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Trump Facing Real Trouble? New Calls for Impeachment, Some Conservatives Concerned

Trump Facing Real Trouble? New Calls for Impeachment, Some Conservatives Concerned Read Transcript

- The President could facelegal problems at some point

as federal prosecutors claim

he directed former attorney Michael Cohen

to pay off two mistressesin exchange for silence

during the campaign.

- There's a very realprospect that on the day

Donald Trump leaves office

the Justice Department may indict him.

- [Mark] The filing saysTrump's former attorney

acted with intent to influence

the 2016 Presidential election

and with respect to both payments

he acted in coordinationwith and at the discretion

of individual one.

Individual one being then candidate Trump.

Even conservatives seeproblems for the President.

- If you read the sentencing memo

the Southern Districtfiled in Cohen's case

it's clear that Trump is the target

and he will be indicted eventually.

- [Mark] Prosecutors saying the payment

would amount to a campaignfinance violation.

At least one of the President's defenders

says that's not the case.

- People forget history.

The Federal ElectionsCommission actually ruled

on this with John Edwards.

They actually came upwith a ruling and said

that you know what thepaying of his mistress

was not a campaign finance violation.

- [Mark] Trump's attorneyRudy Giuliani agrees tweeting,

the President is not implicated

in campaign finance violations

because based on Edwards case and others

the payments are notcampaign contributions.

Still House Democrats sayadditional investigations

and even impeachmentisn't out of the question.

- Certainly they'd be impeachable offenses

because even though they were committed

before the President became President

they were committed in the service of

fraudulently taking office.

- [Mark] They're alsoconcerned about the future

of the Russia investigation.

The decision of how muchof Mueller's final report

is shared with Congress

is up to the Attorney General.

- Bill Barr will be nominated

for the United StatesAttorney General position.

- [Mark] And if confirmed William Barr

would directly oversee the investigation.

Barr served as Attorney General

under President George HW Bush.

- Respected by Republicansand respected by Democrats.

- [Mark] Even so both sides want assurance

Barr will protect theongoing investigation

despite past comments defendingthe President's decision

to fire FBI Director James Comey.

- Bill Barr is a talented person

who was a good AttorneyGeneral the first time.

I liked him very much then.

I think he'll serve theJustice Department well.

- The President willstill need a replacement

for Chief Of Staff General John Kelly

who Trump said is leavingby the end of the year.

One candidate Vice President Pence's

Chief of Staff NickAyers won't take the job

reportedly because hedid not want to serve

the two years the President requested.

Mark Martin, CBN News.

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