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The 700 Club - December 7, 2018

Author Lisa Terkeurst shares the source of unexpected strength in the face of life’s disappointments. Plus, 14 years of pain comes to an end at a prayer meeting for one longsuffering mom. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Narrator] Coming up,

a former gang leader turned MMA fighter.

- We had almost like 300 members,

and the Feds was investigating us.

- [Narrator] Who returned tothe streets as a brand new man.

- [Rene Martinez] If I didn't surrender,

I felt like I was gonna die.

- [Narrator] Then, a mom whoendured 91 hours of labor

and then 14 years of constant pain.

- All my organs arecollapsed and falling out.

That was the feeling I had.

- [Narrator] Watch her getthe healing she waited for.

Plus, Lysa Terkeurst onlife's disappointments.

- We've all experienced our fair share of

things not turning out the waythat we thought they would.

- [Narrator] And the unexpected strength,

today on The 700 Club.

(upbeat music)

- Well, welcome to The 700 Club.

Israel is on alert.

Its military is targeting secrettunnels under its borders,

especially the onescoming in from Lebanon.

Prime Minister BenjaminNetanyahu says Hezbollah

was planning on using these tunnels

to launch raids on the Jewish State.

- Meanwhile, the IDF continues to expose

and destroy these terror tunnels.

CBN's Chris Mitchell has this look

inside the operation to terminatethese underground threats.

- [Chris Mitchell] Theseare Hezbollah operatives

making their way through an attack tunnel

that begins in Lebanon andcontinues inside Israel.

The IDF distributed the footage

showing the men approachinga hidden IDF camera,

an explosion, and the men running away.

- These cross-border terror tunnels

were built by Hezbollahwith direct support

and funding from Iran.

They were built with one purpose in mind,

to attack and murder innocent Israeli

men, women and children.

This is a grave violationof Israel's sovereignty.

- [Chris Mitchell] According to the IDF,

this tunnel begins in theLebanese village of Kafr Kila.

It's about 650 feet long,

including about 120 feet inside Israel,

and is about 80 feet deep.

This IDF graphic shows howthe tunnel crosses the border.

Israel announced it hadbegun what its calling

Operation Northern Shield on Tuesday,

and went into action to expose the tunnels

along its northern border.

This footage shows how closethe Lebanese population

lives to the border, and just how well

they can see what'sgoing on inside Israel.

On the Israeli side, agricultural fields

and orchards flank the border.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said

he had a message forthe people of Lebanon.

- Hezbollah is puttingyour lives in danger.

They are sacrificing your well-being

to serve the aggressive purposes of Iran.

Israel holds the Lebanesegovernment accountable

for all terror activity

emanating from Lebanon against Israel.

- [Chris Mitchell] Since theend of the Second Lebanon War

in 2006, UN Resolution 1701

required UN forces to essentially

maintain a Hezbollah-freezone next to the border.

But Israel's Ambassador tothe UN, Danny Danon said

the UN's forces in Lebanonaren't doing the job.

- UNIFIL's mission isto prevent the buildup

of arms and military infrastructure

in southern Lebanon.

Clearly, it is not doing enough.

- [Chris Mitchell] Danon called on the UN

to condemn Hezbollah's actions.

- Israel has no interest in escalation,

but we will do whatever it takes

to defend our sovereigntyand our citizens.

The Security Council mustcondemn this terrorist threat.

- [Chris Mitchell] So far,Hezbollah hasn't responded

to the Israeli operation.

In the meantime, Israel is continuing

to expose and destroy the tunnels

in an operation expectedto last a few weeks.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Well, Israel faces enemiesnot just on the battlefield,

but also in the United Nations.

Efrem Graham has morefrom the CBN Newsroom.

- Gordon, the UN rejecteda US-sponsored resolution

to condemn the terror group Hamas

for its repeated attacks against Israel.

The measure called on Hamasto end its terror campaigns

against the Jewish State,including last month's

rocket assault onIsrael's southern border.

87 countries voted in favorof the resolution Thursday,

but that was not enough to win the

2/3 majority needed to pass.

US Ambassador Nikki Haleyblasted the United Nations

for its anti-Israel bias.

- The United Nations has never once

passed a resolution condemning Hamas.


Over 700 resolutions condemning Israel,

and not one single resolution

condemning Hamas.

- Hamas thanked the United Nations

for rejecting the resolution.

President Trump is expected to nominate

State Departmentspokeswoman, Heather Nauert,

to replace Nikki Haley asAmbassador to the United Nations.

Nauert joined the StateDepartment in 2017 in April,

after a career as a broadcast journalist

at ABC News and Fox News.

The President is also consideringa permanent replacement

for former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

William Barr served as Attorney General

under President GeorgeH.W. Bush, and he's emerged

as a top contender for that job

in President Trump's cabinet.

The arrest of a Chinese business executive

has questions swirling aroundUS-China trade negotiations,

and it sent the stock marketon a wild ride Thursday.

The Dow nosedived more than 700 points

before rebounding toclose just 70 points down.

