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Pro-Life Activists Rethink Strategy After Pro-Choice Majority Wins House: 'This Is a Fight We Have to Pick Up'

Pro-Life Activists Rethink Strategy After Pro-Choice Majority Wins House: 'This Is a Fight We Have to Pick Up' Read Transcript

- On election night as activists watched

the number of pro-lifelawmakers grow in the Senate,

the wind let their sailsas they witnessed the House

flip to a pro-choice majority.

- We can't get aroundthe fact that this is

certainly a loss forthe pro-life movement.

That the House that's been a vanguard

is now gonna be back in the hands

of someone like Nancy Pelosi

who is absolutely an abortion radical.

- [Jennifer] Now instead of working to get

a late term abortion ban

and other legislation through Congress,

pro-life activists likeMallory Quigley are refocusing

on keeping tax dollars

out of the hands of Planned Parenthood.

- This is a fight that we have to take up,

a mantle that we haveto pick up every day.

- [Jennifer] Susan B Anthony Teams

started knocking on doors back in July.

Millions of visits later,

they convinced enoughvoters to make the Senate

reliably pro-life.

- What we wanted was notjust a Republican Senate,

but a pro-life Senate.

The Senate is ground zerofor Supreme Court Justices.

We saw that with the fightto confirm Neil Gorsuch

and of course Brett Kavanaugh.

- [Jennifer] Now if thePresident gets to nominate

a third or even fourth justice,

pro-choice Republicans likeSenators Lisa Murkowski

and Susan Collins can'tblock the confirmation.

And of course, Donald Trumpis still in the White House.

The most pro-lifePresident America has seen.

In his campaign for the Presidency,

he sent this letter to pro-life voters

listing the actions he'd taketo protect life if elected.

And he's keeping his word.

In a matter of days,

the Department Of HealthAnd Human Services

will finalize it's protect life rule.

- That cut off $60 millionfor Planned Parenthood.

Their second largest stream of funding.

If they continue to do abortions,

they won't get Title 10 money.

It's a really encouragingtime to be pro-life.

- Soon Quigley saysteams across the country

will begin knocking on doors once again

to try and turn out thepro-life vote in 2020.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.


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