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700 Club Interactive - December 4, 2018

A career criminal faces eighty years in prison with the possibility of parole. In prison he gives his life to Jesus and begins experiencing miracles. Read Transcript

- [Gordon] A familystruggles with infertility.

- And we just couldn't have them.

It was just heartbreaking for us.

- [Gordon] How they redefined family

and found joy in something different.

- God built our family andhe designed it so perfectly.

- [Gordon] Plus, a careercriminal faces 80 years in prison.

- All my chances is up.

This time, I'm gonna spendthe rest of my life in prison.

- How a Bible studyinvitation sparked a change.

That and more on today's700 Club Interactive.

Welcome to the show.

Back in 1993, YasserArafat and Yitzhak Rabin

signed the Oslo Accords

in hopes of ending theIsraeli-Palestinian conflict.

Well, 25 years later, one prominent leader

says the Palestinianswould actually prefer

living under the Jewish state

over the Palestinian Authority.

CBN's Scott Ross traveled tothe ancient city of Hebron

where he talked with a Jew and an Arab

who believe peace betweenthe two peoples is possible.

- Hebron is often known

as one of the most volatilecities in the West Bank.

But here in what's alsothe most prosperous

Palestinian Arab city, adifferent kind of peace

between Israelis and Palestinians

is discussed on both sides.

Noam Arnon speaks for theJewish community in Hebron.

There are now how many Jewsliving in Hebron, approximately?

- Well, it's about 800.

- Surrounded by how many thousands

of Arabs?- About 200,000 Arabs.

But you see, this isactually the same percentage

as Jews in the Middle East.

- Those Jews live mostlyin a historic sector

separated from the Palestinian population.

Arnon took me to meethis friend Ashraf Ja'abri

in the Arab sector.

Ja'abri, an Arab leader here,

heads a powerful familyclan of some 30,000.

We're in Hebron.

How long have you lived here?

- [Translator] 43 years.

- Ja'abri and Arnon havebeen friends for 30 years.

After our initial exchange,

Ja'abri preferred tospeak mostly in Hebrew.

You two are friends.

You're an Arab and he is a Jew.

- Yes.

- Why are you friends?

- [Translator] He's our neighbor.

- Neighbors.- Yes.

- And you get along together?- Yes.

- So it is possible for Jews and Arabs

to live together in friendshipwithout any conflict.

- [Translator] Yes, without any doubt.

30 years ago, we were working together,

doing business together.

- Why don't more Jews andArabs live as you live

with your friend?

- [Translator] Because of the politicians.

- [Scott] More than 25 years ago,

Israel opened the door for Yasser Arafat

and the Palestinian LiberationOrganization, or PLO,

from Tunis, by recognizingthem as the sole representative

of the Palestinian people in negotiations.

Arafat and then-IsraeliPrime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

signed the Oslo Accords onthe White House Lawn in 1993,

creating the PalestinianAuthority out of the PLO

to govern the Palestinians.

The aim, to end theIsraeli-Palestinian conflict

and eventually establisha Palestinian state

in biblical Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

Ja'abri says it hasn't worked.

- [Translator] The PLOsigned the Oslo agreements

25 years ago, and tilltoday, we didn't reach peace.

It's the opposite.

We started with a very big problem.

- In the Oslo Accord,the Israeli government

had brought the PLO tocontrol the local population,

and they said you bring those people,

the corrupted and theterrorists to control us, why?

I feel ashamed about it.

We disappointed them.

We betrayed them.

- What do the PLO think of you?

(speaking foreign language)

- [Translator] I don't carewhat the PLO thinks about me.

What's important for me ishow we can all live together

in this area, in the state of Israel.

If we follow their way,we won't have peace,

even in the next 50 years.

- [Scott] And he says therehas to be another way.

- [Translator] How will we live together?

Under the government of Israel.

In the end, this is the only solution.

- Even though Ja'abri saysthe masses want a change,

saying so would get them in trouble

with the Palestinian Authority.

Have your enemies threatened you?

(speaking foreign language)

- [Translator] We're not afraid of anyone.

We speak from our hearts.

