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700 Club Interactive - December 13, 2018

Chris Wark had stage 3 colon cancer and refused chemotherapy. Fifteen years later he’s healthy and shares his diet and lifestyle changes. Read Transcript

- [Gordon] A daughter yearns for a family.

- [Kayla] My dad gotmurdered when I was one.

- [Gordon] And turns tosex and drugs to cope.

- I was afraid of being alone.

Using drugs and drinking alcohol

to fill any kind of void that I felt.

- [Gordon] See how she broke free.

- That's when I felt loved andfelt like I was just accepted

and cared about.

- Plus, Chris Wark shares

how he went from stage 3 colon cancer

to cancer free with no chemotherapy,

all on today's 700 Club Interactive.

Well, welcome to the show.

Here's Efrem Graham with thisweek's Top 5 from Studio 5.

- [Efrem] At number five,

- The Bible say yea thoughshe walked in the valley

with the shadow of theLittle Red Riding Hood

and The Three Bears

- [Efrem] The media mogul behind Madea

spreads the Merry Christmas cheer.

- I was trying to do this anonymously,

but due to some circumstances,

you all know nothingstays secret these days.

So I just wanted to go ahead and tell you.

If you have a layaway at the Walmart,

I have paid for all of yourlayaways for Christmas.

So Merry Christmas to everybody.

You got to go into theWalmart, get your layaway.

- [Efrem] You heard it.

He's paying off all customer layaways

at two Atlanta area Walmart stores,

to the tune of $430,000.

- It made me cry.

Like, it took such aweight off my shoulder

because taking care ofsix kids by yourself

with no help, it's hard, very,very, very hard especially.

- [Efrem] Tyler's givingspirit touched rapper Kid Rock

who tweeted, I followed your lead

and paid off the layaway atmy local Walmart in Nashville.

Merry Christmas and God bless you.

- This is a Christmas miracle blessing

and we got to bless somebody else.

Somebody bless us we gotto bless somebody else.

- [Efrem] At number four.

- Janelle Monae is here with me

to reveal Best Country Album, Janelle?

- Ooh, Best Country Album.

- [Efrem] Nominations forthe 61st annual Grammy Awards

are in.

("Cycles" by Jonathan McReynolds)

And Jonathan McReynolds' Cycles,

is up for Best Gospel Performance

alongside some other friends of Studio 5.

Koryn Hawthorne's Won't He Do It,

Jekalyn Carr's You Will Win,

("Never Alone" by Tori Kelly)

And Tori Kelly's, Never Alone,

("Reckless Love" by Cory Asbury)

Cory Asbury's Reckless Love,

MercyMe's Grace Got you,

("Joy" by For King and Country)

For King and Country's Joy,

Tauren Wells Known, andLauren Daigle's You Say,

are all up for best contemporaryChristian performance.

("You Say" by Lauren Daigle)

At number three,

("White Christmas" by Andrea Bocelli)

that's the undeniably incrediblevoice of Andrea Bocelli.

- [Man] How do you sayMerry Christmas in Italian?

- Buon Natale.


- Buon Natale, very simple.

- [Efrem] The Italian singer opens up

about his Christian journey,

in his Heart of Christmas Specialshot at his home in Italy.

We know your passionateabout your audience.

We can read many things online about you,

but what there is not a lotof is your strong faith.

- [Efrem] It's on TBN December 20th.

("White Christmas" by Andrea Bocelli)

- At number two.- Hello everybody.

This was not my idea by the way.

- NBC's Today Show says goodbye

to Kathie Lee Gifford,with its News Chief saying,

she's generously agreed to stay

through the show's April 7 anniversary.

And Kathie Lee saying I leavetoday with a grateful heart,

but I'm truly excited aboutthis new creative season

in my life.

Gifford has new books, new music

and new movies in the works.

I heard you say, or atleast someone say about you,

and I could be mistaken,

that this is the mostexciting time in your life.

- You know what, it is anexciting time in my life.

You would think that I'd be hanging up my.

- (chuckles) Your heels?- My big ol' heels

and heading into the sunset,its exact opposite of that.

- [Efrem] At number one.

("Blessings" by Chance the Rapper)

Chance the rapper is takinga break from his music

to spend more time in his Bible.

- What are you thinking about?

- [Efrem] In this Instagram post,

with his new nephew in his arms,

the rapper shares I'm on aplane headed out of the country

on my first sabbatical.

I'm going away to learn the Word of God,

which I admittedly am unfamiliar with.

I've been brought up bymy family to know Christ

but I haven't taken it upon myself

to really just take a coupleof days and read my Bible.

