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How the US Military Has Been Forced to Shift Its Role in the Wake of the Caravan Invasion

How the US Military Has Been Forced to Shift Its Role in the Wake of the Caravan Invasion Read Transcript

- Active duty troops will remainat the southwestern border

of the US throughout the new year.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattisis extending the deployment

which was supposed to end mid December.

The move comes as the Trump administration

weighs what to do aboutthe impending arrival

of migrant caravans whohave been making their way

toward the border.

The President initiallyordered about 5,800 troops

to the southern borders ofTexas, Arizona, and California

back in October,

now they will remain untilat least January 31st.

And for more on that we turn to

CBN News Contributor Chuck Holton.

Chuck, what role are the troopsplaying there at the border?

- Well initially they werejust shoring up the defenses

along the border fence.

That is putting in concertina wire,

shoring up the physical barrier.

And they did not have any active role

in stopping people from coming across.

But once we saw the migrantrush a couple Sundays ago

where over 1,000 of themtried to rush the border

entry point at San Icidro,

the military kind of changedits tactics a little bit.

And now there are severalmilitary police companies

that are actively engaged in training

for riot control techniques.

That is to be able to shoreup the Border Patrol forces

that are along that border

and trying to make surethat those large groups

of migrants are not able to

just crash the borders and come in.

- Chuck, what about Border Patrol?

Are they equipped to handlethis influx of migrants?

- Border Patrol has thousandsof agents along the border.

But the problem is there,

there's 2,000 miles of border to cover.

And so they try to amass them in the areas

where they think there mightbe the biggest incursions.

But part of the problem isgetting them around quickly.

Having the mobility to movegroups of agents around

to put 'em where they needthem at a moment's notice.

And that's another thing thatthe military is helping with.

They brought in air assets

that are available to pickup the Border Patrol agents

and move them into place.

They always prefer that Border Patrol deal

with the law enforcementissues along the border.

They don't want US troopshaving to become law enforcers

along the border.

That's outside of their purview.

But if it becomes a dangerto the Border Patrol agents,

you can bet that those soldiers

will be willing to stepin and defend them.

- Chuck, you've spent sometime inside the caravan.

What is your biggest takeaway

from your time on the ground with them?

- My biggest takeaway isthat it's not a caravan,

it's a pipeline.

There are not just one largegroup of people coming north.

There are just a constant flow.

And sometimes they're in bigger groups,

and sometimes they're in smaller groups.

The vast majority of thepeople that we spoke with

inside the caravan were very clear

that they were comingnorth for economic reasons.

And that they wanted abetter life or a better job

or more money or whateverin the United States.

But the thing that wasreally impressed upon me

as the President has beenreally pilloried in the press

for quote unquote theseparation of families.

Is that the lax border enforcement

is what was really separating families.

Because when the people in this pipeline

are sold on the idea thatyou can come north walking

and just walk right into the United States

typically what they do is the bread winner

leaves the family ortakes one of many children

and leaves the rest of the family behind.

And comes north to try to get asylum.

That asylum process couldtake up to three years.

And in the process of that,

he's not gonna be able to goback and visit his family.

And so that family will beseparated for a long time.

- Yeah. All right ChuckHolton thank you so much.

- Good to see you.


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