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The 700 Club - December 11, 2018

Experience the poetic stylings of the NFL’s Tyler Lockett. Plus, a child’s life is suddenly in jeopardy and one family clings to hope for the holidays. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Reporter] Coming up,the Pro Bowler who also

happens to be a poet.

- You gotta be able to make people

believe what you're doing.

- [Reporter] Go inside themind of Seattle Seahawk,

Tyler Lockett.

- Will said, you wordsmith, you.


- Plus,

- He was such a healthy babyand all of a sudden he's not.

- [Reporter] Their child was going to die.

And Mom's life was in jeopardy as well.

- And there's nothing I can do?

- [Reporter] One family clingsto hope for the holidays.

- He said this baby is worth saving.

- [Reporter] On today's 5700 Club.

(inspirational music)

Well, welcome folks to thisedition of the 700 Club.

We just got about twoweeks until Christmas.

And the President has gotquite a shopping list.

At the top, he's got tofind a new Chief of Staff.

The question is, whowants to work for him?

And I want to find out from David Brody

how come the Presidentalways insults people

and says terrible things?

And who would want to havehis reputation destroyed

by getting into that hot house?

That's the issue that's confronting him

when he tried to select a Chief of Staff.

- It'll be interesting tosee where that all lands.

Well, the position isseen as one of power.

And in this White House, they job may need

the approval of Trump's family members.

Gary Lane has the story.


- The Chief of Staff is ahighly desired job in Washington

perhaps the second most powerful position

after the President.

That's because he or she is the gatekeeper

who sets the presidential agenda,

manages the White House staff and decides

who gets access to the President.

So who will the President choose

to replace General Kelly?

The President's son-in-law weighed in.

The President will make the right choice

for Chief of Staff when he's ready.

And hopefully he'llchoose somebody he's got

great chemistry with,great relationship with,

who will help him navigatethe next couple of years.

- [Gary] And perhapsgreat chemistry with Trump

family members, especiallydaughter, Ivanka

and her husband Jared.

Trump critics say theyhave a lot of influence

because the Presidentwants the White House

run like a family business.

The Kushners reportedlysupported Vice-President

Pence's 36 year old Chiefof Staff, Nick Ayers.

But Ayers turned down the job.

Now the Trump team isactively seeking a replacement

before Kelly departsat the end of the year.

Several names have beenmentioned but so far no takers.

- I haven't spoken to anyone.

I'm entirely focused onwhat I'm trying to do

and it's difficult enough.

- [Gary] One contender is Republican

Congressman, Mark Meadows.

He's worked aggressivelyto uncover the facts

in House investigations of the FBI

and Clinton email scandals.

Meadows was asked if he wouldaccept the job if offered.

- But I can say this, thatbecause it's an honor,

certainly I'm favorablyinclined to at least

have a discussion with the President.

- [Gary] As the White Housesorts out a replacement

for Kelly, one piece ofgood news for the President

is the likely confirmation of William Barr

as the next Attorney General.

- He's been confirmed three times.

He's been the formerAttorney General for Bush 41,

the Deputy Attorney General in charge

of the Criminal Division.

And each time, he wasconfirmed by voice vote,

there's never been a recorded vote

because he's that highly qualified.

- Today, the Presidentmeets with Congressional

Democrats to talk aboutfunding for his border wall.

And a possible government shutdown,

which is just 11 days away.

Gary Lane, CBN News.

- Thanks Gary.

Well, David Brody is CBN'sChief Political Analyst.

David, I want to ask you something.

You've been around the President.

So have I.

I've really admired what he's doing.

Why do you think he insultspeople the way he does?

- Pat, it's really part of hisNew York brawling attitude.

And it honestly, reallyhasn't served him well at all.

And what I mean by that is that

even though he's Presidentof the United States,

because he has vibrant Twitter feed,

he doesn't quite have the filters

as it relates to some ofthe kindergarten antics

that go on as part of that Twitter feed.

And we saw it the other day when he called

Rex Tillerson, his formerSecretary of State,

dumb as a rock, and questionedhis mental capacity.

Look, Pat, ultimately theanalysis here is pretty simple.

Donald Trump received 81percent of the white evangelical

vote in 2016.

Let's remember, notall of those folks were

enthusiastic about him.

A lot of them held their nose and voted

for Donald Trump.

It's those fence sitting evangelicals,

the ones that are tired of the insults

that he has to worry about in 2020.

If they drop off in 2020,

that number could be at 79 percent

and he will lose the White House.

I don't think there'sany question about it.

- Well, you know, who would,

look what happened tothe Attorney General.

I know he was not pleasedwith what had happened

but at the same time

you do stuff quietly.

You don't go public with insults and

I wonder who would want that job.

Mark Meadows thought he might to it but.

Trump goes after people.

Have you ever seen a leader who

insulted the people who worked for him

the way he does?

- No, I haven't.

And the Trump Administrationand Donald Trump himself

I'm sure, would push back and say

well, it's worked pretty well for me.

I'm President of the United States,

I've got billions of dollars.

But at what cost?

I mean, at some point the childish games

really do need to end.

And it could cost him politically.

As I said, look in termsof the Chief of Staff,

let's be honest here.

Nick Ayers could have had that job.