We speak the truth.

- Do you have hope for thefuture for peace in the land?

(speaking foreign language)

- [Translator] Of course.

There's hope, but we have to continue

in the way of real peace from both sides.

The problem between usis a political problem.

- [Scott] Ja'abri, who is a businessman,

and other Palestinianand Israeli businessmen

have ideas about how to makeperson-to-person relations work

and they want the world to help.

(speaking foreign language)

- [Translator] We established a non-profit

in Ariel, Samaria, Chamberof Commerce and Industry.

We work together.

We have no problem with the Jews

in any place in the country,

in Tel Aviv or in the territories.

- [Scott] The US Ambassadorto Israel, David Friedman,

recently visited the JudeaSamaria Chamber of Commerce

and Industry in the city ofAriel that Ja'abri helped found.

It's intended to developgreater economic opportunities

and integrated business models.

(speaking foreign language)

- [Translator] I'lltell you something more.

If someone threatens the situation,

I'll stand up for Noam and protect him.

I'm against all the trouble makers

and will protect our area.

- He would protect you?- Yes.

- Yes?- Yes.

(speaking foreign language)

- [Translator] It's our culture.

He's my friend.

I won't betray his life ever.

This is how I understand peace.

- [Scott] PresidentTrump has yet to unveil

his Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

and it's unclear what it contains.

But, if it's up to Ja'abri and Arnon,

it will be a whole different ball game.

Scott Ross for CBN in Hebron.

- That's a story youwon't see anywhere else

and it does hold peace as a hope

that there could be peace.

But the politics is absolutely against it.

When you look at what thePalestinian Authority is doing,

and doing on a regular basis,they're rewarding terrorists.

They're saying to anyonewho kills Israeli citizens,

so that means who kills Jews,

we're going to pay you a monthly stipend.

And if you die in the process,

we'll pay that samestipend to your family.

So they're actually givingfinancial incentives

to keep incitement up,to keep terrorism up,

and they don't want peace.

We heard it in the UN last week

that, from the river to thesea, that that's the intent.

They want a Palestinefrom the river to the sea,

which means no Israel.

That's the reason there hasn't been peace.

You look at the various accords,

whether it's Camp David, the Oslo Accords,

going all the way back to 1948,

the offer of peace, the offer to create

a separate Palestinian state,

we have to finally recognizethat politics isn't working.

But what's happening on the ground

is actually quite encouraging to see that.

Well, coming up, onecouple's quest for parenthood

takes them on a journeythousands of miles long.

- To finally see thatchild that you waited for,

that child that you didn'tthink was gonna happen,

to start pouring that loveinto him was incredible.

- We'll hear a story aboutthe true meaning of family

when we come back.

(inspirational music)

Elizabeth Molina is a native of California

who's also lived in Hawaii and Spain,

and she's racked miles travelingto countless countries.

But she's quick to say no exotic locale

could've ever prepared her

for the adventure she calls motherhood.

- [Reporter] For Elizabeth Molina,

nothing meant more than thethought of becoming a mother,

so when she and Mario married in 2002,

she was excited to give birthto children of their own.

- Parents, children,

I wanted to be able topour love into them,

into their lives just likemy family had done for me.

- [Reporter] But the couple'sattempts at pregnancy

were unsuccessful, andthe cause of infertility

was never determined.

- We just couldn't figure it out.

We had a pretty much a perfect life.

Hate to say it, you know,

we both had really good jobs

and we had our house andwe had traveled a lot.

And then we wanted this.

We see all these people whomay not even want children

and we just couldn't have them

and it was just heartbreaking for us.

- [Reporter] Fertilitydrugs yielded no results

and in vitro fertilization just seemed

too expensive and risky.

Elizabeth continued to pray

through her own feelingsof discouragement.

- I would get up early in themorning and do my devotions,

and I remember clearly sitting,doing my study, praying,

and asking God why, why isit that it's not happening.

And I remember him clearly answering me,

saying it's not that Idon't have children for you,

it's that I need you tolet go of that desire.

I need you to reallyrelinquish that desire to me

so that I can show you what I have.

