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Alveda King: Home for the Holidays

Dr. Alveda King discusses how families can draw close during the holidays. Read Transcript

- Well, she is an author, an actress,

a songwriter, and asinger with a new CD out

called Tender Moments With God.

Civil rights activist andevangelist Alveda King

is a woman who's known for her many gifts,

including her talent as anamazing cook, take a look.

- [Narrator] Alveda King is the niece

of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

and the daughter of Reverend A.D. King.

Alveda's family carrieson the holiday traditions

of her grandparents, ReverendMartin Luther King, Sr.

and Alberta Williams.

The Williams-King family celebrates

by singing around the piano,

posing for caricaturedrawings of the family,

and of course, eating food,

food, and more food.

Most importantly, it all centers

around the gift of Jesus Christ.

In her cookbook, GG'sHome for the Holidays,

Alveda shares her family'sdelicious holiday recipes

that bring laughter, love, andjoy to their holiday table.

- Well, she's broughtall her food with her.

Welcome back to the 700 ClubAlveda King, also known as GG.

- My GG also, 'cause you're GG, too.

- I'm GG, too.- Isn't that wonderful?

- We're sharing that name, right?

Well, I want you to share a little bit

about your family's holidayand paint the picture for us.

How many of you actually get together?

- Every year there's so many of us

and we begin during Thanksgiving even.

- Wow.- So my own family,

there's six livingchildren, 10 grandchildren,

the cousins and friends, so the house

could have as few as 15 and as many as 35.

- Wow, and all of thesepeople gathering together

in such a wonderful atmosphere,

because cooking in the kitchen

is one of your best Christmas blessings

that you talk about thatexist in your family.

But share some of theother favorites with you,

'cause you kinda allparticipate in all of this.

- Well, we do musically,many of us are musical.

We all pray, and that'sthe most important part.

Then many of us are cooks, from the adults

down to the little children.- Really?

- We're gonna do a favoritein a minute, the Cornish hens,

we'll talk about those, andthen one of our new dishes.

In our family, with the Cornish hens,

everybody has their own recipe.

- Oh, really?- Yeah, we do.

Some people stuff it with the apples,

the oranges, the raisins, or whatever,

and so it's just a tradition

to see who does the best Cornish hen.

- What's your favorite tradition,because you have so many?

- My favorite traditionis to get together,

to do the fellowship, tosing and to pray together,

play games together, andthen everybody brings

a covered dish and we talkabout how they made it.

We do that from Thanksgivingall the way through Christmas.

- Wow, well, you're gonna talkabout your Christmas meal,

the big meal, here today with all of us.

Let's move down here andstart with the Cornish hens,

because they are such a fun way

to celebrate a specialevent, they're beautiful.

- They really are, and I know you do that

in your family, too.- I do, I love it.

- And Cornish hens are oneof the easier dishes to do,

but they're very festive, and we have here

garnished with the kaleand the cranberries.

This one is done with a rice stuffing,

but as I say, you can use the citrus,

you can use the apples,

you can even stuff with the cranberries.

They have to be golden brown,

and let me give you onetip on how I do that.

After we do all the seasonings over it,

spray it with a light olive oil,

and when they roast, youget that beautiful color.

- [Terry] And the fragrancein your home, so wonderful

when they're baking, isn't it?- [Alveda] Absolutely.

- This is a gorgeous salad,and people are so into

doing something healthy and nutritious.

In fact, everything we're showing here

is really pretty healthy.- [Alveda] Absolutely.

- [Terry] So talk about this.

- Well, what we do withthis particular salad,

we have the kale, the carrots,

and then we have the beet spirals

and I see the winter squash,along with the carrots.

What we're doing, I'msensitive to tomatoes,

so how can you make a deliciousdish without tomatoes?

The squashes and theparsnips and all of that

can go along with it.

So we see all this beautiful array here.

I see actually some avocado,but I just tell people

make your favorite salad,make it very pretty

and include it in your dish.

- That's beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

And then you've got some steamed broccoli.

We're honoring George H.W. Bush,

and he hated broccoli, I know,

but your broccoli looks delicious.

- Well, what happenseven with my own children

and grandchildren, broccoliwasn't their favorite

and they always wanted to smother it

with cheese and everything, butI find out when I prepare it

and I do the same thing withjust a little lemon seasoning

and garlic, and then spraythat olive oil over it,

and either saute it veryquickly, and when you do that,

or sometimes I roastit in the oven as well,

and you steam it, roast it, or whatever,

don't boil it becausethat changes the flavor.

- Yes, it takes all thevitamins out of it, too, right?

And what is this?

- A crustada, and this onewe're gonna do today actually

with all these wonderful ingredients here.

But it's a very festive dish.

You can make it savory,you can make it vegetarian,

you can do it with a meat,

and you can even do it with your sweets,

your sweet potatoes or apples,

but it's a very simple recipe.

- Okay, well, let's talk about

how you put that all together here.

- All right, well, we'vegot our ingredients here,

and I'll admit this, Terry,sometimes I'm real busy,

I can cut and cube and get them ready,

or I can go to my favorite store.

- I knew I loved you.


- So they do the work for you,

and the cuts are more consistent,

so it just depends on your level

of what you wanna do.- Yours just look really

familiar to me, thisis how I buy mine, too.

- This is it, that's whatI do, I buy it that way.

So we do olive oil and butter,

and I know this is a littlerich, and that's okay

because you have to have a little

delicious fat in your food.

