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700 Club Interactive - December 11, 2018

After thirty years of drug addiction and losing custody of her three children, a woman serves a ten year sentence after rededicating her life to Christ. Read Transcript

- [Gordon] Facing prison time was nothing

compared to the realityof losing her children.

- And I knew abandonment

and I didn't want to dothat to them, and I had.

- See how this drug addictedmom found reconciliation.

Plus, a ride of regret.

Find out how a roller coasterride cost her severe pain

and how she was miraculously healed

on today's 700 Club Interactive.

Well welcome to the show.

Are you one of the hundredsof millions of people

reading your Bible on a phone or a tablet?

Well back in 2008 a Bible app software

called YouVersion waslaunched and in 10 years

has been downloaded morethan 350 million times.

- YouVersion boastsmore than 1000 languages

and nearly 2,000 different versions.

Recent data releasedby the company revealed

the most popular scripture passage in 2018

is Isaiah 41:10 which says:

That data is based on the number to times

the verse was highlighted and or shared

across various platforms, so--

- And that's a great verse to share.

- Yes it is, any time of the year.

- It's very popular.

- Exactly.

- But what a wonderful thingthat we now have the Bible

with us wherever we go ifyou keep your phone with you

and it's real easy if you got a moment,

okay, let's get the verse of the day,

or let's go read a chapter,or have a reading plan.

It's a wonderful thing.

Well here's a story that showsheroes are always on call.

Back in August Los Angelesfirefighter and medic,

Daniel Harris, was in Hawaiion vacation with his family.

Well that's when he foundfour year old, Sophia,

unconscious at the bottom of a pool.

Because of this traininghe was able to pull her

out of the water and helpher regain consciousness.

- [Terry] Well just lastweek Harris was honored

at a California fire stationwhere he was reunited

with Sophia and her family.

The girl's mother says they are thankful

for the hero who savedtheir daughter's life.

- Every single day thatI look at my daughter

and I hear her laugh,and I see her interact

with her brother, I lookat her pillow and her bed

and I can't imagine what ourlife would be like without her.

We feel like he's justSophia's hero and angel

and we just really wanteda chance to give him a hug.

- Wow, talk about beingstrategically positioned.

- It's a well deserved hugand just to be alert enough

to say, okay, let's not give up.

I know what to do andlet's spring into action.

- That's every parent's nightmare,

to have something like that happen

so he is an angel in disguised there.

Well for most of us theholiday season is full

of joyful occasions and opportunity

to spend time with family.

But for many others the season is

a painful reminder of loved ones lost.

- Well one favoriteChristmas song was penned

by a famous poet whofought a grieving heart

until he found his true source of joy.

(slow music)

- On Christmas day in1863 the American poet,

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,listened to the bells

from a nearby church overwhelmed by loss.

Two years earlier his wifehad burned to death in a fire

and he had also been badlyburned trying to save her.

At times his grief wasso great that he feared

that he would be sent to an asylum.

His son had also beenwounded in the Civil War

and was temporarily paralyzed.

As he listened to thechurch bells Longfellow

wrote a poem that reflected his grief.

"In despair," he wrote, "I bowed my head.

There is no peace on earth, I said."

But he ended the poem, whichwas later put to music,

on a note of triumph.

"Then pealed the bells more loud and deep.

God is not dead, nor doth He sleep.

The wrong shall fail, the right prevail

with peace on earth, good will to men."

Well that's just a samplefrom Christian traditions.

How do we get all of thetraditions that we celebrate,

you and I celebrate today?

And if you wanna join in aRobertson family tradition

this is the one that myfather started long ago.

Whatever money we were goingto spend on Thanksgiving,

whatever money we weregoing to spend on our dinner

for Christmas eve, Christmas day

he would take andequivalent amount of money

and give that to people in need.

So if you wanna join us inthe Robertson family tradition

for a gift of $25 or more we'llsend you that documentary.

Christmas: The Story Behind the Traditions

and then we've got a special bonus,

my father reading A ChristmasCarol by Charles Dickens.

That's on a CD, so you geta DVD and a CD and your gift

goes to help people inneed this Christmas season.

So if you'd like it giveus a call, 1-800-700-7000.


- I love finding outabout the meaning behind

all of the things that we do.

Maybe songs like thatthat we've sung for years

and you have no idea what the history is.

- Yeah, and to find outthe tragedy behind that

and then he kept looking for hope.

Yeah, wonderful story.

- Wonderful CD, or DVD, that's the DVD.

Well up next, a mom grantsher son his graduation wish

by riding a roller coaster.

Find out why she livedto regret that ride.

Plus we're gonna be prayingfor you when we come back.