But I think part of the calculus here

is why are you goingto potentially tarnish

a really good reputation that he has

by potentially being called dumb as a rock

in a year and a half?

I mean, the guy has somereal future ahead of him.

So I think that was part of it at least.

And in terms of who's out there right now,

you have Mark Meadows, hewould be a solid choice

as it relates to being aconservative Christian,

who's a very conservativemember of the House

Freedom Caucus, that would work.

But ultimately, let's be honest Pat,

the Chief of Staff for Donald Trump

is Donald Trump.

He is his own Chief of Staff

and maybe you should justcome out and announce

that he's going to announcehimself as Chief of Staff.

- Do you reckon his daughter,maybe he could put Ivanka in?

It's kind of tough to fireyour daughter. (laughing)

What do you think?

- Well, it would bedefinitely a provocative move

but then again, provocativeand Donald Trump

do run in the same sentence.

I think he'd get a lotof pushback for that.

Having said that, he wouldn'tcare about it at all.

Though you make an interestingpoint about Ivanka.

Ivanka actually has the entireskill set that you need to be

a successful Chief of Staff.

Obviously loyal, close to the family,

she's part of the family,

But beyond that, telegenic,someone that's articulate,

they can speak hismessage and understand him

at his core.

It is very hard to really beable to find someone like that.

Mark Meadows might be pretty good, because

he's very good on televisionand Donald Trump likes

folks that are good on television.

- Well you know, one guythat's under consideration,

is the former governor of New Jersey.

I know he has had his problems.

But he understands how to run a state

and there's an awful lotof administration involved

in being Chief of Staff.

- Yeah, I'm not sure ifthat one's gonna work, Pat.

I know his name, Chris Christie,has been bandied about.

The problem there is Chris Christie is a

pretty type A type personality guy.

I mean he is pretty vociferous.

Donald Trump vociferous as well.

You put two of them ina room, I'm not sure

how long that's gonna last.

I think also, part of it too is

let's be honest as to why JohnKelly didn't quite work out.

Look, this is a MarineFour Star General that has

a certain way of doing things.

And Donald Trump likesto freelance, as we know.

And so you put those two together

and that is a tough recipe as well.

And look, as it relates to John Kelly,

it's just interestingto see how he has tried

to maneuver all of this.

I just think that ultimately,

that this was not a good fit at all.

- What do you think about

Trump's relationship with suburban women?

Do you think he could win them back.

He's got the base butthe base isn't enough

to win an election.

- Yeah, I think that's anopen question right now, Pat.

And they're gonna have todo a lot on that front.

I know Ivanka Trump is goingto be doing quite a bit in 2020

as it relates to the FamilyPaid Medical Leave Act.

So there would be part of that.

But truth be told, that is a major, major

vacuum that they're gonna have to fill

to be able to win in 2020.

The Democrats are sure gonnatake advantage of that Pat.

- You think he's concerned,

Adam Schiff, can't thinkof enough nasty things

to say and now thisNadler's coming on board

and these Democrats Committee Chairmen

are gonna go after him for indictment.

Do you think he's in any way worried about

any of that?

- Well, I think there'sno doubt, there's worry

inside the White Houseabout potential impeachment.

Look, all it takes, Pat,

as you know in the House,once those Articles

of Impeachment areintroduced, all it takes is

a simple majority to pass, let's just say

one of the Articles of Impeachment,

depending on what they end up doing.

So you just need a simple majority.

But for folks out therethat hear impeachment

and go, oh my goodness,he's been impeached,

let's remember whatreally impeachment means

in the House.

It means basically, thatthe House has indicted

the President.

And then of course, after anindictment would come a trial.

That would be in the Senate.

And at this point,there doesn't seem to be

any way that President would actually

be removed from office.

As a matter of fact therehas been no President

ever in the history of the United States

that has been removed from office.

Two Presidents, AndrewJohnson, Bill Clinton

impeached but never removed from office.

So look, they need 67 out of 100 Senators

to impeach this President.

Republican have 53 Senators and unless

there's some sort of smoking gun,

or as Donald Trump will it a smocking gun,

then I don't think that's gonna fly.

- The electorate knewwhat they were getting.

There wasn't any secretabout the kind of man he was.

But the people really liked him

and he's done a superb job as President.

That's what I, you know it's amazing

that those accomplishments are getting

buried under some ofthese superficial things.

- You know Pat, we've spent a lot of time

talking about DonaldTrump's insults on Twitter

and all of that.

But let's remember, as you said,

actions do speak louder than words.

And I think in this case, the saving grace

for Donald Trump is thatthe actions have come

fast and furious, especially

when it relates to evangelicals.

That look at some point,it appears that a lot

of these folks that aretired of the insults

might just say, hey, actionsspeak louder than words.

And actions over insultsany day of the week.

And as a matter of fact, there was one

evangelical on Twitter that tweeted at me

and said, they'll takeinsults over abortions

any day of the week andso that's the point.

Bottom line is, Donald Trumpis an imperfect person.

But you know what, Goduses imperfect people

as we've talked about toaccomplish his perfect will.

So a lot of evangelicalsare taking the macro view,

even though that microinsulting view on Twitter

can look downright nasty at times.

- When you look at the,

especially with judges,that was the has stood out

that he has picked outabsolutely marvelous judges.

And he's got a whole lot morethat are gonna get confirmed

before the session is over.

