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Netanyahu: Every Individual is Created in the Image of God

Netanyahu: Every Individual is Created in the Image of God Read Transcript

- I would say thatliving creatures with...

The ability to,

with cognitive abilities,

the ability, also, to feel pain,

sensation, grief, happiness,


this transcends human beings

but it's most encapsulatedin human beings.

It's their soul, and we recognize that.

And we salute what Shalvais doing in Israel,

which I think is a beaconto to the entire world.

Congratulations and thank you.

(audience applauding)

This goes to the fundamentalconcept developed in this land

which was,

a complete departure from anything

that existed in the ancient world.

And that is that all human beings

are created in the image of God.

There was an innate equality.

This is the basic Jewishidea that promoted...

The birth, then the growthof our civilization.

It's still contested;there are many forces

that contest this idea.

We have to contend with them.

I could say that it's notalways obvious to our critics,

the fundamental role that Israel plays

in this region and in the world.

And that is to hold theforces of radicalism

and intolerance and fanaticism and those

that don't recognize the universal rights

of men and women and children and girls,

and people of different faiths.

That they have fundamental rights

that have to be safeguarded,

and to guard those rightsyou have to do one thing:

You have to be prepared to defend them.

And if you don't defendthem, you will lose them.

If history teaches usanything, it teaches us that.

What you see here in Shalvaand what you see in Israel

is the belief, the deep belief,

in this, even though we mustfight not only physical attacks

but also the attacks ofslander and vilification.

This is something thathas accompanied our people

for many, many, centuries.


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