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News on The 700 Club: December 5, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” December 5.: Read Transcript

- Welcome folks, to thisedition of the 700 Club,

today the day of mourning for our

late President, George Bush.

Great man, we talked about him,

and we still keep him in remembrance.

And this is a ceremony,the government shut down,

the stock market's down,

and so this is a time we stand

kinda quietly inremembrance of a great man.

In the news, there's a mannamed Mohammad Bin Salman.

He's one of the princes in Saudi Arabia,

and they have a whole bunch of princes.

And, you know, the headof the al Saud family

took over Arabia andcalled it Saudi Arabia.

And they've got a whole family,

and they've got all these princes.

And this guy, MBS, theycall him, has taken over,

and he's been runningit like a mafia gang.

He locked up a bunchof his fellow princes,

extorted a huge amount of money from them,

it was unbelievable.

And now, apparently, thisjournalist who worked

with the Washington Post,

and may have, I don't know ifhe had American citizenship,

but he certainly lived here,

was murdered in Turkey.

And the President has notwanted to deal with it.

But the Republicans now,in the Senate, are saying,

listen, we're not going tosweep this one under the rug,

and this Crown Prince has gotto pay for what he's done.

And I think that's appropriate.

I don't think we'll lose ourrelationship with Saudi Arabia

because there are a whole lotof other princes over there

who are more than willingto dance on the grave

of their fellow, and to get back in power,

and see him go down.

There wouldn't be a tearshed in Saudi Arabia.

But so far, the Presidenthas been unwilling

to criticize this ally,

because they think herepresents Saudi Arabia,

and he doesn't.

- Well Pat, several Senators

want to hold the Saudis accountable,

and after the CIA directorbriefed Capitol Hill Tuesday,

they have no doubt that the Crown Prince

is behind the killing.

Dale Hurd has our story.

- After Tuesday's briefingby CIA Director Gina Haspel,

Senators are more convinced than ever

that Saudi Crown Prince,Mohammad Bin Salman,

is responsible for the murder

of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.

Khashoggi was last seen walking into

the Saudi Consulate inIstanbul in October.

The CIA believes a Saudihit squad killed him there

on the Crown Prince's instructions,

one of them reportedly using a bone saw.

The White House is refusing

to pin the blame on the Crown Price,

apparently afraid of damaging relations.

- We have no smoking gun

that the Crown Prince was involved.

- [Dale] But after Tuesday's CIA briefing,

Republican Senator,Lindsey Graham, disagreed.

- There's not a smokinggun, there's a smoking saw.

You have to be willfully blind

not to come to the conclusion

that this was orchestrated and organized

by people under the command of MBS.

- I have zero question in my mind that the

Crown Prince, MBS, ordered the killing,

monitored the killing,

knew exactly what was happening,

planned it in advance.

If he was in front of a jury,

he would be convictedin 30 minutes, guilty.

- [Dale] The killing has become a major

diplomatic problem for the White House.

Militarily, Saudi Arabiais a staunch ally,

and a buffer againstIranian military expansion.

A major arms sale to theSaudis is also in the offing.

The Senate could voteto end that arms sale,

or end US support for SaudiArabia's war in Yemen.

So far, President Trump hasgiven the Saudi Crown Prince

the benefit of the doubt about his role.

- I don't know, I don't know.

But whether he did or whether he didn't,

he denies it vehemently.

- And the Saudi spokespersonTweeted Tuesday:

But the evidence shown toSenators indicates otherwise,

and there's now increasedpressure on the White House

to admit that the CrownPrince is responsible.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

- Thanks, Dale.

You know, folks, it's ano brainer, no brainer.

But there's a King over there,

and all the President'sgotta do is say to the King,

look, your boy has gotten out of hand,

you've got to reign him in

and put somebody else in his place.

It's just that simple.

And you know, so whycover up for this fellow?

He's a thug.

We can't, I mean whyhave an ally like that.

He's repressive, he's brought,

has all kinds of repressiveaction against his own people.

Why cover up for him?

The King can get him out.

And Trump just needs tocall the King and say,

Your Majesty, there's toomuch heat on your boy,

he's got to go.

End of story.

Well there's new information coming out

about a witness in theRussia investigation.

It may mean more badnews for the President,

or it may not.

Efrem Graham has that.

- Pat, Robert Mueller isrecommending no prison time

for former Trump NationalSecurity Advisor, Michael Flynn,

in the Russia investigation.

Mueller noted Flynn's cooperationand substantial assistance

in a legal memo.

According to the heavilyredacted documents,

the former general wasinterviewed 19 times,

providing information on interactions

between the Trump transition team

and Russian government officials.

