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Is Impeachment a Real Threat? What Flynn and Manafort Cases Mean for Trump

Is Impeachment a Real Threat? What Flynn and Manafort Cases Mean for Trump Read Transcript

- Well joining us nowwith more is Tom Fitton

President of Judicial Watch.

Tom thanks for joining us today.

- Hey, you're welcome.

Thank you for having me.

- Well Tom more and moreDemocrats seem to be openly

discussing impeachment evenas several publications

now report that Republicansare growing nervous

that the Russia probe isclosing in on President Trump.

You've been following the case.

Where do you think things stand now?

- Well you should recall that impeachment

is a political process.

So there's really no standardif an unprincipled politician

wants to push for it.

The question is do they have the votes

to impeach the President for what.

I'm not aware of anybasis for impeachment.

Certainly there's nothingthat the President has done

in office that warrants impeachment.

And the worst that theleft can come up with

are these dubious campaignfinance violations

which may or may not be actual violations.

So I think there'll be alot of political discussion

about impeachment.

Whether it goes anywhere

I think is more of an open question.

But the President should know

and I'm sure he knowsthis the Mueller operation

wants to see him impeached.

The Democrats wanna see him impeached.

And the question is will they have enough

to give them political cover to do it.

- Tom speaking of Mueller,

former Trump National Security Advisor

General Michael Flynn hasclearly been cooperating

with Special Counsel RobertMueller since pleading guilty

helping provide informationon multiple investigations

we learned last week.

Yet, you believe heshould be pardoned, why?

- 'Cause I don't think he lied.

I think he was unfairly targeted.

He was ambushed using thepretext of the Logan Act

which is a law that'snever been really enforced

in the history of America.

And as a result I thinkhe should be pardoned.

You know for instance, the FBI agents,

according to Comey'sown testimony recently

saw no physical indicationof his lying to them.

And one of the FBIagents who questioned him

was Peter Strzok the infamousanti-Trump text messager.

But they didn't see anyphysical indications he had lied

but according to Comey theyall agreed he had lied.

Well you know how does that work?

So there's enough here to warrant a pardon

given the questions aboutthe initial targeting of him

and whether he did anything wrong or not.

- And do you suspect PresidentTrump might just do that?

- Well I think General Flynn would be high

on the potential pardonlist for President Trump

of all those who've been unfairly targeted

by the Mueller Special Counsel Operation.

- Tom what do you know about William Barr,

Trump's nominee who'snow looking at a possible

second stint as Attorney General?

Do you think he's the right guy

to help turn around theJustice Department's

recent setbacks and problems?

- Well I hope so and thatshould be the expectation

from conservatives.

Conservatives shouldbe demanding from Barr

assurances that he'll cleanhouse at the Justice Department.

- Tom, I'd be remiss to ask,

I know you're gonna beon the hill this week.

At least you're scheduledto be on the hill

testifying about the Clinton Foundation.

What will you be sharing?

And what are you hoping willresult from your appearance?

- We'll be talking about Judicial Watch's,

a breakthrough litigation that uncovered

pay to play issues withthe Clinton Foundation

where donors to the Clinton Foundation,

associates to the Clinton Foundation

received special access,favors, and treatment

from the Clinton State Department.

Which may raise questionsabout not only the law

but what exactly Hillary Clinton was up to

while she was at the State Department.

Was it about protectingthe public interest

or her own private interests.

- Tom Fitton with Judicial Watch.

Thank you so much for joining us.


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