I just felt like I needed to be content

knowing that he hadcontrol of the situation.

And I realized that Ihad to let go of that

yearning to birth my own children

so that he could give methat gift of motherhood.

- [Reporter] Soon, thecouple began to look into

international adoption.

After a few months' time,

they were matched with fourand a half year old Jordan.

The Molinas traveled to Haiti

to meet him for the first time.

- And I saw Jordan and I was like,

"You know what, that's my son."

I don't know what it was abouthim, his smile, his eyes.

- To finally see thatchild that you waited for,

that child that you didn'tthink was gonna happen,

to finally get to see him,to touch him, to hold him,

and to start pouring thatlove into him was incredible.

- [Reporter] The Molinas metJordan's biological parents

and learned that he had an infant brother

who was in need of a stable home.

There was only one answer for the Molinas.

They would adopt baby Grant too.

For two and a half years, theadoption process continued.

Finally, six year old Jordanand three year old Grant

could come home with their new family,

but the Molinas say the momentwas somewhat bittersweet.

- In order for us to become a family,

a family was being broken apart,

and so that was really hard.

I wrote a letter to the birth mom.

I wrote a letter to her and told her

that I know this is avery hard decision for her

and I knew that she lovedher children very much

and that I would do my very best,

not only to provide for themmaterial-wise and education,

but that I was gonna love them

as if they had been birthed to me,

and that I was alsogoing to share with them

about their birth family

and I was going to plant inthem a love for their country

and a desire for their people.

- [Reporter] Today, Grant and Jordan

are doing well in school.

When their homework is done,

they love to play sportslike basketball and soccer.

They also enjoy attending church.

And with their mother's help,

they've organizedcharity and mission trips

to their homeland, Haiti.

- I always had a heartfor helping out people.

Like when I see somebody on the street,

I always pray for them when we're driving

for like a road trip or anything.

It's just really cool to see other people

that don't have nothing have something.

I like how Papa works very hard

to just give us thethings we need to survive,

and Mom, how she makesthe food on the table.

I like how they're always there for me.

- [Reporter] And the Molinafamily continues to grow.

In 2015, they adopted twodaughters, Laura and Hope.

Elizabeth says she has seenher story come full circle.

Once yearning for children,she let go of her own plans

and let God shape her heartand her image of family.

- Family, it starts inyour heart and it grows

and it becomes this overwhelmingsense of love that you have

for other people and for their well being.

- [Reporter] The Molinassay their unique story

is a picture of God's love.

- When we go to places

and when we walk together as a family,

obviously we get a lot of stares

because we all look very different.

And people are curious; they want to know.

But I tell them, I sayit's not a bad thing.

It gives us an opportunityto share about God

and his power and how he wasable to bring us together.

- [Reporter] Elizabeth is passionate

about ending poverty in Haiti

and providing resourcesfor people in the country

to help families thrive.

She is also an author whoshares her adoption story

in her book called Pieces of My Heart.

- I wrote it for my children.

I wanted them to knowthat God built our family

and he designed it so perfectly.

I know that God has a plan for all of us,

and if we're willing tostep through the door,

he is going to faithfully lead us.

- He's got a plan for you too.

You're part of all of us.

Here's a verse for you:

For I know the plans that I have for you,

plans to give you a future and a hope.

Now here's Elizabeth, she wants a family.

They go through all kinds of tests.

They can't figure out what's wrong.

Earnest prayers.

And then, finally, God speaks to her

and says you need to give this to me

'cause I have something for you.

And in that gift of a desire,

God gives her back not just one,

but he gives her back fourfold

to say here is a plan for you,

here is a hope and a future for you,

here's something that's goingto stretch you, expand you,

do wonderful things for you.

All she had to do was giveup (chuckles) and let God.

And in that, find the greatplan that he had for her.

Now for you, what do you have to give up

in order to get the thingthat God wants to give you?

Where you give it to him andsay Lord, here is my goal,

here is what I want.

Show me what you want instead.

Not my will, but your will be done.

And in that, you show Godhow much you trust him,

that you trust him with your future.