What do you think?

Well, that's right, he'sgot the two pillars,

Brett Kavenaugh, Neil Gorsuch,standing pretty strong.

Though we don't need toget into this right now,

but there was an issueyesterday at the Supreme Court

where they didn't take acase and Brett Kavenaugh

actually sided with theliberals on the court

on an abortion issue.

Long story, but the bottom line is

it hasn't started off toowell for Brett Kavenaugh.

We'll see how that goes.

But indeed, he's got the two pillars.

But beyond that all thosecircuit court judges

that is the key because remember

every time we hear about how Donald Trump

had a judge stop him from enforcing either

immigration law or

the issue as it relatesto folks coming in,

refugees from out of,

from out of other countries, excuse me.

You know, that's always oneof those federal judges,

right, those circuit court judges.

Well, Donald Trump hasapproved more of those

or the Senate has approvedmore of Donald Trump's judges

than any President.

It's quite a clip so that's big one.

- Well, David we're gonnabe watching it closely.

And we're coming up on important election

but I think your analysisis very well spoken.

And thank you so much for being with us.

David Brody.

- Thanks Pat.

- Interesting.

- It really is.

He gets a bird's eye viewof all of that doesn't he?

- Well, he's there with him and we all are

and we're all cheering for the President.

We want him to succeed

I think the evangelicals particularly.

He has been, done morefor evangelical causes

than any President inmy lifetime that I can

even conceive of.

And especially inrelation with the judges.

But all these things aboutthe environment for example,

we have seen idiotic rules,

I'm talking about this wetlands thing

that the Army Corps of Engineers has,

they limit the use of your land.

We have land, at CBNthat goes along beside

a major eight lane, four lane interstate.

There isn't any possibilityof any wetlands going on there

because it's dry land.

But the Corps of Engineershas changed the policy

so the Trump people aresaying look, this is crazy.

Let's let people use theirland like they're supposed to.

And then people are saying,well that's a power grab.

But it's wonderful, whathe does is terrific.


- It's be nice if he could just celebrate.

That'd be nice for him youcould just celebrate that

without the

Twitter point.- Stay off of Twitters,

stay off of insulting people.

Only say nice thingsabout people. (laughing)

- That is what mom taught, right?

- That's right, it's what mom said.

You always say nice things about people.

And if somebody said

even the devil, she'll say nice things

if she could about him. (laughing)

Okay, well, so we go toward Christmas.


- Well coming up, he may beone of the NFL's top play

makers but he's not justletting his game do the talking.


- In my poetry, if I don't believe it,

I don't think it sounds good enough,

then I know that they'renot gonna think it sounds

good enough or they'renot gonna believe it.

- [Terry] CBN Sports talkswith the NFL's wide receiving

wordsmith, Tyler Lockett and that's next.

(snazzy music)

- [Reporter] Stillahead, a routine checkup

reveals something terribly wrong.

- My heart sank.

- [Reporter] Their childhad a fatal condition.

- So every time he kickedI had no clue if it was

gonna be the last.

- [Reporter] And these parentshad to prep for the worst.

- I was preparing myheart to deliver a baby

that wasn't alive.

- [Reporter] Watch a miracle unfold.

- We still clung to hope.

- [Reporter] Later, on today's show.

(jazzy Jingle Bells)

- Welcome back once againyou're watching the 700 Club

as we get closer and closer to Christmas.

We've got all these nicedecorations around us.

We hope that your house is filled with joy

at this season of joy.

Well, Tyler Lockett is a three time

All-Pro selection in themiddle of a career year.

But when he's not electrifyingcrowds at Century Link Field

in Seattle, he's inspiring themthrough his YouTube channel.

Our Tom Burying has this.


- [Tom] Tyler Lockett isa versatile NFL talent,

an instinctive and creative play maker

as both a receiver and Pro-Bowl returner.

This Lockett show hisheart, not only making plays

in the field but using play on words

as a hope filled spoken word poet.

So how can you see what it's like to be me

If you ain't never been in my position?

When it's easy to put myself in a box

and try to live then to goout in here in this world

and try to be free.

What it is that you wantto say to be able to get

them to see your side of the perspective,

to be able to impacteverybody at the place

that they're at, kids adults, anybody?

- [Tom] Like his oratory art,

Tyler's impact with a football

provides him room to create.

What's the mindset,what's the view you have

when you get the ball on a return?

- All I see is open space.

Obviously, we have agame plan, we have holes

that supposed to be open.

You gotta be able tolearn how to set it up

and learn how to be able totrust everybody around you.

It's all about being ableto set up the blocks.

And so you just gottalearn how to be creative

in the way that you do it but also

to be able to put yourself in a position

that help the team be successful.

- So Tyler, how does this skill

from both of your positions, as a returner

and as a receiver, whatdoes it provide you with?

- Well, first I thinkit helps you with value

'cause in the NFL it's allabout the more that you can do,

to be able to be a receiverand do both returns,

it kind of gives you a position of be able

to be on that depthchart whenever you look

at the return game.

It helps you with beingable to transition.

When you had a ball in your hands,

it's on you.

You make everything happens,

whether you catch it,whether there's a reverse,

it's eternity to a a point return.

- It does seem like there'sa lot of creativity.

And that hits your sweet spot, right?

