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The 700 Club - December 6, 2018

Spend Christmas with a Civil Rights hero. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece takes us inside the legend’s home. Plus, there’s a group trying to undermine the president while working inside the White House. Read Transcript

(dramatic music)

- [Narrator] The following program

is sponsored by CBN.

- [Narrator] Coming up,they're trying to undermine

the President.

- [Corey] People who didn'tsupport him when he ran,

didn't vote for him on election day.

- [Narrator] While workinginside the White House.

- The facts are very simple.

- [Narrator] And they haveallies throughout the government.

- They went after Americancitizens for political purposes

and it should never happen again.

- [Narrator] Plus, spend the holidays

with a civil rights hero.

Martin Luther King Junior's niece

takes us inside the legend'shome on today's 700 Club.

(dramatic music)

- Well, welcome ladies and gentlemen.

You know it's interesting thisstuff about climate change,

everybody thinks it's a terrible thing.

A big report has comeout by our government

that says climate changeby 2020's gonna be alarming

and the French decided theywere going to something

about climate change.

They were gonna imposea major tax on gasoline

and that was going to help climate change.

Well, it turned out the people of France

didn't like it.

They rioted, they set fire out in Paris.

They started chippingon the Arc de Triomphe.

And so President Macron says,hey maybe we're not gonna

bear that cost after all.

And so he's backed off ofthat tax and Terry has more.

- Well, that tax did lead toincreased rioting in Paris

and as Gary Lane reports President Trump

recognized the economic threatof climate change policies

very early on, take a look.

- At the Climate Summit in Poland,

the UN Secretary Generalurged world leaders

to take the threat ofclimate change seriously.

He said bold action is needed if nations

are to prevent a catastrophicrise in temperatures

before the end of the century.

But recent events in Francemight signal a growing backlash

against climate change policies.

- If we fail, the Arctic and the Antarctic

will continue to melt, coralswill bleach and then die,

the oceans will rise, more people will die

from air pollution, water scarcity

will plague a significantproportion of humanity

and the cost of disasters will skyrocket.

- [Gary] Gutterres said nationsare not moving fast enough

to prevent irreversible catastrophe

but tell that to theseanti-government protestors in Paris.

They crippled the city oflight, rioting, looting

and even defacing parts ofthe famous Arc de Triomphe.

It was all over a steeptax increase on gasoline.

The French government believesit can combat climate change

by raising fuel taxes and that may lead

to reduced carbon emissions but instead

just the threat of an increase

led to national fury and mayhem.

French President Macron hasbacked off from implementing

the fuel tax increase for now.

Their pocket books alreadystrained by economic hardship,

the skeptical French aren't

buying the climate change hysteria

Neither is PresidentTrump tweeting this week,

I am glad that my friend Emmanuel Macron

and the protestors in Parishave agreed with the conclusion

I reached two years ago.

The Paris Agreement is fatally flawed

because it raises the price of energy

for responsible countries while

whitewashing some of the worst polluters.

Last year, the Presidentannounced he's pulling the U.S.

out of the Paris climate agreement

because it would cripple the U.S. economy.

- Thus as of today, theUnited States will cease

all implementation of thenon-binding Paris Accord.

- [Gary] Trump says hewon't allow American workers

and tax payers to absorbthe cost of those accords

in terms of lost jobs, lowerwages and closed factories.

Steven Moore, economist and Senior Fellow

of the Heritage Foundationsays a doom and gloom lobby

is pushing the climatechange agenda in America

and around the world.

- I estimate that the climatechange industrial complex

and that's what we have todayis tens and tens of billions

of dollars to spread this doom and gloom.

We've created whole industriesof climate scientists

to come up with these models

that predict the world is coming an end.

- [Gary] Gary Lane, CBN News.

- Thanks Gary, ladies andgentleman like it or not

climate, I mean obviously wedon't want to pollute the air,

we want clean water, we'dbe crazy not to want it.

We don't want our rivers polluted.

I was in Poland in the Ithink it was the Vistula River

it was so polluted youcould hardly stand the smell

and there were no fishwho could live in it.

So we can't have anything like that

and I was in Prague talkedto our ambassador there,

Shirley Temple Black, bythe way, our ambassador

and she said you breathe theair, it's like smoking a pack

of cigarettes a day because the air

is so polluted in Prague.

So we don't want that kind of thing

but the truth is this climate religion

is an attempt to take over the industry

and to cripple the productiveindustries of the world.

And the great pollutersare India and China

and they're having a pass.

But beyond that it looks like

that they say that the sun spot activity

out of the sun isdiminished and that means

we're going to have a lot colder weather

not because of anythingto do with what we do

with our SUV's and our driving

or what we burn in our fossil fuels,

it has to do with the sun andaccording to Joe Bastardi,

our expert from AccuWeather,

we're gonna have a really cold winter.

So let's see what's going to happen.

A nasty winter storm ismoving across our country

despite so-called global warming.

Efrem Graham has that.

- Pat, forecasters are predicting

what could be a coast tocoast winter weather event,

bringing extremely coldtemperatures, snow and ice.

Meteorologists arepredicting the storm system

which will move all theway from the Southwest

to the Mid-Atlantic couldaffect millions of people.