It also says Flynn is assisting

with an unnamed criminal investigation.

Turning to overseas now,

opponents of Israeli PrimeMinister, Benjamin Netanyahu,

are calling on him to resign

in the face of potential criminal charges.

Israeli police recommended his indictment

on charges of bribery and breech of trust.

As Chris Mitchell now reports,

some believe the entire investigation

is a political coup by legal means.

- [Chris] The leader ofIsrael's far left Meretz party

demanded Israeli PrimeMinister Netenyahu step down.

- A Prime Minister who is accused

of the most seriousoffense of a public servant

in the Israeli rulebook cannot keep serving

for even one more day.

He must resign today.

Israel must go to elections.

- [Chris] Former ForeignMinister, Tzipi Livni,

added to the chorus,

saying Netenyahu reacted like a mob boss.

Others see an entrenchedbureaucracy at work.

- We have some serious problems with

what we call our deep state in Israel,

where you have unaccountable clerks

and public servants who stay on forever,

and they have a veryclear political agenda,

which is not the agendaof the elected government

or of the people who elected them.

- [Chris] Since the late1990s when Netenyahu

first served as Prime Minister,

he and his wife Sarah have faced

22 separate investigations.

- The left, on the other hand,

is completely discredited itself

from so many different perspectives

that it really has no chance of winning

an election in the foreseeable future.

They can't deal with the incompetence

that he is bringing to bearin the Prime Minister's office

that's making people likehim, or vote for him,

even if they don't like him.

And this is despite the factthat the media treatment

of Netenyahu has been overwhelmingly

and consistently negativefor the past generation.

- [Chris] Middle East expertCaroline Glick believes

the police, the judiciary, and the media,

are determined to undermine Netenyahu.

Glick sees a mirror imagebetween what's happening here

with Netenyahu and in theUS with President Trump.

- The can't find an underlying crime,

and so they're tryingto go on process crimes.

In Israel's case, in Netenyahu's case,

they're saying that Netenyahu was bad

because he made a deal which was legal,

that the regulators approved,

and they're trying to do this

in order to unseat thesitting Prime Minister.

- [Chris] Despite the legalcloud, Glick sees hope

for Israel's Prime Minister.

- I don't think this isgonna work in Israel's case,

because again, the publicsupports Netenyahu,

not because we love him,

but because he's anexcellent Prime Minister.

We all should be disturbed

both by what's happeningin the United States

and what's happening in Israel, obviously,

and what's happeningthroughout the western world,

we're seeing more and more of this trend,

and it really has to beaddressed and overturned.

- [Chris] Israel'sAttorney General will make

the final determination ofany indictment of Netenyahu.

His office has indicatedthere's not a specific deadline.

And it's possible the decision

may not come until the spring.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- A political coup by legal means.


- Well, ladies and gentlemen,it's amazing, isn't it?

These bureaucrats that areentrenched in these governments

don't care anything about theoverall political picture.

What they care about is their own

little bailey work, their little theifdom,

and they want to maintainpower at all costs.

And so when a disrupter comes in

and says I'm gonna drain the swamp,

I'm gonna change things,

all of a sudden in our country,

you've got the FBI doing things,

you have clear evidenceof members of the FBI

trying to hurt Trump.

You've got the Justice Department

trying to do things to hurt Trump.

And you've got others,

of course the media is like a pack of dogs

baying in pursuit of a fox,

they're doing everything they can

to take him out of office.

And then you have a politicalpower that's opposed to him,

like they do with the partyin Israel with Tzipi Livni

and others who say wewanna get rid of him.

He's a terrific Prime Minister.

He's a wonderful friend,

and he is very strong.

And what Israel needs is a strong leader

against the people whoare trying to destroy her.

We need the same thing in America.

We need a strong leaderwho is going to represent

the interests of this nation

against those who aretrying to destroy her.

It's a mirror image,

and I hope the Israelis will recognize

what Caroline Glick said.

They tried to get him onso-called process crime.

You know, you look at MichaelFlynn, it's the same thing.

Well he lied to someFBI agent or something

when he was being interviewed.

I mean, they haven't done anything wrong,

and that's what the danger with Mueller

and his investigation is.

If he could ever getthe President in there,

he would get him on lying.

Perjury is the crime,not anything he's done.

But there's no way, giventhe make up of our country,

and with the Senate the way it is,

that any work of impeachment

is going to succeed against Trump.

You have a movement ofimpeachment in the House,

they take a vote to impeach.

Okay, big deal.

Then it goes to the Senate,

the Senate is the jury,

and there's no way you're gonna get

a majority of the Senatorswith the Republicans in charge,

to vote against the President.