This comes following the arrest of the

Chief Financial Officer of the

Chinese telecom giant, Huawei.

Canadian officials made the arrest

at the request of the United States.

There are reports of an investigation into

whether the company violatedsanctions against Iran

and concerns over its suspectedtheft of US technology.

The executive faces extraditionto the United States,

but China is demanding her release.

Just last week, China and the US agreed

to a 90-day cool down period

in their ongoing trade dispute.

Tariffs and trade issues with China are

at the core of inst investors' concerns.

President Trump sees the penalties

as a key negotiating tool, but so far

all China has done is retaliate.

Top economists tell CBN Newsthey have proposed a resolution

and as Ben Kennedy reports,

they hope the President will consider it.

- President Trump said theUS lost billions of dollars

due to unfair trade last year,

but analysts, including one ofhis former economic advisors,

say this idea wouldsolve the trade turmoil

without further tariffs.

- I don't know if he's gonna do it.

I know that article landed on his desk,

and I know he's considering it.

- [Ben Kennedy] EconomistStephen Moore's proposal

aims to create a level playing field.

- You offer these countries we'll go

to zero tariff if you will.

- The zero for zero offerwould drop all tariffs,

barriers, and subsidiesbetween the US and its allies.

What kind of impact will this have

on the average American?- Huge.

- Will goods go down, the prices?

- Of course they will,because a tariff is a tax

and so if we can get thetariffs down to zero,

that means not only will goodsand services cost less here

when we go to Walmartor we go to Best Buy,

or wherever it might be,and that's a good thing

for American consumers, but it also means

think about the jobs this would create.

- [Ben Kennedy] But notevery country is willing

to talk free and fair trade.

- China's market distortions

and the way they deal

cannot be tolerated.

- [Ben Kennedy] Moore'srecommendation comes

during an ongoing back and forth

between the US and China on trade.

Trump first sought tariffs of

250 billion of Chinese imports.

Beijing responded with penalties

on 60 billion of US products.

- You want to talk about countries

that don't play by the rules,China cheats, they steal,

they're building up their military.

They make it almost impossiblefor American businesses

to do business over there in China.

- So China would be nodoubt the biggest challenge?

- There's no doubt about that.

- The Council of Economic Advisers

reports the averageAmerican tariff is 3.5%,

average EU rate is 5%,

while China's rate is double at 10%.

Moore says by offering zero tariffs,

it allows America to take the high ground

and even gain a strongernegotiating position with China

to end some of Beijing'smost abusive trade policies.

- Now, Steve, all thissounds great, zero for zero,

more jobs, the economy would improve.

Why isn't it so easy for countries

just to get on board?- Because these other

countries don't want to do it.

These countries like tolecture us and stuff,

but when it comes right down to it,

a lot of these countrieshave protectionist impulses,

and they don't want to openup their markets to us.

- Moore tells me Great Britain would be

the best country to offerthe zero for zero deal,

but they first need toexit the European Union.

In July, Trump and EUPresident Jean-Claude Juncker

agreed the US and EU wouldwork towards zero tariffs,

zero non-tariff barriers,and even zero subsidies

on non-auto industrial goods.

Now the challenge will beextending that to all products.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

- The nation is bracingfor serious winter weather

hitting much of the countryover the next few days.

It is already adding insultto injury in California.

Areas devastated by wildfires

are seeing mudslides andflooding forcing evacuations.

There is snowfall in higher elevations,

as much as six inchesin the Southern Sierra.

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi tells CBN News

winter is hitting hardand early this year.

- This is going to be anhistoric storm in the Carolinas,

the western part of NorthCarolina into southwest Virginia.

One to two feet of snow in Winston-Salem,

I think you're gonna get that there,

six to twelve inches in Greensboro,

four to eight inches in Raleigh.

- Bastardi says parts of North Carolina

and southwest Virginia could get

as much as two feet of snow.

After a week of tribute,family and friends of

former President GeorgeHerbert Walker Bush

said their final goodbyes Thursday.

Jennifer Wishon has moreon the remarkable journey

to his resting place in Texas.

- [Jennifer Wishon] For his final trip,

(train whistle blowing)

George Herbert Walker Bushchose a mode of transportation

befitting one of the last Presidents

of the greatest generation,

(train whistle blowing)

a train bearing his name.

Thousands of Texans lined the rails

to honor 41 as he traveledto his final destination,

the Bush PresidentialLibrary in College Station.

- It's just an honor to be here.

He served our country for so many years.

- [Jennifer Wishon] Itwas a peaceful journey

that began in Houstonat St. Martin's Church.

♪ Amazing Grace ♪

A final service to say goodbye,

at the same place the Bushfamily gathered in April

to remember their motherand grandmother, Barbara.

♪ In Heaven ♪

Bush's Secretary of State and dear friend,

James Baker, was with him when he died.

- We rejoice, Mr. President,

that you are safely tucked in now

and through the ages withGod's loving arms around you,

because our glory, George,was to have had you

as our President and as such a friend.