There could be flooding,ice, snow and rain

bringing power outagesand making life miserable

from one side of the nation to the other

with at least a dozen states getting snow

and another 20 getting rain.

If that storm hits Washington D.C.

It could delay important work in Congress.

Lawmakers have just a few weeks

to pass a major criminaljustice reform bill.

As Abigail Robertson reportsone veteran senator says

they should clear the schedule

to make sure the bill gets a vote.

- Lawmakers say the time is now or never

to pass a criminal justice reform bill

that's sitting in theSenate waiting on a vote.

It's major legislation withthe goal of trying to make sure

people don't end up back in prison.

Leader McConnell has saidthat he does not know

if he will have time tobring it to the floor

by the end of this year.

What is your response to that?

- My response to it is that hehas a very legitimate reason

that he wants to get judges through.

We can work on judges next year

because republicans control the Senate

whereas if we don't do this bill

and democrats come inand control the House,

we're not going to get thebroad bipartisan support

that we have for this.

- [Abigail] The bill hasalready passed the House

and Grassley believesmore than 75 Senators

would vote yes if it makesit to the Senate floor.

He worries that if it's delayeduntil next year it's over.

Law makers have a lot to dobefore the end of the year

including paying for border security.

Grassley is confident law makers

can avoid a partial government shut down

simply because he saysit costs a lot of money

to open and close the government.

- I don't think with thefiscal situation in our country

we should do anything as stupid

as shutting down the government.

- [Abigail] A few senatorslike James Lankford

are working to permanentlyremove the threat

of these shut downs.

- When you're constantly fighting

about a government shutdownthen you're always distracted

over what the real issues are.

- [Abigail] Lankford introduced a bill

that will require the previousyear's funding to kick in

until Congress passes a budget

and only punishes law makersfor missing their deadline.

- Congress has to be able to stay here

and be able to get towork done rather than

it's not done so we do thesegovernment shutdown fights

or extensions and the Americango through all the turmoil.

Let's put the pressure wherethere pressure needs to be.

- Congress has until December21st to fund the rest

of the government.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- With or without a storm, the clock

is ticking on this one, Pat.

- I tell you a shutdown would be insanity,

I mean it would be insanityand it will kick back

or the President, if he'sthe one that's caused it.

Whoever caused it, he'sgonna take responsibility

and so he should doeverything he can to fight it.

But as far as this prison reform,

I don't understand that much about it.

There are people who don'tlike certain parts of it

but I think this idea of three strikes

and you're out and thisso-called tough on crime,

a wave that spread throughour country a few years ago,

that's got to be ameliorated.

If you get caught with afew ounces of marijuana

three times and you're gonnaspend the rest of your life

in prison, that's insanity.

And judges have got to have some freedom

and it breaks their heartsthat these mandatory minimums.

Somebody comes up and they'vedone little or nothing,

it's a very victimlesscrime and those people

have got to spend forever in jail.

That costs an awful lot of money

and not only money but human tragedy

and it needs to be fixed.

So Senator Grassley is absolutely right,

the bills been passed through the House,

the Senate has the majority right now,

all they've got to do is havea vote and get it through.

And I don't know, Imean, the agenda is such

that they wouldn't haveto debate that a long time

because Mitch McConnell is such a genius

in legislative mattershe can get it through.

Of course, they've got toget some judges approved

but as he said, we'vestill got the majority

and the Senate will haveactually more republicans

in the next session than they do now.

And there's no reason theycan't get these things through.

Senator Flake has saidunless I get some assurance

about the Mueller investigation

but that thing is wrappingup and his objection

should not be considered.

Well, anyhow it's goingon Christmas time (laughs)

and Efrem's got, there'sanother major issue

before Congress, Efrem.

- Indeed Pat, there is anothermajor issue before Congress

and that's funding for thePresident's border wall.

Right now active duty troops

are guarding the southwestern border

and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis

is extending theirdeployment into the New Year.

It was supposed to end mid-December.

The troops are there to help deal

with migrant caravans making their way

toward the United States.

The President initiallyordered about 5800 troops

to the southern border ofTexas, Arizona and California.

That was back in October.

Our Faith Nation program andcorrespondent Chuck Holton

said the nation has changed it's role

since a large group of migrants

tried to rush the border two weeks ago.

- Now there's severalmilitary police companies

that are actively engaged in training

for riot control techniquesthat is to be able to shore up

the border patrol forcesthat are along that border

and trying to make sure thatthose large groups of migrants

are not able to just crashthe border and come in.

- Those troops will remainon the border January 31st.

George H.W. Bush has will be laid to rest

at his presidential library today.

A final service will be held in Houston

before his coffin is takento the Texas A&M campus

in College Station.

Thursday, Presidents,world leaders and friends

joined the Bush familyto celebrate his life

at the National Cathedral.

As White House Correspondent,Ben Kennedy shows us,

it was a time of laughter,tears, prayer and praise.

(patriotic music)

- [Ben] From the Capitol Hill steps

to the halls of the NationalCathedral and beyond.

- I believe in God, father almighty,

creator of heaven and earth.

- [Ben] The country honoredthe nation's 41st President,

George Herbert Walker Bush.

George W. Bush deliveredthe eulogy for his father,

the last person he spoketo before passing away.

- I said Dad I love you andyou've been a wonderful father.

And the last words he wouldever say on earth were,

I love you too.