Are the similarities between you as a poet

and you as a football player?

- So you gotta be able to be creative.

But I think you gotta beable to make people believe

what you're doing.

And I think that's the biggest thing

because of the way you runroutes, if you try to give them

like a little nod, they gotta believe it.

So in my poetry, if I don't believe it,

if I don't think it sounds good enough

then I know that they're not gonna think

it sounds good enough orthey're not gonna believe it.

- [Tom] What is thepondering in the expression

of spoken word for you?

- In my spoken word, insteadof me pointing at other people,

I put it all in my shoes.

Because it's easierfor somebody to relate,

it takes away any type offeeling that people had

towards not wanting to accept it

because now it's notanything going after them.

They can grasp what you saying.

So I try to put it to where everybody

can relate and understand.

- What would be the best thing to happen?

Where and how do you want it to impact?

- I don't always putthe hope in the message.

But there's other times that I do.

I had a friend who had talkedabout committing suicide

and I put that in a poem.

In order to be able toget him out the dark

you gotta turn on a lightso he can be able to see

what it is about his livethat people appreciates

and how his life isimportant and impactful

to everybody else around him.

And so it's like littleanalogies so people can be

able to get an understand.

And I'm at the place where I want to be.

I know exactly who I'm gonnabe and who I'm gonna reach

and who I'm gonna teach.

And I'm looking at them and be like

boy you better preach but if I preach it,

then I gotta live it.

- Wow.

Well said.

You wordsmith you.


How do you live what you preach?

- Being able to keep yourself accountable.

I mean, if you don'thave that accountability,

if you don't havesomebody there to push you

or help you, you gottalearn how to be able

to push and help yourself.

Because at some point in time,you're gonna be isolated.

The closer you get toGod, the easier it is

for you to change because it just happens.

It's not like you gottaforce yourself to do it.

It's all it's about isbeing you and being able

to get closer to God.

And you understand theprice that was made for you.

How Jesus died on the crossand your sins was paid for you.

- And spoken word, scripturesare referred to as the word.

Does scripture look orsound differently to you?

- You see what scripturesays to that situation

to where now you could try to add certain

things into your poems towhere people were like,

oh, wow.


I think when you read theword, I think you start

seeing the little thingsand how it kind of does

affect your life.

There's a lot of peoplegonna pay attention

but if I live it right,then they're realize

that Jesus Christ is the one they missing.

And if he the missingpiece then they can finish

their puzzle and doesn't

gotta go on the streets and struggle.

- How has your companionship with him,

your Savior, how has that shaped you?

- To me, honestly, he's everything.

You're gonna get tothe point where it like

it has to be more.

What is it that's gonna keep me going?

What is it that gives me a purpose

not to be depressedand not to have anxiety

or not to be fearful in debt

that the one thing that keeps you going

is to have faith in God and to believe

that Jesus came and died for everything.

He's given you the things that you need,

to live a fulfilled thankful life.

- What an amazing guy.

Boy, can he run the football.

But isn't he poetic it's amazing.

- Yeah, well he really breaks it down.

- Yeah.

- This is the way it works, amazing.

- Seattle, they've done very well.

And he's one of the key players.

- Well a man like that

has an influence.- Triple Pro Bowler.

Yeah, terrific guy, okay.

- Absolutely, well stillahead, they were looking

forward to seeing the birth of their baby

over the holidays.

Instead they were toldto plan for a funeral.

- We knew that God was bigenough to heal our son.

The question is is he gonnaheal him with a miracle

or is he gonna heal him through death?

- [Terry] Watch as thisfamily gets the answer

just in time for Christmas.

(thoughtful music)

(dramatic music)

- Welcome to Washingtonfor this CBN News Break.

The Supreme Court willnot hear a case involving

states' efforts and fundingof Planned Parenthood

through Medicaid programs.

Justices Samuel Alito, NeilGorsuch and Clarence Thomas

voted to hear the case,while newly seated Justice

Brett Kavenaugh sided withthe court's liberal justices

not to hear the case.

Four justices are requiredto agree before a case

can be granted a hearing.

In his dissent, Thomascriticized the court

for its quote, "Particularlytroubling decision"

arguing the case itselfreally had nothing to do

with abortion.

Well, turning overseas, FrenchPresident Emmanuel Macron

broke his silence andeven took responsibility

for the anger of citizensprotesting tax increases.

He spoke on nationaltelevision Monday night

saying people might havebeen hurt by his words.

Still, yellow vested demonstrators

vowed to keep up the pressure on Macron

whom they see as arrogant, out of touch

and the President of the rich.

Speaking with a conciliatorytone, Macron pleaded

for a return to calmafter almost four weeks

of protests that startedin neglected provinces

to oppose fuel taxincreases and progressed

to rioting in Paris.

You can always get thelastest from CBN News

by going to our website at

Pat and Terry will be backwith more of the 700 Club

right after this.

(dramatic music)

- Well, that was just a peekat what's been going on here

in our campus this December.

CBN and Regent Universityhave been literally

transformed into an enchanting place

where the true meaningof the Christmas season

is being celebrated.

And you can immerseyourself in that ambiance

of a Christmas village, samplesome German holiday treats,

experience festive renditionsfor the whole family.

Here are some of the events you'll enjoy

if you have an opportunityto come our way.