- [Jennifer Wishon] Hisgrandson and namesake,

George P. Bush, offering yet another

heartwarming glimpse into the life of 41.

- In a typical day he'dwake up around 5:00 a.m.

to review securitybriefings and grab his first

coffee of the day, andwhen the coast was clear,

all the grandkids would try our best

to snag a spot on the bed and

nestle up between him and Gannywhile they read the paper.

- [Jennifer Wishon] On to College Station.

(military band playing)

One final hail to the Chief

and the largest missingman formation ever,

with 21 fighter jets honoringthe former Navy pilot.

(jets roaring)

Bush now rests alongsidehis wife of 73 years,

his silver fox that he called Bar,

and his daughter, Robin, who the couple

lost to leukemia when she was three.

Now as 41's remarkable lifeof service comes to an end,

for his family ...

- God bless you, Gampy,until we meet again.

- [Jennifer Wishon] AndAmerican's everywhere,

this final farewell is bittersweet.

- It's happy becauseGeorge Herbert Walker Bush

gets to be with his wife.

But it's sad because well,we don't have him anymore.

- [Jennifer Wishon] Amen.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News.

- Well said, little guy.

This weekend the CBNNews Channel rebroadcast

former President Bush's memorial service

at the National Cathedral.

You can see it Saturday and Sunday

at 7 a.m., 3 p.m., and 8 p.m.

For more information on howto find the CBN News Channel

in your area, check out our website.

It is

Gordon, back to you.

- Well, certainly he was a great American,

part of the great generationthat won World War II,

one of the youngestpilots in the Air Force,

just absolutely incredible career,

but a legacy that lasts to this day.

You have to remember the wall came down

during his presidency, itwas amazing what occurred.

Fought the first war in the Gulf

to an astounding victory,and had the wisdom to say

this isn't something weneed to break anymore,

and we don't need to occupy it.

How do we bring peace and then exit Kuwait

and just absolutely brilliant moves.

One part of his legacyI hope we don't lose,

and that was he was ableto bring people together.

In my lifetime, I thinkit's the last presidency

where you actually couldreach across the aisle

and come to an agreement.

When Clinton took over thatreally wasn't possible.

There were some compromiseswith Newt Gingrich,

but not many, and thenyou get into Bush II,

and then into Obama and now into Trump.

It just doesn't seem like wecan ever bridge our divide.

Can we have one nation under God,

indivisible again?

That would be somethingto really watch out for

and really pray for, Ter?

- Poignant moments.

Well coming up, a bare knuckle brawler

once known as one of the most feared men

in the state of Florida,

now he's baptizing former gang members.

- Since that day, I've beengoing to prison, to project,

to the juvenile facilities,- For a different reason.

to the schools for a different reason.

I came back to the streetsI used to terrorize,

but now I'm giving 'em ...

I'm giving 'em life now.

- [Terry] Hear the rest ofhis award-winning story.

That's next.

(uplifting music)

(dramatic music)

- He was once one of the mostnotorious men in Florida.

He founded a street gang, he spread fear

and violence across the streets of Miami.

Well, now he's bringinghope to communities

he once terrorized, and asCharlene Aaron tells us,

it's because of a lifechanging encounter with God.

- [Charlene Aaron] Lifein Leisure City, Florida

was anything but easy foryoung Rene "Level" Martinez.

- I grew up without a dad,my mom was on the streets.

My mom was into Santeria,

which is like a form of witchcraft,

sacrificing animal all over me as a kid,

and I started seeing demons.

They haunted me my whole life.

- [Charlene Aaron] Atage 12, that darkness

led to a life of crime,

with Level breaking intohomes, stealing guns,

and getting involvedin drive-by shootings.

In 1990, he started a gangknown as the Latin Syndicates.

- We had almost like 300 members,

and the Feds was investigating us.

Half of my homies are inprison, half of them are dead.

- [Charlene Aaron] Level recallsstaring death in the face

numerous times.

- I remember the time thegun jammed in my face.

I remember the time thebullet grazed my head,

the other time the bulletwhistled by my ear,

the times I was runningthrough the backyard

and they were shooting at me,

all the times I got shot at,

all the times I was halfdead, but I was still alive.

- [Charlene Aaron] Life changed somewhat

after Level became a dad.

In an attempt to betterprovide for his family,

he pursued bare knuckle fighting

and mixed martial arts.

- I became a professional fighter

as my journey went on in life.

I was always good at fighting.

I started fighting bareknuckle with Kimbo Slice.

I was beating everybody, bare knuckle.

We were betting money in the backyards,

bare knuckle and winning.

My name got so big thatTelemundo came and they did a-

They offered me a pro contract.

I went to Nicaragua, beat three-time

world champion, Ricardo Mayorga.

- [Charlene Aaron] Yetthose successes in the ring

didn't fill the void he felt inside.

- I had the money, I had the fame.

I was doing the gangster music,

but I was empty inside.

- [Charlene Aaron] Bythis time, his mother

had become a Christian, andbegan praying for her son.