- [Ben] Seated in the frontrow alongside the Bush family

was President Trump andFirst Lady Melania Trump,

along with formerpresidents, Barack Obama,

Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

♪ And friends are friends forever ♪

♪ And the Lord's the Lord of them ♪

- [Ben] Christian recordingartist, Michael W. Smith,

a long time friend of theBush family sang Friends.

♪ Though it's hard to let you go ♪

♪ In the Father's hands we know ♪

- It means something becauseI've been friends with him

for 29 years and so the factthat he wanted me to sing

at his funeral, it's justan honor beyond words,

it really is.

- [Ben] Smith recalls seeingPresident Bush a mere months

before he passed away.

- As we were leaving we just gave him hugs

says, hey we love you, thanks,it's so good to see you

and about the time wewere ready he'd go, oh,

he'd kind of get hislittle finger in the air

and he had that little sparkle in his eye,

he said, friends are friends forever.

That's we said, it's thelast thing he said to us.

- [Ben] And now you're singing Friends.

- Crazy, when Deb and I walkedout of there I'm thinking,

you know what that might bethe last time that we see him.

- [Ben] Reverend Dr. Russell Levenson

was with the formerpresident in his final days

and shared a moment hewitnessed between Bush

and his former Secretaryof State, James Baker,

who many called his little brother.

- Secretary Baker was at thefoot of the President's bed

and toward the end, Jim Baker rubbed

and stroked the President'sfeet for perhaps half an hour.

The President smiled at thecomfort of his dear friend.

Here I witness a world leaderwho was serving a servant

who had been our world's leader.

And what came to mind was Jesus.

- [Ben] The 94 year old servedhis country as President,

Vice President, World War Twoveteran and even CIA Director.

He guided the U.S. through the Gulf War

and the breakup of the Soviet Union.

- He stood in the breach againsttyranny and discrimination

and on his watch a wall fell in Berlin,

a dictator's aggression did not stand.

- [Ben] But one of his proudest moments

was that of the husband and a father.

Married more than sevendecades to Barbara,

their marriage would bringsix children including George

who followed in Dad's footsteps

as the country's 43rd President.

- A great and noble man, thebest father a son or daughter

could have. (sobs)

And in our grief, I just smile knowing

that Dad is hugging Robinand holding Mom's hand again.

- Now former president Bushis only the 19th person

to be honored with a state funeral.

His casket is in HoustonTexas for a service

and he will be buriednext to his wife, Barbara

and his daughter Robin whodied at just three years old.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

- Great man and a greatfamily as well, Pat.

- Well, he was a good friendand I received many letters

from him and he came and visited us,

we was on the show at The 700Club on a couple of occasions.

And he's a good guy andwe were good friends,

I traveled with him over to the Sudan

when (mumbles) waspresident, I was on the,

he was vice president thenand it was nice to see him.

We talked about the Lord onAir Force Two on the way.

He wanted to find outabout Jesus, he interested

in those things of God.

- Well, he was a man ofcharacter and dignity,

he'll be missed.

- Wonderful guy, wellanyhow he's laid to rest

and with the honors befittinga person of his character

and we're enriched by his life

and his memory, I think isgoing to serve to unite us.

I hope it does but we have something now

that tells about thedivision in our country

and why it's a serious matter, Terry.

- Well, coming up inside the deep state.

Hear how President Trump'senemies are working

to undermine him frominside the White House.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

- Well, we've talked aboutthe nation coming together

to honor our 41st presidentbut President Trump,

our current president has got many enemies

and the worst of them may beinside his own administration.

CBN News spoke with two ofthe men of the main players

behind the 2016 win and theysay that quote, "deep state

is working very hard to thwartthe President's agenda."

Our Jenna Browder has thestory from Washington.

- In their new tell allbook, Trump's Enemies

How the Deep State isUndermining the Presidency.

Former campaign managers,Corey Lewandowski

and David Bossie reveal alot, including a list of names

of those they say have triedto undermine the President,

some of them from inside the White House.

- Well, the November 9thclubber is comprised of people

who didn't support him when he ran,

didn't vote for him on election day

but found a way to weasel theirway into the administration.

And every president has to take people

who weren't with thembefore to grow his team,

the difference is,traditionally those people put

their personal biases asideand they work on behalf

of the president to further his agenda.

- Sean Spicer, Gary Cohn and H.R. McMaster

are just a few they write about.

But their list extends wellbeyond 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Democrats, the intelligencecommunity, media

and establishment are also included.

- There are people out therewho say this whole idea

of the deep state is a conspiracy.


What do you say to those people?

- Yeah, you know what it's,

that's the narrative thatthe left want you to believe.

The facts are very simpleand everybody knows it,

you just have to thinkabout how we are framing it,

which is there are peoplein the federal government

who have been in it for 30 or 40 years.

They have what we call thewe own, you rent mentality.

The President is only herefor four years or eight years,

they're here for 30 or 40.

They slow walk your agenda.

- [Jenna] And when it comesto the Russia investigation.

- We detail it very much in the book

and people should be very afraid

because what the Presidentoutlines in his interview

and what we talk about in the book,

individuals at the highestlevel of law enforcement

use their badges whichthey were entrusted with

and they went after Americancitizens for political purposes

and it should never happen again.