You trust the plan and the purpose

that he has for your life.

If you want someone to pray with you,

pray with you about destiny,what does God have for me,

all you have to do is pickup the phone and call us.

Number's on the screen, 1-800-700-7000.

Up next, a man facing 80 years in prison

with absolutely no possibility of parole.

- I became a monster.

I was thinking of any way

that I could take my life in prison

'cause I didn't want to live in this cell

for the rest of my life.

- And he didn't have to.

See how two miracles sethim free right after this.

(dramatic music)

Roy Yamamoto doesn't take freedom lightly.

He once faced spending therest of his life in prison.

Desperate, suicidal, Roy cried out to God

and two miracles followedthat set him free.

- All my chances is up.

This time, I'm gonna spendthe rest of my life in prison.

I was going through a lot of depression.

I was thinking of any way

that I could take my life in prison

'cause I didn't want to live in this cell

for the rest of my life.

- [Reporter] Roy Yamamotowas facing 80 years in prison

without the possibility of parole

for a series of drug-related crimes.

- Drugs really controlled my whole life

that I became a person, youknow, I became a monster,

and I didn't care aboutanybody or even myself.

- [Reporter] His drug problems started

when he was a boy in Hawaii,covering the shame he felt

from not being able to read.

- I didn't have the abilityto do my school work.

I was put in special ed andI was so ashamed about that.

I was ashamed 'cause I couldn't keep up

with the rest of the students

so I hanged around with the wrong crowd

and we started to drink and smoke weed.

- [Reporter] He managedto graduate high school

and played a year of collegefootball in California,

where he was introduced to cocaine.

- It took over my life.

The addiction was sostrong, when I got back,

instead of working out andtraining for the next season,

I started to hang around withthe partying friends again

and, with it, the cocaine and the drugs.

What happened was, whenit was my time to go back

and play football, all of a sudden,

this career in drugs is more important.

- [Reporter] Roy stayedin Hawaii, got a job,

and started a family.

But his drug use escalated

after a co-worker introducedhim to crystal meth.

- This guy passed me a pipe

and I took that pipeand I took my first hit

and got so addicted, I started to do it

every single day after that.

- [Reporter] His constant drug use

drove his wife to leavewith his young daughter.

- I did more and more drugs

just to cover up the hurtthat I was going through,

and eventually, my habit became

almost $1,000 a day some days.

- [Reporter] To pay for his habit,

Roy became a strongarm collectorfor the drug syndicate.

He was arrested in Ohio for extortion,

kidnapping, and robbery,and sent back to Hawaii,

where he eventually facedmore drug-related charges.

- The lawyer came and spoke to me and said

that Roy, the state is putting you away

as a career criminal.

They're giving you 40 years,

but they're gonna stackanother 40 on top there

because of your record.

I got back to the cell and Iwas in these four inner walls

and I was thinking to myself, man,

I will spend the rest of my life in here.

And I remember going to my cell

and I said, you know, I don't know God,

but I cannot live in herefor the rest of my life.

I need your help.

- [Reporter] While inprison awaiting trial,

Roy's cell mate gave him a Bible

and invited him to a Bible study.

- And I remember walkingto the Bible study

and I was carrying this big Bible

and all my friends that ranaround on the streets with me,

they were looking at me and laughing,

hey Roy, where you going with that Bible?

I said, you know what, I don't know.

You guys couldn't help me out of this

and my family, my lawyer, my friends,

nobody can help me out of this one,

so I'm gonna just seewhat God can do for me.

- [Reporter] At theend of the Bible study,

Roy prayed and askedGod to forgive his sins.

- I prayed the sinner's prayer,and when I said, "Amen,"

there was this uncontrollable tears

coming down my eyes at that point.

It wasn't tears of shame anymore.

It was tears of joy.

When I said, "Amen" to the Lord,

God made me to be a new person

and he shared with methat my life didn't end,

it just started.

- [Reporter] He wantedto understand the Bible

and grow in his new faith,

but Roy had never learned to read.

- Honestly, I couldn't pronouncethe words in the Bible,

and I said to the leader, "Oh my gosh,

"I don't know if this is for me.

