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CBN NewsWatch PM: December 5, 2018

CBN NewsWatch PM: December 5, 2018 Read Transcript

- [Narrator] This is CBN Newswatch.

- And thanks for joiningus for CBN Newswatch,

I'm Heather Sells.

Today on this national day of mourning,

people across the country and the world

honor former president George H.W. Bush,

bidding a final farewell

during a National Cathedral service.

And right now we are joinedby Mark Martin in the newsroom

with more, Mark.

- That's right, Heather, his funeral

was apart of several daysof remembrance this week

for the beloved former president

who died Friday at the age of 94.

The service was filledwith tears, prayer, laughs

and much praise for a life well lived.

Friends, family and worldleaders were all in attendance,

including the four remaining ex-presidents

and current president Donald Trump.

Several of the nation'sleaders were touched

by Bush's life, speaking about

and recognizing his leadership,legacy and unwavering faith.

- George Herbert Walker Bush was America's

last great soldier statesmen.

A 20th century founding father.

He stood in the breach in the Cold War

against totalitarianism.

He stood in the breach in Washington

against unthinking partisanship.

He stood in the breach againsttyranny and discrimination

and on his watch a wall fell in Berlin.

A dictator's aggression did not stand

and doors across America openedto those with disabilities.

An imperfect man, he leftus a more perfect union.

- He loved a good joke,the richer the better

and he threw his head backand give that great laugh

but he never ever couldremember a punchline.

(audience laughs)

And I mean never.

So the punchline for GeorgeHerbert Walker Bush is this

you would have wanted him on your side.

He never lost his sense of humor.

Humor is a universal solvent

against the abrasive elements of life.

That's what humor is.

He never hated anyone.

He knew what his motherand my mother always knew

hatred corrodes thecontainer it's carried in.

The most decent and honorableperson I've ever met

was my friend George Bush,one of nature's noble men.

- Three Bush granddaughtersread from the Bible,

Isaiah and Revelation.

Then a heartwarming andemotional eulogy from his son,

former president George W. Bush

who said his father lovedlife and would be remembered

for much more than his time in office.

- We tested his patience, I know I did.

(audience laughs)

But he always respondedwith the great gift

of unconditional love.

Last Friday when I was toldhe had minutes to live,

I called him.

The guy answered the phone andsaid I think he can hear you

but he hadn't said anythingfor most of the day.

I said Dad I love you andyou've been a wonderful father.

And the last words he wouldever say on earth were

I love you too.

He married his sweetheart, he adored her.

He laughed and cried with her.

He was dedicated to her totally.

In his old age, Dad enjoyedwatching police show reruns,

the volume on high.

(audience laughs)

All the while holding Mom's hand.

After Mom died, Dad was strong

but all he really wanted todo was hold Mom's hand again.

And we're gonna miss you,your decency, sincerity

and kind soul will stay with us forever.

So through our tears letus know the blessings

of knowing and loving you,a great and noble man,

the best father a sonor daughter could have.

And in our grief, I just smile knowing

that Dad is hugging Robinand holding Mom's hand again.

- Bush's remains will nowbe returned to Houston

to lie at St. Martin's Episcopal Church

before burial Thursdayin College Station Texas.

He will buried next to his wife Barbara

and their late daughterRobin who died of leukemia

at the age of three.

Heather back to you.

- Very moving, thank you Mark.

Well we will have a full wrapup on the funeral services

for the 41st president onour Faith Nation program

and that is tonight at 6 p.m.

Also on the CBN News Channeland to find out where

you can watch the CBNNews Channel in your area,

you can visit our website

And joining us now is Rob Schwarzwalder

with Regent University,former speech writer

for George W. Bush andhere to share some insights

on George H. W. Bush.

Thank you for joining us.

- It's a pleasure.

I actually worked in oneof his cabinet departments

and he appointed me to that role.

So that was a great honor.

- Yes, tell us just reflectingon what we just saw,

this funeral, the tributethat his son paid to him.

What are your thoughts on that?

- I don't think howanybody cannot be moved

by watching a devoted sonsay farewell to his father

and to hear the obvious loveand loyalty that came through,

there's nothing fake about that.

- Right and it's so interestingbecause here you have

two of the most incredibly powerful men

and yet when it came down to it

it's really their family relationship

that they're reflecting on.

- People ask what George H.W.Bush will be remembered for

and I think we can say the same thing

of President George W. Bush.

Both of them are deeplycommitted to their families.

