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News on The 700 Club: December 4, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” December 4.: Read Transcript

- Well welcome to thisedition of the 700 Club.

Before we get started in the news.

I want to give you this reader,

it was found in the Drudge Report,

but it's also in a numberof other publications.

What is the cost ofundocumented people who come

to this country and they're not citizens?

All right, according to this report, 63%,

63% of undocumentedimmigrants are on welfare.

And that means 4.6 million households.

Now you talk about aninvasion of the cost of that.

These people on welfare,they come to this country,

they're not documented,they're not citizens.

They're undocumented, theydo not get citizenship

and yet, 4.6 million are getting welfare.

You can imagine how manyhundreds of billions

of dollars this is costing us.

So when President Trumpis talking about it,

you know what it is.

Now, I want to tell youabout a friend who's passed

away, who we'recelebrating, and that friend

is George Bush Senior.

They call him Bush 41.

And back in 1988, RonaldReagan was stepping down.

And there was quite acontest to be his successor.

And a number of us, I was one of them,

ran for the Republican nomination.

And I was successfulin a number of states.

But no way in the world was I going to be

the sitting Vice President.

And he became the nominee of the party

and then later ran against George Dukakis.

Well, we had a convention in New Orleans

and I made a speech,and of course, my speech

was extolling Bush sayingwhat a nice guy he was.

And there I am with mylovely Dede as we were on

the platform in that time.

All right, when it wasover, I was of course

calling for unity becausehe was our nominee

and we were gonna support him.

You don't have people,if they've got any sense,

breaking away, I meanthe 11th commandment,

thou shall not speak illof any fellow Republican,

and we were all together.

And I got on the platform and urged unity

and said things aboutGeorge Bush and his wife

and his legacy and all the rest of it.

Well he wrote me a letter,after the convention,

and here is that letter.

And I think I want toshare it because it means

a great deal to all of us.

- [Wendy] Yeah, here it is Pat.

October 24, 1988, "Dear Pat,before the great memories

"of New Orleans get overtakenby the next big event.

"I wanted to pause amoment to let you know

"how grateful I am for yourcontribution to the 1988

"convention program.

"The entire Bush familyappreciates more than we

"can ever say the tremendousjob you did for us.

"With friends like you by our side,

"I know we will win in November.

"Sincerely, George, allbest to you and yours."

- All right, well he won,he beat Michael Dukakis

and it was a smashing victory.

Now, let's move forward a little bit.

There was a man named Saddam Hussein,

he invaded Kuwait, and the question is,

what do you do with him?

Well, we sent ourambassador to Latin America,

no excuse me, he was inGeneva, to try to work out

a compromise with Saddam Husseinto get him out peacefully.

Those talks broke down.

Well, while I was praying about it,

the lord said, meet withthe President and tell

him that if he stands against Saddam,

it's going to be a major victory.

He's going to be hailedas a conquering hero.

And there will be anamazing victory and you go

and encourage him.

So I called John Senuhu,who was Chief of Staff,

and I said I have a word for your boss.

And can you get me in to see him.

That was like on a weekend, he said okay,

he's gonna be available, I'll get you

in for him on Wednesday.

I said okay, that's fine.

So I got into the oval office, and I said

"Mr President, the lord has spoken to me,

"this is something that'sgoing to be wonderful for you."

You're going to have a greatvictory and you're going

to stop Saddam Hussein andyou're going to be hailed

as a great hero and it's goingto be a marvelous victory.

And I said let's pray about it.

So he came from around what'scalled the resolute desk.

And we joined hands andwe asked God to bless him.

Now, he went from that meeting, literally,

went from that to the Cabinetroom where the Cabinet

was meeting and they launched the war.

- Wow.- I mean that prayer

and that he used it and launched the war.

All right, now I got onJanuary the 10th, 1991,

this wonderful letterfrom this marvelous man

who said this.

- He said, "Dear Pat,there's a little lull

"here at this minute in the Oval Office.

"I'm thinking of yesterday'svisit of your supportive

"words and most of all, ofthat special moment of prayer.

"thank you for coming my way, George"

- Well, he apparentlywent and told Barbara

about that prayer meetingbecause he was a man of faith.

And he was touched by the Holy Spirit.

So Barbara writes me a week later and

here's what she had to say.

- January 15, 1991, "DearPat, Please accept our sincere

"appreciation for yourthoughts and prayers.