"How will I learn about God

"if I can't even readand learn about him?"

And the leader said, "Youknow what, you go and pray.

"Nothing is impossible with God."

And I went back to my cell that day

and I placed my handsin a Bible and I said,

"Lord, please, my prayer isthat you teach me to read

"so I can learn about you

"now that I accept you into my life."

And literally, in no time,God did this first miracle

that I know was from God.

He taught me to read

and it was throughreading the word of God.

- [Reporter] He says God also freed him

from his drug addiction.

- God brought so much joy.

He changed my wholethinking and my whole life

and took away this addiction.

I could never do it.

It was only because Jesus in my life.

So instead of a 12-step program,

it took a one step toJesus, taking his hand.

- [Reporter] As histrial date grew closer,

Roy began to pray for a miracle,another chance at freedom.

- I prayed God, please,

you gave me a million chances.

I don't deserve it anymore.

But give me one more chance

to go out and sharehow you changed my life

and to share the Lord with my family

so we can be family for all eternity,

not just here on earth.

Your word says nothing isimpossible with you in Ephesians.

If that's so, that you'lldo this miracle for me.

- [Reporter] At his trial,

the witness for theprosecution didn't show up

and Roy was eventually set free.

He found a church andbegan serving right away.

But after two years, his casewas brought to trial again.

Back in court, his churchoverwhelmed the new judge

with stories of Roy's changed life.

The judge was moved.

- And he said, "I justsentenced your co-defendant

"to 20 years in prison,10 years mandatory,

"the same place whereyou're standing today."

But he looked up to meand said, "You know what?

"I know that God changed your life,

"so instead of sentencing you today,

"I'm gonna cut you free andgive you back your freedom."

- [Reporter] Roy has used his freedom

to help others start anew life with Christ.

He leads several ministries and camps

reaching out to inmates and their families

with the love of God.

- Being a pastor over a church today

and being able to give backand run our Camp Agapes

for the children of incarcerated,

it's like the biggestblessing in my whole life.

The two judges who cut mefree from doing the life

actually help us with the Camp Agapes

and we've been doing itlike for 12 years now.

- [Reporter] The message of hope

that set him free from guilt and shame

is the same messageRoy shares with inmates

and their families today.

- I'm grateful to the Lord,

even for the things I went through.

I want everybody to know that,

no matter what we went through,

when you receive Jesus into your life,

he'll come into your life

and he'll forgive you foreverything in the past

and he'll make you into a new person

and make you not ashamed, but have joy.

- And he'll do the same for you.

He can take all of your past,whatever you've done wrong,

and literally wipe it away

and make you a new creation in him.

And then this wonderful verse.

For now there is no more condemnation

for those who are in Christ Jesus.

You can move on.

You can be free from your past.

You can be free of addiction.

You can be free.

For who the Son sets free is free indeed.

Now how do you get this?

Well, you do the same thingRoy did, you ask for it.

You humble yourself and youpray God, I can't do this,

I can't get out of this mess.

Only you can do it.

Only you can change my heart.

Only you can change mefrom my innermost being.

That's what it means to be born again.

The Greek word is (speakingforeign language),

which literally means you'reregenerated, you're renewed.

And that can happen to you today.

You can get a fresh start,a fresh start with him.

If you want that, here'swhat I want you to do.

I want you to bow your head.

We're gonna pray a very simple prayer

and let God do all the rest.

Pray with me.


That's right, say hisname, say it out loud.


Lord, I need forgiveness.

I need renewal.

I need to be set free.

I've seen what you'vedone for other people

and I ask could you do that for me?

Could you show up for me?

Come into my heart.

Make me new again.

Set me free.

For I ask it all in Jesus'name, amen and amen.

If you prayed with me,

there's somebody I want you to talk to.

It's a phone call away, 1-800-700-7000.

Just say I prayed with that guy on TV.

I've got a free packet for you,

a CD teaching, what do you do now.

It's called A New Day.

It's yours free.

Here's a word from John 8.

Therefore if the Son makes you free,

you shall be free indeed.

God bless.

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