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Studio 5: Mann’s Breakthrough

The first couple of gospel music David and Tamela Mann share a new book and album in celebration of 30 years of marriage. Filmmaker DeVon Franklin and actress Chrissy Metz takes behind-the-scenes of their new film Breakthrough. Read Transcript

(upbeat music)

- It is time for anotheredition of Studio 5

and we have a great show for you.

David and Tamela Mannare here to talk life,

love, and longevity.

We also have an exclusive first look

at the film Breakthrough.

So let's get started andbegin this week's countdown

of what's new in uplifting entertainment.

(hip hop music)

At number five.

- The Bible say, ye thoughshe walked through the valley,

with the shaddle of,Little Red Riding Hood

and the Three Bears?

- [Efrem] The media mogul behind Medea

spread some merry Christmas cheer.

- I was trying to do anonymous,

but through some circumstances,

y'all know how nothingstays secret these days.

So I just wanted to go ahead and tell you.

If you have a layaway at the Walmart

I have paid for all of yourlayaways for Christmas.

So merry Christmas to everybody.

You've gotta go into theWalmart, get your layaway.

- [Efrem] You heard it.

He's paying off all customer layways

at two Atlanta area Walmart stores,

to the tune of $430,000.

- It made me cry.

Like, it took such aload off my shoulders,

because taking care ofsix kids by yourself

with no husband's hard.

Very very hard, especiallyaround Christmas.

- [Efrem] Tyler's givingspirit touched rapper Kid Rock,

who tweeted, I follow yourlead and paid off the layaway

at my local Walmart in Nashville.

Merry Christmas and God bless you.

- This is a Christmas miracle, blessing.

And we gotta bless somebody else.

Somebody blessed us, wegotta bless somebody else.

- [Efrem] At number four.

- Janelle Monáe is here with me

to reveal best country album, Janelle?

- Ooh, best country album.

- [Efrem] Nominations for the 61st annual

Grammy Awards are in.

♪ That's how he keeps you in cycles ♪

♪ Cycles ♪

- [Efrem] And JonathanMcReynolds' "Cycles"

is up for best gospel performance,

alongside some other friends of Studio 5.

Koryn Hawthrone's "Won't He Do It?",

Jekalyn Carr's "You Will Win."

♪ Oh, you're never alone ♪

- [Efrem] And Tori Kelly's "Never Alone."

♪ Oh, the overwhelming never-ending ♪

♪ Reckless love of God ♪

- [Efrem] Cory Asbury's "Reckless Love",

Mercy Me's "Grace Got You."

(intense music)

For King and Country's"Joy", Tauren Wells' "Known",

and Lauren Daigle's "You Say" are all up

for best contemporaryChristian performance.

♪ You say I'm in love ♪

♪ And I can't feel a thing ♪

- And so that begins ourcountdown for this week,

and it brings us to David and Tamela Mann.

Gospel music's mostexciting husband and wife

have a book about their morethan 30 years of marriage.

And for the first time in a long time,

they're singing together.

(upbeat music)

David and Tamela Mannare a living love story.

And it's story now available in the pages

of Us Against the World, OurSecrets to Love, Marriage,

and Family.

- It's like wow.

You know how you have a dream,

and you would hope that things happen?

- [Efrem] And with the dreambook comes new music together.

It's Us Against theWorld, the Love Project.

I know you've got thebook, but I'd like to begin

with the music because myfriends seem to know more

about the music thanthey did about the fact

that you wrote a book.

So the music is based on the book.

- Yes.- The music is based

on the book.

It's our first collaborationand I almost talked

my way out of doing the CD.

- Why?


- I was so intimidated aboutsinging with Tamela Mann.

Like this was TamelaMann, I'm married to her.

Still one of the greatest voices in music.

- I wouldn't wanna sing withyou and try to outshine you.

- I know, but it was just still like,

I have to sing with the Voice.

So once they put togetherthis group of songs,

that we first gave theman outline of the book,

and they put together this group of songs.