It's not going to happen.

So it's like Don Quixotetilting at the windmills.

They're not going to win.

Same thing with Netenyahu,

that much is not gonna get him out,

they just wanna weaken him.

Why would any nationwanna weaken their leader?

We want a strong leader,

and let's do everything wecan to support our leader,

and let's hope the Israeliswill do the same thing.


- Pat, today is a National Day of Mourning

for former President George HW Bush.

Thousands of people have streamed through

the National Rotundato pay their respects.

Among them, former Senator Bob Dole.

The 95 year old washelped from his wheelchair

to stand and salutehis long time colleague

and fellow World War II veteran.

Today George W Bushwill deliver the eulogy

at the National Cathedral service.

And Christian singer, Michael W Smith,

a long time friend of theBush family will sing Friends.

The service begins at 11:00am.

Here in Washington, our CBN News team

will have coverage and commentaryon the CBN News channel.

To find out where you can watch

the news channel in your area,

go to our website, that's

American financialmarkets are closed today

in honor of former President Bush.

Investors are hoping stockswill bounce back tomorrow.

The market had anotherbrutal sell off Tuesday,

with Dow Industrialsdropping nearly 800 points.

The sharp fall came amid new concerns

the Trump administrationwon't be able to work out

its trade disputes with China,

and worries that interest rates

may be signaling theeconomy is slowing down.


- Well there was an inversionon the interest rates

that sometimes signals a decline.

I'm pleased to reportthat some of the stocks

that I had did very well.

- How do you do that?

You need to give us your secrets.

- Well, for example, Ithought gold was a good thing.

There's a company called BarrickGold, it's the top miner,

and the fellow in chargeof it, John Thorton,

he used to run GoldmanSachs, he's a good man,

and he has put some reforms in place,

and Barrick is now a low cost producer,

and they've got the biggest bunch of gold.

So I got Barrick Gold,a whole lot of shares,

and lo and behold, they went up.

- They went up when the 800 went down.

- That's right, whenthe regulated utilities,

this thing called Nexteradown there in Florida,

they've got, they're probablythe leading providers

of solar and wind power,

but they also have a regulated utility,

Florida Power and Light, so that went up.

So why buy stocks ifthey're gonna go down?


But all these high flyers--

- You're talking about singular stocks.

You know, most people haveMutual Funds, and 401Ks.

- Well you can get Mutual Fundsto invest in various things,

healthcare and defense,that sort of thing.

I think defense stocks are gonna go up.

But right now, what we'llcall the fang stocks,

those high flying stocks,

they all went down.

They'd gone too high already,

but they hadn't gone down thatmuch, and they'll recover,

but what'll happen is,

the dollar has been so strongversus other currencies,

and there's no place else forpeople to invest their money.

Really, where would you putyour money, put it in French,

French stocks, no way.

Germany, you gonna go to Turkey?

I mean, where are yougonna put your money?

Well there's no place, Americais still the big power house,

and so ultimately whatever is happening

with the stock market going up,

it's the Fed that's causing the problem.

The Fed looks like they'regonna raise interest rates,

but the stock marketis going to be strong,

and the dollar is strong,

and that, I think, is gonnabe the determining factor.


- So it's a good time to invest still.

- I think so.

I wouldn't get rid of it, but be cautious.

You know, stocks, you knowthey're gonna be paying

good dividends, that's the key.

And if you've got somethingthat's solid, then,

you're gonna be successful.

But this is no time forflyers on third world

company stock, no way in heaven.

They will be tanked in thenext few years, all right?

- All right, sounds good.

Efram's got more for us.

- Pat and Wendy,intermittent fasting may be

the hot, new way Hollywoodcelebrities lose weight,

but this ancient disciplinethat's practiced in the Bible

has other health benefits.

And our Lorie Johnson shows us,

scientists have foundremarkable health improvements

that go way beyond the red carpet.

- The Bible tells us fasting is good

for our spiritual health,

but new research shows it benefits

our physical health too.

The latest weight loss crazeis intermittent fasting,

which means going without food

for a long period of time each day.

Many people choose tofast up to 18 hours a day,

and only eat within afour to six hour window.

- What's great aboutintermittent fasting is that

you can do it some of thetime or most of the time,

and still stand to reap great benefits.

- [Lorie] Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez,

Kourtney Kardashian, Selena Gomez,

Beyonce, and Hugh Jackman,

reportedly choose intermittentfasting to lose weight.

But researchers at theUniversity of California

and elsewhere, say the benefitsgo beyond looking good.

