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News on The 700 Club: December 6, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” December 6.: Read Transcript

- Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.

You know, it's interesting,this stuff about climate change.

Everybody thinks it's a terrible thing.

A big report has comeout by our government

that says climate change by2020 is going to be alarming.

And the French decided

they were going to dosomething about climate change.

They were gonna imposea major tax on gasoline

and that was going to help climate change.

Well, it turned out the peopleof France didn't like it.

They rioted.

They set fire out in Paris.

They started chippingon the Arc de Triomphe.

And so President Macron says

hey, maybe we're not gonnabear that cost after all.

And so he's backed off ofthat tax, and Terry has more.

- Well, that tax did lead toincreased rioting in Paris,

and as Gary Lane reports,

President Trump recognizedthe economic threat

of climate change policies very early on.

Take a look.

- At the Climate Summit in Poland,

the UN Secretary Generalurged world leaders

to take the treat ofclimate change seriously.

He said bold action is neededif nations are to prevent

a catastrophic rise in temperatures

before the end of the century.

But recent events in France

might signal a growing backlash

against climate change policies.

- If we fail, the Arctic and the Antarctic

will continue to melt,

corals will bleach and then die,

the oceans will rise,

more people will die from air pollution,

water scarcity will plague

a significant proportion of humanity,

and the cost of disasters will sky-rocket.

- [Gary] Guterres said nationsare not moving fast enough

to prevent irreversible catastrophe.

But tell that to theseanti-government protestors in Paris.


They crippled the City ofLight, rioting, looting,

and even defacing part ofthe famous Arc de Triomphe.

It was all over a steeptax increase on gasoline.

The French government believesit can combat climate change

by raising fuel taxes, and that may lead

to reduced carbon emissions.

But instead, just thethreat of an increase

led to national fury and mayhem.

French President Macron has backed off

from implementing thefuel tax increase for now.

Their pocketbooks alreadystrained by economic hardship,

the skeptical French aren't buying

the climate change hysteria.

Neither is PresidentTrump, tweeting this week:

I am glad that my friend Emmanuel Macron

and the protestors in Paris

have agreed with the conclusionI reached two years ago.

The Paris Agreement is fatally flawed

because it raises the price of energy

for responsible countries

while whitewashing someof the worst polluters.

Last year, the President announced

he's pulling the US out ofthe Paris Climate Agreement

because it would cripple the US economy.

- Thus, as of today,

the United States willcease all implementation

of the non-binding Paris Accord.

- [Gary] Trump says hewon't allow American workers

and taxpayers to absorbthe costs of those accords

in terms of lost jobs, lowerwages, and closed factories.

Stephen Moore, economist

and Senior Fellow atthe Heritage Foundation,

says that doom and gloom lobby

is pushing the climate change agenda,

in America and around the world.

- I estimate that the climatechange industrial complex,

and that's what we have today

is tens and tens of billions of dollars

to spread this doom and gloom.

We've created whole industriesof climate scientists

to come up with these models

that predict the worldis coming to an end.

- [Gary] Gary Lane, CBN News.

- Thanks, Gary.

Ladies and gentlemen, like it or not...

Obviously, we don'twant to pollute the air.

We want clean water.

We'd be crazy not to want it.

We don't want our rivers polluted.

I was in Poland and I thinkit was the Vistula River.

It was so polluted, youcould hardly stand the smell

and no fish could live in it

So we can't have anything like that.

And I was in Prague, talkedto our ambassador there,

Shirley Temple-Black, bythe way, our ambassador,

and she said you breathe the air,

it's like smoking apack of cigarettes a day

because the air is so polluted in Prague.

We don't want that kind of thing.

But the truth is this climate religion

is an attempt to take over the industry

and to cripple the productiveindustries of the world.

And the great pollutersare India and China

and they're having a pass.

But beyond that, it looks like...

They say that the sunspot activity

out of the sun is diminished,

and that means we're goingto have a lot colder weather,

not because of anything to do

with what we do withour SUVs and our driving

or what we burn in our fossil fuels.

It has to do with the sun.

And according to Joe Bastardi,our expert from Accuweather,

we're gonna have a really cold winter.

So let's see what's going to happen.

A nasty winter storm ismoving across our country

despite the so-called global warming.

Efrem Graham has that.

- Pat, forecasters are predicting

what could be a coast-to-coastwinter weather event,

bringing extremely coldtemperatures, snow, and ice.