There's a Christmasmarketplace, there are rides

and attractions, specialChristmas performances

are going on.

The area's largest, mostspectacular Christmas tree,

it's just beautiful.

And maybe most significantly,we have an amazing

live nativity scene that your children

will really love.

Santa's cottage is hereand the Virginia Symphony

Orchestra coming in on thefinal night on Saturday.

There's some beautifulantique cars if you like that.

Well, the CBN Christmas Village is free

and open to the public.

That's this Thursday, Friday,December 13th and then

the 14th, which is Saturdayfrom 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

And this Saturday, the 15this Military Appreciation Day

and the Christmas Villageis gonna be open from noon

to 9:00 pm with special events

that will honor our military.

So if you are near us,if you'd like to come

and visit, do that.

And to get more informationon the specifics,

just go to

It's all outlined for you there.

But you're missingsomething if you don't come.

- It's amazing.

You know, Gordon saw oneof those over in Germany.

He said, this is sobeautiful, I think we ought

to do it here.

And so the next thing you know,

he's got this thing going.

But I tell you, the live nativity was

absolutely gorgeous.

So well done.

And Santa's house has been transformed

by our scenic departmentand the little kids

are lined up for all the way around

to get into Santa.

It's fun.

- It really is fun.

And I think the live nativity is maybe the

most significant partof it, without saying.

Because it just really bringshome the Christmas message.

- And we've had, I think,something in the neighborhood

of about 17,000 people coming.

And these next few days are gonna be it.

So it's a treat and ifyou live in this area,

anywhere close to Virginia Beach,

by all means come.

It's free but it is sure worthwhile.

- Well, you may have heardsome holiday Scrooges

say that Christmas is nothingmore than a pagan celebration.

So what is the truth?

Well, you'll find out inthe new DVD Christmas,

the Story Behind the Traditions.

(orchestral We Wish You a Merry Christmas)

- [Gordon] Although, earlyChristians celebrated

the Christ Mass, the nameChristmas would not be used

until the 11th century.

And as the church adoptedsome of the traditions

from the Roman feasts, the simple mass

became more elaborate.

- In the early centuries,Christians wanted to have

nothing to do with pagan ceremony.

But once Christianity was established

and it became a missionary religion,

particularly a missionary religion

to Northern Europeans,

the Pope's gave them the go ahead

to adopt some of the harmless customs.

They said, if these peopleare used to having a feast

at this time, then have aChristian feast at this time.

Leaving out food for thegods became leaving out food

for the baby Jesus and the holy family

as they were on their way to Egypt.

- Saturnalia was a feastthat was celebrated at

the time of the winter solstice.

And part of the celebrations of Saturnalia

were to give gifts and singsongs and have parties.

And those traditions came intothe Christian world as well.

Sing songs, give gifts,have parties to celebrate

the birth of Jesus.

As Christianity movedup into Northern Europe

and came to Scandinavia, they had a feast

for the winter solsticethat was called the Yule.

And part of their celebrationwas burning a huge log,

the Yule log.

(orchestral We Wish You a Merry Christmas)

- Well, I don't know aboutyou, but I have wondered

sometimes, why we dosome of the things that

are traditions at Christmas time.

But you can learn all of that and more

in CBN's latest documentary,it's the new DVD, Christmas,

The Story Behind the Traditions.

And it's a great stockingstuffer for someone

in your family.

And it can be yoursfor a gift of just $25.

Plus we're gonna sendyou a CD of Pat reading

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

So that's two classics.

The Christmas Carol andPat reading it. (laughing)

And with your gift, we'regonna be helping people

this holiday season.

So if you'd like to be a part of making

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Our number is toll free.

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Or you can log onto

But wonderful opportunity to find out why

we do some of the things we do.

Well, in a few days, youngDavid Deaner will celebrate

his fifth birthday.

The fact that he's alive today, is a miracle

because he wasn't supposedto make it out of the womb.

But his parents prayedhim through to delivery

right on Christmas Eve.

- [Reporter] When newlywedsChristy and Jonas Deaner

found out they wereexpecting their first child

they were elated.

- We prayed and we asked God,what we should name our son.

We both came across the name David.

It meant beloved.

- [Reporter] Baby Davidwas expected to arrive

just in time for Christmas, 2013.

The idea of having a son,was so exciting for us.

- The first months ofpregnancy were textbook.

Easy, breezy and just a lot of fun.

- [Reporter] But beforeher routine checkup

at seven months, Christynoticed the baby wasn't

moving around as much as usual.

She was given an ultrasound and the couple

was sent to a waiting room for results.

- My heart sank.

I just knew something was wrong.

- [Reporter] The diagnosis was serious.

Baby David had fetal hydrops, a condition

in which fluid wassurrounding his abdomen,

lungs and heart.

Only 20 percent of babies

with the condition survive delivery.

- I felt discouraged

because he was such a healthybaby and all of a sudden

he's not and there'snothing that I can do.

- [Reporter] They rushedto see a specialist

where David was also diagnosed with SBT.

His heart rate was irregular and reaching

a life threatening 280 beats per minute.

Christy was admitted tothe hospital for treatment

and close monitoring.

- It almost sounded like ahelicopter it was going so fast.

And we'd pray, soon asit jumped back into the

high rhythm, we'd prayfor it to go back lower.