They were tailor made for us,

and they were singing abouthow I felt about this woman.

Like, there's a song called Still Do,

there's a song called You, I Love You.

- I Love You, I Love.


- Those are songs thatwere from my heart to her,

and so it was like, oh, thisis familiar, I can do this,

this is easy.

- And it did, and it's like,I was just really smiling.

And we just finished up the tour,

and to be singing onstagewith him for the first time

like that, with us as a duet, it was like,

it's been incredible.

- No literally, she wouldwalk out and she would smile.

- Showing all my teeth justlike, I'd be smiling so big.

The songs really do fit us perfectly.

Even the songs that I'm doing to him,

about you make me feel likeI'm on top of the world.

I'm this special girl.

I mean, it really sayseverything that we feel

and we are to each other.

- I love it, I love it, andyou guys have a marriage that,

I mean, I'm happily marriedbut I still wanna live up

to what I read about.


The two of you.

One of the things I love that you say is,

faith, friendship, andfun are really important

in your relationship, andfun is not negotiable.

- No, no.- It's not.

- No, why is that?

- We have a chapter inthe book called L-O-L,

laugh out loud.

It's so crazy how there are some couples

that don't even have agood laugh with each other.

Like you can go to work and,aw, we're having a great time.

And you get home, it's like all sour face.

- Yeah.

- I wanna come and have the most fun

and have the best time with her.

- It's like, even likethis morning we woke up

and he was just sittingthere, and I was like, hey.

I was like, I love you.

- Where did that come from?

And she just blew me up a little.

- But it's just like,it's an ongoing thing,

and even though he makes me the maddest,

but he makes me the happiest.

- I can make her happy.

- And he makes me laugh.

- Yeah, 'cause I thinkin one of the songs,

you talk about being ableto push the right buttons.

- And he makes me laugh so much.

I tell him, I said, wellactually one day, he told me.

He was like, that's why you're not sick,

'cause I keep you laughing.

You know, no diabetes.

- She has no ailments.

I give her medicineeveryday through laughter.


- So it's really been a blessing,

and I think it's to pass it on.

- [Efrem] Yeah.

- It's to try and encourage other people

that it can be done.

- And don't take everything so seriously.

Some stuff, you just sitback, it's really funny.

Some of the arguments thatwe get into as couples,

if you really think aboutit, that's laughable.

That's funny.

And what we do is like,sometimes we sit around like,

you know that was dumb, right?

- Right?

- That was really dumband you gotta laugh at it.

- And sometimes you don'tremember why, why, why?

How did we get here?

- How did we get so far off-course?

- For someone watching,the book is, I mean,

not only is it informativeabout your life.

You give practicalthings that people can do

to begin changing things.

So you sit here, do youbelieve that a bad marriage

is fixable?

- Yes.- I do.

- Only if the two people want it fixed.

If you ask.- Both parties.

- Yeah, you go to both parties and.

- I think both parties have to want it.

I mean, it's not gonna fix itself

if both people are notwanting to work it out

and work it out.

- You go to them and saylook, do you guys want this?

- 'Cause that's like the firstquestion he ask, I'm sorry.

That's the first question he asks.

- That's the first question I'll ask.

Do both of y'all want this?

If both parties are likeyes, and give me a yes,

we really want it, let's work forward.

But if one person's like, Idon't know, we got a problem.

- We're having so much funchatting with the Manns.

We're going to keepthe conversation going.

In the spirit of Studio 5, actually,

the Manns have five commandmentsfor a happy life together.

And still ahead.

- Hello, everybody.

This was my idea, by the way.

- [Efrem] Big news fromKathie Lee Gifford.

I heard you say, or atleast someone say about you,

and I could be mistaken,that this is the most

exciting time in your life?

We have news on her exciting next moves.

- God almighty is a God of blessing.

He always wants to bless his people.

But how do you get that blessing?

And what principleswill unlock that secret?

