice isgoing to be the catalyst

for these extraordinary wonderful people

to come to the Lord.

- Yeah, I've been thinkinga lot about that as well.

Now he's also beencriticized for not going

with other missionaries,you mentioned that.

And for not getting a missionary visa.

He had a tourist visa, wasthat a mistake in your view?

- I think it's importantas far as possible

to work with the governments

that we are certainly involved in,

or the country we are going to.

And so yes, I think he needed

to get a religious worker's visa.

But again, the Indiangovernment has not allowed

anybody to go to this island.

And as Christians wereally don't have a choice

in this matter.

Jesus been very clear, hesays "Go into all the world

"and share the gospel of Jesus Christ."

- Okay, well some see aparallel to Jim Elliot

and his fellow missionarieswho lost their lives

trying to reach a remotetribe in South America.

What are your thoughtson that, do you agree?

- I think there are quite anumber of differences here

but again, it's thegreat scope of history.

I would be interested tosee what's going to happen

in the next 10, 20, 30 years.

It's very clear to methat this tribe ultimately

will hear the gospel.

And what if they are ableto look back at this event

and say, somebody loved us so much

that they were willing tolay down their lives for us,

this might be the catalyst.

- Yeah that's a wonderful thought there.

Is it possible this couldactually encourage others

to follow the Lord'scommand to take the gospel

to the whole world, not justto the North Sentinelese.

- It certainly has inspired me.

And I wanted to think backon my own life and say,

what risks am I willing totake to share the gospel

of Jesus Christ.

And it's my prayer that wewill have a lot of missionaries

that will go forth.

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- [Heather] Coming up a fierce standoff

between Russia and Ukraine,

which could lead to war in Europe.

See why Christianity could be

at the center of this conflict.

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- Hello I'm Terry Meeuwsen, didyou know there are more than

148 million orphans in the world today?

148 million, but it was threelittle girls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utterloneliness, the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew a ministry

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- In Eastern Europe thereare fears of renewed fighting

after Russia seized three Ukrainian ships.

Thousands have been killed as a result

of fighting between Russian separatists

and Ukrainian nationals in the east.

- It all started when Russiaannexed the Crimean Peninsula

from Ukraine in 2014.

And as Dale Hurd reports,this latest flair-up

could be part of a struggleover the Orthodox Church.

- Is the brewing crisisbetween Russian and Ukraine

the result of a turfbattle between the Russian

and Ukrainian Orthodox churches?

Some say it could be.

Vladimir Putin finallylost one, and he's angry.

And that could be whatwas behind an incident

on Sunday near Crimea.

When Russian border guards rammed into

and opened fire on threeUkrainian Navy vessels,

traveling from the BlackSea toward a Ukrainian port.

- I believe that it is actually a desire

for Putin to show who'sin control of Crimea.

- [Dale] CBN's Director forRussia and Ukraine Steve Weber

believes the Russian action

could have been Putin's angry response

to the decision by the worldwide leader

of the Orthodox Churchto take Orthodox Churches

in Ukraine away from the control

of the Russian patriarch in Moscow.

- It could be connected to what happened

just a few weeks ago,when this Bartholomew

in Istanbul, with the stroke of a pen

took 12,000, a thirdof all of the churches

under the Moscow patriarch and gave them

to the Ukrainian patriarch.

This created anger in Putin.

It's like you lostpower over all of these,

a third of his parishes.

- [Dale] Putin used Moscow's dominance

over the 300 millionperson Orthodox communion

to try to control Orthodoxbelievers in Ukraine

and boost his image as a leader.

Weber says losing the Ukrainian churches

was like kicking sand into Putin's face.

And frees Ukraine even morefrom the clutches of Moscow.

Fearing war, the Ukrainianparliament is imposed

Marshall Law for 30 days.

Something Ukraine didn't do

even when Russian annexedUkraine's Crimean Peninsula

in 2014, or sent troopsinto Eastern Ukraine.

Russia says it will send

an anti-aircraft missilesystem into Crimea.

The United States and it's allies

condemned the Russian seizureat the United Nations.

- Sunday's outrageous violation

of sovereign Ukrainianterritory is part of a pattern

of Russian behavior thatincludes the purported annexation

of Crimea and abuses againstcountless Ukrainians in Crimea.

- CBN News Senior ReporterDale Hurd joins us now.

Dale why would Vladimir Putin be so upset

about Orthodox Churcheschanging patriarchs?

- Well I think first of all

because he's used togetting what he wants.

And Russian warned the Patriarchin Turkey not to do this,

not to free the Ukrainian churches,

and they did it anyway.

This puts a big dent inPutin's whole project

to sort of rebuild Russia asthe center of the Slavic world,

and the center of the Orthodox world.

- Do you think that Putinis going to strike back

against Patriarch Bartholomew, in Turkey,

the one who defied him.

- You know there have been threats.

Before this happenedthey said, if you do it,

we're gonna take theRussian Orthodox Churches

out from under you.

And that could cut the number of churches

that this patriarch inTurkey rules, in half.

- How is the Church used asa pawn to control Ukraine?

- It's been said, and therewas always this suspicion

in the Ukraine, thatOrthodox churches that were

under the leadership of Moscow,

might be surrogates for Putin.

And would be politicallyunreliable in Ukraine.

So there was that concern as well.

- Okay Dale Hurd, our Senior Reporter,

thanks for staying on top of this.

- Thank you.