- [Jenna] There's talk of the President

may pardon Paul Manafort,do you think he should?

- Look I think every presidenthas it under their purview

to issue pardons, BarackObama issued more pardons

then 13 previous presidents combined

and some really bad guys.

People who are convicted killers

but what I think thePresident said recently was

he's going to take that off the table.

- Then they say that's part of Trump's

Art of the Deal mindset,they both know well.

I know we were on Air ForceOne and you were both there,

this was down to acampaign event in Florida

but you're right there, you were in a lot

of these conversations, just tell us about

your relationship that youstill have with the President.

- Well, we have a greatrelationship and part of the reason

we wrote this book is sothat we can bring to light

the frustration thatthe President has faced,

whether it's from theintelligence community,

some of the main streammedia, some of his own staff,

those people in Congresswho's thwarted his agenda

'cause we hear it, wetravel with him, we see it

and he deserves better.

- Another reason theysay they wrote the book

is to tout the President'ssuccesses and show the ways

of Washington and whathe's up against come 2020.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Well, the book is called Trump's Enemies

How the Deep State isUndermining the President

you see and you can get itwherever books are sold.

Interesting stuff.

- Fascinating.- Yeah.

- I'm sure you'll be reading it.

- I think you've gotClapper, you've got Brennan,

you've got these people,they're just openly antagonistic

and these so-called intelligence people,

I think what's happeningin the Justice Department,

I think when you look atwhat was done to set up

this whole thing withthe special prosecutor,

that was engineered by theJustice Department that

and the FBI that reallyhated, they hated Trump

and you've got the emailsback and forth between

Strzok and his girlfriendthat said how can we stop him,

how can we use thepower of the FBI to stop

this man from being our elected president?

That kind of stuff was,I mean it's not something

you need a book about, it was out there

and it's been out there in the public

and it was shocking, we should be shocked.

These people should be prosecuted because

they're misusing their power.

We give an enormous amountof power to the FBI,

enormous amount of powerto our federal prosecutors

and for them to misusethat power is something

that should be appalling and abhorrent

to any liberty loving American, Terry.

- Well, up next we'regonna join the famous GG,

in our kitchen, gorgeousgrandma Alveda King

is cooking up a holiday feast that's fit

from the seven generationsof the King-William's clan.

The self confess shake and pour chef

will also share her kitchen blessings.

All coming up when we come back.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

Well she is an author,an actress, a songwriter

and a singer with a new CD out called

Tender Moments With God.

Civil rights activist andevangelist Alveda King

is a woman who's known for her many gifts,

including her talent as an amazing cook.

Take a look.

- [Narrator] Alveda King is the niece

of Dr. Martin LutherKing Jr. and the daughter

of Reverend A.D. King.

Alveda's family carrieson the holiday traditions

of her grandparents, ReverendMartin Luther King Senior

and Alberta Williams.

The Williams-King family celebrates

by singing around the piano,posing for caricature drawings

of the family and of course eating food,

food and more food.

Most importantly it allcenters around the gift

of Jesus Christ.

In her cookbook, GG'sHome for the Holidays,

Alveda shares her family'sdelicious holiday recipes

that bring laughter, love andjoy to their holiday table.

- Well she's broughtall her food with her,

welcome back to The 700 Club, Alveda King

also known as GG.

My GG also, you're GG too.- I'm GG too. (laughs)

- That's wonderful, yeah.

- We're sharing that name, right?

- Yes, well I want youto share a little bit

about your family's holidayand paint the picture for us

how many of you actually get together?

- Every year there's so many of us

and we begin during Thanksgiving even

and so my own family,there's six living children,

10 grandchildren, the cousins and friends.

So the house could have as many as,

as few as 15 and as many as 35.

- [Terry] Wow and all of thesepeople gathering together

in such a wonderful atmosphere

because cooking in the kitchen

is one of your best Christmas blessings

that you talk about thatexist in your family

but share some of theother favorites with you

because you kind of allparticipate at holidays.

- Well, we do musically,many of us our musical,

we all pray, that'sthe most important part

and then many of us arecooks from the adults

down to the little children.

- [Terry] Really.

- And we're gonna do afavorite in a minute,

the Cornish hens, we'll talk about those

and then one of our new dishes.

But in our family with the Cornish hens,

everybody has their own recipe so.

- Oh really?- Yeah.

We do some people stuff itwith the apples, the oranges,

the raisins or whatever andso it's just a tradition

to see who does the best Cornish hen.

- What's your favorite tradition

because you have so many that.

- My favorite tradition is to get together

to do the fellowship, tosing and to pray together,

play games together and then everybody

brings a covered dish and we talk about

how they've made it and wedo that from Thanksgiving

all the way through Christmas.

- Wow, wow, well you're gonna talk about

your Christmas meal, the big meal

- Yeah.

here today with all of us.

Let's move down here andstart with the Cornish hens

because they are such a fun way

to celebrate a specialevent, they're beautiful.

- They really are and I knowyou do that in your family too.

- I do, I love it.

- And Cornish hens are oneof the easier dishes to do

but they're very festiveand we have here garnish

with the kale and thecranberries and this one is done

with a rice stuffing but asI say you can use the citrus,

you can use the apples, you can even stuff

with the cranberries.

They have to be golden brownand let me give you one tip

on how I do that.