- [Announcer] In Miraculous Blessings,

Pat Robertson shows youhow to open the floodgates

of God's awesome blessings in your life.

- In order to have a blessing,you've gotta be blessable.

- [Announcer] Discoverwhat the Bible has to say

about God's covenant ofblessing, the laws of blessing,

and what are the hindrancesto the blessings of God?

- The words of Jesus, they are as valid

as the law of gravity, andif we follow those laws,

we will be blessed.

- [Announcer] You'llsee amazing true stores

of everyday peoplewhose loves were rescued

and transformed by God'smiraculous blessings.

- But even the doctors acknowledged

that this had to be a miracle.

- [Announcer] Call1-800-700-7000 or visit

to become a CBN partner andget Miraculous Blessings today.

- And welcome back to Studio 5.

We have more with theManns in just a moment.

Right now, it is time to get back

to this week's best headlinesin uplifting entertainment.

At number three.

♪ I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ♪

- [Efrem] That's theundeniably incredible voice

of Andrea Bocelli.

- [Man] How do you saymerry Christmas in Italian?

(speaks in foreign language)

- [Efrem] The Italian singer opens up

about his Christian journey

in his Heart of Christmas specialshot at his home in Italy.

- We know you're passionateabout your audience.

We can read many things online about you,

but what there is not a lotof is your strong faith.

- [Efrem] It's on CBN December 20th.

♪ May your days be merry and bright ♪

- [Efrem] At number two.

- Hello everybody.

This was my idea, by the way.

- [Efrem] NBC's Today Show says goodbye

to Kathie Lee Gifford withits news sheet saying,

she's generously agreedto stay through the show's

April 7th anniversary,and Kathie Lee saying,

I leave Today with a grateful heart,

but I'm truly excited forthis new creative season

in my life.

Gifford has new books, new music,

and new movies in the works.

I heard you say, or atleast someone say about you,

and I could be mistaken,that this is the most

exciting time in your life?

- You know what, it is anexciting time in my life.

You would think that I'd be hanging up my.

- Heel?

- My big old heels andheading into the sunset.

It's the exact opposite of that.

- And that leaves us withonly one more headline

in this week's countdown,and it is a good one.

While we get that ready for you,

let's get back to David and Tamela Mann.

There's a chapter in the bookcalled Manns on a Mission,

and you give some rules, five rules.

I love the number five so I wanted to get

your quick take on whythese are important.

Number one, thou shalt be honest.

Why is that important?

- It's important.

If I can't be honest, we can'tbe honest with each other,

I can't expect anybody elseto be honest, you know?

I definitely wanna, even when we were,

I'm asking, what do Ineed to satisfy you more?

I want you to be honest with.

- Right.

- [David] Tell me like.

- And how, that's viceversa for me as well.

It's like, because we can'tread each other's minds,

and if you don't tell me, Iwill never know what you need.

And I think that's what happens

in a lot of our relationships is we think,

well you ought to know me by now.

No no.- I want you to be honest

and tell me.

- What I need you to do.

- Like, what's wrong?


You're lying, you needto be honest with me.

- But sometimes, that's onething that women, I'm sorry.

That's one thing that women,we do say the nothing word.

It's like, I don't knowwhy, but it just happens.


- Well it's nothing like this.

Why you not talking?


I need you to open up and tell me,

what do I need to do make your happier

and keep this moving?

- Yeah, 'cause I think Iwanna fix this and move on.

- I had to learn thatbecause I haven't always

been a very boisterous person.

So that's one thingthat I've had to learn,

and I've had to learn to even listen more.

- Identify the money manager.

- You gotta know.

- Who's good at what in some areas.

Like me, I'm good with the house.

But when it comes, andthen to when it comes

to the business part, it'skinda like, that's his niche.

It's better for him.

He's online all the time,that's the thing that he does,

things that he like to do.

And I don't like to do it, so.

- You don't want theperson that's a gambler.