(upbeat music)

Brin Border was lookingforward to being part

of our live 700 Club audienceright here in our studio

but before her familycame to Virginia Beach

they traveled toWilliamsburg to do something

that Brin was not looking forward to,

riding a roller coaster.

- [Reporter] Brin Borderand her homeschooling family

were vacationing in coastal Virginia

just as they do every June.

On the first day of their trip they went

to Busch Gardens theme park and headed

straight for the roller coaster.

- I do not normally ridethe roller coasters.

In fact our oldest son, Robert,

for his senior year graduation he said,

"Mom, I'm graduating, you have to go

on the roller coaster,please," and that's why I did.

It was very scary and I think,because I wasn't used to it,

I was just very tense.

- [Reporter] Brin was shakenup by the impact of the ride

but otherwise felt fine.

It wasn't until latethat night that she began

to experience intense pain in her arm.

The pain worsened the next morning.

- The pain was sharp, so tightthat I could barely move it.

The only way that the painwould subside a little

is holding it as tightto my chest as I could.

- [Reporter] Brin and herfamily prayed for a healing.

A few times a day she forcedherself to extend her arm.

- [Brin] I just feltthat I had to do that,

I guess it was instinct.

That it felt like it was freezing,

I thought the more that Imoved it maybe I would be able

to loosen it up, but Iwas not able to do that.

- [Reporter] Brin took Tylenolto help manage the pain.

She didn't want tointerrupt their vacation

with a doctor visit so shedecided to tough it out.

- As the week went on I didget more and more frightened

because the pain was worse.

I think the pain was getting worse because

I was forced to hold itin one position all week

and therefore the pain would travel

up my arm, shoulder, neck.

- [Reporter] Later thatweek the family went

to a taping of the 700 Club.

Brin had the opportunity to meet the host

and share her testimony.

- I do remember saying toGordon that I rededicated

my life to the Lord at 20by watching the 700 Club

and it was through one of his prayers,

a Sinner's Prayer that he led on TV,

and I thanked him for that.

It was amazing to be on the set,

to see where everything happens

that I'd been watching for so long.

- [Reporter] During thetaping Gordon and Terry

led a time of prayer.

- Someone else with ainjury on your right arm

and it's both the elbow and theshoulder in God's restoring.

No more pain.

Begin to move that arm and realize

the great miracle that just happened.

He's able to restore, he'sable to reattach tendons,

He's able to do all thesethings because He loves you,

He cherishes you.

- I honestly thought,well, oh my gosh that's me.

That is exactly what happened to me.

I just took it and said, Lord, I thank you

that my arm is healed, andI believe that that prayer

is for me, and I accept it in Jesus' name.

- [Reporter] After the tapingthe group took a tour of CBN.

- We're walking up the stepsand I noticed that I was not

struggling as much as Iwas earlier in the week

when I had to walk up steps.

So what I would do isjust move it very slowly,

the way that I was tryingto do throughout the week

and it wasn't as hard, it was much freer.

At that point when I was able to move it

it barely hurt at all.

And by the time I went upto my husband and my mom

to tell them that the painwas gone, it was totally gone.

It was totally normal againas if it had never happened.

- [Reporter] Brin hasbeen pain free ever since

and has full mobility of her arm.

She says that the healing wasa reminder of God's promises.

- My family learned byseeing it happen to me

that God does answerprayer and I'm so glad

that we visited the 700 Clubthat day not even knowing

or thinking that ahealing would take place,

just excited to come,but we got doubly blessed

not only by being here in the audience,

but Jesus healed my arm that day too.

- Boy, that is a healing,and if you've ever had

an arm injury you knowwhat she's talking about.

I have a friend that didthat and I even said,

just hold it close to youin the pain, well it froze.

And that's kind of whathappens when you don't,

it hurts to move it, but youcan't nurse it like that.

So that was a miracle that she just,

it was like it released.

- Yay.

God does miracles.

- Yes He does.


Yes he does.

- God does miracles.

The biggest miracle is salvation.

When you understand thatJesus is your savior,

that he came, for God soloved the world, that's you,

for God so loved you that Hegave His only begotten son.

That whosoever, again that'syou, all you have to do

is be a whosoever, believethin Him shall not perish

but have everlasting life.

What a wonderful thing.

Breaks all the rules, where God says,

I'll be your righteousness,

I'll observe all the Commandments for you,

I'll take care of all of that,

I'll take care of all your sin,

I'll take care of all your disease,

I want you with me so badlyI'll pay whatever price

is necessary to make it happen.

That is the Gospel, andit's a great salvation.

All we have to do is believe it.

And then act like we believe it.

Don't hold to those old thought patterns

that somehow or other God'sstingy, or He's mad at you,

or He wants horriblethings to happen to you.

No, that's not the lovinggod who sent his son.

That's not the Gospel.