- Heather.

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Researchers say a new studyshows all modern humans

are descended from a commonfather and mother who appeared

on the scene 100 to 200,000 years ago,

after a cataclysmic eventalmost wiped out the human race.

In an interview on Fox and Friends,

Dr. Robert Jefferess,

pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas

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- Hm.- And you can see

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- Well scientists havebeen studying the field

of what's called epigeneticsfor the last five to ten years.

And one of their key discoveries is

that we can turn certain genes on and off.

What's more these changes can be passed

down through generations,that's something we read about

in the Bible.

Here is Lorie Johnson with the story.

- [Lorie] Like millions ofAmericans Ashley Skidmore

joined the trend oftaking at-home DNA tests.

- All of my friends weredoing just the Ancestry test

and I just decided on a whimto throw in the health section.

- [Lorie] The results indicatedAshley inherited a gene

that often leads to lung disease.

- I took the results to my doctor

and my doctor was veryalarmed by the results,

and I had no idea what it even was.

- [Lorie] The good news,thanks to the new science

of epigenetics, there'shope for Ashley and others.

DNA is not our destiny,

because even if we inheritedsome genes we'd rather not have

epigenetics tells us,we can turn them off.

In his book, Change YourGenes, Change Your Life,

Dr. Kenneth Pelletiersays we control our genes

not the other way around.

- How we live our lives, howwe influence the expression

of our genes, that's what's critical.

So it gives us the responsibilityand gives us the power

to influence our life direction.

- [Lorie] He says bad genesare activated by bad behavior.

In Ashley's case, smokingturns on her problem gene.

- That's what makes thegene express itself.

But if you know you haveit, then you can not smoke

and you'll avoid the consequences.

- It give me hope that I can silence it,

but if I were a smoker it's basically

my life expectancy is 50 years old.

- [Lorie] Epi means on top of.

Our epigenome is likeflexible software on top

of our genome, whichis like fixed hardware.

Our behavior controls the epigenome,

which in turn controls the genes.

- We are in effect aprogrammable computer.

That's how we were made.

- [Lorie] Equally fascinating,

researcher Dr. Randy Jirtle proved

epigenetic changesdon't just stop with us.

For better or worse,these gene manipulators

can actually be passeddown to future generations.

Backing up the biblical warning

written thousands of years ago.

- You can see that,

in effect what God I think was telling us,

is that since they're nottotally erased necessarily

from generation to generation,

as they go through the egg and the sperm.

Can literally give rise toproblems in the next generation

and the following, and the following,

out to four and five generations.

- [Lorie] When Dr. Jirtlefed healthy nutrients

to pregnant mice which carried a gene

for obesity and jaundice,

her offspring were born thin and brown.

- There are thesetrans-generational changes

that take place.

- [Lorie] Dr. Pelletier believessimilar scenarios play out

in human beings.

- So the good news, ifyou make a healthy change,

it'll be transmittedthrough your generations.

If you make an unhealthy change,

it will also influencesubsequent generations.

I mean this is a wholefascinating new technology.

- [Lorie] So while we can't control

the genetic hand we're dealt.

The new science of epigenetics tells us

we can control how these genes behave.

In ourselves and our offspring.

- [Mark] To see more of LorieJohnson's medical reports

just go to our website

We'll be right back.

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- Hello I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million, but it was threelittle girls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian Orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utterloneliness, the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew a ministry

from my heart called Orphan's Promise.

Today we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes,

they're being educated, andthey're learning life skills.

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- The Trump administrationis investing $100 million

in the global war against HIV and AIDS.

- White House correspondentBen Kennedy says

the funds will help faith-based groups

fight the dreaded disease.

- A fight to combat thisepidemic with prayers,

funding, research, and treatment.

Teaming up the White House here behind me,

lawmakers, and groups around the world

to bring an end to this disease.

- Our administration is proud to partner

with faith-basedorganizations across Africa

and around the world.

- [Ben] The U.S.President's Emergency Plan

for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR,

has helped save morethan 16 million lives.

PEPFAR began 15 years agounder President George W. Bush,

funding treatment for 14 million people.

The initiative even helpedsome 2.2 million babies,

who were born HIV freeto HIV positive mothers.

- We ought not to allow ourselves

to be caught up in the numbers.

'Cause we're talking about people,

we're talking about real lives.

- We are going to win this battle.

Primarily because of the faith

in the Lord Jesus Christ.

- [Ben] The Circle ofHope in Zambia teamed up

with PEPFAR to help more than3,000 people this year alone.

- We want to reach our wholeheartedly

so that they can enjoy a good life

and actually experience the hand of God

in their lives through PEPFAR.

- And if you want to end this pandemic,

you've got to bring thefaith-based community,

the churches, especially in Africa.

- [Ben] On Capitol HillCongressman Chris Smith

introduced a five-year, $30billion extension of PEPFAR

which had bipartisan support in the House,

and just passed the Senate Wednesday.

- It could come back with a vengeance.

Unless there's ongoingexpansion of best practices

to reach the greatest number of people.

- And do you feel like withfaith-based organizations

and with lawmakers like yourself,

we could possibly end this epidemic?

- Oh I believe that this is doable.

- Now AIDS related deathshave been cut in half

since it's peak in 2004,

and new HIV infections have declined

by nearly 50% because ofinitiatives like PEPFAR.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

- Thanks for joining us this week.

- Until next week,goodbye and God bless you.

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