In 2016, her prayers were answered

when Level had a supernaturalexperience with God.

- It's like he showed me my whole life

in a matter of like five seconds, phew.

And I just got on my knees,I started crying out to God,

and when he spoke to me I knew

that if I didn't surrender,I felt like I was gonna die.

- I am here in a communitythat was once terrorized

by Rene Level Martinez as the head

of the Latin Syndicates gang.

Today, Level is back here,

but with a very different message.

- So it's been like 21/2 years since that day,

and since that day I've beengoing to prison, to project,

to the juvenile facilities,- For a different reason.

to the schools, for a different reason.

I came back to the streetsI used to terrorize,

but now I'm giving 'em-

I'm giving 'em life now.- Yeah.

It was death before.- I'm giving 'em Jesus,

you feel me, before it was death.

Now I'm giving 'em Jesus.

- [Charlene Aaron] Levelnow ministers to former

gang members, and is oftenseen baptizing people

in some of the city'sroughest neighborhoods.

- Tell 'em it's your turn to be baptized

in the name of Jesus Christfor the remission of sins

that you shall receive thegift of the Holy Ghost,

Acts 2:38, and that's what I preach.

I almost died on manydifferent occasions, but,

for some reason, I'm still here.

- [Charlene Aaron] Meanwhile,a documentary called

The Warrior Level has beenmade about Level's life.

Churches are using itas an evangelistic tool,

and according to the former gang leader,

lives are being transformed.

- A lot of people come toChrist 'cause of my testimony,

and I'm just honored to be used by God.

It's a privilege and a honorto be used by him, you know?

'Cause he coulda chose anybody else.

I coulda been one of thempeople that died early,

but I'm still here, and I'm grateful.

- [Charlene Aaron]Charlene Aaron, CBN News,

Leisure City, Florida.

- Oh, that's a wonderful story,

and it just underlines you can never be

too dead for a resurrection.

Here's Rene growing upliterally having animals

sacrificed over him, and he starts

seeing demons as a child.

Is it any wonder hegoes into the gang life?

Is it any wonder thathe seeks out violence?

But God had a plan forhim, and God chose him,

and when you understand that,

that you can be chosen by him,

then you choose him too.

You say okay, God, ifyou've got a plan for me,

I want to get on board with that.

He can take anyone andturn your life around,

and that means you.


- Well, still ahead, it'sone of the favorite delights

from one of the biggestChristmas markets in the world.

Hear what makes theStollen cake so special

when we return.

(instrumental music)

(light music)

- Well, Stollen is the fruitcake

people actually look forward to getting

every holiday season,and in CBN's new DVD,

Christmas: The StoryBehind the Traditions,

you'll see that it plays a central part

in one of the world's mostfamous holiday festivals,

and that the Stollen cakeshave a Christian story

behind them as well.

("We Wish You a MerryChristmas" instrumental music)

The first official Christmas market

was the Striezelmarkt in Dresden, Germany,

which began in 1434,

and while that firstmarket lasted just one day,

the Dresden Christmas Market now lasts

throughout the entire Advent season,

drawing more than threemillion visitors every year.

(drums beating)

One of the highlightsof the Dresden Market

is the Stollen Festival,

featuring the city's signatureChriststollen pastry,

created to look like the ChristChild in swaddling clothes.

Every year a giant Stollen is baked

and driven through thecity on a horse-drawn cart.

At the end of theparade, the pastry is cut

and sold at the market,

with the proceeds going to charity,

this year, a children's hospital.

- [Man] It's so much fun.

You get to go out, the air is nippy,

but you have your hotchocolate or your Gluhwein,

you've got a cinnamon pig in one hand

and your kids are looking for toys.

Your wife is buying ornaments.

It's a splendid idea.

("We Wish You a MerryChristmas" instrumental music)

- You can learn more in our new CBN

documentary's Christmas DVD.

It's called Christmas: TheStory Behind the Traditions.

It's a perfect stocking stuffer,

and it can be yours if you join us

in a Robertson family tradition,

and that tradition iswhatever we're spending

on the holiday meal, whetherthat was Thanksgiving

or Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,

we were gonna take an equivalent amount

and give it to those in need,

so this DVD can be yours ifyou join us in this tradition.

So for a gift of $25 ormore, we'll send it to you,

plus we'll send you a CDof my father's reading

of the Charles Dickensclassic, A Christmas Carol.

All you have to do is call us,


or you can log on to

- Yeah, that's destined tobecome a classic one soon,

I think.- And the DVD, it becomes

a Christmas tradition.

- Exactly.

Well good news, you don'tneed to go all the way

to Germany to visit aspectacular Christmas market.

There's one right herein our own backyard.

Last night CBN openedour Christmas Village,

replete with holidaytreats, festive traditions,

and a couple tons of twinkling lights.

Take a look.

- Three, two, one.

(cheering and applause)

- It's the most wonderfultime of the year.

- And this year, for the first time ever,

CBN and Regent University campuses

have transformed into a winter wonderland.

This German-style Christmas village

provides festive attractionsfor the whole family.

