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'Not a Smoking Gun...A Smoking Saw': Senators Convinced on Khashoggi Killing

'Not a Smoking Gun...A Smoking Saw': Senators Convinced on Khashoggi Killing Read Transcript

- After Tuesday's briefingby CIA Director Gina Haspel,

senators are more convinced than ever

that Saudi Crown PrinceMohammed bin Salman

is responsible for the murder

of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Khashoggi was last seen walking into the

Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in October.

The CIA believes a Saudihit squad killed him there

on the Crown Prince's instructions.

One of them reportedly using a bone saw.

The White House is refusing to pin

the blame on the Crown Prince.

Apparently afraid of damaging relations.

- We have no smoking gun thatthe Crown Prince was involved.

- [Dale] But after Tuesday's CIA briefing

Republican SenatorLindsey Graham disagreed.

- There's not a smokinggun there's a smoking saw.

You have to be willfullyblind not to come to

the conclusion that this wasorchestrated and organized

by people under the command of MBS.

- I have zero question in my mind that the

Crown Prince MBS ordered thekilling, monitored the killing,

knew exactly what washappening, planned it advance.

If he was in front of a jury he would be

convicted in 30 minutes, guilty.

- [Dale] The killing has become a major

diplomatic problem for the White House.

Militarily, Saudi Arabiais a staunch ally,

and a buffer againstIranian military expansion.

A major arms sale to theSaudis is also in offing.

The Senate could voteto end that arms sale,

or end US support for SaudiArabia's war in Yemen.

So far, President Trump hasgiven the Saudi Crown Prince

the benefit of the doubt about his role.

- I don't know, but whether he did

or whether he didn't hedenies it vehemently.

- [Dale] And a Saudispokesperson tweeted Tuesday,

We categorically rejectany accusations purportedly

linking the Crown Princeto this horrific incident.

But the evidence shown tosenators indicates otherwise,

and there is now increasedpressure on the White House

to admit that the CrownPrince is responsible.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.


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