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Jerusalem Dateline: 12/7/18 Israel Exposes Cross-Border Hezbollah Attack Tunnels

Israel exposes Hezbollah cross-border tunnels meant to conquer parts of the Galilee; and Israel's police chief recommends indicting Israeli PM Netanyahu; plus, Hanukkah at the Western Wall one year after President Trump’s Jerusalem declaration. Read Transcript

(horn music)

- This week on Jerusalem Dateline,

Israel exposes Hezbollahcross border tunnels

intended to take over parts of the Galilee

and Israel's police chief recommends

indicting Israeli primeminister Netanyahu.

Will it bring down his government?

Plus, a Hanukkah celebrationat the Western Wall

and one year since President Trump

declared Jerusalem, Israel's capital.

All this and more thisweek on Jerusalem Dateline.

(dramatic music)

Hello and welcome to thisedition of Jerusalem Dateline,

I'm Julie Stahl fillingin for Chris Mitchell.

The Israel Defense Forceslaunched a military operation

along Israel's northernborder with Lebanon

to expose and destroy Hezbollahcross border attack tunnels.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says

the Iranian backed Hezbollahwas planning to use the tunnels

to carry out a deadly infiltration

and capture parts of the Galilee.

Take a look.

These are Hezbollahoperatives making their way

through an attack tunnelthat ends inside Israel.

The IDF distributed the footage

showing the man approachinga hidden IDF camera,

an explosion, and the men running away.

- These cross border terrortunnels were built by Hezbollah

with a direct supportand funding from Iran.

They were built with one purpose in mind,

to attack and murder innocent Israeli men,

women and children.

This is a grave violationof Israel's sovereignty.

- [Julie] IDF spokesman,Lieutenant Colonel,

Jonathan Conricus said the IDF

had been monitoring Hezbollahactivity along the border

for the last four years before it launched

what it's callingOperation Northern Shield.

- That operation is aimed to expose

and to destroy cross border attack tunnels

that the terrorist organization Hezbollah

has been digging fromwithin civilian houses

in Lebanon into Israel.

- [Julie] According to the IDF,

this tunnel begins in theLebanese village Fazilka.

It's about 650 feet long,

including about 120 feet inside Israel

and is about 80 feet deep.

This IDF graphic shows howthe tunnel crosses the border.

This footage shows how closethe Lebanese population

lives to the border andjust how well they can see

what's going on inside Israel.

On the Israeli side,agricultural fields and orchards

flank the border.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

said he had a message forthe people of Lebanon.

- Hezbollah is puttingyour lives in danger.

They're sacrificing your well being

to serve the aggressive purposes of Iran.

Israel holds the Lebanesegovernment accountable

for all terror activity emanating

from Lebanon against Israel.

- [Julie] Since the endof the Second Lebanon War

in 2006, UN resolution1701 required UN forces

to essentially maintaina Hezbollah free zone

next to the border but Israel's Ambassador

to the UN, Danny Denownsaid the UN's forces

in Lebanon aren't doing the job.

- This is a clear violation,

and willful disregard of UN

Security Council resolution 1701.

UN's mission is to prevent the build up

of arms and militaryinfrastructure in Southern Lebanon.

Clearly, it is not doing enough.

- [Julie] Danon calledon the UN to condemn

Hezbollah's actions.

- Israel has no interest in escalation.

But we will do whatever ittakes to defend our sovereignty,

and our citizens.

The Security Council mustcondemn this terrorist threat.

- [Julie] So farHezbollah hasn't responded

to the Israeli operation,

in the mean time, Israelis continuing to expose

and destroy the tunnels in an operation

expected to last a few weeks.

Julie Stahl, CBN News, Jerusalem.

The United Nations rejecteda US sponsored resolution

to condemn Hamas for it'srepeated attacks against Israel.

The measure called on the group

to end it's terror campaignagainst the Jewish state,

including last month's rocket assault

on Israel's Southern border.

87 countries voted infavor of the resolution,

57 opposed, and 33 abstained.

It was not enough, however,

to win the 2/3 majority needed to pass.

US ambassador Nikki Haleyblasted the United Nations

for it's anti-Israel bias.

- The United Nations has never once

passed a resolutioncondemning Hamas, never.

Over 700 resolutions condemning Israel,

and not one singleresolution condemning Hamas.

- [Julie] Hamas thanked the United Nations

for rejecting the resolution,

if passed, it wouldhave been the first time

in history the UNcondemned the terror group.

Political opponents of PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu

are calling for him toresign after Israeli police

recommended his indictment on charges

of bribery and breach of trust.