- I loved it, it was really fun.

- I like the trains.

- We saw the snowflakeslit up on all the buildings

with the lights, and both of them

just started going wow, that's so pretty.

- Christmas shines bright aswith our 40-foot evergreen

decked out with a dazzlingdisplay of lights.

- It's really been a great experience,

like a little bit of asmall-town feeling in a big city.

- [Female Reporter] Guestsshop from local artisans

and check out a uniquedisplay of antique cars.

- [Male Reporter] And whatis a Christmas Village

without a special guest, Santa Claus?

- I like Santa.

- I asked for joy to the world.

- [Woman] Santa!

- Families gathertogether in our movie tent

to watch Superbook's The First Christmas.

The whole village is truly a sight to see,

but for me, the highlight is right here

at the live nativity, and to celebrate

the true meaning of Christmas,

we remember the birth of Jesus.

- I do have to say I got choked up,

and the words and thelights, and the costumes,

it's very moving.

And the little children go up front,

and they're just mesmerized.

It was wonderful.

(light music)

- This campus, it reallyis Christ-centered,

and that's what Christmas is all about.

It's not just Santa and gifts.

It's family comes togetherbecause we're just

honoring and glorifying God.

- Merry Christmas.

- Merry Christmas.

- From all of us at CBN ...

- And Regent University ...

Merry Christmas.- Merry Christmas.

(upbeat Christmas music)

- Well, it was aspectacular opening night.

Here's the best part,CBN's Christmas Village

is free, and it's open to the public,

and it's gonna be held on our campus

this weekend and then again next weekend.

You can plan your visitand get more details

on the times and events,and when it opens,

and we want you to come visit.

Go to to getall of that information.

It was really a spectacularevening, everybody loved it.

- Yeah, I'm looking for even more, though.


- Well, good.

- All sorts of it, Imean, you saw in the DVD,

I'm in Dresden and I'mviolating the 10th commandment.

I'm coveting, I've gottahave a Christmas market.

It was just so spectacular, and I'm going

why don't we do this?

- Yes.- Why not have this?

We have a perfect campus for it.

- Well, I love the statementtoo, that everything

that we stand for and are about here

exemplifies family, andit's a great evening

to just bring your kids out.

It's very manageable as far as the

ability to navigate in the space

and I mean, just get itall, it was wonderful.

- Yeah, and we're gonna havethe Virginia Symphony come

and play.- Oh, wow.

- Handel's Messiah, that's the close

in the Regent Theater.- I'll be there.

Okay.- Gotta have a ticket.

Yeah, that's a ticket,that's one that's not free.

- Okay.- That's not open.

You gotta buy a ticket.- But what a finale.

Wow, that's awesome.

Well, still ahead, she'sa best-selling author

and she's president of theProverbs 31 Ministries.

Still, she's quick tosay that life often goes

in a "very different directionthan hoped or expected."

Lysa Terkeurst joins us and tells us why.

That's next.

(light music)

(dramatic music)

- And welcome back to the The 700 Club.

The YouVersion Bible app has announced

its most popular verse of 2018.

The app says the most shared, bookmarked,

and highlighted verse this year

comes from the Book of Isaiah,

Chapter 41, Verse 10, which reads:

So do not fear, for I am with you;

Do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you;

I will uphold you withmy righteous right hand.

Operation Blessing is in Honduras

providing medical treatment fora remote mountain community.

Thanks to Operation Blessing's efforts,

people are receiving personalhome visits and checkups.

Teams are helping youngchildren with nutritional needs

and monitoring thehealth of pregnant women.

Because of faithfulOperation Blessing partners,

the child mortality rateis falling drastically,

and families are livinghappier and healthier lives.

You can learn moreabout Operation Blessing

by going to its website,

Gordon and Terry are backwith more of today's 700 Club.

It's coming up right after this.

(dramatic music)

(light music)

- Well, it may be an understatement to say

that Lysa Terkeurst hasendured challenges recently.

In the last few years shewent through colon surgery,

breast cancer, and herhusband's marital infidelity,

and through it all, shelearned that being victorious

means more than justfocusing on an outcome.

Watch this.

- [Reporter] New YorkTimes best-selling author

and president of Proverbs 31Ministries, Lisa Terkeurst,

has recently faced some of the most

difficult years of her life.

- We've all experienced our fair share

of things not turning out the way

that we thought they would,so what do we do about it?

- [Reporter] In her book, It'sNot Supposed To Be This Way,

Lysa shares how God was with her

during her darkestmoments, how she survived,

and how you can too.

- Well, Lysa is here with us now,

and we welcome you back to the program.

- Thank you.- You start your new book,

It's Not Supposed To Be This Way,

with a very emotional5:00 a.m. phone call.

- Yes.- What was happening?

- I reached out to a friend of mine

because I discovered myhusband was being unfaithful.

I was shocked, stunned, and

I didn't want to make the phone call

because I knew the minuteit came out of my mouth

that it would become reality.

But I also knew that

if I isolated in this,

I would sink.- Yeah.

