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New Chief of Staff Tops Trump's Christmas Wish List - These Names Have Been Floated

New Chief of Staff Tops Trump's Christmas Wish List - These Names Have Been Floated Read Transcript

- The Chief of Staffis a highly desired job

in Washington.

Perhaps the second most powerful position

after the President.

That's because he or she is the gatekeeper

who sets the presidential agenda,

manages the White Housestaff and decides who

gets access to the President.

So, who will the Presidentchoose to replace

General Kelly?

The President's son-in-law weighed in.

- The President willmake the right choice for

Chief of Staff when he's ready

and hopefully he'llchoose somebody he's got

great chemistry with,great relationship with

who will help him navigatethe next couple of years.

- [Gary] And perhaps great chemistry with

Trump family members,especially daughter Ivanka

and her husband Jared.

Trump critics say theyhave a lot of influence

because the Presidentwants the White House

to run like a family business.

The Kushners reportedlysupported Vice President Pence's

36-year-old Chief of Staff, Nick Ayers.

But Ayers turned down the job.

Now, the Trump team isactively seeking a replacement

before Kelly departsat the end of the year.

Several names have beenmentioned but so far, no takers.

- I haven't spoken to anyone.

I'm entirely focused onwhat I'm trying to do

and it's difficult enough.

- [Gary] One contenderis republican congressman

Mark Meadows.

He's worked aggressivelyto uncover the facts

in House investigations of the FBI

and Clinton email scandals.

Meadows was asked if he wouldaccept the job if offered.

- I can say this, thatbecause it's an honor,

certainly I'm favorablyinclined to at least have

a discussion with the President.

- [Gary] As the White Housesorts out a replacement

for Kelly, one piece ofgood news for the president

is the likely confirmationof William Barr as the next

Attorney General.

- He's been confirmed three times.

He's been the formerAttorney General for Bush 41,

the Deputy AttorneyGeneral in charge of the

criminal division and eachtime, he was confirmed

by voice vote.

There's never been arecorded vote because he's

that highly qualified.

- Today, the president meetswith Congressional democrats

to talk about funding for his border wall

and a possible government shutdown,

which is just 11 days away.

Gary Lane, CBN News.


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