Netanyahu denies the allegations,

and as Chris Mitchel reports,

some believe the entire investigation

adds up to a political coo by legal means.

- [Chris] The leader ofIsrael's Far Led Merit's party

demanded Israeli PrimeMinister Netanyahu step down.

- A Prime Minister who is accused

of the most serious offensefor a public servent

in the Israeli rule book cannot

keep serving for even one more day.

He must resign today,Israel must go to elections.

- [Chris] Former foreignMinister Tzipi Livni

added to the chorus saying Netanyahu

reacted like a mob boss.

Others see an entrenchedbureaucracy at work.

- We have some seriousproblems with what we call

our deep state, in Israel,

where you have unaccountable clerks,

and public servants who stay on forever,

and they have a veryclear political agenda,

which is not the agendaof the elected government,

or of the people who elected them.

- [Chris] Since the late 1990's,

when Netanyahu firstserved as Prime Minister,

he and his wife Sarah have faced22 separate investigations.

- The left, on the other hand,

has completely discrediteditself from so many

different perspectives,

that it really has no chanceof winning an election

in the foreseeable future,

they can't deal with thecompetence that he is bringing

to bear in the PrimeMinister's office that's making

people like him, vote for him,

even if they don't like him,

and this is despite the fact that he media

treatment of Netanyahuhas been overwhelmingly,

and consistently negativefor the past generation.

- [Chris] Middle Eastexpert Caroline Glick

believes that police, the judiciary,

and the media are determinedto undermine Netanyahu.

Glick sees a mirror imagebetween what's happening here

with Netanyahu, and in theUS with President Trump.

- They can't find an underlying crime,

and so they're tryingto go on process crimes,

in Israel's case, in Netanyahu's case,

they're saying that Netanyahuwas bad because he made

a deal which was legal,

that the regulators approved,and they're trying to do this

in order to unseat thesitting Prime Minister.

- [Chris] Despite the legal clout,

Glick sees hope forIsrael's Prime Minister.

- I don't think that this isgonna work in Israel's case,

because again, the publicsupports Netanyahu,

not because we love him,

but because he's anexcellent Prime Minister.

We all should be disturbed,both by what's happening

in the United States, andwhat's happening in Israel,

obviously, and what's happening throughout

the Western world that we're seeing more,

and more of this trend, andit really has to be addressed,

and overturned.

- [Chris] Israel's AttorneyGeneral will make the final

determination of anyindictment of Netanyahu.

His office has indicatedthere's not a specific deadline,

and it's possible the decision

may not come until the Spring.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- The US and the world said goodbye

to America's 41'spresident, George H.W. Bush.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

sent Israel's condolencesto the Bush family,

he praised President Bush saying,

he had steered the worldto a peaceful transition,

at the end of the Cold War.

- We in Israel will always remember

his commitment to Israel's security,

his decisive victory over Saddam Hussein,

his important contributionto the liberation

of Soviet Jewry, hissupport for the rescue

of Ethiopian Jewry,

as well as his efforts to advance peace

in the Middle East in theMadrid Peace Conference.

- The former President is being remembered

as a man of quiet, but strong Faith.

In 1992, Bush told CBNfounder, Pat Robertson,

that prayer, and trust in God is vital

to carrying the burdens of the Presidency.

- Abraham Lincoln said hecouldn't handle the job,

except on his knees, haveyou found recourse to God

in prayer, often in your Presidency?

- You have to, the more I'm there,

the more I understood what Lincoln meant.

The more I understood the need

to have some, left somestrength greater than yourself.

I especially found that at the time

I had to make this, now it looks easy,

but a crucial decision about committing

someone else's sons, anddaughters, into combat,

and the decision rests onlywith the president for that.

Only the president.

And there was certainly time

and need for prayer in that one.

(upbeat music)

- [Julie] Coming up, a new book explores

the complex relationshipbetween President Trump

and American Jewry.

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- President Trump isarguably one of the most,

if not the most pro-IsraelUS president ever.

Yet many American Jews oppose him.

I spoke with author, andformer mayor of Shiloh,

David Rubin, earlier in our studio,

and asked him why that is,and about his new book,

Trump and the Jews.

(zooming sound)

David Rubin, welcometo Jerusalem Dateline.

- Thank you, good to be with you Julie.

You've written a newbook, Trump and the Jews,

and you've been very outspokenabout President Trump

being very pro-Israel,

what are you looking at when you say that?

What policies are you referring to?

- First of all, as faras his accomplishments,

now he's taking a pragmatic approach

to the Israel/Palestinian issue.

He has been right behind Israel,

as far as the Iran issue,

he did away with the Iran deal,

which was suicidal for Israel,

and very destructivefor the United States.

