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Civility, God, and Government: Chuck Grassley Reflects on George HW Bush's Passing and the End of an Era

Civility, God, and Government: Chuck Grassley Reflects on George HW Bush's Passing and the End of an Era Read Transcript

- Pat, in an exclusiveinterview with CBN News,

Senator Chuck Grassleytold our Abigail Robertson

he's hopeful civility can return

to our nation's capital

by remembering the lessons demonstrated

by the late President Bush.


- As long time Senator Chuck Grassley

reflects on the late PresidentGeorge H.W. Bush's life,

he tells CBN News what he admired most

is his commitment to publicservice and morality.

- We don't give enough credence to people

that set a good exampleas members of Congress,

as Presidents of the United States.

- [Abigail] Grassleyentered the Senate in 1981

and served throughout Bush's time

as Ronald Reagan's Vice President

and his own Presidency.

- He accomplished an awful lot

as President of the United States

when the democraticparties controlled both

houses of Congress.

- Mhmm.- And I hope that,

how do you get back to whereit was with President Bush?

- Many are saying that withPresident Bush Senior's passing

we're seeing the end of anera of a certain decency

and civility in leadership.

What is your response to that?

- He was a very goodexample of two things.

Two things that peoplesadly I'd say brag about

that they'd never talkabout with anybody else.

They don't talk about religion,

they don't talk about politics.

And is there any two thingsthat have a bigger impact

on your life; God andgovernment in America

that we outta be talking about?

- [Abigail] Grassleysays he remains hopeful

civility will return to politics.

- How are you going to changepublic discourse in America?

Every one of us that are in public life

have to individually set a better example

and if we do that as anindividual goal, collectively

we will make a better environment for

public discussion in America.

- [Abigail] Reporting from Washington,

Abigail Robertson, CBN News.


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