All we have to do is believe it

and in that believing we receive it.

And Jesus said, the key to miracles,

absolute key to miracles,when you stand praying

believe that you have alreadyreceived and you will have it.

So often we have to fightthe good fight of faith

to overcome our doubts,overcome our objections,

overcome, well I'm not worthy,or I'm too much of a sinner,

God doesn't wanna pay any attention to me.

Get rid of all of thosethoughts, they're not from Him.

Let Him come and breakthrough and when you get that

you get all the miracle power you need

and He is able to doexceedingly abundantly

above all we could every ask or think.

Now Terry and I are goingto agree for you right now.

Now here's a verse, theseare the words of Jesus,

when two or more agree touching anything

it shall be done for themby my Father in Heaven.

Now we're going to count on that verse.

What I want you to do is agree with us

and you do the touching.

So lay hands on that area ofthe body that needs healing.

Terry and I are going to agree with you

and now we've got two or moreagreeing, touching anything.

And we're gonna let God do all the rest.

Lord, we just lift needs to You right now

and as people are layinghands on that area of the body

that needs healing wecome into a agreement

touching it right now.

And in Jesus' name we say over it,

be healed and be made whole.

Pain, you have no authority anymore,

you must leave these bodies.

Disease, infirmity, leavenow in the name of Jesus.

There someone, you'relaying your right hand

on the right side of your neck.

You've had muscle spasms,the neck muscle just feels

like steel and God ishealing, relaxing that.

All that pain that evengoes up into your jaw

and into your temple isall just leaving you,

evaporating right now in Jesus' name.

Just receive it, beginto praise him for it,

just lift your hands to thankhim for what he's done for you

because he's done a great miracle.


- Yeah, there's somebody,you have had a problem

with your teeth on the right hand side

and you're gonna lose a lot of them

and the rest of your mouthisn't in great shape either

but God's healing thatcondition for you right now.

And you're gonna find thatall of what was loosening up

is gonna tighten again,just as it was before.

You're gonna be able tochew without any pain.

It's all being restored in Jesus' name.

- Saw a cluster of headachesand it's behind your right eye

and God is just healing allof it, taking it all away.

Just believe it right now.

Someone else with a deepinfection in your lung

and you've got bleeding in the lung

and God is able to heal and restore that.

In Jesus' name be healed, be made whole.

- Someone else, you have arecurring respiratory infection

and you have taken allkinds of medication,

it just doesn't seem to get it,

but today it's gone in Jesus' name.

Just breathe in deeply as He heals you.

Lord, we thank You, we thank You for all

the miracles You do, who You are,

You have given us life, Youhave given it to us abundantly

so we receive all that You have for us,

all the blessings, andwe thank You for it.

In Jesus' name, amen, and amen.

If you've been healed let us know.

Share your good report.

Call us, 1-800-700-7000.

If you need prayer, webelieve in prevailing prayer

and it's our honor and ourprivilege to pray for you.

All you have to do is pickup the phone and call us.


Well up next, she wason the run for 10 years,

wanted in two states for drug trafficking

and it all started witha half dose of Valium

back when she was 12 years old.

- I was extremely nervousand my soccer coach

innocently said, "Take this little pill,

it'll make your stomach feel better."

- See how this woman finally kicked

her 30 year drug addictionright after this.

(upbeat music)

On Christmas day Rhonda Behr'schildren would wait for her,

and wait for her butRhonda would never show up.

She had abandoned her childrenand everyone else in her life

for her first love, drugs.

- I didn't care about love anymore,

I had one love and that was barbiturates.

- [Reporter] Rhonda Behrwas 12 when she developed

a love affair with drugs.

It started when her soccerteam made it to state playoffs.

- I was extremely nervousand my soccer coach

innocently said, "Take this little pill,

it'll make your stomach feel better."

- [Reporter] It was a half dose of Valium.

- In that pill I foundpeace, I found relief,

and I found confidence.

And I thought, I'm not evergoing to lose this again.

- [Reporter] Rhonda also found it dulled

the pain of her parents' divorce,

and living in a home with aviolent, alcoholic stepfather.

- He would drink, hewould throw our furniture

out the window, we werealways running for our life.

I always felt really rejectedbut I think that drugs

made it feel a whole lot better.

- [Reporter] At firstRhonda stole what she could

from friends' medicine supplies.

But after her motherdivorced and moved the family

Rhonda found other drugs,like cocaine and Quaaludes,

and an easier way to get them.

- I began trading my body for drugs.

I felt nothing, I had no conscience.

I could give anybody anything,just give me the pills.

- [Reporter] Before she was 18 Rhonda

had flunked out of school, beenarrested for selling drugs,

overdosed several times, and went through

a treatment program in a mental hospital.

At one point even foundhope in Jesus Christ.