The moving of the Embassy to Jerusalem.

Okay, it was the first Presidentthat's said he was gonna

do it, and he followed through on it.

More recently, he's announcedthe closing of the PLO Office

in Washington, Trump is the best president

in American History for Israel.

Now we've had some good ones,

before the state ofIsrael was re-established,

George Washington, JohnAdams, Abraham Lincoln,

Harry Truman, these werepeople who were believing

Christians who recognizedthat Israel is important,

that Israel is God's country,

and that you have to stand with Israel.

And that it's good forAmerica to stand with Israel,

Trump has surpassed them all.

- Why did you write this book?

- Well, there were two reasons.

One is that people have been asking me,

and I'm an American Israeli,

so I know both sides, why do American Jews

always vote for the democrats?

How Israelis can be gung ho for Trump,

and how American Jews, with the exception

of the Orthodox Jews in America,

who are big Trump supporters,

do not stand behind this president

when he has done so manygood things for Israel.

Well, you have to look at the history

of American Jewry.

Okay, the American Jewish community

came to America, mostly in the early part

of the 20th century, they were very poor,

it took a long time untilthey started to develop,

to prosper, and working long hours,

they have abandoned theobservance of the Jewish Sabbath,

so that they could work,

many of them became involved with Unions,

and so they naturally leantowards the democratic party.

In addition, we had thesecularization of the Jewish


Today, the Jewish community in America

is the most secular of allthe religious communities

in the country, and because of that,

they've lost their Biblical roots.

They're not Biblically connected anymore.

Their religion is liberalism.


what has happened to the democrats,

in recent years, is that they've adopted

the far left extremism,which is anti-Israel,

so if Israel isn't top onyour list of priorities,

then you're gonna go against Israel.

- Israeli Jews, accordingto the polls really like

President Trump, and the American Jews,

as we've said, are notso favorable towards him,

so why the difference?

- I could sum that up in two words.

Jewish identification.

In Israel, we have wall to wall,

across the political spectrums,

support for President Trump.

Israeli's love President Trump,

they think he's doing a great job.

And this is where itgets really interesting,

because it includes secular Israelis.

Those who lean a little bit to the left

of the political spectrum,

they love President Trump also,

they think he's doing a great job.

Why is that, becausethey're Jewishly identified,

okay, like I put my emphasis on,

yes, the Orthodox Jews in America,

but that's because those are mainly

the ones who are Jewishly identified.

So President Trump is onthe right side of history.

And the right side of history

is standing with the Jewish people.

- We've talked about all the things

that President Trump has done

that have been good for Israel,

they've actually been also,

not just good for Israel,

or the Jewish people, they'reactually good for America.

- It makes sense by American standards,

and this was one of my main points

in writing Trump and the Jews

that I want people to understand,

by the facts on the ground,by his accomplishments,

that what he is doing is strengthening

the bond between Israel and America,

in order to help theUnited States of America.

But we know President Trumpis an America first President.

He's looking first atwhat is good for America,

that's the point, thereis no contradiction

between the two.

So, if that America/Israel connection

ceases to exist, and thatbond ceases to exist,

then it's gonna be bad for America, also.

- Okay, David, thank youfor joining us today.

- Okay, thank you, Julie.

(upbeat music)

- [Julie] Up next, Hanukkah,the Western Wall tunnels,

and Trump's Jerusalem declaration.

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- Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu,

and US Ambassador David Friedman

celebrated Hanukkah, andthe first anniversary

of President Trump'sJerusalem declaration.

Here's what it looked likein the Western Wall tunnels.

(Jewish music)

This year's celebrationenjoyed a special symbolism.

- The President Trump did agreat thing, a historic thing.

Because he recognizedhistory, he recognized truth,

the fact that Jerusalemhas been our capitol,

the capitol of Jewishpeople for 3,000 years.

- One year ago today, President Trump,

on behalf of the United States,

recognized Jerusalem as thecapitol of the state of Israel.

- [Julie] And five months later,

the Capitol city becamehome to the US Embassy.

- Of the American Embassies,

said President Trump is here in Jerusalem,

and I say the place of all the Embassies

is here in Jerusalem, this is our capitol,

always was, and always will be.

- [Julie] Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu,

and US Ambassador David Friedman,

lit the Hanukiah togetheron the fifth night

of the eight day holiday.

At an underground sectionof the Western Wall

near the Temple Mount,they compared Trump's moves

to the ancient victory of the Maccabees.

- There is no better place,and there is no better time

to observe the anniversaryof President Trump's

historic decision thanhere at the Western wall,

here at the hotel, just a few meters

behind where we now stand,some 2,200 years ago.

