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Israel Destroys Hezbollah Cross-Border Tunnels, Demands UN Action

Israel Destroys Hezbollah Cross-Border Tunnels, Demands UN Action Read Transcript

- [Reporter] These are Hezbollahoperatives making their way

through an attack tunnelthat ends inside Israel.

The IDF distributed thefootage showing the men

approaching a hidden IDF camera,

an explosion, and the men running away.

- These cross-borderterror tunnels were built

by Hezbollah with a directsupport and funding from Iran.

They were built with one purpose in mind:

to attack and murder innocent

Israeli men, women, and children.

This is a grave violationof Israel's sovereignty.

- [Reporter] According to the IDF,

this tunnel begins in theLebanese village of Kfar Kela.

It's about 650 feet long including

about 120 feet inside Israeland is about 80 feet deep.

This IDF graphic shows howthe tunnel crosses the border.

Israel announced it had begun what

it's calling OperationNorthern Shield on Tuesday

and went into action to expose the tunnels

along its northern border.

This footage shows how close the Lebanese

population lives to the border and just

how well they can see what'sgoing on inside Israel.

On the Israeli side, agricultural fields

and orchards flank the border.

Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu said

he had a message forthe people of Lebanon.

- Hezbollah is puttingyour lives in danger.

They are sacrificing your wellbeing

to serve the aggressive purposes of Iran.

Israel holds the Lebanesegovernment accountable

for all terror activity emanating

from Lebanon against Israel.

- [Reporter] Since the endof the Second Lebanon War

in 2006, UN Resolution1701 required UN forces

to essentially maintaina Hezbollah-free zone

next to the border.

But Israel's ambassadorto the UN Danny Danon

said the UN's forces inLebanon aren't doing the job.

- This is a clear violationand willful disregard

of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

UNIFIL's mission is to prevent the buildup

of arms and militaryinfrastructure in southern Lebanon.

Clearly, it is not doing enough.

- [Reporter] Danon called on the UN

to condemn Hezbollah's actions.

- Israel has no interest in escalation,

but we will do whatever it takes

to defend our sovereigntyand our citizens.

The Security Council mustcondemn this terrorist threat.

- [Reporter] So far,Hezbollah hasn't responded

to the Israeli operation.

In the meantime, Israel is continuing

to expose and destroy the tunnels

in an operation expectedto last a few weeks.

Julie Stahl, CBN News, Jerusalem.


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