- there are 10 years ofreally interesting data

and very compelling research studies

on intermittent fastingpreventing Atherosclerosis,

there may be cancer prevention benefits.

- [Lorie] And protectionagainst Alzheimer's,

heart disease, even aging,

while boosting the immune system.

Fasting triggers the releaseof old, inefficient cells,

making way for newhealthy ones, doctors say.

- Even though we would still recommend

a healthy, balanced diet,

we're not as focused on what you eat,

rather when you eat.

- So while ancient scripturetells us forgiveness,

letting go of worry, andfasting bless the soul,

modern medicine tells us these practices

also benefit the body.

- Well, the Bible says it again.


- Well Lorie's here to join us

to talk about intermittent fasting.

Apparently, when we fast,

our body wants to mobilize its strength

to fight off starvation,

and that is the health benefit.

What is released when that happens?

- Well, it's true.

Our bodies turn into alean, mean, fightin' machine

when we go into fasting.

And we've known thatfasting is something that

health practitionershave been recommending

for thousands of years,Hypocrites, the father of medicine,

recommended it 400 years before Christ

in ancient Chinese medicine.

But as far as western medicine,

they need scientific proof,and now they have it.

The results are in,

and fasting is good foralmost every area of the body.

And they now know why,

and it's a little thing called autophagy.

It looks like auto phagy,I've got a graphic here.

Basically what this means is,

auto means self, phagy means consume,

and what happens is within our cells,

our cells consume damaged particles

and portions in our cells

and then regenerates them.

So it's wonderful for all of our cells,

including cancer cells.

I mean, this is something that goes on,

but when we fast, it accelerates it.

- Well you know, some people think

it's gotta be a seven dayfast, or a 30 day fast, or two,

actually, they're talking about half a day

or one day of fasting,

and it doesn't have tobe too long, does it?

- Ideally, what you wanna do

when you're intermittent fasting,

and you can do this every day of the week,

or every day of the year,

is you go 16 hours without food,

actually 18 is even better.

Which basically means youhave a six h window of eating.

I do it all the time, it's not that bad.

I'll eat between 12:00 noon and 6:00pm.

So basically, you'rejust skipping breakfast.

But it's something that,

this is what a lot ofthe health practitioners

are recommending, ofcourse it's not recommended

for some people, like pregnant women,

and people whose doctors have told them

to eat a certain way.

So for generally healthy people,

this is what you're talking about.

- They say once a week,

you don't have to do it all the time.

- You don't have to do it all the time.

Some people choose to have this

as their regular lifestyle,

some people only do itevery once in a while.

But science has shown us that when

we do fast like this,

when we go for 18 hourswithout food, or longer,

that we have mental clarity.

And we know from theBible that a lot of times

people will fast so thatthey will hear from the Lord,

that they're seeking the Lordfor direction in their lives.

And also we know from the Bible

that the enemy of oursoul creates confusion,

and that in the Bible we'retold that when we fast,

we can drive our demons,

and this helps, fasting,

we know drives out thespirit of confusion.

So once again, scienceand the Bible link up,

and I'm like, I coulda told you that.

Why'd you need to spendall this money on research?

- Is there a book, or a pamphlet

or anything about this, by the way?

- There's a great, there'sa lot of information

on the internet, we havewonderful information

on our website,

But this has been shown to really affect,

intermittent fasting is reallywonderful for our hormones,

it increases the human growth hormone

that makes us young and vibrant.

- Okay.

- It also helps reduce heart disease,

and it reduces our risk for diabetes,

and just when you think about it, again,

getting back to the Bible,

we're told to rest for one day.

Well our bodies need rest too.

When our bodies aren'tbusy digesting food,

they can self cleanse, they can detox.

So we're talking aboutour liver, our kidneys,

our lungs, our colon,

all detox when we're fasting.

- Fabulous, now we've beentalking about epigenetics,

by the way, does fasting haveanything to do with that?

- You're so good.


When I was researching this I thought,

Pat's gonna love this, because yes,

it's been shown that when we fast,

it turns on the good genes

and turns off the bad ones,

and that's what epigenetics is,

for folks who aren't up to speed on it.

- We got a question, by the way,

I wanted to throw it to you.

This guys said, okay, we'vedone this gut flora thing,

how do you know if yourgut flora is good or bad?

- That's a great question,

and they're working on a test.

They're working on a test,

but you just have to do your best,

but there isn't as we know,

a test that accurately showswhat your gut flora is,

except there is one--

- Fecal.

- There you go.

Now you can talk aboutthat on national TV,

because remember, peopleare eating right now.

- I don't wanna ruin their food,

but that's the only test there is.