After we do all the seasonings over it,

spray it with a light olive oil.

And then they roast, youget that beautiful color.

- And the fragrance inyour home, so wonderful

when you're baking,- Absolutely.

isn't it?

This is a gorgeous salad and people

are so into doing somethinghealthy and nutritious,

in fact everything we're showing here

is really pretty healthy.

So talk about this.

- Well, what we do withthis particular salad,

we have the kale, the carrots

and then we have the beet spirals

and I see the winter squashalong with the carrots.

And what we're doing,I'm sensitive to tomatoes

and so how can you make adelicious dish without tomatoes?

The squashes and theparsnips and all of that

can go along with it.

And so we see all thisbeautiful array here.

I see some actually some avocado

but I just tell peoplemake your favorite salad.

Make it very pretty andinclude it in your dish.

- Wow, that's beautiful,absolutely beautiful.

And then you've got some steamed broccoli

and we're honoring George H.W. Bush

and he hated broccoli. (laughs)

- [Alveda] Did he?

- But your broccoli looks delicious.

- Well what happens evenwith my own children

and grandchildren, they weren't favorite,

you know, broccoli wasn't their favorite

and they always wantedto smother it with cheese

and everything but I findout when I prepare it

and I do the same thing withjust a little lemon seasoning

and garlic and then spraythat olive oil over it

and either saute it, very quickly

and when you do that or sometimes I roast

in the oven as well and it makes

and you steam it, roast it or whatever,

don't boil it becausethat changes the flavor.

- Yes, takes all the vitaminsout of it too, right?

And what is this?

- The crostata and this one,we're gonna do today actually

with all these wonderful ingredients here.

But it's a very festive dish,

you can make it savory,you can make a vegetarian,

you can do it with themeat and you can even do it

with your sweets just yoursweet potatoes or apples.

But it's a very simple recipe.

- Okay, let's talk about howyou put that all together here.

- Alright, well, we'vegot our ingredients here

and I'll admit this Terry,sometimes I'm real busy,

I can cut and cube and get them ready

or I can go to my favorite store.

- [Terry] I knew thatI loved you. (laughs)

- (laughs) So they do the work for you.

And there's more thecuts are more consistent

so it just depends on

what you wanna do- Yeah, this looks

really familiar to me,

this is how I buy mine too.- This is it,

that's what I do I buy it that way.

So we do olive oil and butter

and I know this is alittle rich and that's okay

because you have to havea little delicious fat

in your food so you warm upyour butter and your olive oil

just a little bit andonce that begins to melt,

you're gonna, the ovenis just kind of popping.

I was trying to figure out how to

get it not to do that.- It's just the noise

this thing makes.- Okay, it just does that.

- Yeah, it likes to talk

while we're working.- Okay and the pan

is really warm as it should be.

You see me doing thisbut I'm used to doing it,

don't just lay your hand on there

'cause that would be adangerous thing to do.

- Yeah, thank you. (laughs)

- Okay but I just check tosee how warm the pan is.

- Now this is butternut squash, isn't it?

- This is your butternut squash.

This is, we're doing a vegan one today

except we're gonna doa little cheese on top

but you can do it withor without the cheese.

- Okay.

- So we have our butternut squash.

And some people like- I love.

Brussels sprouts, you like it?

- [Terry] I love Brussels sprouts.

- [Alveda] Okay somepeople do, some don't.

- [Terry] They're strong but they're good.

- They really are andthey're very good for you,

a lot of fiber, a lotof vitamins in those.

I'm gonna take this up a littlebit to see if that'll help.

And we're gonna put ouronions, I like the red onions.

- [Terry] I do too.

- Because they're very flavorful

but you can do theshallops, you can do chives.

- Now that would be good too.

- Anything from the onion family

and your own specialseasonings that you like

and that you prefer and so.

What we do, we don'twanna cook these too long

because they have to go in the oven

and they're gonna cook some more.

- Okay.

- But we just want themkind of just sauteed gently

in the oil and in the butter.- Get started a little bit.

- Oh it smells so wonderful.

- It really does and you havesalt and pepper to taste,

a pinch of salt, we talk about that.

That's just to taste,the ones that you like.

And some people like more,some people like less

when you have your salt and your pepper.

And once you saute these down,

I see my butter's melted,you just really want to get

to release the flavors of that in your oil

and in your butter.

- Now you have a- The pie crust is here.

pie crust here.

- [Alveda] And so once you get all of this

kind of blended andmixed, you get it in there

and we've got our almonds today.

So nuts, these areoptional 'cause some people

can't have nuts,- That's awesome.

they have nut allergiesso you have your filling.

- [Terry] You can leave thatout if you want to right?

- This is your filling, it's to taste

and in the cookbook we giveall of these various options

and what you can do.

Now here is the trick, we'vegot enough to make two today

but let's just kind of go on with one now.

Okay, now this is sauteing,you see it's beginning to cook?

- [Terry] Uh-huh, it looks, beautiful.

The color of everything is gorgeous.

- And it's pretty, it's sofestive, such a holiday look.

- So you're just gonna

fill that in here.- You fill that inside.

- Oh that looks beautiful.- Just enough to fill it.

We have enough for two as I say.

Now, why don't you help me scallop this.