Jewish patriots reclaimed the Holy Temple

from the Syrian Greeks.

- [Julie] Accompanied by thechief Rabbi of the Western Wall

and IDF soldiers, who are alone in Israel,

Netanyahu said it's notjust about the past,

but the future.

- It's important not onlyfor historical truth,

and for present day truth,it's important for peace.

Because a peace that isbuilt on the slippery slopes

of lies and slander will eventually crash

on the rocks of Middle East realities.

- [Julie] Netanyahu praised the relations

between the two allies.

- It's an alliance that'sbased on universal values

that we share, liberty,the love of freedom,

justice, and truth.

And for all of these things,

we say (speaks in Hebrew) happy Hanukkah.

- On behalf of theUnited States of America,

Tammy and I wish the people of Israel,

Jewish people throughout the world,

we wish you all a happy,joyous festival of Hanukkah,

(speaks in Hebrew)

- [Julie] Julie Stahl, CBNNews, the Western Wall,


As we just saw, for 8days, Jewish people around

the world celebrateHanukkah, a holiday marking

a great victory 2,000 years ago.

CBN News visited theold city of Jerusalem,

to take a look at the Festive Lights,

and see how one familycelebrates the holiday.

(people singing in Hebrew)

- [Chris] Thousands ofIsraelis come to Jerusalem's

old city of Hanukkah tocelebrate and see the lights.

All over the world, Jewssay special prayers,

thanking God for miraclespast and present,

and light a special candelabra, or Menorah

called a Hanukiah for eight days.

- This is a holiday about spirituality,

this is a holiday about values,

this is a holiday about connecting to God.

So many Israelis come here,

everybody's attracted to the light.

- [Chris] Also known asthe Feast of Dedication,

Hanukkah is not mentionedin the Old Testament,

but it is in the New Testament.

Now it was the Feast ofDedication in Jerusalem,

and it was winter, andJesus walked in the temple,

in Solomon's porch.

CBN news joined RebekkahSpiro and her family

for the Jewish celebration.

It's a holiday thatcelebrates religious freedom,

and our victory against opression,

and our ability to rededicate the temple.

- [Chris] And her children?

- The presents, and theparties, and a lot--

- We have groups coming all the time,

and we do go on trips, and then it's fun,

and it's just fun.

- [Chris] In the second century, B.C.,

the Jewish people in Judearevolted against the Syrian

Greek Conquerors.

The Seleucid's try toimpose their culture,

forcing the Jews to eat pork,

and forbidding Sabbath observance,

Torah reading, and circumcision.

Worse still, the Seleucid'sdefiled the Jewish temple

in Jerusalem, and dedicatedit to the Greek god Zeus.

Led by a priestly familyknown as the Maccabees,

the Jewish people retook Jerusalem,

and rededicated the Temple,

but when they wanted to light the Menorah,

there was only a tiny bitof sacred olive oil left.

- We celebrate the eight days

that the menorah burned, which is miracle,

it was beyond nature, andalso the military victory.

- [Chris] Eating friedfoods like potato pancakes,

and jelly donuts isanother Hanukkah tradition.

Spiro's family, and neighbors,

also have their own personal tradition

to build unity between secularand religious Israelis.

- Every single year webring out a table of drinks,

and thousands of peoplecome to The Old City,

for Hanukkah, they lookaround and see the menorahs,

and the light, and thenwe give out hot drinks

to all the people that come.

- [Chris] Spiro says there'sa message in the holiday

for today.

- The world's coming up against Israel,

the wolves are circling the sheep,

this is nothing new, andthe message of Hanukkah's

that no matter what happens,

our candles burn bright,and civilizations have come

and gone, but the Jewishpeople are still here.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchel, CBNNews, Jerusalem's Old City.

(people singing in Hebrew)

(upbeat music)

- [Julie] Still ahead,for the first time ever,

a Macy's Thanksgiving Daystyle parade in Jerusalem

for Hanukkah.

- [Pat Robertson] When yougive, smiles grow bigger.

When you care, home's are happier.

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- Giant balloons and lots of people

marked the first ever Macy'sThanksgiving Day style parade

in Jerusalem, for Hanukkah.

And US Ambassador toIsrael, David Friedman,

led the parade.

(happy music)

That's all for this edition,thanks for joining us.

Remember, you can followus on Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram, and YouTube.

And remember, the Godwho's watching over Israel,

and you and me, neitherslumbers nor sleeps.

I'm Julie Stahl.

We'll see you next timeon Jerusalem Dateline.

(upbeat music)



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