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How the 'Deep State' Fights Back: Trump 'Deserves Better' Treatment, Authors Say

How the 'Deep State' Fights Back: Trump 'Deserves Better' Treatment, Authors Say Read Transcript

- In their new tell-allbook Trump's Enemies:

'How the Deep State IsUndermining the Presidency',

former campaign managers CoreyLewandowski and David Bossie

reveal a lot, including a list of names

of those they say have triedto undermine the President,

some of them from inside the White House.

- Well, the November 9th Cluber,

it's comprised of people

who didn't support him when he ran,

didn't vote for him on election day,

but found a way to weasel theirway into the administration,

and look, every presidenthas to take people

who weren't with himbefore to grow his team.

The difference is, traditionally,

those people put theirpersonal biases aside,

and they work on behalf of the president

to further his agenda.

- [Jenna Browder] Sean Spicer,Gary Cohn, and H.R. McMaster

are just a few they write about,

but their list extends well beyond

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Democrats, the intelligencecommunity, media,

and establishment are also in included.

There are people out therewho say this whole idea

of the deep state is a conspiracy.

What do you say to those people?

- Yeah, you know what?

That's the narrative that theleft wants you to believe.

The facts are very simple.

There are, and everybody knowsit, you just have to to think

about how we are framing it,

which is, there are peoplein the federal government

who have been in it for 30 or 40 years.

They have what we call the,

"We owe you rent mentality."

The president is only here forfour years, or eight years.

They're here for 30 or 40.

They slow-walk your agenda.

- [Jenna] And when it comesto the Russia investigation.

- [Corey] We detail itvery much in the book,

and people should be very afraid,

because what the presidentoutlines in his interview,

and what we talk about in the book,

individuals at the highestlevel of law enforcement

use their badges, whichthey were entrusted with,

and they went after American citizens

for political purposes, andit should never happen again.

- [Jenna] There's talk that the president

may pardon Paul Manafort.

Do you think he should?

- Look, I think every president has it

under their purview to issue pardons.

Barack Obama issued more pardons than

13 previous presidents combined,and to really bad guys.

You know, people whowere convicted killers,

but, what I think thepresident said recently was

he's not going to take that off the table.

- [Jenna] Then that's part of Trump's

"Art of the Deal" mindset.

They both know well.

And I know we were on Air ForceOne and you were both fair.

This was down to acampaign event in Florida,

but you're right there.

You were in a lot of these conversations.

Just tell us about yourrelationship that you

still have with the president.

- [Corey] Well we havea great relationship,

and part of the reason we wrote this book

is so that we can bringto light the frustration

that the president has faced,

whether its from theintelligence community,

some of the mainstreammedia, some of his own staff,

those people in Congresswho's thwarted his agenda,

cuz we hear it, cuz wetravel with them, we see it,

and he deserves better.

- Another reason they saythey wrote the book is to

tout the president's successes,

and show the ways of Washington and

what he's up against come 2020.

In Washington, Jenna Browder.

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