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Your Questions, Honest Answers: - December 10, 2018


- This is Debra, Pat,who asks this question.

I try to always give 10%to my church each month,

but I'm on a fixed incomeand it's especially hard

around the holidays.

Is it wrong not to give at this time?

Will God understand if Imiss a month of giving?

- You know, giving isn'tlike your medicine.

You've gotta take your medicine.

If you miss a dose, you'vegotta do something about it.

God knows your need.

He loves a cheerful giver,

but he says it's not what you don't have,

it's the attitude of your heart.

You love the Lord, you wanna give,

so you can't do it thismonth, I mean, God knows that.


- This is Cathy who saysI've been asking God

for a godly husband for years,

but it hasn't happened yet.

So does that mean God doesn'twant me to be married?

- You now, he says he putsthe lonely in families

and he's the author of all families

and he likes families.

I don't know what to say about that.

I just think in your case, just relax.

I think there's nothingmore scary to a man

than a woman who is justfrantically looking for a husband.

I mean, you will scare every man away.

So just relax and enjoy life

and be the beautiful personthat God intends you to be,

and then you'll attractmen like a magnet, okay?

- This is Sandra who says

what is the meaning of firstCorinthians 5:29, quote

"Otherwise, what willthey do who are baptized

for the dead, if thedead do not rise at all?

Why then are they baptized for the dead?"

what is meant by baptized for the dead?

- Paul is dealing with a custom in his day

where people in certain faiths

society decided that thedead people are already dead

but they would go aheadand get somebody baptized

as a proxy.

And so he said if you're doing this,

if the dead aren't raised,how come you're doing this?

You don't do that anymore.

So that's all I can say, alright.

- Okay, this is Mike, who says

a recent CBN News report onthe Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

indicated that the actaffected some aspects

of the legal non-taxablestatus of churches.

This appears to be in direct conflict

with the First AmendmentFreedom of Religion Clause,

restricting any prohibition

of the free exercise of religion.

Tithes are a gift to God and not subject

to taxation by Caesar.

Why are we not seeingpublic Christian debate

and legal action addressingthe constitutionality

of this tax law?

- There's been plentyof discussion about it.

I don't think Caesar'sexactly paying much attention

to the Bible these days.

But churches have prettymuch been left alone,

so the new tax law isnot affecting churches.

It has to do with non-profits

and the 501C3 whichare not the same thing.

Churches have been pretty much left alone

for the very reasonsyou mentioned, alright.

- Okay, this is Sarah who says

we're told by God to prayfor the peace of Jerusalem,

and I do daily.

I do have a hard time when I pray

because he also said hewould protect Israel.

When I pray I don't feel sincere

because I know Israel isgoing to be protected anyway.

- I think you can say thatabout anything in the Bible,

you know it's gonna happen anyhow.

You say I'm not gonna pray.

Of course you're praying.

The Bible says pray forthe peace of Jerusalem.

Blessed are they that love you.

And I think we should always pray.

But the peace of Jerusalemis not just Jerusalem,

it's the peace or the sinupon the entire world.

When the lord comesback and reigns at Zion,

so what we're praying foris even come Lord Jesus.

That's what we're praying about, alright?

- This is Georgiannawho says I have a friend

who puts herself insituations where she ends up

broke and in debt to others.

I am growing weary of lending her money

throughout the years.

I've tried to lead her toa Christian way of life,

but she continues to make poor decisions.

What should I?

- You're nothing but an enabler.

What you should do isstop lending her money.

I think people who won'tmanage their own affairs,

she needs counseling.

You might suggest she get a counselor.

But beyond that, don't enable, okay.


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