- Or a shopaholic.

- Managing your money.

You have to identify, andit goes back to the other,

be honest.

If you're not good, it'sokay that you're not.

There's some areas that she's strong in

that I'm not strong in.

- Right.

- But we complement each other.

And there's some area, I say, look,

I can take care of this,you can take care of that,

and we make it work.

- Right.

- I like it.

There's something, I'm thinking even now,

my wife be like, why doyou need me here for this?

You can do this.

Like, I don't like do this.

- You ought to hear this.

- You handle that.

- Especially if you'regonna come back and fuss

'cause you didn't do it right.


- Create a budget.

- You have to create a budget.

There has to be like, thisis where we're gonna go.

You can't go out and just,let's just make big purchases,

and we're gonna use all themoney to make big purchases.

You have to create abudget, and the thing is,

in creating a budget,you have to stick to it.


That's why we, like,we started building up,

doing a project at home,and she was like, dear,

we're way over budget.

- Yes.

- I know but we can put the penthouse in.

So somebody has to have the rational mind,

and that's her strong point.

I love it.

- Invest as a team.

- [David] Yes.

- Yes.

- Now everything that we own.

- Our names on everything together.

I mean, it's like, from top to bottom.

But we talk to each other about it.

It's like let's talk it throughto make sure it makes sense.

Even to go back to the last one.

Before I like, if I sayI wanna buy something,

I usually go to him andsay, is this a good time

for me to buy whatever I need?

You know, it could be a pair of shoes.

But I just consult andtalk to him about it,

I'm just not a spender tojust go out, even with that.

- We're doing it at a team.

Because you wanna makesure that as a team,

you're making those decisions'cause I can guarantee you

that if it goes bad and youmade that decision by yourself.


- You will be reminded.

- 100% guarantee it's gonna be like.

- [Both] I told you.

- Exactly.

- You're gonna need that making up track.


Last, keep consistent.

- People are not lookingfor perfect people.

What they are looking for is people

that are gonna beconsistent in what they say.

And I give you a case in part.

If you, everyday you come inand you're this happy guy,

and everybody knowsyour spirit around here,

he's a genuinely goodguy, you come in one day

and you have a bad day,they're not gonna judge you

on that one mad day.

They're gonna look back atwhat you've been consistent at,

and say, you know what?

That's not really his spirit.

Let's give him a pass.

Now the flip side isif you come in everyday

and you're an idiot.


- Awesome, well the bookis Us Against the World,

and so is the album.

Both are beautiful, thank you.

- Thank you having us.- My pleasure.

- Those two are simply the best.

Now you can get morefrom them in their book,

Us Against the World, OurSecrets to Love, Marriage,

and Family.

And you can listen totheir love in their music

in a project of the same name.

And still to come.

- Boys, get off the ice.

- We're training for the Olympics, sir.

(dramatic music)

- Cindy.

- [Efrem] Chrissy Metz' leading role

in a real life miracle story,made for the big screen.

Do you believe in miracles?

- I do.

I, ooh, you're gonna get me crying.

- [Efrem] It's a Studio 5 exclusive

first look at Breakthrough.

(gentle piano music)

- [Announcer] Life.

It's meant to be lived fully.

Jesus said it.

I came to give you life.

Life to the fullest.

Life in your family.

Life in your finances.

Life in your body, mind, and spirit.

Life in your everyday.

At, we're takingwhat Jesus said seriously.

We're here to help you discover life.


Live it fully.

(upbeat music under)

- And welcome back to Studio 5, everybody.

We have made it to the final headline

in this week's countdown ofthe best stories unfolding

in the world of uplifting entertainment.

At number one.

♪ Wondrous unfamiliarlessons from childhood ♪

- [Efrem] Chance theRapper is taking a break

from his music to spendmore time in his Bible.

- What you thinking about?

- [Efrem] In this Instagrampost with his new nephew

in his arms, the rapper shares,

I'm on a plane headed out of the country

on my first sabbatical.