Family is central, inthe nation's capital,

in the capital dome, the kindof the quarry of Bush children

and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren was huge.

These are people whodeeply loved their father,

their great grandfather, grandfather,

that kind of commitment issomething that's genuine,

it comes from the heart.

And that's a real tribute to him.

- Yeah and it's such ablessing to our country.

Let me ask you so youwere doing speech writing

for George W. Bush but itsounds like you also saw

the imprint of hisfather on his presidency,

talk about that.

- Yeah, I think thereare a couple of things,

one is that neither mantook himself too seriously.

Both of them had the abilityto laugh at themselves.

We heard during the funeral service,

several speakers talkabout his sense of humor.

At the same time theybrought great dignity

to the office because although

they didn't take themselves personally,

they took the presidencywith great seriousness.

They understood that the stakes were high,

there was no room forthe kind of moral lapse

that we have seen inother administrations.

They wanted to stay the course faithfully

for the American people and as a testimony

to their own families anduphold that sense of dignity

that really seems tocharacterize that Bush family.

- That's really beautiful.

The farewell from formerSenator Bob Dole yesterday

is getting a lot of attention.

The 95 year old washelped from his wheelchair

to stand and salute his longtime colleague

and fellow World War Two veteran.

What do you see as thelegacy or the impact

of that military servicethat George H. W. Bush had

on his administration in the country?

- I think he went intoconflict with the real sense

that people are actually affected by this.

This isn't something out ofa novel or out of a movie.

His two crewmen on hisAvenger flight were killed.

He was the only one who survived.

He almost got captured by the Japanese.

Two of their boats wereactually coming in his direction

before he was rescued.

So he understood the stakes,he knew that sending Americans

into combat was as serious as it gets.

So when he did initiate ourefforts to get Saddam Hussein

out of Kuwait, he didthat with a mindfulness,

they need to be the bestequipped, best trained, best led,

service personnel in the world.

And that was a real tribute tohis commitment to excellence

in military leadership.

- Wow, well a lot we can learn.

How do you think historywill remember him,

what do you think will be theimprint that he will leave?

- I think calm statesmanshipin the midst of a storm.

The other day, Angela Merkel,the Chancellor of Germany

said he was one of the fathersof German reunification.

He kept a steady hand.

He let everyone know,America will be strong,

America will do it's best for our country.

Along with that we will make sure

that the rest of the worldis as safe a place it can be

for everyone and that'sa tremendous legacy

for any president to leave.

- Right, Rob Schwarzwalderthanks so much for your time.

- Thank you.

- Well, also tugging on the heart strings

through all of this, picturesof Bush's service dog, Sully

at his casket.

Bush's chairman posted an image of Sully

next to the former president's casket

with the caption mission complete.

Sully will now go back intoservice to help other veterans

at Walter Reed NationalMilitary Medical Center.

He was trained by America's Vet Dogs

which is a charity that providesservice dogs to veterans

and active duty military members.

Well, America financialmarkets are closed today

in honor of mourning forformer president Bush.

Investors are hoping stockswill bounce back tomorrow

after another brutal sell off Tuesday

with the Dow Industrialsdropping virtually 800 points.

That chart fall came amid new concerns

from the Trump administration

that it won't be able to work out

it's trade disputes with China

and worries that interest ratesmaybe signaling the economy

is slowing down.

Churches in AustinTexas may soon be forced

to hire LGBT employees if acity ordinance is implemented.

The city says it guaranteesquote, "the opportunity

for each person to obtainemployment without regard

to race, color, religion,sexual orientation,

gender identity, nationalorigin, age or disability.

The Houston based U.S. Pastor Council

and the group TexasValues is suing the city.

They both argue that theordinance forces churches

to go against their Biblical beliefs.

The search for people unaccounted

for after the deadliest U.S.wildfire in at least a century

is winding down in Northern California.

There are 11 names left on the list

that once had 1300 names.

Called the Camp Fire, theblaze burned for 17 days,

killing 85 people

and scorching more than153,000 acres of land.

Paradise, California wasvirtually destroyed by the flames

but this cross from

Our Savior LutheranChurch was not destroyed.

Pastor Brandon Merrick posted it

in the heart of the tragedy

and the story of thecross is still being told.

Part of his messageread for me this picture

is not just a heartbreakingreminder of what could happen

to the things and people of this world,

this is our one true hopein the midst of tragedy

that cannot be destroyed by anything.

God is with us.

