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Woman Endures 14 Surgeries in 13 Years

After giving birth, Joanne suffered nerve damage. She underwent 14 surgeries over 13 years, but nothing worked until she attended a prayer meeting. Read Transcript

- I kept describing thispain as all my organs

are collapsed and falling out,that was the feeling I had.

- [Narrator] Months afterJoanne Moody's first pregnancy

ended with emergency C-section,

she was still in constant pain.

- Before my pregnancy my life was full,

now I can't stand up or sitand all I want to do is cry

and so that began thisjourney of this mystery

of intensifying pelvicpain just continued.

- [Narrator] Everydaytasks became torturous,

draining any joy out ofbeing a wife and mother.

As the months turned into years,

doctors couldn't find a cause.

- I kept asking God in the early years,

because I kept believing,oh God can do this,

this is a no brainer for God.

God can take my pain away.

- [Narrator] After fiveyears and seven surgeries,

there was no improvement.

Unable to function normally,

even on countless pain medications,

Joanne felt like a failure.

The only thing helping herhang on was the word of God.

- I laid on the floor and cried

and then I would read the wordand I would have a promise

and I would repeat that andI would feel positive enough,

I'd have some grace butthen I would also collapse

and I would want to kill myself.

- [Narrator] In 2004, aspecialist discovered nerves

in her pelvis had been crushedduring her 91 hours of labor.

He prescribed excruciatingnerve block injections

that only offered temporary relief.

- And I thought I must havedone something so wrong

to deserve this kind of life.

I began to believe that Iwas a disappointment to God

because I couldn't understandhow a kind and good father

would allow that.

- [Narrator] Eventually shesaw a specialist in France

for a new type of surgery butafter the first operation,

Joanne flat lined.

- I knew that I was dying,that's so weird to say that

but I knew that I was.

And I left my body and I wentup and for the first time

since 1999 January, Ididn't have any pain.

- [Narrator] Joanne says God came to her

and she was ready to go with him.

- And I have never feltso loved and so covered

and so protected and he said,

I have seen your sufferingchild and I know full well

your pain and then he showed me my son.

And I saw my husband right behind my son

and I just knew it waslike, I knew that if I left

with God my son would never know God.

- [Narrator] Joanne returned to her body.

She would endure two more surgeries

but her condition only got worse.

In 2011, she started workingwith physical therapist,

Dr. Tiffany Lefler, who wasalso a Christian and a friend.

- In my initial evaluation,I had a significant finding

of limited ability to sit, stand, walk

or do anything in upright positions

as well as limited range of motion

in her entire lower extremities.

- I had come to a place of resignation.

This is my lot in life, thiswas God's will for my life.

- [Narrator] In 2013, Joanne reluctantly

attended a healing conference in Orlando.

On the last night, a man approached her

and told her she was believinglies about herself and God.

- And he sits on the end of the row

and took my face in hishands and led me through

the renouncing of all these agreements

that I was a disappointment to God,

that I was untrustworthy, thatI was rejected and abandoned

and had me ask for myown forgiveness from God

that I was mad at him.

And all this stuff of unwindingand I just felt things

coming off of me.

And then eventually, heprayed for the physical part

of my body that had been like a volcano

for 14 and a half years.

And in an instance all the pain left.


I've been through hell for 14 years

and I have had 13 surgeries

and they just saw me two weeks ago,

I was gonna have another one in six weeks.

And God has healed me back there

in four years.- Yes.

- Okay watch.

- [Narrator] That night Joannethrew away all of her meds

and have never sufferedwith nerve pain since.

- I was healed, set free, delivered

and all these people haveprayed for me all week

but this man that came for me,

he knew who he was in Jesus,he knew Christ's authority,

he knew the power of Jesus Christ.

- I was just amazed byGod's goodness to her

and also the miraculousthat there's no explanation

in all of my time as a physical therapist

and all of my time treating patients,

I've never seen a recoveryas incredible as Joanne's.

- [Narrator] Today, Joannelives an active life.

She travels the world prayingfor people to be healed

and understand just howmuch God loves them.

- You pick up liesthroughout your entire life,

all your circumstancesand all of your things

and if they aren't dealt withthey become belief systems.

I would hope and I pray thatanybody who is suffering

that watches this would seek out somebody

who does believe in healing prayer

and that they would dareto hope one more time

that this could be their moment

because I've seen it tensof thousands of times.

God does heal and sometimesit takes longer than you want

but he does.

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