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Google's CEO Tells Congress 'No Bias,' Conservatives Say 'Bull'

Google's CEO Tells Congress 'No Bias,' Conservatives Say 'Bull' Read Transcript

- Are America's technologycompanies serving

as instruments of freedomor instruments of control?

- All eyes were on Google Tuesday

as members of Congresshit the search button

hoping to find answers

over the tech giant's political leanings

and privacy concerns.

- Google is able to collectan amount of information

about it's users that wouldeven make the NSA blush.

- [Strong] Google CEO, Sundar Pichai,

sat for several hoursbefore the House Judiciary

hoping to calm their concerns.

- We go to great lengthsto protect their privacy

and we give them transparency,choice, and control.

- [Strong] And then thereare the accusations of bias.

- By ranting pages, GoogleSearch always favors

one page over another.

This process however,turns much more sinister

with allegations that Googlemanipulates it's algorithm

to favor the political party it likes.

- [Strong] Californiademocrat Zoe Lofgren asked

Pichai to explain how Google Search works.

- If you google theword idiot under images,

a picture of Donald Trump comes up.

I just did that.

How would that happen?

- We try to rank

and find the best resultsfor their queries.

- So it's not some little mansitting behind the curtain

figuring out what we're going to show?

- [Strong] The concern is bipartisan.

A study from Pew reveals85% of republicans

and 62% of democrats believesocial media companies

intentionally censor viewpointsthey find objectionable.

- This election was particularly hard.

- [Strong] A leaked videopublished by Breitbart

shows some Google execsseemingly lamenting

the 2016 election results.

Pichai says Google doesn'tapproach their work with bias.

Republicans weren't buying it.

- We saw how upset thetop people at Google were

and for you to come in here

and say there is nopolitical bias in Google

tells us you are either being dishonest,

I don't wanna think that,or you don't have a clue

how politically biased Google is.

- Pichai also faced questionsover whether the company

was planning to build asearch engine for China.

Pichai stated they had no plans to do so.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.


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