Coming up, Starbucks ismoving to prevent customers

from viewing pornography.

Find out what pushedthem to make this change

when we return.

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today, 148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month emersed

in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection andthe overwhelming desire

to be loved.

That experience changed me forever

and out of it grew aministry from my heart

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Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

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Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

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Will you call the numberon your screen right now

because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- Starbucks has announcedit will filter it's Wifi

beginning next year.

Business Insider first reportedthe coffee giant's plans

to introduce a new toolmentto prevent customers

from viewing pornography

or other explicit content in stores.

While Starbucks has bannedwatching pornography

at it's locations, the chain

does not currently have content blockers

on it's wifi service.

Starbucks has not releaseddetails about how it plans

to restrict the viewingof pornographic sites

or illegal content but said the company

tested multiple toolshoping to avoid accidentally

blocking unoffensive sites.

And the rollout comes outafter years of pressure

on the Internet SafetyOrganization Enough is Enough.

It's CEO Donna Rice Hughesjoins us now on Skype

to discuss the change.

Donna you have fought this for years,

what motivated you?

- Well first of all, Enough is Enough

really led the internet safety movement

beginning in 1995 butwhen wifi came along,

we found that many American industries

when they began offering public wifi

they weren't thinking about the fact

that they were offering all the good

that the internet has to offeras well as all of the bad.

And we started the safe wifi campaign four

and a half years ago and weasked Starbucks and McDonald's

to lead corporate America, everyone

whether it's the restaurant businesses,

travel industry, hospitalityindustry, universities

to begin voluntarily filtering their wifi

from two types of content,

pornography and child pornography

because Starbucks andMcDonald's led the way

in the United Kingdom.

We thought that they, we knew

that they understoodthe importance of this,

protecting their brand,protecting their patrons

and protecting the peoplethat worked for them

in the workplace.

- Right, let me interruptyou so I understand

that McDonald's did say yes right away,

why do you think Starbucks delayed it

and why are they coming around now?

- Yes, McDonald's beganfiltering two years ago

in 14,000 restaurants.

Starbucks never responded to us

until we applauded McDonald's.

And then they announcedtwo and a half years ago

that they would beginlooking for a filter.

We've worked behind thescenes with Starbucks

for two and a half years.

They kept dropping the ball

and then they sent me a form letter

after I sent a certified letter

to their CEO this past spring.

So we relaunched the campaignwith a national petition

last Monday and we called them out,

we said look, they madea promise and a pledge

to the American people through the media,

they have not kept it and within 24 hours,

the media got on board with us

and began calling Starbucksand that's when they released

that they in fact wouldbegin filtering in 2019.

- So a lot of publicpressure it sounds like

really did the jobs here.

What are your goals next,you've got two big organizations

now that are saying,yeah, we're gonna do this?

- Yes, well first of all,we're gonna keep the pressure

on Starbucks, so wewould love CBN listeners

to sign the petition at

because last time we applaudedthem, this time we're not.

We're gonna wait to applaud them

when they actually follow through.

Then we want the travelindustries, airlines for instance,

trains, the hospitality industry,

hotels in their publicplaces, universities,

anywhere that public wifi is offered

because here's the thing.

For instance, sex offenders,hackers, terrorists

can jump onto a public wifi network

and fly underneath theradar of law enforcement.

Number two, parents who haveset up parental control tools

on their kid's laptops and smartphones,

once those kids are ona public wifi network,

those tools don't necessarily work.

And so this is really one wonderful way

that corporate Americacan step up to the plate,

they're already providing wifi

and most of these wifi providers

already have filtered solutions in place,

so all they have to do isask their wifi provider,

turn it on.

This is a wonderful wayfor corporate America

to help protect the dignity and the safety

of our children and our families

and also protect our corporate brands.

- Right, well it'sencouraging to see this.

Donna Rice Hughes, thanksso much for the update.

- Thank you.

- Up next from Rudolph to Veggie Tales,

we hear why the left is callingthese programs problematic.

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- Students at Cal State San Marcos

are calling the Christiancartoon Veggie Tales racist.

During a whiteness forum,students pointed out

the cartoon is racist becausethe good guys are white

and the bad vegetablesare racial minorities.

The kid's show was started in 1993

to help children discoverwho God made them to be.

The group also says that the show

perpetuates racial stereotypes.

Meanwhile, there has been recent criticism

aimed at some Christmas classics.