- And so, sometimes when something so hard

is happening and your faith gets shaky,

you've got to force yourselfto call someone else,

who you know you couldgo stand on their faith

when you're feeling rocked in your own.

- There is something that happens

when you hear the wordscome out of your mouth.

- Yes.- And you actually speak them.

What did you do, then?

- Well, I didn't know what to do,

and so for me,

I called a friend

who I know would pray more words over me

than would speak to me, or speak about me.

And she was safe, andso that's the only thing

I could figure out to do in those moments.

You know, because whensomething completely unexpected

and disillusioning is happening,

you feel quite broken, but for me,

this didn't just make me feel broken.

It made me feel shattered,and I wrote in the book,

shattered to the point of dust.

You know, at least brokenpieces, you can glue 'em

back together, but you can't glue dust.

But the beautiful thingis my friend took me

to the word of God, and oneplace that I was reading

in Genesis, Chapter Two, it shocked me.

I realized of all theingredients in the world

that God could have chosen tomake his favorite creation,

mankind, he chose dust.- Yeah.

- And when he took that dust and

breathed into it, life began.

From nothing, he createdsomething beautiful and amazing,

so dust became somethingthat didn't signify an end.

It's often what must bepresent for the new to begin.

- Boy, that's powerful right there,

but one of the things that made you

feel shattered, I'm sure, wasyour ministry was Proverbs 31.

I mean, having your house together

and being able to identifyit as you wanted to,

and here the whole thingblows up in your face.

You just talked about being safe.

I mean, sometimes whenit comes to divorce,

the church is not a safe place to be.

- That's right.- How did you decide,

and when did you decideto go public with it?

Because that's like another level.

- Yeah, it was hard.

I didn't want to invite public opinion

into our very private pain.

So I kept it secret for 18 months,

but then I knew a time was coming

where either it was gonna leakout through the rumor mill

or I was gonna get ahead of it.

The good thing is over the years,

in leading Proverbs 31 Ministries,

not just with my staff,but even in the way

that I've written my booksand done my bible teaching,

I provided a space for grace always.

And I was so thankful that the atmosphere

of Proverbs 31 Ministries hasalways been filled with grace,

because then I was the one who wound up

needing it the most.- Yeah.

- So after 18 months, Idid go public with it,

and if you were to talk to Art,

my husband, today,

he would say that was boththe worst day of his life

and the best day of his life.

The worst day because everyone knew,

but the best day because everyone knew.

- Yeah.- And suddenly it forced him

to go get help, and to get serious

about facing his issues.

- You know, that's true of allissues in our lives isn't it?

When we keep them in darkness,

there's a shame factor that keeps us

from healing in wholeness.

- That's right.- So, at that point,

you announced that youwere getting divorced.

Now, my understanding is that you're

working on your marriage.

What happened between then and now

that brought you to this place?

- It's a great question, it'sso complicated and delicate,

but in a nutshell,

you know, there's twothings that I would want

everyone to remember, whichare true about my story.

One is the word redemption

and one is the word reconciliation.

Those two words don'tnecessarily come together

and hold hands.- Mm-hmm.

- In my situation, though,reconciliation was possible

because Art was able togo get the help he needed,

and trust is built timeplus believable behavior.

So enough believablebehavior started to occur

to where I was willingto spend time with him

and spending time with him again

allowed just the beginningsof trust to be rebuilt.

But whether you're in a situation where

reconciliation is possible or not,

redemption is always possible,

because redemption doesn't depend on

the other person's choices.

Redemption is a choice youcan choose today with God.

And so redemption was alwaysfront and center in my life.

Reconciliation, I wasn'tsure if it would ever happen,

but I'm praising theLord that it is possible.

- You know, one of thethings that strikes me

about going through this kindof a shattering situation

is that the enemy also gets us

when we become so obsessedwith reprocessing in our minds

over and over and over again.

I don't know why we do that.

I think we all do, whetherwe're angry or bitter,

or resentful, or hurt.

How did you come to theplace where you could

put the right process atthe forefront of your mind

because you were willing totake every thought captive

and really hang onto what God says?

- Well, it was so hard.

I'm an over-processor, so if you talk to

any one of my children, they would say

Mom overthinks her overthinking, right?

And so, I am an extreme over-processor,

but one situation happenedthat helped me a lot,

and it was when I had my colon issue.

My colon twisted in the middleof all of this heartbreak,

and they admitted me to the hospital

because I was in so much pain,

but the doctors kept sayingnothing's wrong with you.

And I laid in that hospital bed in pain

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday morning.

Finally a doctor camein my room, a surgeon.

He said we finally figuredout what's happening.

We ran one last test,and we have to rush you

into emergency surgeryor you will not make it.

And he said Lysa I know you've prayed

and asked God to take away your pain,

but had God answered that prayer,

we would have sent you home,your colon would have ruptured,

and you would have died, and so I remember

right before I came under theinfluence of the anesthesia

and fell asleep and went into surgery,

this thought dawned on me.