("Blessings (Reprise)"by Chance the Rapper)

He asked how much time do wespend as followers of Jesus

to really just read and know His word?

I'm definitely guilty of notdevoting enough time to it.

He adds, the next generationof Bennett's is here,

and I need to be able togive my nephew the knowledge.

("Blessings (Reprise)by Chance the Rapper)

- Well, Efrem's with me now,

and what do you want to lead off with?

- We can start with Chance if you like.

- You wanna talk Chance?- Yes.

- I can't believe he's just taken.

- Just left the countrywon't say where he is.

He sharing some of what he's reading.

So if you want to read along with him,

like about 15 minutes ago,

he posted reading thebook of Galatians today,

if you want to join me,it's a real short book

and those are his exact words.

Been a Christian for a long time,

but says you don't know enough.

I guess, I don't knowenough about the Bible

and I'm sure that many ofyou are just as guilty.

I was raised in the church.

I know Jesus yes,

but I don't know hisword as well as I should.

So he says he's coming back.

When he does come back,

he's going to have severalbooks of the Bible read

and he will have kicked his smoking habit

because he is giving him smoking as well.

- Good for him.- Yes.

And the Word of God ishelping him to do that too.

- Yeah.- (chuckles) Yes.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.- Yes indeed.

- All right, Cathy Lee isleaving morning television,

which is like, what?

- (laughing) I know.

She is a staple of fixturedmorning television.

April 7 will be her lastday on the NBC Today Show,

which will be her 11th anniversary.

- [Gordon] Should we startplotting her comeback?

- [Efrem] Let's put her on a wheel.

- [Gordon] Kathie Lee, welcome.

Pay us a visit.- She's really busy.

She spent much of the summerin Scotland shooting a movie.

She's written two books

that we talked to her aboutwithin the last just few months,

both of them on the bestsellerlist, even as we speak,

and when she writes books, I mean,

they're not light and fluffy books.

I mean these are books thattake a lot of deep research.

Her children are in LA.

Her son is a screenwriter.

Her daughter is an actress.

So she's away from them alot having to be in New York.

So this was certainly free upand spend more time with them,

but she's got a lot of projects.

New music, still writingbooks, working on the film,

doing the score forthat, she's a busy woman.

At 65, very good.- She's young.

- Yes, she's got a lot of living to do.

- The older I get, the younger she is.

She's young.- Yes, I know.

I know she looks youngerthan when she was on--

- I know somebody in television at 89,

still doing daily television.- I know him too.

(both laughing)

Moving a lot better than mostof us unfortunately for us.

- I got to start taking careof better care of myself.

- Yes, I tell you.

- All right, TylerPerry is doing something

I think is absolutely spectacular.

- That was so beautiful.

- Yeah, and what a genius move

to target the layaway at Walmart to say,

all right, here's peoplewho have already expressed

aspiration, this is whatI want for my family.

I can't afford it now,can you lay it away,

and to come in and say, okay,

I'm gonna take care of all of that.

Brilliant move.- Brilliant move

and to hear the people

just in terms of what a burden was lifted.

There's one woman who was interviewed

and she said it's such a giftbecause our car just died

and we were trying to decide

do we pay to get the car fixednow or do we get the layaway

because it's gettingso close to Christmas?

She goes well now, we don'thave to make that choice.

We can go ahead and get the car fixed

and the layaway is taken care of.

All you had to do is come in with a penny.

- I can tell you already,take care of the car.

- Yeah, yeah you have no choice.

You can't get to work.- You gotta get to work.

You start work and then thingsreally start getting better.

- Yes, indeed.

Yeah, beautiful story, beautiful story

and, as you saw withKid Rock it's spreading.

Others are saying, well, it's a good idea.

Let me go do the same thing.

- [Gordon] Yeah, thememes I got, God bless.

- [Efrem] God blessyou, yes, God bless you.

- Who knew?- Inspiring, inspiring indeed.

- Uh, Grammys.- Phew!

- You got a favorite?

- I do have a favorite.

Jonathan Reynolds when he cameon the scene back in 2013,

has long been my favorite soI'm certainly rooting for him.

I want to say this is hissecond time being nominated.

He's nominated for BestGospel Album and Best Single.

- [Gordon] So you're in overwhelming love?

- I love it.

That's a separate category

so I can root for Corey Asbury as well.

Love him, love that song.

That song for me never gets old.

You can hear them startingto play it at church

and you think, oh that again,no, that again, yes, I love it

so rooting for him as well, yeah.

- But you're not rootingfor Lauren Daigle?