The holiday song, Baby It's Cold Outside

has been flagged as promoting harassment

and in a tweet the Huffington Post

called Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer racist

and homophobic.

Joining us now to talk moreabout this is Matt Philbin.

He is the Managing Editorof the MRC's Culture

and Media Institute.

Matt, talk first ofall about Veggie Tales,

they are pointing out thatsome of these villains

are racial minorities so is that valid

that it's a racist show?

- Well, what they're pointing out is

that they speak in accents.

They have different accents.

I'm assuming those accents have to do

with the kind of vegetable they are

but this is a question, look this is

coming out of a college campus.

College campuses for the last 30 years

have been grievance factories.

They've been trained to findsomething to be grieved about.

When you turn toanthropomorphized produce,

I think you've about run outof things to worry about.

Veggie Tales is just a cartoon.

It's about fruit, ithas a Christian message

and I mean, you can takethese things too seriously

but the left is takingthese things too seriously.

- Alright, well let me askyou Cal State San Marcos

is not the only universitythat offers social justice,

critical theory forums,talk a little bit about

these kind of classes and what you see as

their effect on young people.

- Well, basically, thesethings are sort of audits

of whiteness, I think.

It's a strange thing where people,

kids go in there and I guess minority kids

feel validated and white kids feel pillary

and they're supposed to acceptthat they have privilege

and things of that natureand they're supposed to see

their privilege in the world around them.

And this what passes foreducation these days.

Unfortunately, nobody'sactually learning anything

except some white guiltand some more grievance

and it's not the kind of thingthat anybody who cares about

what they're paying for when they pay

for their kid's educationcan really be comfortable.

- Well, I understand thatit really is prevalent.

Let me ask you about someof this Christmas backlash

that we're seeing.

The Huffington Post iscalling the holiday classic,

Rudolph the Red NosedReindeer problematic.

They're saying that Rudolph'sfather is verbally abusive,

that Santa berates Donner for his nose.

Is this all just kindof fun or should parents

be concerned here?

- Well, what the Huffington Post did was

they collected a bunchof tweets from liberals

who happened to be watchingRudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

all at the same time.

Many of those tweets were funny.

Many of them, I'm surewere meant as trolling.

Not all of them though.

And what by collecting these tweets,

what Huffington Post didwhether intentionally or not,

is show us exactly howmuch America has changed

since Rudolph came out in 1964.

- Yeah, I think that's a great point,

we are in a totallydifferent era right now.

Unfortunately, we're out of time

but Matt Philbin, thankyou so much for your time.

- Thank you.

- It is the side of the Duck Dynasty

you haven't seen before,

we sit down with Willieand Sadie Robertson

when we return.

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- [Pat] When you give, smiles grow bigger.

When you care, homes are happier.

When you comfort, the hurt goes away.

When we all come togetherto love, miracles happen.

- Hello I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today, 148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection and the overwhelming

desire to be loved.

That's experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes,

they're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to joinwith me and become family

to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now

because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

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and Google Play now.

- Pastor, Bible teacher and New York Times

bestselling author, David Jeremiah

is bringing Christmasto Broadway this year.

Make The Season Bright is aone day only Christmas show

that premiers tomorrow.

It will feature the talentsof the Gaither Vocal Band,

Charles Billingley and Sheila Walsh

plus there will be aspecial Christmas message

from Dr. Jeremiah.

The Turning Point pastorsays Christmas is a season

dedicated to the giftthat keeps on giving,

salvation and restorationin Christ and I'm excited

to be a part of a largescale Broadway event.

And America fell in lovewith the Robertson family

when they shared lives

on the hit reality series Duck Dynasty.

The show may have endedbut the Robertson's

are still quite busy andEfrem Graham catches up

with two of them onthis week's Studio Five.

- [Efrem] We're working to bring you more

from our visit with Sadie Robertson

here in New York City's Bryant park.

- [Willie] So Sadie, how didyour dad impact your life?

- [Efrem] Including somequestions from the older man

in her life.

- So Sadie what's up withyou and the boyfriend.


She gonna love that one.

- [Efrem] We're gettingthe answers to questions

only her Duck Dynasty dad could ask.

- And you can see the fullstory on our Studio Five program

tonight at 9:30 Easternon the CBN News Channel.

And you can find more ofour exclusive coverage

of the issues that you careabout most at

and to tell us what youthink about the stories

that you're seeing here, you can do that

by emailing newswatch@cbn.comor you can talk to us

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We hope that you'll join us next time.

Have a great day.

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