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'Faith Is the Answer': President Bush Told Pat Robertson About Prayer in the White House

'Faith Is the Answer': President Bush Told Pat Robertson About Prayer in the White House Read Transcript

- The nation is pausingto remember a president

known for his gentleness and kindness.

His casket arrived at theCapital Monday at sunset.

("Hail to the Chief")

It was an emotional returnfor the president's son,

George W. Bush and therest of the Bush family.

In the capital rotunda, political leaders

on both sides of the aislegave stirring tributes

to America's longest living president.

- His example will always inspire.

And his lifetime ofservice will be enshrined

in the hearts of theAmerican people forever.

- His legacy is grace perfected.

His memory will belong to glory.

- [Heather] The formerpresident is being remembered

as a man of quiet, but strong faith.

In 1992, Bush told PatRobertson that prayer

and trust in God is vitalto carrying the burdens

of the presidency.

- Abraham Lincoln said hecouldn't handle the job

except on his knees.

Have you found recourse to God and prayer

often in your presidency?

- You have to.

The more I'm there,

the more I understood what Lincoln meant.

The more I understoodthe need to have some

lift some strength greater than yourself.

I especially found that at the time

I had to make this, now it looks easy,

but a crucial decision aboutcommitting someone else's sons

and daughters into combat.

And the decision rests onlywith the president for that.

Only the president.

And there was certainlytime and need for that one.

- [Heather] Senate ChaplainBarry Black encouraged mourners

to leave the worldbetter than they found it

in honor of Bush.

- We pray in the name ofGeorge Herbert Walker Bush's

savior and friend, Jesus Christ.


- [Heather] The presidentand the first lady

visited the Capital Mondaynight to pay tribute.

Mr. Trump is also invited to the funeral

despite past conflictwith the Bush family.

One of the final acts ofhumility and graciousness

extended by the former president

in that spirit, Congressis delaying a confrontation

over budget funding and apotential government shut down

until after the Bush services are over.

Heather Sells, CBN News.


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