"George and I are deeplygrateful to you and

"thank you for supportingus and our nation

"in this very special way.

"God bless you warmly, Barbara.

"George told me aboutyour thoughtful visit,

"thank you so much, my best to Dede."

- Well that was how close we honor him.

This is the time of honoring a great man.

And he was tender heartedtoward the things of God.

But he put together acoalition in 100 hours,

that was how long it took.

They demolished SaddamHussein, General Swhartzcoff

was the leader, 100,that was the 100 day war.

And it just boom, it was all over.

And when it was over, his approval rating

was somewhere about 90%, unheard of.

And he spoke to a jointsession of congress

and they applauded himand it was a great thing.

But what the lord hadsaid for him was exactly

it came to pass exactly as God said it.

And those letters arevery special to me because

it shows the tender heartof this man who's passed on

and who's memory we remember right now.

- You know and it's such aninteresting history lesson

because you're pullingback the curtain and we see

what goes on behind thescenes in the Oval Office.

And President's don't act alone.

And just like in the biblewhen King David was gettting

ready to go out to war,there'd be, a prophet would

come to tell him, you're going to win.

And it would give themstrength and energy.

And God used you like that, Pat.

- He did just that.

I mean it was one ofthose wonderful things.

And in those days we were very close

and I had a few wordsinto the administration.

Well, Republican's andDemocrat's are remembering

the former Presidentgraciousness and his civility.

And that spirit they'repostponing the brewing

battle over a government shutdown.

- Meanwhile, thousandsare visiting the capital

rotunda where George HWBush's body is lying in state.

Yesterday, the nation's highest leaders

joined the Bush family to pay him tribute.

Heather Sells reports.

- The nation is pausingto remember a President

known for his gentleness and kindness.

His casket arrived at theCapital Monday at sunset.

It was an emotionalreturn for the President's

son George W Bush and therest of the Bush family.

In the Capital Rotunda,political leaders on both sides

of the aisle gave stirringtributes to America's

longest living President.

- His example will always inspire.

And his lifetime ofservice will be enshrined

in the hearts of theAmerican people forever.

- [Paul] His legacy is grace perfected.

His memory will belong to glory.

- [Heather] The formerPresident is being remembered

as a man of quiet but strong faith.

In 1992, Bush told PatRobertson that prayer

and trust in God is vitalto carrying the burdens

of the presidency.

- Abraham Lincoln said hecouldn't handle the job

except on his knees,have you found recourse

to God in prayer often in your presidency?

- You have to.

The more I'm there, the more I understood

what Lincoln meant.

The more I understoodthe need to have some,

lift some strength bread in yourself.

I especially found outat the time I had to make

this now it looks easy,but a crucial decision

about committing some oneelses sons and daughters in

to combat and the decisionrests only with the President

for that, only the President.

And there was certianlytime and need for prayer

on that one.

- [Heather] Senate Chaplain Barry Black

encouraged mourners toleave the world better

than they found it in honor of Bush.

- We pray in the name ofGeorge Herbert Walker Bush's

savior and friend, Jesus Christ, Amen.

- [Heather] The Presidentand the first lady

visited the capital Mondaynight to pay tribute.

Mr Trump is also invited to the funeral

despite past conflictwith the Bush family.

One of the final acts ofhumility and graciousness

extended by the former President.

In that spirit Congress isdelaying a confrontation

over budget funding and apotential government shutdown

until after the Bush services are over.

♪ Oh beautiful for ♪

Heather Sells, CBN News.

- Well it's nice to talkabout civility in politics.

But one veteran senatoris calling on lawmakers

to live out the exampleset by the late President.

Efrem Graham has morefrom the CBN News room.

- Pat, in an exclusiveinterview with CBN News,

Senator Chuck Grassleytold our Abigail Robertson

he's hopeful civility canreturn to our nations capital.

By remembering the lessons demonstrated

by the late President Bush.

- As long time senatorChuck Grassley reflects on

the late President George HW Bush's life,

he tells CBN News whathe admired most is his

commitment to public service and morality.

- We don't give enoughcredence to people that

set a good example as members of Congress.

As President of the United States.

- [Abigial] Grassleyentered the Senate in 1981,

and served throughout Bush'stime as Ronald Reagan's

Vice President and his own Presidency.

- He accomplished anawful lot as President

of the United States whenthe Democratic parties

controlled both houses of Congress.

