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Border Wall Showdown Erupts in Oval Office as Schumer, Pelosi Publicly Tussle with Trump

Border Wall Showdown Erupts in Oval Office as Schumer, Pelosi Publicly Tussle with Trump Read Transcript

- The first meeting between the President

and Democrat leaders afterthe midterm elections

quickly turned confrontational

over the President's border wall,

raising concerns if the two sides

can reach an agreement toavoid a government shutdown.

- We'd have a Trump shutdown.- A what, did you say Trump?


- [Charlene] A tense andunprecedented meeting

inside the Oval Office.

- You have the White House,

you have the Senate, you havethe House of Representatives.

You have the votes, you should pass it.

- No, we don't have the votes, Nancy.

Because in the Senate we need 60 votes.

- No but in the House.

- And we don't have.

- [Charlene] The main pointsof contention, border security.

President Trump insisting he's willing

to let the government shut down

if Congress doesn't approve full funding

for his southern border wall.

- So the wall would get built

but we may not,

we may not have an agreement today.

We probably won't.

- [Charlene] Trump wants fivebillion dollars for his wall.

Democrats, though areoffering only 1.3 billion.

Pelosi says the governmentis not worth shutting down

over a border wall fight.

But President Trump didn't budge.

- I am proud to shut down the government

for border security.

- [Charlene] RepresentativePelosi lamented

the public squabble butthe President disagreed.

- This is the most unfortunate thing,

we came in here in good faith

and we're entering into

this kind of a discussionin the public view.

- But it's not bad Nancy.

- Let, let us,

no, no but it.- It's called transparency.

- [Charlene] The confrontation highlights

the new reality in Washington

after Democrats took controlof the House in the midterms.

CBN New's Jennifer Wishonsays the border wall battle

is the President's first indication

of what the next two years will be like.

- It's gonna be very hardfor him to get it through

Congress simply because

Congress, the Democratic House,

the new House coming in,does not want to give

the President anythingthat he can celebrate

and campaign on in 2020.

- [Charlene] ThePresident said if Congress

won't build the wall, he mightuse the military to do it.

Later Pelosi and Schumer told reporters

that after the cameras left, they proposed

a package of bills to keepthe government running.

- We hope he'll take it because a shutdown

hurts too many innocent people.

And this Trump Shutdown,this temper tantrum

that he seems to throw,

will not get him his wall

and it'll hurt a lot ofpeople because he will

cause a shutdown.

- The deadline to reach anagreement is December 21st,

just nine day away.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.


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