Come on, we're gonna comeacross and begin to just

kinda just like that,

just pinch it- Okay gotcha.

because you wanna leave thecenter slightly exposed.

Now we're gonna scallop it here.

Okay and we're gonna leave it exposed

and pull a little bit back here.

- [Terry] Okay.

- [Alveda] And see how pretty that is?

That's the shape of it.- Beautiful.

- [Alveda] And they can,you can make two or three

of these at once, you scallop it across.

Alright, you gotta fold it.

And we have to get that in the oven.

- I'm gonna put it in the oven

and I'm gonna show you- I'm gonna turn this one off.

what it looks like when it's done.

- Get that done, alright.

- Ooh, look at this.

- [Alveda] And we'regonna get this one out.

- [Terry] This is perfect.

And I know your hands are used to heat

but you're not used to this kind of heat.

- Okay, I'm gonna let you handle that.

- [Laughs] Let me carry it. (laughs)

- Alright.

- Whoa look at that, that's a work of art.

- Now we've bake thiswith the cheese on it

but you can leave the cheeseoff of those who are sensitive,

goat cheese, that's- And that's goat cheese

the goat cheese therethat you put on there, right?

and we could do that.

Now once it comes out, we're not done.

Can you pass that arugula.

- Oh, yes, I can.

- Alright and we're gonnaget this on a plate.

- Oh here how aboutthis one, well this is.

- It's a little plate but that's okay.

And get it off of there.

Okay, don't break, don't break on me.

Oh, it might, so let'sjust do it this way.

- [Terry] Okay.

- 'Cause if I were at homeI could it up a little bit

and here we go.

- Oh yes.

- We're gonna do it like this.

This come out.

- And I love this stuff. (laughs)

That's awesome.

- You got one that is done

on a plate.- All done so you can see

but look how beautiful.

- [Alveda] You see itbegins to look like that.

- It does.- It's the look of it.

- And you've got- And it comes out

like this finally andthis is with the cheese

or without the cheese so

it's just real pretty.- Beautiful I vote with.

You got wassel and this amazing desert,

these are all in the cookbook.

- They're in the cookbook and really fast

that's called a trifle inthe traditional name for it

but modern ladies nowcall it a punch bowl cake.

So they take their pound cake.

- It's just because they didn't know if it

was trifle, trifel or troufel.- That's it, they weren't sure

or not so they call it punch bowl cake

but it's really a trifle and so you layer

with your favorite cake

and your fruits- Beautiful.

and you just come on up with that.

- It's all so pretty andit's all in Alveda's book,

it's called GG's Home Forthe Holidays cookbook.

It's got a new red cover addition

that's being released on December 15th

so you're getting someof the first of it here.

Plus, she has a new CD availablejust in time for Christmas

it's called Tender Moments Alone With God.

Both the cookbook and the CD are available

wherever books or music are sold.

- Absolutely.- Merry Christmas my friend,

it great to have you here.- Merry Christmas everybody,

thank you.

- Still ahead, your questionswith some honest answers.

Virginia says I'm a mother of six

but my children are not livingaccording to God's standards.

Will my household be saved atthe rapture or left behind?

We'll be back withPat's answer after this.

- Alright, merry Christmas.- Thank you, it's beautiful.

(dramatic music)

(exciting music)

- And welcome back to The 700 Club.

Pastor, bible teacher and New York Times

bestselling author, David Jeremiah

is bringing Christmasto Broadway this year.

Make the Season Bright isa one day Christmas show

that takes place on December 6th.

It will feature the talentsof the Gaither Vocal Band,

Charles Billingsley and Sheila Walsh.

Plus, there'll be aspecial Christmas message

from Dr. Jeremiah.

The Turning Point pastor says

Christmas is a seasondedicated to the gift

that keeps on giving, salvationand restoration in Christ.

And I'm excited to be a part

of a large scale Broadway event.

Actor Chris Pratt celebrated

at Disney's Annual Candlelight Ceremony

with a reading from the Book of Luke

and a personal Christmasmessage of his own.

- The way we love our children

and the more we love our children,

the more we will understandthe capacity for our father

in heaven to love us.

(applause and cheers)

Each and everyone ofus, a precious creation

and he just marvels in the ways

in which would could try to please him.

And through this holiday spirit,

may we continue tospread peace and goodwill

throughout the world, thankyou and merry Christmas!

(applause and cheers)

- Amen to that.

Remember you can always getthe latest from CBN News

buy going to our website,it's

Pat and Terry are back withmore of today's 700 Club

right after this.

(exciting music)

(holiday orchestra music)

- You know we haven'tperfected smellevision yet.

- (laughs) No but we'd bein big business if we did.

- Yeah, this studio is justfull of the delightful aroma

from that cooking, did ittaste as good as it smelled?

- I didn't get to taste itbut I have tasted her cooking

in the past, she is a queenin the kitchen (laughs)

believe me.- Well, she's a (mumbles)

I mean, it's reallygood we got an audience,

I mean, I wish you could joinus and have these aromas,

they're delightful.

Okay, well, Daniel and Lakasha Burelle

are a hardworking couplewho were struggling

to feed their family.

Then one day Lakashadiscovered a way to come home

with a trunk full of grocerieswithout spending a dime.