God loves me too much to answer my prayer

at any other time than the right time,

and in any other way than the right way.

And so when my brainstarts to over-process,

I remember that moment, and I remember

God loves me too much

for me to think through all the solutions

and carry the weight of being my own God.

God has a plan, so I have to

surrender those thoughts to him.

- His yoke is easy and hisburden is light, right?

There's so much that we havejust touched on a little bit,

but I want to say I know many of you

are going throughdifficulties, challenges.

There might be thingsin your life right now

that you're just thinkingGod where are you,

or why is this happening to me?

I'm your child.

But a lot of the answersthat you're looking for,

you're gonna find in this book.

For more of Lysa's storyand her insights, get it.

It's called It's NotSupposed To Be This Way:

Finding Unexpected Strength When

Disappointments Leave You Shattered.

This is available in stores nationwide.

Thank you for being so candid.

- Oh, thank you, Terry.

- It's bringing hope and healing to many,

I know.- Thank you.

- Well, still ahead, a woman who suffered

through 13 surgeries overthe course of 14 years,

and during one of them she flatlined.

- I knew that I was dying.

I know, it's weird to say that,

but I knew that I was.

And I left my body, and Ihave never felt so loved

and so covered and so protected.

- [Terry] Find out whatshe saw on the other side,

and what led to her complete healing.

That's next.

(solemn music)

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You can change the lifeof someone in need.

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- Well, after Joanne Moodygave birth to her only child,

she went from being athleticto being an invalid.

She had nerve damage in multiple places,

and even the simplest activities

left her in excruciating pain.

After more than a dozen failed,

Joanne resigned herself to anew normal of living in pain

until the day a stranger told her

to stop believing in lies.

Here's her story.

- I kept describing thispain as all my organs

are collapsed and falling out.

That was the feeling I had.

- [Reporter] Months afterJoanne Moody's first pregnancy

ended with an emergency C-Section,

she was still in constant pain.

- Before my pregnancy, my life was full.

Now I can't stand up or sit,and all I want to do is cry,

and so that began this journey

of this mystery ofintensifying pelvic pain

that just continued.

- [Reporter] Every daytasks became torturous,

draining any joy out ofbeing a wife and mother.

As the months turned into years,

doctors couldn't find a cause.

- I kept asking God in the early years,

because I kept believing, oh,

well God can do this.

This is a no-brainer for God.

God can take my pain away.

- [Reporter] After fiveyears and seven surgeries

there was no improvement.

Unable to functionnormally, even on countless

pain medications, Joannefelt like a failure.

The only thing helping her hang on

was the word of God.

- I laid on the floor and cried,

and then I would read the word

and I would have a promiseand I would repeat that,

and I would feel positiveenough, you know,

I'd have some grace, but then I would also

collapse and I would want to kill myself.

- [Reporter] In 2004,a specialist discovered

nerves in her pelvis had been crushed

during her 91 hours of labor.

He prescribed excruciatingnerve block injections

that only offered temporary relief.

- And I thought

I must have done something so wrong

to deserve this kind of life.

I began to believe that I

was a disappointment to God,

because I couldn't understand how a

kind and good father would allow that.

- [Reporter] Eventually, shesaw a specialist in France

for a new type of surgery,but after the first operation,

Joanne flatlined.

- I knew that I was dying.

I know it's weird to saythat, but I knew that I was.

And I left my body and I went up and

for the first time

since 1999, January,

I didn't have any pain.

- [Reporter] Joanne says God came to her,

and she was ready to go with him.

- And I have never felt so loved,

and so covered and so protected,

and he said I have seenyour suffering, child,

and I know full well your pain.

And then he showed me my son,

and I saw my husband rightbehind my son, and I just knew.

It was like

I knew that if I left with God

my son would never know God.

- [Reporter] Joanne returned to her body.

She would endure two more surgeries,

but her condition only got worse.

In 2011, she started workingwith physical therapist,

Dr. Tiffany Lefler, who wasalso a Christian and a friend.

- In my initial evaluation,I had a significant finding

of limited ability to sit, stand, walk,

or do anything in upright positions

as well as limited range of motion

in her entire lower extremities.

- I had come to a place of resignation.

This is my lot in life, thiswas God's will for my life.

- [Reporter] In 2013,Joanne reluctantly attended

a healing conference in Orlando.

On the last night, a man approached her

and told her she was believinglies about herself and God.

- And he sits on the end of the row,

took my face in hishands, and led me through

the renouncing of all these agreements

that I was a disappointment to God,

that I was untrustworthy,

that I was rejected and abandoned,

and had me ask for myown forgiveness from God,

that I was mad at him andall this stuff of unwinding,

and I just felt things coming off of me.

And then eventually heprayed for the physical part

of my body that had been like a volcano

for 14 1/2 years,

and in an instant, all the pain left.


- I've been through Hell for 14 years,

and I have had 13 surgeries,

and they just told me two weeks ago

I was gonna have another one in six weeks.

And God has healed me right there.

In four years, okay watch.