But when her mom abandonedher and her sisters for a man

Rhonda quickly fell back into addiction.

- I only thought about today.

I'm not going to feel today,

I'm going to get my drugs today,

and I don't care about tomorrow.

(wind chimes ringing)

- [Reporter] At one point someChristian friends intervened

and arranged for her togo to Teen Challenge.

She spent the next yeargetting things right

with her life and God.

- So when I graduateTeen Challenge I decided

I'm gonna come toOklahoma and find my mom.

And that's what I did, and I came clean,

and I came sober, and Icame ready to serve Jesus.

- [Reporter] She married a pastor's son

and they had children.

But her husband had opened a door

Rhonda thought had been shut.

- He says to me, I onlysmoke a little marijuana

and I only take a few pills.

You can do a few thingswith me and I promise you

I will not let your drugaddiction get out of control.

And I believed that, butthe truth of the matter is

I am a horrible drug addict.

I can't take a little bit andit not get out of control.

- [Reporter] During that time another

addiction had taken over.

- And now meth takes me ona whole new journey to Hell.

- [Reporter] The marriage ended

and Rhonda lost custody of her children.

- My children loved me

and I rejected them again and again.

My daughter will tell you she would wait

for me at Christmasand I wouldn't show up.

She waited for me at birthdaysand I didn't show up.

- [Reporter] On the run for 10 years

Rhonda was wanted insix counties in Oklahoma

and in two states for selling drugs.

During that time her childrenwanted nothing to do with her.

- And so whenever I was being incarcerated

and my children justfelt like it was the end

they wanted me out of their life.

I really wanted to bethis mom that I never had

and I knew rejection,and I knew abandonment,

and I didn't want to dothat to them, and I had.

- [Reporter] In Decemberof 2000 she was found

hiding from the policeunder a garbage pile

shivering from the cold.

- And I knew what I needed, I needed God.

And I needed Him to forgive me.

- [Reporter] Rhonda made adeal with the District Attorney

to be with her children forone day to celebrate Christmas

before she went to prison.

Before she turned herselfin she made a decision.

- My mom and dad nevercame back but I thought,

I'm gonna be different, I'm coming back.

I may get a prison sentencebut I'm coming back

and I'm coming back good, andI'm coming back to be a mom,

and I'm coming back to get my children.

- [Reporter] At sentencingRhonda was given 10 years

but the judge added a provision.

- He said, I think you're crazy

but I think you have potential.

You get into prison and youdo a 12-month drug program,

I'll let you out.

- [Reporter] Rhonda went to work

on completing the drug program.

Then in April of 2001she attended an event

led by Kairos PrisonMinistry where she learned

about the love of Christ.

- The Lord touched me--

And I encountered His love.

His real love.

And I've never been the same since.

The love of Christ changed me.

- [Reporter] Rhondarededicated her life to Christ.

She finished the drug programand was released on parole

after serving only 19 months.

Rhonda married four years later

and regained jointcustody of her children.

- God has healed andrestored that relationship

but is had taken 15 yearsand I had to trust God,

I had to not try to make something happen.

I had to wait on forgiveness.

- [Reporter] Today Rhonda runs nine

faith-based transitional homes

for paroled women and their children.

Also in 2012, she openedShe Brews Coffee House

to give newly releasedwomen work experience.

Rhonda has a message oflove for these families

because Christ gave it to her first.

- I really am a daddy's girl and

I've got what I alwayswanted, the love of a father.

I don't need drugs, I don'tneed alcohol, I only need Him

and He fills my heart with love.

I don't feel rejectionbecause He loves me.

- And you can be His child too

all you have to do is do thesame thing that Rhonda did

and that is reach up and ask for it.

Here she is and she has lotsof feelings of rejection,

lots of feelings of abandonment,

and God knows exactly what that feels like

because it happened to Him.

He was rejected and despised by men,

even those who were closest to Him,

His disciples who hadspent three years with Him,

seen all the miracles,heard all the sermons.

When it came right downto it, they left Him.

And you look at thatand He still loved them.

Even one of his favorites,Peter, denied Him three times.

Even after he was told,you're going to do this,

he went out and did it.

Because He is touched withwhat we've been through,

He knows exactly where you are

and He knows exactly what you need

and that is His touch and His love.

It will replace all therejection you've ever had.

But when you get His acceptance,

when you know that yourcreator loves you so much

He was willing to die for you,

He was willing to take it all

well no drug on theplanet can replace that.

No amount of alcohol, noamount of anything else

the world had to offer canever be a substitute for that.

If you want to experience Him,

if you want this new birth, this new life,

give us a call, 1-800-700-7000.

Just say, I need to findJesus and I need him today.

Here's a word from Colossians:

God bless you, we'll see you again.

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