- Akeila, let's see what Akeila's-

- [Narrator] Daniel and Lakasha Burelle

are dedicated parents who arepassionate about ministry.

Four years ago they feltled to move their family

to Georgia to help friends plan a church.

- They say well we needchildren's ministry directors

and we're like okay.

It's been amazing to beable to have our children

right there with us during this process.

I know that it's touching their lives.

- [Narrator] Their journey offaith hasn't always been easy.

The couple's three yearold Daniella has suffered

from a brittle bonedisease since she was born.

- An hour after she was born, the doctors

were doing a routine teston her and broke her leg

and they had to rush herto Texas Children Hospital.

You had to just handle her a certain way

so that she wouldn't break.

That's how delicate shewas, just like glass.

Then she's had her rodding surgeries

and then all the infusionsevery three months.

She's still just this happylittle girl through it all.

- [Narrator] Daniel works very long days

as a chemical batcher butwhen medical bills pile up,

finances got tight.

- Some people say youlive paycheck to paycheck

but we weren't even makingit to the next paycheck.

- It was very difficult forus to even put gas in our car.

We didn't know where our next meal

was coming from sometimes.

- [Narrator] One day, Lakashawas reading a magazine

and came across an adfor Warehouse of Hope,

a partner of Operation Blessing.

- I remember one day she just came home

with a trunk full of groceriesand it was one of those

hard times where you know,literally it was like

we had nothing.

- Going to Warehouseof Hope relieved a lot,

of pressure off of our family.

You fill you whole car up, it's so much,

it's like amazing how much they give you.

- I can't put it into wordsjust how much of a blessing

Operation Blessing and Warehouse of Hope

has been to our family in this time

and it's gotten better,it's gotten a lot better.

- [Narrator] Daniel recentlytook up woodworking.

Between the extra income hemakes from selling his furniture

and the help the familyreceives from Warehouse of Hope

and Operation Blessing, the Burelle's

are finally making ends meet.

- I've learned to worship God

and to say God you are myprovider, I'm trusting in you.

- I would wanna say tothe people that give

to Operation Blessing, thank you

from the bottom of my heart,

you've made such a huge impact in our life

and taken a burden off of our shoulders.

- Thank you, thank you, thank you,

God bless you because you area part of something bigger

than you even know.

(inspirational music)

- Well, it's just wonderful to think that

somebody who's strugglingthat we can reach out

and help them and Operation Blessing

helps people all over the world, millions

as a matter of fact,something in the neighborhood

of 300 million people havebeen helped over the years

by Operation Blessing and CBN.

So at the end of thisyear, this might be a time

to do something so wejust ask you to consider,

especially with stock.

You know if you give some stock

you don't have to pay capital gains tax.

If you have appreciated securities

and the get the fulldeduction for the market value

of the stock and you can deduct up to 50%

of your income, dependingon the rules of the IRS,

in some cases, it's 30%but with cash it's 50%.

And at the end of the year,that's a time to do it,

so give us a call, 1-800-700-7000

and we want to help peoplelike Daniel and Lakasha

understand okay.

- Well, coming up we've gotsome of your email questions.

Kevin asks when we witness to someone

and they accept Jesuswhat should we do next?

That's a great question

and Pat's gonna answer it after this.

(dramatic music)

Well it's that time ofyear to deck the halls

with bows of holly buthave you ever wondered why

we decorate with so muchgreenery at Christmas time?

Well the answer to thatquestion and much, much more

as part of our Christmas Traditions DVD.

Take a look.

("We Wish You A Merry Christmas")

- It's the darkest time of the year

so you want to be reassuredthat spring is coming,

that the light is coming soyou're gonna have a celebration

with fires and candles.

It is the bleakest time of the year

so you're gonna want tobe reminded of greenery.

So you'll bring indoors plants that retain

their winter greenery like holly or ivy.

It's also food-wise the mostplentiful time of the year.

The harvest is in, it'sbeen baked into bread

and pies and buns, all theanimals have been slaughtered,

the ones that aren'tgonna be wintered over.

So you got roasts and sausages.

The fish pens have been emptied,

the eel pens have been emptied,

the grain has been made into beer,

the grapes have been made into wine.

You've got to eat this stuff

'cause there's no refrigeration.

- [Gordon] By the late Middle Ages,

Christians have adopted a large number

of midwinter customs thathave once been condemned

by the Church and theysuccessfully blended them

with Biblical images tocreate the Christmas holiday.

Holly became a symbol ofChrist's crown of thorns

and the blood he shed and mistletoe,

a popular druid tradition was used

to signal a Christmas truce in battle.

- Christ is ever green,Christ is the resurrection,

everlasting life and soyou bring in evergreens.

You bring in holly andivy and remind people

that in the spring, it'sthe time of the resurrection

and there will be life again.

("We Wish You A Merry Christmas")

- Well there are so many thingswe do at the holiday season

that our traditions butwe don't always understand

the why behind them.

That story of the holly and the ivy

is just one of the things that you learn

in this Christmas StoryBehind the Traditions.

It's a DVD that we'veprepared just for you

and then Pat has gone into the studio

and read the Christmas Carol,this is a Christmas classic.

He has way loved playing Scrooge in this

and done a wonderful job of it

but these are our offeringsto you this holiday season

for a gift of $25 or more.