- I applaud, I love Lauren,listened to it as well,

it's still new.

- [Gordon] It's because shedidn't come on your show?

- (laughing) No, not yet.

No, I still love Lauren,I still love Lauren.

- She didn't come on your show.

- No that's not it, I promise, I promise.

(both laughing)

If only Lauren you could say yes.

(both laughing)

Listen, we're rooting for you as well,

but Cory Asbury, I'm praying he win.

That would be nice.

You got a favorite?

- I'm overwhelmed, yeah.- See, see, here we go.

- So I'm, yeah, yeah.- Yes, yeah.

We'll be watching.- It's not just good music,

it is absolutely deep andtells the heart of God

in a way that most songs don't

and you just going through those lyrics

and experiencing that, you'reexperiencing his nature.

- Absolutely.

- And it truly is overwhelming.

- Yep, frankless, I like it.

- Well, for all the latestin entertainment news,

check out Efrem's weeklyshow it's called Studio 5.

You can watch it online at,

or on the CBN news channel.

All you have to do ischeck your local listings.

Well, coming up, he foundhimself face to face with death

at the age of 26.

Hind out how Chris Warksurvived and then beat cancer

after refusing chemotherapyright after this.

(bright music)

Chris Wark was an active26-year-old husband,

recording music, touring with his band,

and leading real estate deals.

Then right before Christmas,

he was diagnosed withstage 3 colon cancer.

- [Narrator] Best-sellingauthor, international speaker

and wellness crusader, Chris Wark,

found himself face to face with death.

At 26 years old, he was diagnosedwith stage 3 colon cancer.

Instead of using traditional medicine,

he radically changed his diet.

In his new book, Chris Beat Cancer,

he shares his story ofhealing himself with nutrition

and offers options for others to consider

when facing sickness and disease.

- Well, Chris is with me now.

Thanks for being here.

This is the Christmasseason and 15 years ago

that wasn't a Merry Christmas for you.

- It was the worst Christmasof my life (chuckles) it was.

Yeah, you know a cancerdiagnosis is a funny thing

because it really cuts thisdividing line in your life,

like it's kind of like thelife of Christ, BC and AD,

like before cancer, andafter the diagnosis right?

And it changes everything.

- At 26 you're not supposed to get cancer.

- We're not but young adultcancer is on the rise.

- Why is that?

- A couple factors.

Three factors really.

Our diet and lifestyle, lifestyleis a little bit separate,

but our diet has gottenprogressively worse, more unhealthy.

I grew up in the fast food generation

and it's only gotten worse.

Environmental pollution hasnever been higher in the US,

and then we are also havebecome more sedentary,

so we're less active,

we're just sitting aroundwatching TV all day,

or playing video games ornot moving, not exercising.

So all those factors are contributing to--

- [Gordon] I feel like Ineed to stand up right now.

- (laughs) Get on the treadmill.

- I know, sitting is nowcalled the new smoking.

And the more you sit the more

you're letting your body down.

- That's right and one thing

that probably most people don't know,

I think everybody's heard

that the number one cause ofcancer is smoking cigarettes,

but number two is obesity.

It's the second leading cause of cancer.

And because, when you're obese,

your body becomes an environmentwhere cancer can thrive

because you have increased inflammation

and decreased immune function.

So it's not,

if that doesn't motivate peopleto start exercising more,

get in the gym more,

I don't know about I'm out of suggestions.

(both laughing)

- Well, what got you to the doctor?

- Pain, abdominal pain.

I had a colonoscopy.

They found this tumor.

They said you got toget surgery right away,

so I had the surgery

and then they said you need 9to 12 months of chemotherapy,

and at that point I waslike, whoa, hold on,

like this doesn't make sense to me.

And I felt like I was already sick,

I had cancer, there was a problem,

but the idea of poisoningmy way back to health

didn't make sense to me,and so I prayed about it

and God just revealedsort of an alternate path

which was going back to living simply,

getting in harmony with the earth,

eating fruits and vegetables,food from the earth, organic

and getting away from allthe toxic processed stuff

that I've been putting in my body.

- Mm-hmm.

Did your family go alongwith that decision?

- Most of them did not.

They thought I'd lost my mind

and it took time for themto come around (chuckles),

but they were afraid for me.

They love me, they wanted me to just to do

what the doctor says,

but the problem is theoverall death rate from cancer

has only improved 5% in 60 years.

So they have made very littleprogress in curing the disease

or improving survival forlate stage cancers like mine.