I'm going away to learn the word of God

which I admittedly am unfamiliar with.

I've been brought up bymy family to know Christ

but I haven't taken itupon myself to really

just take a couple ofdays and read my Bible.

♪ I made it through ♪

♪ Made it through, made it through ♪

♪ I made it through, yeah ♪

- [Efrem] He asked, howmuch time do we spend

as followers of Jesus to really just read

and know his word?

I'm definitely guilty of notdevoting enough time to it.

He adds, the next generationof Bennetts is here,

and I need to be able togive my nephew the knowledge.

♪ Are you there, there? ♪

♪ For your blessing ♪

- And so wraps this week's countdown.

For the next story, we'regonna head to Canada

and the set of a new film.

It's based on the true story of a mother

who was told her son isdead after he falls through

a frozen lake, but herfaith won't accept it,

and she prays him back to life.

Chrissy Metz stars as JoyceSmith in Breakthrough.

We traveled to a chilly Winnipeg, Canada

to visit the set of the film Breakthrough,

based on a real life storyand produced by preacher

and filmmaker, Devon Franklin.

This is a film centeredaround a major miracle.

Have you see miracles inthe production of this film?


- Well listen, let me tellyou, getting a movie made,

every movie that gets made is a miracle.

So you have no choice but to see miracles

whether you want to or not.

And this film is no exception.

And then also what'sbeen incredible is just

there's just been theseGod moments on set.

- All that I've everwanted was to be like you.

- [Efrem] Most famous for her role

on the NBC hit show, This is Us,

Chrissy Metz plays therole of Joyce Smith,

the Missouri mom who praysher son back to life,

following a fall through a frozen lake.

So you've had an opportunity meet Joyce.

- Yes.

- Tell me, what's that like to meet her?

The woman that you're bringingto life on the big screen.

- You know, I try to livewithout expectations, right?

And so when she walked in the room,

I just wanted to like, hug her, you know?

Obviously being in her shoesas far as an actress goes,

knowing what she's beenthrough, I can't fathom it,

but I am obviously trying to portray it.

And I just wanted to hug her and hold her,

and just, like, know everything.

- What do you guys have onfor the rest of the day?

- Well John has a basketball game.

- Yeah, I've seen this guyhoop it up around here.

This kid is so lit.

♪ Heyo, touch this song ♪

- Text your mom tomorrow and tell her

when and where to pick you up.

And uh, don't do anything stupid.

- Love you guys.

- Boys, get off the ice.

- We're trying for the Olympics, sir.

(dramatic music)

- Cindy.


(dramatic music)

- He's been underwaterfor more than 15 minutes.

This is gonna be a recovery, not a rescue.

- I got something.

We got him.

- We've done everythingmedically possible.

There's nothing more we can do.


- No.

Please God, send your holyspirit to save my son.


- Do you believe in miracles?

- I do.

I, ooh, you're gonna get crying.


Ah, yes I do believe inmiracles, absolutely.

- What made you believe?

- You know, I've alwayshad a sense of faith

that my grandmotherinstilled from we were kids.

And I would, then goingto church on my own

just because I was lookingfor something to help me.

Something greater than myself.

And time and time again, I'mshown that God is working

on my behalf, and ithappens more times than I

sometimes even give him credit for.

- A 14-year-old St. Charlesboy who spent 15 minutes

trapped underwater is continuingto fight for his life.

(inspiring music)

- I don't believe Johnwill survive the night.

- You don't know my son.

He is a fighter, so I needyou to be the best for John,

and you just let God do the rest.

You are my pride and joy.

I can't wait to watchyou shoot those baskets

and run up and down the court again.

- The Smith family asked for one thing.

Please pray for John.

- I was ready to give up,but then I hear this voice

telling me, go back.

Either I'm nuts.

- Or God's talking to you.

- But I don't believe in God.

- I believe, but maybethat only goes so far

with something like this.

- I'm your pastor.