As we want to reach out to people in need

both at home and around the world,

we would love to have your support of that

and this is our way of saying thank you.

So give us a call rightnow, 1-800-700-7000

or you can log onto cbn.comand join with us that way

but do something to makea difference for folks

this holiday season.

Time for some emails are you ready?

- Alright, we'll take them, yeah.

- Okay, this first one comes from Virginia

who says I am a mother ofsix and have been trying

to be a good Christianmom in my daily life.

My children do believe in Jesus, however,

they are not livingaccording to God's standards.

I do try to talk to themabout being right with God

and asking for forgivenessand understanding

of how they live a Christian life.

I feel they are influencedby their friends.

Will my household be saved at the rapture

or left behind?

- I don't have a clue asto what's gonna happen

to your household during the rapture,

in all seriousness, I just don't know.

I mean, you know.- Yeah, impossible to answer.

- The bible says bringup a child in the way

that he shall go and when he's old

he won't depart there from.

If you've been faithful ininstilling the principles

of the Lord into thelives of your children,

when they get old theywon't depart from us,

that's what the Bible says.

There was a time there was a jailer,

you remember the jailerwith Paul and Silas,

they was singing and the prison opened

and the jailer came downand the apostle said

you will be saved and your household.

I just would like tothink that people will be

carried through to the end of time

but it depends on how you liveand how you've trained them.

You invest in those kids andthey will not disappoint you

but you have to spend time with children

and I would say this to any parent.

If you don't pay attentionto your children,

then they're gonna payattention to somebody else

but they want to listen toyou if you'll talk to them

and train them and that'sthe message we'd have

by that question, alright.

- Well and many childrenwonder for a season.

You and I are both examples of children

who were raised in homeswith Christian values.

- Yeah I went far, far away,

trust me I sowed- So did I.

more wild oats than you can imagine.

- He was worst than me butI'm just saying. (laughs)

- Yeah, I'm the secret sinner,

oh you're the secret sinner.

Alright one of us is, okay what else.

- Well, take turns.

Okay this is Kevin whosays, Pat my question is

when we witness to someoneand they accept Jesus

what should we do next?

I know seeking a goodgospel teaching church

would help them, do I need to help further

or just leave the rest to Jesus?

I somehow feel responsible tohelp them grow in the Lord.

- I think you should, Paul said

you may have many instructors in the faith

but you've only got onefather and I have begot you

by my gospel and I thinkthey become your children.

I don't wanna say you areresponsible the rest of your life

or anything like that but I do think

that initially starting off,if you can teach to somebody,

show them the scriptures.

We have a number of thingshere that we give out

and I think if they playthat CD or listen to some

of these teachings, I meanit'll help enormously.

Because it's like a baby,you put the baby out

and what do you do you've gotto give him some nourishment

and I think if you leadsomebody to the Lord,

there is a responsibility to see that

that person is cared for and especially

brought into a fellowshipwhich is caring and nurturing

and all of the needed things, alright.

- Okay this is Joshua who says hi Pat.

God gave me a word about whathe wants to do in my life.

I don't know what to do next.

Please what is your advicesince God is silent?

- Well, the Bible says wait on the Lord

and I think you read,I think it was Jeremiah

that said I waited a number of days

and then the word of the Lord came saying.

The Bible says you willhear a voice in your ear

saying when you turn tothe right or the left,

say this is the way, walk ye in it.

And the Bible also sayslet the peace of God

be an umpire in you heart.

And so when the peace lifts,

you know you've gone the wrong way.

So God doesn't have to betalking to you all the time.

There's a Bible andthere's the word of God

and he will speak out of that word

and he will but if you havethe Holy Spirit within you,

the spirit of God willbe a constant reminder

of what you should do andwhat you shouldn't do.

But don't be in always in such a hurry

to get something done.

God knows who you are, where you live,

what your situation is and hewill speak in his good time.

So don't be in a hurry, alright.

- Okay this is Vanessa whosays I've been dating a guy

for five months now andthings have been off and on.

I thought it was normalbecause people do argue

in a relationship but to my surprise

he's in love with a marriedwoman and they are dating.

He just left me like that.

From the beginning I asked him

if he was sure he wanted to be with me

and he always said yes.

Right now I'm losing it.

I don't know where to go or what to do.

- You know that thing aboutleave off the key, Lee,

get out the back, Jack and all that stuff.

I mean, get yourself free,

I mean you got, why would you be tied into

somebody like that?

He's now having an affairwith a married woman

and somehow you wonderwhat to do about it?

Tell him goodbye and letit go, that's what you do.

Alright one last.

- This is Wes who says asI understand it epigenetics

is different than geneediting, is that right?

- Yes, gene editing is actually

get into the genetics substance

and trying to altar the genetic makeup.

Epigenetics is the way you live.

The genes stay the same but the activities

of the life that you live,what you say, what you do,

what you drink, what you smoke,

that will affect your geneticmakeup for your offspring

and your children's children

but that's not gene editing, which means

getting into the genes and changing.

But that's what that Chinese guy did

and he's been rightly condemned.

Well, today's PowerMinute if from Psalm 19.

The heavens declare the glory of God

and the firmament shows his handiwork.

Thank you so much for being with us.

Terry and all of us, this is Pat,

I'll see you tomorrow, bye-bye.

(inspiring music)


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