- And I couldn't sleep, I couldn't rest,

I couldn't do anything butjust sit there and pray

Lord, convert his hear rate.

- [Reporter] Five days later, baby David

was then diagnosed witha disease that elongated

his heart muscle calledrestricted cardiomyopathy.

The doctors said in a matter of days,

Christy would have an early labor

and the baby would not survive.

Christy was also at riskfor mirroring syndrome,

a condition in which her heart could fail

along with her son's.

- And so Jonas, thefirst thing that he did

was he started to pray.

And the first words out of his mouth were

God, you are good.

And so that's what we had to cling to

was God you're gooddespite our circumstances.

- [Reporter] Doctors saidthere was nothing more

they could do.

They stopped Christy's medication

and released her.

David was not expectedto survive the weekend.

The anticipation of delivery passed

as the couple began to planfor their baby's death.

- And so Jonas called a funeral home

and was ordering a casketbut we still clung to hope.

We knew that God was bigenough to heal our son.

The question is, is he gonnaheal him with a miracle

or is he gonna heal him through death?

And so every time hekicked, I had no clue if it

was gonna be the last.

- [Reporter] As Christyand Jonas looked to God

for strength, family andfriends held onto hope.

- We would send outupdates on Baby Deaner,

and the prognosis

and people would share it and I would get

countless, Facebook messagesor emails or text messages

saying hey, my church is praying for you.

- Even when my wife and I couldn't

say anything or do anything,

there were people allaround us who were praying

and we felt those prayers from

all around the world.

- [Reporter] At each checkup

David's condition had worsened,but he was still alive.

- With each appointment,they were surprised

that he was still alive.

They've never seen a baby

with this much fluidthat wasn't a stillborn.

- [Reporter] Nearly twoweeks after the Deaners

were told their child would not live,

at Christy's 23rd week appointment,

the ultrasound technician was astonished.

- I didn't even want to look at the screen

'cause I was preparing my heart

to deliver a baby that wasn't alive.

And she kept on asking me

what's your name?

What's your date of birth?

When'd the due date?

and she said, I have to go get the doctor.

- Dr. Moise looked at us

and he said, divine intervention,

that there was something that had happened

outside of their control,even though they had stopped

treating David medically, that the fluid

around his head, heart and lungs

had started to dramatically disappear.

- He said, this baby is worth saving.

I was like, really?

He's healed?


- December and Christmas were coming

and so was our son.

- [Reporter] The prayers didn't stop.

In day by day, David's health improved.

At 32 weeks there was no morefluid around his abdomen.

- And his heart even changed shape.

It was no longer elongated.

It was what a normal baby'sheart should look like.

I'm a nurse and so I know that him having

this miraculous thing done,it could only point to God.

- [Reporter] On Christmas Eve, 2013,

the couple received the giftthey had been praying for,

David William Deaner was born.

- Just the joy in Jonas and I's heart,

we were ecstatic.

- [Reporter] After only18 hours in the NICU

Christy and Jonas wereable to bring David home.

- Walking in through the door

and just being like, we're home now.

And we're a family.

- [Reporter] Today,David is healthy and his

development is right on track.

These days he's busy being a big brother.

Christy was able to have more children.

- He loves his littlesisters, Anna and Beth.

And he'd do anything for them.

He loves dinosaurs and loves Mickey Mouse

and loves Christmas.

- So Christmas Eve willalways be really special

in my heart 'cause I get to remember

our Savior who saved my son.

- David wouldn't be hereif it wasn't for God

intervening through prayer and

prayer has everything to dowith why David's here today.

- Merry Christmas.

- Alive and well.

And you know, God evenchanged the shape of his heart

in vitro, amazing.

- Defied all the predictions,okay you've got something.

- Well, I have another prayer report here.

This is Laura who lives inIslip Terrace, New York.

She was watching this programwhen she heard you, Pat,

give a word of knowledge.

You said, "There's somebodywho has migraine headaches.

"God is healing you right now.

"Those migraines are leavingyou in the name of Jesus."

She had been sufferingwith migraine headaches

for 51 years.

And after praying with youPat, she was healed instantly,

She said she felt chills andhas not had another headache.

- Can you imagine that?

Can you imagine the tormentthat woman went through.

Alright, here's one.

Carol, who lived in Reading, Pennsylvania

suffered with severearthritis in her hands.

One day she was watching the 700 Club

and Terry said quote, "Youhave arthritis in your hands.

"You can hardly open jars."

She said that's me.

She'd been diagnosed witharthritis 12 months prior.

She went to her doctor and the doctor said

it's a miracle.

What have you done?

Well, it isn't what she did.

It's what God did.

We gonna pray?

Alright folks,

let's pray together.

As we get closer to Christmas,

the great miracle is not thefact that we've got presents

and the celebration.

The great miracle of all

is a life that's beentransformed by the power of God.

And we believe in being born again,

we believe in transformation.

But we also believe in healing.

We believe in the miracle of God.

So Terry and I are gonna pray

and we're gonna believe God for you.

Wherever you are, let this be the moment

that you receive your Christmas miracle.


we pray right now

there's a pregnant woman

the water's just brokeand you've been concerned

about the health of your baby.

Your baby's gonna beborn healthy and you're

gonna deliver in a miraculous fashion,

in the name of Jesus.

