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Beating Cancer The Natural Way

Fifteen years after a stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis, Chris Wark credits his diet and lifestyle changes for his survival. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Best-sellingauthor, international speaker,

and wellness crusader Chris Wark,

found himself face-to-face with death.

At 26 years old, he was diagnosed

with stage three colon cancer.

Instead of using traditional medicine,

he radically changed his diet.

In his new book, Chris Beat Cancer,

he shares his story of healinghimself with nutrition,

and offers options for others to consider

when facing sickness and disease.

- Well, Chris is with menow, thanks for being here.

This is the Christmasseason, and 15 years ago,

that wasn't a merry Christmas for you.

- It was the worst Christmasof my life, it was.

Yeah, you know a cancerdiagnosis is a funny thing

because it really cuts thisdividing line in your life.

It's kind of like thelife of Christ, BC and AD,

like before cancer andafter the diagnosis, right,

and it changes everything.

- At 26, you're notsupposed to get cancer.

- You're not, but youngadult cancer's on the rise

because--- Why is that?

- A couple factors, three factors really.

Our diet and lifestyle,lifestyle's a little bit separate.

Our diet has gotten progressivelyworse, more unhealthy.

I was in the,

I grew up in the fast food generation,

and it's only gotten worse.

Environmental pollution'snever been higher in the US,

and then we also havebecome more sedentary,

so we're less active.

We're just sitting aroundwatching TV all day,

or playing video games, ornot moving, not exercising.

So, all of those factorsare contributing to--

- I feel like I need to standup right now. (men laughing)

- Get on the treadmill.

- I know sitting is nowcalled the new smoking,

and the more you sit,

the more you're letting your body down.

- That's right,

and one thing that probablymost people don't know,

I think everybody'sheard that the number one

cause of cancer is smoking cigarettes,

but number two is obesity.

It's the second leading cause of cancer,

because when you're obese,

your body becomes an environmentwhere cancer can thrive.

Because you have increased inflammation

and decreased immune functions.

If that doesn't motivate peopleto start exercising more,

get in the gym more, I don't know,

I'm out of suggestions.

(men laughing)

- Well,

what got you to the doctor?

- Pain, abdominal pain,

I had a colonoscopy,they found this tumor.

They said you've gottaget surgery right away,

so I had the surgery,

and then they said you need 9to 12 months of chemotherapy.

And at that point, Iwas like well, hold on,

this doesn't make sense to me.

I was already sick, I hadcancer, there was a problem,

but the idea of poisoningmy way back to health,

didn't make sense to me.

And so, I prayed about it,

and God revealed, sortof, an alternate path,

which was going back to,

living simply,

getting in harmony with the earth,

eating fruits and vegetables,food from the earth, organic,

and getting away from allthe toxic processed stuff

that I've been putting in my body.

- Did your family goalong with that decision?

- Most of them did not, theythought I'd lost my mind,

and it took time for them to come around.

But they were afraid for me, they love me,

they wanted me just to dowhat the doctor says but,

the problem is, the overalldeath rate from cancer

is only improved five percent in 60 years.

They have made very littleprogress in curing the disease,

or improving survival forlate stage cancers like mine.

I didn't know that at the time,my family didn't know that,

I was just operating on instinct.

But something inside,my instincts, intuition,

Holy Spirit, all of the above,

were saying the way you'reliving is killing you,

and you've gotta change your life.

And so, that's what I've set about to do.

That's what the books all about.

- What was your first step?

- First step was converting to an all raw,

organic diet, so onlyfruits and vegetables,

only raw food.

- So nothing cooked at all?

- No, straight back tothe Garden of Eden, right.

Only raw fruits and vegetables.

- So did you blend it?

- I bought a juicer, started juicing,

and then I started making giant salads

full of the most potentanti cancer vegetables.

Which is gonna be broccoli, cauliflower,

kale, garlic, onions,those type vegetables.

Salad vegetables, not bacon bits or cheese

or ranch dressing.

And then eating tons offruits, fruit smoothies.

- So you just said before,what's wrong with ranch dressing?

- Well, ranch dressingis a processed food,

and animal protein--

- What if you make it onyour own, using yogurt?

- It fuels cancer growth,that's the problem.

The hormones in dairy andin meat, animal protein,

fuel cancer growth.

When you look at thepopulations around the world

with the lowest rates of cancer,

they consume the lowestamount of animal food.

So, they're not pure vegans,

but they only consume aboutfive percent of their diet

from animal foods.

So that was the first step,

eliminating anythingthat could potentially be

contributing to cancer growth,

and animal protein definitely does.

- That's the first I've heard that.

I knew about beef,

I knew about some forms of dairy,

I thought yogurt was sort of a safe place,

I knew about sugar, that'sa prime fuel for cancer,

but that's the first I'veheard animal protein.

- Yeah, because it raises IGF-1,

which is insulin likegrowth factor in the body.

And IGF-1 is,

without a doubt,

medically documented topromote cancer growth.

It's like cancer rocket fuel.

- Okay, here you are 15 years later,

are you still juicing,are you still salading?

This is not I'm gonna dothis for a couple months,

and then go back to what I really like?

I want some hamburgers and fries today.

- Yeah, it was a longterm healing strategy,

because you don't get cancer overnight,

you don't heal it overnight,

and so it's more like amarathon than a sprint.

I'm 15 years out, I'm cancer free,

but it took several yearsfor my body to rebuild,

and get to the place where, I was,

my immune system had been strengthened,

and my body had dealt with anyremaining cancer stem cells.

So today, I still eat a plant based diet,

and I'm not all raw, I eat cooked food,

and I still love the juice.

- Why the differencebetween raw and cooked?

- Well, the raw fooddiet is a very aggressive

detoxification and healing diet,

so it's very powerful.

I was all raw for the first 90 days,

and then incorporatedcooked food after that.

So, it's not something that you would eat

for the rest of your life,

in fact, there's no populationanywhere in the world

that eats an all raw diet.

It's a diet that's like, okay,

I'm pulling out all the stops,

I'm going hardcore,

and that's the way to do it.

- Okay, go all hardcore,

if you wanna know more about Chris's book,

it's called Chris Beat Cancer,

a comprehensive planfor healing naturally.

It's available wherever books are sold,

and Chris, thanks forsharing your journey.

- Thank you, Gordon.

- God bless you.


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