Meteorologists arepredicting the storm system,

which will move all the way

from the Southwest to the Mid-Atlantic

could affect millions of people.

There could be flooding,ice, snow, and rain,

bringing power outagesand making life miserable

from one side of the nation to the other,

with at least a dozen states getting snow

and another 20 getting rain.

If that storm hits Washington DC,

it could delay important work in Congress.

Lawmakers have just a few weeks

to pass a major criminaljustice reform bill.

As Abigail Robertson reports,

one veteran senator says theyshould clear the schedule

to make sure the bill gets a vote.

- Lawmakers say the time is now or never

to pass a criminal justice reform bill

that's sitting in theSenate waiting on a vote.

It's major legislation withthe goal of trying to make sure

people don't end up back in prison.

Leader McConnell has said

that he does not knowif you will have time

to bring it to the floorby the end of this year.

What is your response to that?

- My response to it is that hehas a very legitimate reason

that he wants to get judges through.

We can work on judges next year

because Republicans control the Senate.

Whereas, if we don't do this bill

and Democrats can comein and control the House,

we're not going to get thebroad bipartisan support

that we have for this.

- [Abigail] The bill hasalready passed the House

and Grassley believesmore than 75 senators

would vote yes if it makesit to the Senate floor.

He worries, if it's delayeduntil next year, it's over.

Lawmakers have a lot to dobefore the end of the year,

including paying for border security.

Grassley is confident lawmakers can avoid

a partial government shutdown

simply because he saysit costs a lot of money

to open and close the government.

- I don't think, with thefiscal situation in our country,

we should do anything as stupid

as shutting down the government.

- [Abigail] A few senatorslike James Lankford

are working to permanently remove

the threat of these shutdowns.

- When you're constantly fighting

about a government shutdown,

then you're always distractedover what the real issues are.

- [Abigail] Lankford introduced a bill

that would require theprevious year's funding

to kick in until Congress passes a budget

and only punishes lawmakersfor missing their deadline.

- Congress has to be able to stay here

and to be able to get its work done

rather than it's not done,

so we do these governmentshutdown fights or extensions

and the American people gothrough all the turmoil.

Let's put the pressure wherethe pressure needs to be.

- Congress has until December 21st

to fund the rest of the government.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- With or without a storm, theclock is ticking on this one.


- I tell you, a shutdownwould be insanity.

I mean it would be insanity

and it will kick back on the President

if he's the one that's caused it.

Whoever caused it, he'sgonna take responsibility

and so he should doeverything he can to fight it.

But as far as this prison reform,

I don't understand that much about it.

There are people who don'tlike certain parts of it.

But I think this idea ofthree strikes and you're out

and the so-called tough on crime wave

that spread through ourcountry a few years ago,

that's got to be remediated.

If you get caught with afew ounces of marijuana

and three times and you're gonna spend

the rest of your life inprison, that's insanity.

And judges have got to have some freedom.

And it breaks their hearts

that there's these mandatory minimums.

Somebody comes up and they'vedone little or nothing,

it's a very victimless crime,

and those people have gottaspend forever in jail.

That costs and awful lot of money

and, not only money, but human tragedy,

and it needs to be fixed.

And so Senator Grassleyis absolutely right.

The bill has been passedthrough the House.

The Senate has the majority right now.

All they've got to do is havea vote and get it through.

And I don't know, Imean, the agenda is such

that they wouldn't haveto debate that a long time

because Mitch McConnell is such a genius

in legislative matters,he can get it through.

Of course, they've got toget some judges through,

but as he said, we'vestill got the majority

and the Senate will haveactually more Republicans

in the next session than they do now.

There's no reason they can'tget these things through.

Senator Flake has said,unless I get some assurance

about the Mueller investigation,

but that thing is wrapping up

and his objection shouldnot be considered.

Well anyhow, it's going on Christmas time

and Efrem's got this, anothermajor issue before Congress.


- Indeed, Pat, there is anothermajor issue before Congress,

and that's funding for thePresident's border wall.

Right now, active duty troops

are guarding the southwestern border

and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis

is extending theirdeployment into the new year.

It was supposed to end mid-December.

The troops are there to helpdeal with migrant caravans

making their way toward the United States.

The President initiallyordered about 5,800 troops

to the southern border ofTexas, Arizona, and California.

That was back in October.

Our Faith Nation programcorrespondent Chuck Colton

said the military has changed its role

since a large group of migrants

tried to rush the border two weeks ago.