I'm supposed to walk alongsideyou for as long as it takes.

- I hope he's gonna be okay.

- [Joyce] We're not gonnaget through this alone.

Whatever you have forme, for Brian, for Tom,

I surrender.

You know, I experiencedsomething with my mom

about eight months ago.

And that's what really, that's why for me,

the story was so important to tell.

Because I had told my mother'sdoctors the same thing

that Joyce said to John's doctors,

was that, you don't know him.

And you don't know my mom.

And they were just sure thatshe was not going to recover,

and of course she'sbeen making some really

really great strides,and she's still with us.

And so I believe, yes,absolutely in miracles.

- Can't wait to see this film.

Breakthrough is intheaters Easter weekend.

Still ahead.

♪ I do it for the turn up ♪

♪ Got that ammo locked loaded ♪

- [Efrem] Rapper, pastor,and author, Trip Lee.

- All of us, we have days whenwe have trouble getting up.

- [Efrem] Drops a wakeup word in Studio 5.

- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148,000,000 orphans

in the world today?


But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage,

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection, andthe overwhelming desire

to be loved.

That experience changed me forever,

and out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated, andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

and become family to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now?

Because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

(upbeat music under)

- Welcome back.

It is time to say it in pictures.

Here's this week's Studio 5 snapshot.

Call it a bittersweet reunion.

These are images of Monday's matchup

between friends, formerteammates, and now NBA rivals,

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.

This was the final two-stepfor two of the most successful

teammates in NBA history.

Dwyane Wade has calledthis season his last dance

before retirement, and it isthis week's Studio 5 snapshot.

And with that, we are almost out of time

for this week's episode of Studio 5.

So let's begin to look ahead,

and see what we'reworking on for next week.

Just in time for the holiday.

♪ One child born in the stillness ♪

♪ There thee within us, my Noel ♪

- [Efrem] Matt Meyer has hisfirst Christmas music project.

It is hard to believe we are here

to talk about Christmas.

- It's pretty strange.

(Efrem laughs)

- Christmas already?

- Yeah.

- And you have now doneyour first Christmas album.

- Yes.

- Why so long?

And a book to get ourchildren ready for the season.

- Honestly I thinksomething that was a really,

unexpected source of creative inspiration

was the passing of my father.

- [Efrem] Studio 5 catchesup with the author and singer

as he tours the country before Christmas.

♪ Say glory ♪

♪ Glory ♪

♪ Let there be peace ♪

♪ Let there be peace ♪

- It's a very special edition of Studio 5,

and we hope you will join us for that.

Before we say goodbye,this week we have one more

uplifting word to share.

And it comes from rapper,author, and pastor, Trip Lee.

- All of us, we have days wherewe have trouble getting up.

That alarm goes off and it's like,

the very last thing you wanna hear.

You wanna get some more minutes of sleep.

And so throughout mylife, with chronic fatigue

and even before, you have those moments

where you can convinceyourself of anything

not to get up out of the bed, you know.

But just to get those extra five minutes.

And what I'm trying totalk about in the book is,

that's how we do with life.

Often is that God has called us to rise,

he's called us to live theway we were made to live,

but especially as young folks,we wanna just put that off.

Wanna wait til a little bit later.

We can come up with all kinda reasons

like I know I should followGod, I know I should do this,

but it'd be better if Ijust waited until later.

And so that 7:00 AMlogic, I'm trying to say,

let us not do that while we're young.

Let's get up right now'cause God created us

to live for his glory, andthat role has already started.

It doesn't get easier to get up later,

even though we tell ourselves that.

Like, nah, I'll just wait five minutes

and it'll be easier to get up.

It's no easier.

And it's the same thing with life.

- So, stop waiting and delaying.

Get up now and live.

Make the day count.

That is the great final wordfor this edition of Studio 5,

and this week's look atuplifting entertainment.

Until next time, make timeto uplift someone else.

Bye-bye, everybody.


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