Yes, go ahead.

- There someone else, you have a condition

with your eye.

It's sounds kind of strange,

it's not infected, itdoesn't ever resolve itself.

It's just stinging all the time

and it is so annoying.

It's actually almost hard ofyou to keep your eye open.

God's healing your eye for you right now.

It's gonna be exactly as it was before.

- You've got sores under your tongue.

You've got little nodules.

And it's very painful.

Just put your hand on your mouth.

In the name of Jesus, right there receive

your Christmas miracle.



- Yes, someone else, youhave behind your right knee,

it's almost like a, I'mgonna say it's like a hitch.

Like when you walk, it'slike something grabs you

there and it's actually not just painful

but it changes your gait.

God's setting you free from that.

It's just released rightnow, in Jesus' name.

- A lung fungus, your lung, you've been

either in a foreign country or you've had

parrots or birds around.

Something that gotten you this fungus.

And God right now, is burning that fungus

out of your body.

You will be able to breathe.

Take a deep breath.

Cough and then breathe deep and God

just healed your lungs.

In Jesus' name.


- [Terry] Amen.

- Praise God.

So listen, give us a call.

Let us know what happened.

We'd love to hear from you.

It a number to remember.

It's 1-800 will get youinto that toll free thing.

And then it's 700-7000, 700-7000.

That ease to remember.

Call and share with us

because we'd love to pray for you

if you have other prayer requests.

But we'd love to havethe answers to prayer

so let us hear from you.

Our lines are open right now, okay.

- Well still ahead, we're gonna open

our inbox for questionsfrom you from our viewers.

Kristin says, I am strugglingwith the pagan roots

"of the Christmas holiday.

"Does the Lord really wantus to celebrate Christmas?"

Stay tuned for your questionsand some honest answers

when we come back.

(Christmas music)

Typhoon Yolanda was one of thestrongest cyclones on record.

And when it struck theremainland of the Philippines,

it brought 175 mile an hour winds.

Can you imagine?

Well, people throughout themainland were left homeless

including a single father named Antonio.

- [Reporter] Antonio wasalone with his children

when Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines.

His wife had abandonedthe family years earlier.

- [Antonio's Interpreter]I took my children

to an evacuation center whereI thought they would be safe.

- [Son's Translator] Thehowling wind was terrifying,

parts of the ceiling werefalling all around us.

So we hid under a table and a mattress.

- [Reporter] Antonio andhis children survived

but their house did not.

- [Antonio's Interpreter] Welost everything in the storm

except for an old TV set.

- [Daughter's Interpreter]I was scared we would

have to sleep on the street.

I prayed that God would help us.

- [Reporter] Antoniobegged someone in a nearby

village for a place to stay.

- [Antonio's Interpreter]It worried me that the owner

could ask us to leave any time.

I work two jobs.

In the morning, I preparefried chicken to sell.

The rest of the day, Idrive a motorcycle taxi.

With rent to pay, school costs

and daily meals, I've hadnothing left for house repairs.

- [Reporter] Their rental wasalso infested with mosquitoes.

- [Antonio's Interpreter]When my sons got sick,

I was afraid they had gotten dengue fever

from the mosquitoes.

I cried because I felt so helpless.

- [Reporter] Then one day,Antonio told his children

to pack their things, it was time to move.

- [Daughter's Interpreter]He said we were going

to a better place.

- [Son's Interpreter]I was so excited that

we were moving away from the mosquitoes.

- [Reporter] CBN builtthe family a new home

in a place we called a Community of Hope.

- [Son's Interpreter] Ilike being in our new house.

Even in warm weather,it stays cool indoors.

- Daughter's Interpreter] It's beautiful.

There's a nice bathroom and kitchen.

- [Antonio's Interpreter]My children and I can live

here for the rest of our lives.

I can't help but cry tears of joy.

Lord, I thank you for givingmy family our own house.

- [Reporter] The housewill withstand winds

up to 150 miles per hour.

CBN is also building acommunity center and marketplace

where Antonio can sell hisfried chicken as a business.

- [Son's Interpreter] Weare so thankful that CBN

built us a house.

- Daughter's Interpreter]Thank you for providing

all of these new homes.

(happy music)

- Family restoration,community transformation,

bringing hope and the love of Jesus,

this is just one scenario ofwhat you as 700 Club members

do in the lives ofpeople in desperate need.

It's why we ask all ofyou to partner with us

because there's a lot of need out there.

Together, we can impactand make a difference.

So if you haven't joined the 700 Club yet,

today's a great day to do it.

This is a wonderful season to do it,

because when we all link arms,

we really can make a difference.

What does joining the 700 Club look like?

Well, it's a commitment of65 cents a day, $20 a month.

We just invite you to join with us.

We're out to changethe world with the love

and the presence of Jesus Christ.

And I know you want to be a part of that.

It's so easy to join.

Even our number's toll free.

It's 1-800-700-7000.

Just call and say, I wantto join the 700 Club.

And when you do we want tosend you Miraculous Blessings.

You are going to live this.

It's not only filledwith amazing testimonies

of people whose lives havebeen dramatically touched

by God and his blessings,

but Pat teaches fromthe word how do we align

ourselves so that we fallunder the blessings of God?

This is our gift to youwhen you join the 700 Club.