- Right.

A fecal test, and so for peoplewho know what that means,

yeah they can examine it,

and they really do findall kinds of information

about what kind of bacteria, good and bad,

you have in your intestines.

And then they're doingthe fecal transplants,

which is a whole other thing,

but that is actually very effective.

- Amen.

Well, I think we've helpeda lot of people with that,

because, you know, they're overweight,

and the thing that people didn't realize

is that in their gut there are little bugs

that are causing them to overeat,

and they're taking control of their brain.

These things actually affectyour brain, don't they?

- There's a thing calledthe gut brain axis,

and the bacteria in our gutdirectly affects our brain,

even to the point whereit influences things

like Alzheimer's and dementia,

and we hear so much these days

about the rise in suicide and depression,

and one has to wonder if that's associated

with poor gut microbiome,

because our gut microbiomeis destroyed by antibiotics,

processed food, sugar,and artificial sweeteners.

And people are eating this food

in greater quantities than ever before.

- And they're suckingdown these diet drinks,

thinking that's somehowgonna make them thin,

it actually makes them fat.

- It has the reverse affect, you're right.

The diet sodas have been shown in studies

to actually cause weight gain.

- Okay.

Well I think that'syour Christmas present.

When do we, should westart fasting right away?

- You can fast in very many ways.

Intermittent fasting, whichis the new, big craze,

and it does lead to weight loss

and so many other health benefits,

that is typically, youfast for 18 hours a day,

which means you just eatwithin a six hour window.

Which really means youjust skip breakfast.

And a lot of people are like,

oh no, I have to have breakfast.

Okay, then just skip dinner.

Eat between 6:00 in the morning and noon,

just whatever six hours you choose.

But of course, there arelots of other ways to fast.

In the Bible, it doesn'treally specify how to fast.

You can fast for one or two days,

or have just a teeny tinylittle bit of food for a week,

you know 500 or 600 calories a day.

There are lots of different ways to do it.

- We were in New York when somebody said,

we're gonna have a fast,

and we said, what kind of fast,

and they said no pleasant bread.

And we said, what does that mean?

And they said, wellyou can't have dessert,

and we said, well wehaven't had dessert anyway.

- That's not much of a fast.


- No pleasant bread,that was a Daniel fast.

Well Lorie, thank you so much.

You're always up to date on these.

Ladies and gentlemen, she's bringing you

cutting edge epigenetics, the gut flora,

this whole thing aboutintermittent fasting,

this is cutting edge medicine

that is gonna make people healthy,

like especially withthings like Parkinson's

which is so prevalent these days.

- Yeah, and you know we'renot flat out victims anymore,

there are so many things we can do

to prevent theseneurodegenerative diseases

like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

As far as a cure, not so much,

because these braincells are already dead,

but we can do lots of things to keep them

from dying in the first place.

And speaking of brain issues,

I'm gonna be back onMonday on the 700 Club

to talk about a veryserious situation, CTE,

it's a brain disease that we know

has affected football players,

but now we're talking aboutpeople in the military,

people who are victims of spousal abuse,

anybody who gets hit in the head.

And guess what, concussionsdo not cause it anymore,

it's hits to the head.

So you can get CTE withoutever having a concussion.

So this is a must watch for folks,

especially parents who wanttheir boys to play football,

mommas, don't let your babies grow up

to be football players.

- Amen.

You know, I've got agrandson who's a terrific

football player, had a scholarship.

He goes to practice, hegets kicked in the head

and he gets a serious concussion.

I said, will you quit that,

he said yeah, I finally quit,

I said, I told you to quit before.

Because who cares aboutwhether you are a star

on some second rate football team,

I mean what matters is what'sgoing on with your brain,

and if you have your brains addled,

it's not gonna help you.

- And CTE is so horrible,

it really just robs youof your personality.

This is another thing thatcauses suicide to go up,

and I also have a son who played football,

and I had a false sense of security,

as I'm sure a lot of parents do,

I thought, well he's neverhad a concussion, he's fine.

Not true.

It's not about concussions,

it's about getting hit in the head.

And they say that these football players,

in practice and in gamesin just one season,

they'll get hit in the headviolently hundreds of times.

- Plus girls playing soccer,

they hit the ball with their heads

over and over again.

- Right.

That's Monday.

- I interviewed the doctor

who came up with thatconcept, he's a wonderful man,

and boy the National Football League

went after him terrible,

trying to sue him to keep himfrom releasing his findings.

But anyhow, we'll talk about that Monday.

So that gives you somethingto look forward to.

Wendy, you're the greatest,thank you so much.


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