And I didn't know that at the time,

my family didn't know that Iwas just operating on instinct,

but something inside,

my instincts, intuition, the Holy Spirit,

all the above were saying,

the way you're living is killing you

and you got to change your life.

And so that's what I set about to do.

That's what the books all about.

- What was your first step?

- First step was convertingto an all raw organic diet.

So only fruits andvegetables, only raw food.

- So nothing cooked at all?

- No, straight back tothe Garden of Eden, right?

- Only raw fruits and vegetables.

- So did you blend it, did you?

- I bought a juicer, started juicing

and then I started making giant salads

full of the most potentanti-cancer vegetables

which is going to bebroccoli, cauliflower, kale,

garlic, onions, those type vegetables,

salad vegetables, not baconbits or cheese or ranch dressing

and then eating tons of fruit,fruit smoothies and then--

- So you just hit a chord.

What's wrong with ranch dressing?

- Well, ranch dressing is a processed food

and animal protein--- What if you make it

on your own using yogurt?

- It fuels cancer growth,that's the problem.

- Animal protein, the hormones and dairy

and in meat, animalprotein fuel cancer growth.

And when you look at thepopulations around the world,

with the lowest rates of cancer,

they consume the lowestamount of animal food.

So they're not pure vegans,but they only consume about 5%

of their diet from animal foods.

So that was the first stepis like eliminating anything

that could potentially becontributing to cancer growth

and animal protein definitely does.

- That's the first I've heard that.

I knew about beef.

I knew about some forms of dairy.

I thought yogurt was sort of a safe place.

I knew about sugar that that'sa prime fuel for cancer.

But that's the first Iheard animal protein.

- Yeah, because it raises IGF-1,

which is Insulin-likeGrowth Factor in the body.

And IGF-1 is, without a doubt,

medically documented topromote cancer growth.

It's like cancer rocket fuel.

- Okay, here you are 15 years later.

Are you still juicing oryou're still salading.

is this is not a I'm gonnado this for a couple months

and then go back to what I really like.

I want some hamburgers and fries to that.

- Yeah, it was along-term healing strategy

because you don't get cancer overnight,

you don't heal it overnight,

and so it's more like amarathon than a sprint.

Now I'm 15 years out, I'm cancer-free,

but it took several yearsfor my body to rebuild

and get to the place where I was,

my immune system had been strengthened

and my body had dealt with anyremaining cancer stem cells.

So today I still eat a plant-based diet

and I'm not all raw, Ieat cooked food (chuckles)

and I still love to juice.

Love carrot juice.

- Why the differencebetween raw and cooked?

- Well, the raw food diet

is a very aggressivedetoxification and healing diet.

So it's very powerful.

And I was all raw for the first 90 days

and then incorporatedcooked food after that.

So it's not something that you would eat

for the rest of your life.

In fact, there's no populationon anywhere in the world

that eats an all raw diet.

But it's a diet that's like okay,

I'm pulling out all thestops, like I'm going hardcore

and that's the way you do it.

- Okay, go hardcore.

If you want to knowmore about Chris' book,

it's called Chris Beat Cancer,

a comprehensive planfor healing naturally.

It's available wherever books are sold

and Chris thanks forsharing your journey, yeah.

- Thank you, Gordon.- God bless you.

Still to come,

a young mom loses custodyof her five children.

- I wanted to die and I hated it.

I hated who I was.

I hated what I had done.

I felt like everything thatI loved was just taken.

- Hear how she restoredher life when we come back.

(uplifting music)

Kayla Diaz spent herchildhood wanting a family,

but when she finallyhad children of her own,

she spent her time chasing her next high.

- [Narrator] Growing up onCalifornia's Central Coast,

Kayla Diaz longed for a family.

- My childhood was pretty lonely.

My dad got murdered when I was one,

and so I always grew upmissing him and wanting him

and I had a pretty hard childhood.

- [Narrator] As a single parent,her mom struggled to cope.

- She tried to be thereas much as she could,

but drugs had a hold onher and alcohol hold on her

and relationships withmen had a hold on her,

so she was never really fully there.

What I was afraid of as a child,

is that my mom would gettaken from me how my dad did.

I was afraid of being alone.

- [Narrator] Kayla found some security

and acceptance with her peers

but they weren't thebest influence on her.

By sixth grade, she was using marijuana

and getting drunk on a regular basis.

- Drinking and smokingmarijuana led to me fighting,

led to me not caring aboutschool, ditching school.

It led to me having angertowards other people.

- [Narrator] After oneparticular fight in eighth grade,

she was ordered to angermanagement counseling.