And I hope that, how do youget back to where it was

when President Bush.

- Many are saying that withPresident Bush seniors passing,

we're seeing the end of anera of a certain decency

in civility and leadership.

What is your response to that?

- He was a very goodexample of two things.

Two things that people, sadly I would say,

brag about that they nevertalk about with anybody else.

They don't talk aboutreligion, they don't talk

about politics.

And is there any twothings that have a bigger

impact on your life.

God and government inAmerica, that we oughta be

talking about.

- [Abigail] Grassleysays he remains hopeful

civility will return to politics.

- How are you going to changepublic discourse in America.

Every one of us that arein public life have to

individually set abetter example and maybe

if we do that as anindividual goal collectively,

we will make a betterenvironment for public discussion

in America.

- [Abigail] Reportingfrom Washington, Abigail

Robertson, CBN News.

- Turning now to the middleeast, Israel's military

is targeting Hezebollahtunnels on it's northern

border with Lebanon.

Foreign ministry spokesman Emanuel Nashawn

says the tunnels dug by the Iranian backed

terrorist group are athreat to Israel's security.

- Hezbollah is a dangeroustell all organization

acting out of Lebanon,under the orders of Tahran.

And it's purpose is toinflict damage to Israel

and to Israeli citizens.

And by acting the way we do,we protect our population.

- Operation Northern Shield is being

carried out entirelyinside Israel, but it could

inflame tensions on the Lebanese border.

Israel is on high alert for anypossible Hezbollah reaction.

The operation began just a few hours after

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

met with Secretary of StateMike Pompeo in Brussels.

France's prime minister announced today,

tax increases on fuel will be suspended.

It's an effort to appeasean antigovernment protest

movement that's seeingviolence in the streets.

Dale Herd explains howthe fuel tax united people

from across France's political spectrum.

- The french are used to high taxes,

but it was a new carbontax that finally brought

French taxpayers to the tipping point.

And ignited the worstprotests in 50 years.

With gasoline priceshigher than $6 a gallon

and years of wage stagnationfor the average frenchman,

many in France could feelthemselves becoming poorer,

while the income gap withthe wealthy became wider.

So what began as asingle issue protest over

a gas tax has mushroomedinto a broad based

antigovernment rebellion,with a growing list of

demands too long forthe government to meet.

More and more different politicalgroups joining the revolt.

The coordinator of theyellow vest movement says

first the demand wasover the gasoline price.

That was only the spark.

Now we see demands coming from everywhere.


Because people are fed up.

This protestor says our purchasing power

is shrinking enormously everyday.

And then, taxes taxes and taxes.

And the state is askingus to tighten our belts,

but they're doing the opposite,living well with our money.

The breakdown of trust between the French

government and these protestorsis profound and serious.

And with approval ratingsthat have dipped below 20%

many are now asking if Frenchpresident Emmanuel Macron

can survive.

Unfortunately for France, wheresome joke that it is the one

nation where communismsucceeded, a more probusiness

approach like Macron waspushing might've helped

free France from socialismand kick start it's economy.

But the reforms never seem to pay off.

Now, as the yellow vest movement grows,

any hopes that it will somehow die out

have gone up in flames.

Dale Herd, CBN News.

- We now wait to see if thismove will end anything, Pat?

- Well remember whenCharlton Gall came back,

he was viewed as a greathero and they put in a number

of changes in the constitutionthat gave tremendous

power to the head manwho happened to be Gall.

But subsequent to that theythen voted in a communist.

They had a communist as their leader,

then they got rid of himand then they changed

and the French economy is just a mess.

And it is so hard tofire a worker for example

if you, so businesseswon't hire anybody because

the laws are so druconianthat they can't afford to.

So the unemployment isreached a terrible levels.

The youth unemployment is very difficult,

and then they have theseso called bandoneers

where they're communistsells that the police

don't even dare to go.

I mean, it's just a mess.

And yet, that's one ofthe lynch pins of NATO,

and one of the major, in theEU it's France and Germany

these are the two big powers.

Boy they're in a mess.

And Macron looked like hewas going to ride high,

but he's faltered and hehad a falling out with

President Bush, I mean,Trump, it looked as if

things were going wellbetween the two and then

suddenly Macron shifted and they

began to have a falling out.

Well, all I can say is my bestwishes to the french people

but they're going to suffer some more.


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