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From the Berlin Wall to the Fall of the Soviet Union: CBN's Gary Lane Shares His Memories of George HW Bush

From the Berlin Wall to the Fall of the Soviet Union: CBN's Gary Lane Shares His Memories of George HW Bush Read Transcript

- And our CBN News ReporterGary Lane interviewed Bush

in 1980 when he ran

for the Republicannomination for President.

Ultimately losing to Ronald Reagan

who then chose him tobe his Vice President.

And Gary also saw theBush campaign in action

in 1988 when he worked

on Pat Robertson's Presidential campaign.

So Gary we know that Bush oversaw the fall

of the Berlin Wall and thebreakup of the Soviet Union.

Why was it so important thatthose be handled correctly?

- Well Efrem, becauseyou had new democracies

that were coming into fruition.

Or they wanted to become democracies.

So they had to have cash infusions,

they had to learn what it was like

to have a free market economy as well.

And so they needed help,they needed support.

Not just monetary help and support,

but also political help and support.

And it was important because otherwise

if they had failed,

you would have seen theseCommunists rise up again

and try to take controlover those countries.

And today it paid off,

because many of thosecountries are now part of NATO.

- Absolutely.

Now he also built a majorinternational coalition

against Saddam Hussein forOperation Desert Storm.

Why was that so significant?

- Well it was significant if you remember,

Saddam Hussein moved into Kuwait.

And that was an oilrich country, still is.

But he controlled the oil.

So in order to get him out of there,

a ground assault was needed.

That would be very difficultfor the United States

to do on it's own.

He formed a coalition ofalmost three dozen countries

and it took time to move those troops in

and to move all the equipment in.

And finally there was aground and air assault

and they knocked Saddam out.

And that was very significant to show

that tyranny would not betolerated in the Middle East.

- Successes there in foreign policy.

But he disappointed many conservatives

on some domestic policies, did he not?

- Well I think the main thing was,

remember George Bush saidread my lips, no new taxes.

And then he turned around and raised taxes

making a deal with the Democrats.

And that disappointeda lot of conservatives.

I think many conservatives saw him

as someone who would carryon Ronald Reagan's policies

and that legacy, and he did not.

- How do you think he'll be remembered

despite that disappointment?

- I think he'll be remembered mostly

for his foreign policy successes.

Remember this was a man whowas Ambassador to China,

he was also Ambassadorto the United Nations,

CIA Director, also a Congressman,

and then President of the United States,

war hero and he'll be remembered

for those foreign policy successes

even though he was not the one

he was not the architect ofthe Berlin Wall coming down.

It was Ronald Reagan'spolicies that led to that.

We needed a good manager,

and he'll be remembered as agood foreign policy manager.

- Indeed, if any man wasprepared to be President

he certainly was.

- Yes, very humble man too.- Indeed, indeed.


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