And remember, it's the end of the year,

you still have time to saveon your taxes for 2018.

So your gift to CBN is tax deductible.

You can help change lives here in America

as well as all around theworld like the Philippino

family you just saw.

So take advantage of year endtax savings call that number.

Again I'll give it to you.

It's 800-700-7000 or go to

because you have a great opportunity

at this time of the yearto bless someone else

and have an advantage foryourself, tax-wise as well.

- [Pat] Alright.

- We wait to hear from you.

- Amen.

- Ready for some email?

- Let's hit them hard.

- Okay, this first one comes from Kristin

who says, "Christmas andSunday are troubling points

"that I am stumbling on.

"From research I haveseen that man has decided

"to mix pagan traditions andobserve a false date of birth

"in our Lord's name.

"In multiple verses in the New Testament

"I find that Jesus celebrated the Sabbath,

"mocked the men of Earth for putting such

"harsh restrictions on the Lord's day,

"and said He was come to abolish the law.

"Does the Lord truly want us to celebrate

"the Sabbath and notobserve pagan traditions?"


- Well, you remember the resurrection,

is it on the first day of the week.

And the first day of theweek, happened to be Sunday.

And that's why theChristians began to observe

the first day of the week

as the day of the Lord's resurrection.

So that's not just pagan.

But it's funny, the Muslims have Friday,

the Jews have Saturday,the Christians have Sunday.

But the truth is the Sabbath, man was,

the Bible says

the Sabbath was made forman, not man for the Sabbath.

The Sabbath was made as a day of rest

and if you have a day of rest,the thing that worries me

isn't whether it's onMonday or Sunday or Saturday

or what other day,there's gotta be one day

that we quit doing business.

We quit trading, wequit buying and selling

and quit working.

That's what it's all about,you need a day of rest

where you can rest and worship the Lord.

So the fact that we do it onthe day of the resurrection,

on the first day of theweek, when he appeared

to his disciples, there'snothing wrong with that, okay?

- It is one of the big 10. (laughing)

- Yeah, amen.

- This is Carol who says,

"How can Christian organizationscondone having Santa

"at their celebrations?

"Shouldn't they be focusing on Jesus?"

- Look, the answer is yes.

But you know, little kids like Santa

and there was a manwho was Saint Nicholas.

He was a Saint and hewent around giving gifts

to people and he dropped

little coins intopeople's socks, stockings.

And so it's a tradition.

But the idea of amystical person who knows

when you've been good orbad or be good for goodness

sake and all that stuff,we give the attributes

of God Almighty and we can't do that.

I've told my kids, look,

Santa's make believe.

You can have all themake believe you want to.

You can play games.Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus

and all that stuff.

But Jesus is real.

You have to distinguish that.

And if you don't do it,

you're doing

a terrible damage to the faith.


- This is Ali who says,

"I left my significantother about 10 months ago

"because of his stubbornness.

"I've been praying forGod go soften his heart

"and fill it with love.

"Can God really change a person's heart?"

- Well, of course he can.

He does it all the time.

People all the time repent.

That's what the whole, theidea of repent is metanoia

which is to change your wayand have an afterthought.

You know, you're going oneway and you come back another.

That's the whole idea of repentance.

Of course people can repent.

And you got this significant other.

I wonder if you were living together

without benefit of marriage.

I really think you need to get married

if that's the problem.

And it may be the fact that he's gone

may be a good thing, not a bad thing

regardless of what it isthat's gonna happen to him

in relation to the Lord.


- This is Jerri who says, "Myson is experiencing a demon.

"Besides prayer, what can he do and we do?

"I'm hurting so bad of himand it's breaking my heart.

"Help us please."

- Look if you belong to the Lord,

you've got power over alldemons in the name of Jesus.

And I command you inJesus' name, loose him.

And the demons mustobey the voice of Jesus.

But you remember that sons of Sceva

and they went to a demon possessed man

and said, in the name ofJesus that Paul preaches

you know, and the guy says, we know Jesus

and we know Paul, but who are you?

So you've gotta be sure that you yourself

are filled with God'spower and then you can take

control over the demons.

But we're not subject to demonic power.

That's ridiculous.

Alright, one more.

- Okay, this is somebody, Wendy says,

"My husband's been playingslot machines a lot

"thinking he's going towin and give our daughter

"a better Christmas.

"How do I approach him aboutthis to get him to stop?"

- Well, I think the bestthing to show him the odds,

the odds of him hittingsomething in slot machines.

I tall you those things are fixed.

They have some little machines back there

and you get to hit thebig one and it'll kick

into another because they've been rigged.

There's a little roller they put in there

to keep them.

- But it becomes very addictive.

Her daughter and Christmasmight be an excuse

to keep doing the.

- Well, it is but again,

the odds are just incredibly against her.

We leave with today's Power Minute

from the Book of Isaiah.

"He gives power to theweak and to those who have

"no might, he increases strength."

Thank you so much for being with us.

Tomorrow, we've got best-selling author

who beat stage three cancer.

It's a very interesting book

about how he beat cancerand he did it through diet.

And you don't want to miss it because

it's a fascinating book andit's a fascinating story.

He'll be with us.

And so until then, forTerry and all of us,

God bless you.

See you tomorrow, bye-bye.

(hopeful music)



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