- [Reporter] That night, Joannethrew away all of her meds

and has never sufferedwith nerve pain since.

- I was healed, set free, delivered,

and all these people hadprayed for me all week.

But this man that came for me,

he knew who he was in Jesus,he knew Christ's authority.

He knew the power of Jesus Christ.

- I was just amazed byGod's goodness to her,

and also the miraculous,that there's no explanation.

In all of my time as a physical therapist,

in all of my time treating patients,

I've never seen a recoveryas incredible as Joanne's.

- [Reporter] Today, Joannelives an active life.

She travels the world prayingfor people to be healed,

and understand just howmuch God loves them.

- You pick up liesthroughout your entire life,

all your circumstancesand all of your things,

and if they aren't dealt withthey become belief systems.

I would hope and I praythat anybody who is

suffering that watches this,

would seek out somebody whodoes believe in healing prayer,

and that they would dareto hope one more time

that this could be their moment,

because I've seen it tensof thousands of times.

God does heal,

and sometimes it takeslonger than you want,

but he does.

- He does heal, and he will heal you.

And he does this sometimes instantly,

sometimes the first time you ever ask,

and sometimes it takes awhile,

and sometimes recovery takes awhile.

I don't even pretend tounderstand all of that.

It happened in the time when Jesus

was ministering on the Earth.

The bible is very specific of recording

he couldn't do any major miracles, why?

Because of their unbelief,

but he was able, evenbecause of their unbelief,

he was able to lay hands on people

and have them receive healing.

Our thoughts can literallydetermine the outcome.

I'm not talking about mind over matter.

What I'm talking about is mind

over your relationship with God.

And for Joanne, it wasan anger that she had.

You know, how could Godallow this to happen?

Why did this happen?

We get all wrapped up in that.

The disciples got all wrapped up in that.

They had a theological question for Jesus,

and Jesus got a lot oftheological questions

from the scribes, from the Pharisees,

but here's one he got directlyfrom his own disciples,

the ones who had been withhim, and lived with him,

and seen all the miracles.

They brought to him a man born blind,

and they had the theological question,

because as they understood it,

blindness was a result of sin,

and so they said to Jesus,

he was born blind, so who sinned?

Did he sin, or did his parents sin?

They were looking for blame.

They were looking for a reason.

Why did this happen?

Well, I love the answer that Jesus gave.

He said neither, this happened

that the glory of theLord would be revealed.

So whatever has happenedto you, have that thought.

Have the same mind of Christ,

that this happened so that God's glory

could be revealed, and revealed in you,

and when you have that mind,

you have all the faith you need,

because you're expectingand you're awaiting

for God's glory to come on you.

Now, Terry and I aregoing to pray for you.

Before we pray, we wantedto read some other reports

of people who have beenmiraculously healed,

because God is the sameyesterday, today, and forever.

What he's done for others,he will do for you.

He is no respecter of persons.

He doesn't have favorites.

Another way to look at itis you're his favorite.

Now, have that thought, his glory

is going to be revealed on you.

Well, here is Cindy fromCentral Lake, Michigan.

She had a serious skin condition,

and then she was watching The 700 Club.

Terry said, you have an infection,

and it is both painful and itchy.

It spreads across the top of your skin

and nothing is helping.

Well, Cindy received it, theredness and swelling cleared,

and she is praising God.

- Hallelujah, happy for you, Cindy.

This is Amelia, she lives in,

I think you say it Hutto or Huto Texas.

She was having severe pain in

her shoulder muscles for a month.

She was watching this program one morning,

and Gordon, you prayed,your right shoulder is

being healed right now.

All that pain deep in the joint,

he's able to reattachrotators and ligaments.

Immediately she was healed and she began

moving her shoulderswith absolutely no pain.

- Yeah.- Praise the Lord.

- Let's just believe God.- Mm-hmm.

- Let's believe him for the impossible.

What doctors say is impossibleis always possible with him.

He made every cell in your body.

He can remake every cell in your body.

Let's just believe now and come to him.

Lord, we lift the needsof the audience to you.

We just declare overthem your miracle power,

that you are able,

when the doctors say nothing can be done,

you remain able.

When we are faithless,you remain faithful.

So we come to you,

and we leave aside all our questions,

all our wondering of why.

We leave aside and we ask for forgiveness

for any time that we blamed you.

For you are the answer,you are the solution,

and we declare that whatever has happened

has happened so that the glory of God

would be revealed.

So we receive your glory now.

We receive your healing touch now.

We thank you for whatyou have already done

and are doing now in our bodies.

We receive you, and we receive the answer

to every human need.

Now stretch forth yourhand and do miracles

now in Jesus' name.

Someone with the right arm,you've had some wasting problem

with it, and as God is just healing

and restoring nerve and muscle right now.

Terry, you've got something.

- Donna, reach out andtake the hand of Jesus.

He's just healed you, andGrace, the same for you.

- Amen, and amen.

If you've been healed,call us and let us know,


We leave you with words from Romans.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction,

faithful in prayer.

(light music)


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