- Now there are severalmilitary police companies

that are actively engaged in training

for riot control techniques.

That is to be able to shoreup the Border Patrol forces

that are along that border

and trying to make sure thatthose large groups of migrants

are not able to just crashthe border and come in.

- Those troops will remain on the border

until at least January 31st.

George H.W. Bush will be laid to rest

at his Presidential Library today.

A final service will be held in Houston

before his coffin is takento the Texas A&M campus

in College Station.

Thursday, presidents, world leaders,

and friends joined the Bush family

to celebrate his life atthe National Cathedral.

As White House correspondentBen Kennedy shows us,

it was a time of laughter,tears, prayer, and praise.

(somber band music)

- [Ben] From the Capitol Hill steps

to the halls of the NationalCathedral and beyond.

- [Minister and Congregation]I believe in God,

the Father Almighty,Creator of heaven and earth.

- [Ben] The country honoredthe nation's 41st President,

George Herbert Walker Bush.

George W. Bush deliveredthe eulogy for his father,

the last person he spoketo before passing away.

- I said, "Dad, I love you

"and you've been a wonderful father."

And the last words he wouldever say on earth were,

"I love you too."

- [Ben] Seated in the frontrow alongside the Bush family

was President Trump andFirst Lady Melania Trump,

along with former Presidents Barack Obama,

Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter.

♪ Friends are friends forever ♪

♪ If the Lord's the Lord of them ♪

Christian recordingartist Michael W. Smith,

a longtime friend of theBush family, sang Friends.

♪ Though it's hard to let you go ♪

♪ In the Father's hands we know ♪

- It means something

because I've been friendswith him for 29 years,

and so the fact that he wantedme to sing at his funeral,

it's just an honor beyondwords, it really is.

- [Ben] Smith recalledseeing President Bush

a mere months before he passed away.

- As we were leaving,we just gave him a hug

and said hey we love you.

Just so good to see you.

And then about the time we were ready,

he'd kind of get hislittle finger in the air

and he had that little sparkle in his eye.

He said, "Friends are friends forever."

That's what he said.

It's the last thing he said to us.

- [Ben] And now you're singing Friends.

- Crazy.

And Deb and I walked out of there

and thinking you know what,

that might be the lasttime that we see him.

- [Ben] Reverend Dr. Russel Levenson

was with the formerPresident in his final days

and shared a moment he witnessed

between Bush and his formerSecretary of State, James Baker,

a man he called his little brother.

- Secretary Baker was at thefoot of the President's bed.

And toward the end, Jim Baker rubbed

and stroked the President'sfeet for perhaps half an hour.

The President smiled at thecomfort of his dear friend.

Here I witnessed a world leader

who was serving a servant whohad been our world's leader.

And what came to mind was Jesus.

- [Ben] The 94-year-old servedhis country as President,

Vice President, World War II veteran,

and even CIA Director.

He guided the US through the Gulf War

and the break-up of the Soviet Union.

- He stood in the breech againsttyranny and discrimination.

And on his watch, a wall fell in Berlin.

A dictator's aggression did not stand.

- [Ben] But one of his proudest moments

was that of a husband and a father.

Married more than sevendecades to Barbara,

their marriage would bring six children,

including George, whofollowed in Dad's footsteps

as the country's 43rd President.

- A great and noble man,

the best father a sonor daughter could have.

And in our grief, I just smile knowing

that Dad is hugging Robinand holding Mom's hand again.

- Now former President Bushis only the 19th person

to be honored with a state funeral.

His casket is in Houston,Texas for a service

and he will be buriednext to his wife, Barbara,

and his daughter, Robin, whodied at just three years old.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

- Great man and a great family as well.


- He was a good friend and Ireceived many letters from him.

He came and visited us.

He was on the show at 700Club on a couple of occasions.

He's a good guy.

We were good friends.

I traveled with him over to the Sudan

when Nimieri was president.

He was Vice President then.

It was nice to see him.

We talked about the Lord onAir Force Two on the way.

He wanted to find out about Jesus.

He was interested in the things of God.

- He was a man of character and dignity.

He'll be missed.

- What a wonderful guy.

Well anyhow, he's laid to rest

with the honors befittinga person of his character.

We're enriched by his life.

His memory, I think, isgoing to serve to unite us.

I hope it does.

But we have something now

that tells about thedivision in our country

and why it's a serious matter.


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