So you warm up yourbutter and your olive oil,

just a little bit, andonce that begins to melt,

the oven is just kinda popping,

I was trying to figure outhow to get it not to do that.

- [Terry] It's just thenoise this things makes.

- Okay, it just does that.- It likes to talk

while we're working.- Okay, and the pan

is really warm as it should be.

Now you see me doing this,but I'm used to doing it.

Don't just lay your hand on there,

'cause that would be adangerous thing to do.

- Thank you.- Okay.

But I just check to seehow warm the pan is.

- Now this is butternutsquash you're putting in.

- This is your butternut squash.

We're doing a vegan one today,

except we are gonna doa little cheese on top,

but you can do it withor without the cheese.

So we have our butternut squash.

Some people like Brussels sprouts.

You like it?- I love Brussels sprouts.

- Okay, some people do, some don't.

- They're strong, but they're good.

- They really are, andthey're very good for you,

a lot of fiber, a lotof vitamins in those.

I'm gonna take this up a littlebit to see if that'll help.

We're gonna put our onions,

I like the red onions.- I do, too.

- You see, because they're very flavorful,

but you can do theshallots, you can do chives.

- Now that would be good, too.

- Anything from the onion family,

and your own special seasonings

that you like and that you prefer.

What we do, we don'twanna cook these too long

because they have to go in the oven

and they're gonna cook some more,

but we just want them tokinda just saute gently

in the oil and in the butter.- It's started a little bit.

Oh, it smells so wonderful.- It really does.

And you have salt and pepper to taste,

a pinch of salt, we talk about that,

that's just to tastethe ones that you like.

Some people like more,some people like less,

and you have your salt and your pepper.

Once you saute these down,now see my butter's melted,

you just really want toget to release the flavors

of that in your oil and in your butter.

- Now you have a pie crust here.

- The pie crust is here,

so once you get all of thiskinda blended and mixed,

you get it in there, andwe've got our almonds today,

so nuts, these areoptional 'cause some people

can't have nuts, they have nut allergies.

So you have your filling.- You can leave that out,

if you want to, right?- This is your filling,

it's to taste, and in the cookbook

we give all of these variousoptions and what you can do.

Now here's the trick, we'vegot enough to make two today,

but let's just go on with one now.

This is sauteed, you see it'sbeginning to simmer down.

- It looks beautiful, andthe color of everything,

it's gorgeous.- [Alveda] Ain't it pretty?

It's so festive, such a holiday look.

- So you're just gonna spoon that in here.

- You fill that inside,

just enough to fill it.- [Terry] That's beautiful.

- We have enough for two, as I say.

Now, why don't you help me scallop this?

Come on, we're gonna come across

and begin to just, like that.- Okay, gotcha.

- You wanna pinch itbecause you wanna leave

the center slightly exposed.

I'm gonna scallop it here,

and we're gonna leave it exposed.

I'm gonna pull a little bit back here,

and see how pretty that is?

That's the shape of it.- Beautiful.

You can make two orthree of these at once,

you scallop it across, all right, fold it,

and we have to get that in the oven.

- I'm gonna put it in the oven,

and I'm gonna show you what it looks like

when it's done.- I'm gonna turn this one off.

- Ooh, look at this.

- We're gonna get this one out.

- This is perfect.

Now I know your hands are used to heat,

but you're not used to this kinda heat.

- [Alveda] Okay, I'mgonna let you handle that.

- [Terry] Let me carry it.- All right.

- Oh, look at that, that's a work of art.

- Now we baked this onewith the cheese on it,

but you can leave the cheese off

for those who aresensitive to the cheeses.

- [Terry] And that's goat cheese

that you put on there, right?

- That's the goat cheesethere, and we could do that.

Now once it comes out, we're not done.

Can you pass that arugula over here?

- Oh, yes, I can.

- All right, then we'regonna get this on a plate.

- Oh, here, how about this?

Well, this is ...- It's a little plate,

but that's okay, and get it off of there.

Okay, don't break, don't break on me.

Well, it might, so let'sjust do it this way now,

'cause if I were at home, Icould pick it up a little bit.

Here we go.- Ooh, yes.

- We're just gonna do itlike this, this comes out.

- I love this part.

That's awesome.

- [Alveda] We've got onethat is done on a plate.

- [Terry] All done so you cansee, but look how beautiful.

- [Alveda] You see, itbegins to look like that.

- [Terry] Yes, it does.- That's the look of it.

And it comes out like this finally,

and this is with the cheeseor without the cheese,

so it's just real pretty.

- Beautiful, I vote with.

You've got wassail andthis amazing dessert.

These are all in the cookbook.

- They're in thecookbook, and really fast,

that's called a trifle inthe traditional name for it,

but modern ladies nowcall it a punchbowl cake,

so they take their pound cakes.

- That's just 'cause they didn't know

if it was triffle, trifle, or a truffle.

- They just weren't sure or not,

so they call it punchbowlcake but it's really a trifle.

You layer it with yourfavorite cake and your fruits.

- Beautiful.

- And you just come on up with that.

- It's all so pretty, andit's all in Alveda's book.

It's called GG's Home forthe Holidays cookbook.

It's got a new red cover edition

that's being released on December 15,

so you're getting someof the first of it here,

plus she has a new CD availablejust in time for Christmas.

It's called Tender Moments Alone With God.

Both the cookbook and the CD are available

wherever books or music are sold.

- Absolutely.- Merry Christmas, my friend.

- Merry Christmas, everybody.- It's great to have you here.

- Thank you.



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