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Wheaton Student Leaders Say Pro-Life African American Speaker Made Them Feel 'Unsafe'

Wheaton Student Leaders Say Pro-Life African American Speaker Made Them Feel 'Unsafe' Read Transcript

- Students at Wheaton College

say an African-American pro-life activist

made them feel "unsafe" and "unheard"

as he addressed racialjustice and abortion

during a campus forum.

It's a story our Mark Martin

is following for us at this hour.

He joins us now in the CBN Newsroom

with more on what he's found.


- Efrem, Ryan Bomberger was invited

by the student groupWheaton College Republicans

to speak at a campus eventcalled Black Lives Matter

In and Out of the Womb.

During the 15 minute presentation,

Bomberger spoke about the impact

that abortions are having

on the black community.

- Planned Parenthood was birthed

in eugenic racism.

But they never severed that timeline.

They never severed that connection.

How do you sever from your past

if every year you give outthe Margaret Sanger award?

You don't give out awards for people

you don't hold in high regard.

- Afterwards there was

a 30 minute question and answer session

where students had the opportunity

to ask questions.

Bomberger also stayed late

to answer additional questions.

Six days after the forum

Bomberger was criticized in an open letter

by Student Body President Lauren Rowley,

Vice President Tyler Waaler

and Executive Vice Presidentof Community Diversity

Sammie Shields.

The letter was sent out to the university

denouncing Bomberger's visit


"The speaker made several commments

at the event that deeply troubled members

of our community."

"His comments surroundingthe topic of race

made many students, staffand faculty of color

feel unheard, underrepresented, and unsafe

on our campus."

The students said they wrote the letter

to respond to the "offensive rhetoric".

Bomberger responded tothe students writing

that they failed to mentionthe special interest group

that invited him andhis racial background.

He wrote, "I am a person of color,

a clarifying fact whichyou conveniently left

out of your letter of denouncement.

I was primarily presenting a perspective

of those who are never heard,

always underrepresented,

and are actually unsafe - the unborn"

CBN News has reachedout to Wheaton College.

According to their mediarelations department

the three students are choosing

not to comment at this time.

Efrem, back to you.

- Mark, thank you.

Ryan Bomberger joins us now.

So Ryan, what comments doyou think these students

may have take issue with?

- I think the main issue was

they didn't like that I was criticizing

the Black Lives Matter movement.

So how dare I, as someone with brown skin,

if you noticed at all.

How dare I actually takea different position

with that social movement.

And I pointed out very specifically

what I had issues with.

One, that they announce solidarity

with the abortion industry.

That their policy platform

is based on the negation of fathers.

That they promote aradical LGBTQ ideology.

So there are a number of things

that I pointed out.

But that really was the issue, I believe,

that they think was offensive.

- Now have you seen this open letter

to the university by student leaders?

And if so, how do you respond?

- Oh, I did.

Yes, I received it.

And it was actually really disheartening.

Because the wholepresentation was fact-based,

it was grace-based, itwas biblically sound.

And to read an attack like that,

to say that what I saidwas offensive rhetoric.

I mean, to say that we're one human race,

is that offensive rhetoric?

To say that we shouldactually get to know people

beyond the pigmentation,

know who they are, talk tothem, form relationships

with people who look different than you?

I don't know exactlywhat they were suggesting

was offensive rhetoric.

But to then say that students felt,

not just students,

students, staff and faculty felt unsafe?

I mean, come on.

This is the culture in which we are,

we're creating individuals

who just don't want to be offended

or don't want theiropinion to be challenged.

And that's really tragic.

Especially on a Christian college campus.

- Now school leaders saythey've reached out to you

to have a meeting with you?

Has this taken place?

- Let's correct that.

We reached out to them, several times.

There was 15 days that went by

and they didn't respondto any of our emails.

We reached out to them becauseas we put in our emails,

we wanted to reach a godly solution

to this issue.

No, they did not reach out to us.

Then we had a phone callscheduled for Monday night,

and asked that one ofour board members join

in on the call.

And they resisted that.

There were several emails back and forth

and they kept questioningwhy this unexpected change?

And then we asked, "Whatwas your reservation

in having one of our board members join

this off the record, private call?"

And their next email was,

"We decline this unexpected change."

And they never called in.

So we have made attempt after attempt

to speak to them,

to bring about a godly resolution,

to allow truth to prevail,

and unfortunately they are the ones

who have refused the communication,

who have refused a Matthew 18 model

of conflict resolution.

- At this point,

what are you hoping will come out of this?

- Truth.

I also hope that students realize

that they can be courageous

right there on campus.

Even if it seems like theculture is against you.

Love is illuminating the truth.

It's always illuminating the truth.

And so our prayer as an organization,

the Radiance Foundation,

is that students feelequipped and empowered

to engage in these really tough,

culture shifting issues,

and they are not willing to back down

because of a culture ofpolitical correctness

or even a worship, whatI think, is this worship

of the deity of diversity.

If truth has to be sacrificed

for you to spread this false diversity,

then it's false diversity

and it's false unity.

There are a lot of things we want

out of it.

But we want truth to prevail over all.

- Alright, Ryan Bomberger,

thank you so much for your time.


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