- Yeah, I remember telling my counselor

that I wanted to have ababy and she asked me why

and I said that because I wantto be able to love someone

and have them love me

and nothing could ever take that away.

So I was already in my mindtrying to build the family

that I always wanted.

- So at 14, Kayla got pregnant,

but it didn't turn out like she planned.

She moved in with her boyfriend,

who became physicallyand emotionally abusive

toward her and her child.

Kayla saw no way out.

- I tried to leave a fewtimes and he wouldn't let me.

Tell me it would kill me if I left,

he would just put so much fear in me,

and I feared that I wouldn't be able,

even though it was suchan unhealthy relationship,

I felt like I wouldn't be able to make it

if I wasn't in that relationship.

(tangy music)

- [Narrator] Since hewas also a meth addict,

Kayla hoped she could stop the abuse

by using drugs with him.

- Once I started using'em, especially meth,

it took everything I had.

It took all of my self-respect.

I stopped caring about myself completely

when I started using meth.

That's when I felt thatI deserved to get hit,

like I felt like I was doing wrong,

so I deserved wrong thingsthat happened to me.

- [Narrator] The next fewyears were a chaotic blur

of drugs and abuse.

By the time she was 23,

Kayla and her boyfriendhad five children together,

but she was too busy trying to get high

to take care of them.

- I didn't care aboutany kind of family then.

I stopped even caring fully about my kids

and what they were thinking or feeling.

And I just turned to using drugs

and drinking alcohol to fillany kind of void that I felt.

- [Narrator] Kayla was 25

when the drug use andneglect caught up with her

and she lost custody ofall five of her children.

- I wanted to die and I hated who I was.

I hated what I had done.

I felt like everything thatI loved was just taken.

- [Narrator] With her dreamsof a family shattered,

Kayla left her boyfriend.

She still hoped to change,

but couldn't break free from drugs.

After two years offailing to quit her habit,

a friend suggested she try aChristian-based rehab program.

It was there she startedlearning about Jesus.

After a couple of months, avisiting pastor came to speak.

Kayla finally put it all together.

- And I don't remember exactly

what he was telling usabout Jesus that day or,

I don't remember, evenreally why I wanted to,

but I knew that I wanted to accept him

'cause Jesus was good and hewould help me and he was love

and so I accepted Jesusinto my heart that day

and then that's when I felt loved

and felt like I was justaccepted and cared about,

and that's when I began my journey

to really understand what God can do.

- [Narrator] Kayla continued her treatment

at another program where she found healing

and freedom through Jesus Christ.

- It was there that hejust cleaned my heart off

and put forgiveness in myheart and put love in my heart.

Like the first program I accepted Jesus

and I fell in love with Jesus

and in the second programI got delivered and healed

and set free and cleaned off

and just became evenmore in love with Jesus.

(uplifting music)- Kayla has been free

from all addictions ever since.

She was also awarded visitationrights with her kids,

who had all been adoptedinto loving homes.

- When I'm with my kids nowI'm teaching them about God

and I'm just encouraging them

with the love that Godgave me and now the time

that I get to spend with them

I can truly be the womanof God, the mom of God,

that he wanted in theirlives from the beginning.

- [Narrator] Today, Kayla is married

and says God has truly restored her.

- Provided for me every single thing.

A husband who came intomy life he's provided.

My mom being clean andsober he's provided.

Peace in my heart, he's provided.

He provides it all.

I no longer am searching,

or trying to makesomething happen on my own,

I'm just trusting him

that he'll give me everysingle thing that I need.

- And that's the key,

trusting him to give you everysingle thing that you need.

When you try to do it on your own,

you try to do it on your own willpower,

You'll find out fairly quickly,

you're just not strong enough.

Once you open the doorto behavior patterns

that turn into compulsions,once that gets a hold of you,

it's very hard to break free.

But here's the good news,God wants to set you free.

How do you get that,what are you asking for,

and you say, God I can't dothis, but I know you can.

So will you come into my heart?

Will you set me free?

If you want help with thatprayer, we're here for you.

We're not here to judge you.

We're certainly not here to condemn you.

We're here to tell you thereis a Living God who loves you.

He loves you so much, hewas willing to die for you,

He was willing to pay the complete penalty

for everything you've ever done wrong.

He's willing to take all of that away,

he's willing to regenerateyou from your innermost being.

All you have to do is ask.

So if you want to do that,give us a call, 1-800-700-7000.

Here's a word from Psalms for you.

How precious is yourunfailing love, o God!

All humanity finds shelterin the shadow of your wings.

God bless you, we'll see you again.

(uplifting music)

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