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Michael Cohen Wasn't Even the Biggest Bombshell for Trump Yesterday

Michael Cohen Wasn't Even the Biggest Bombshell for Trump Yesterday Read Transcript


- Just two hours afterMichael Cohen was sentenced

another bombshell, the parent company

of the National Enquirer, AMIcut a deal with prosecutors

admitting to helping the Trump campaign

cover up allegations of an affair.

Feds agreed not toprosecute if the head of AMI

agreed to cooperate.

The company admitted topaying Karen McDougal

$150,000 in concertwith the Trump Campaign

to bury her story.

Prosecutors say that and Cohen's testimony

that he paid $130,000 to StormyDaniels for the same reason

amount to illegal campaign contributions

which is a felony.

- There were really feelingsbetween the two of us.

- [Jenna] It all hingeson if the President knew

the payments were beingmade and if he did it

to protect his campaign.

In a similar case involvingpresidential candidate,

John Edwards, a jurydid not find he violated

campaign finance laws.

Senator Richard Blumenthal, last night.

- The term co-conspiratoris beginning to fit

Donald Trump like a well-tailored suit.

- [Jenna] Senator Lindsey Graham, though,

played down the fallout.

- I don't know if it means awhole lot for the President.

It means a lot in Michael Cohen's life.

Anytime a former lawyerof yours goes to jail

it's probably not a goodday but I have yet to see

any evidence coming fromMr. Cohen of collusion

and that's what startedthe Mueller Investigation

to begin with.

- [Jenna] Cohen is stillworking with prosecutors

and is prepared to testifybefore Congress if called.

Yesterday he said quote, "Ifelt it was my duty to cover up

"his dirty deeds rather thanlisten to my own inner voice

"and my moral compass...

"My weakness can becharacterized as a blind loyalty

"to Donald Trump."

Meantime, Special Counsel,Robert Mueller's team says,

he has quote, "providedconsistent and credible

"information about core Russia-related

"issues under investigation."

It's possible Cohen couldhave his sentence reduced

if he tells more.

So far, silence from the White House

but President Trump'sattorney, Rudy Giuliani

did have this to say to Yahoo News.

Quote, "Cohen is a completelydishonorable person...

"I've never heard of alawyer that tape-recorded

"their client withoutthe client's permission."

Going on to add, "thePresident's not a lawyer.

"The simple fact is thatit's not a criminal violation

"of the campaign finance law."

And another development,a Federal Judge ordered

Mueller to turn over documentsrelated to the questioning

of former National SecurityAdvisor, Michael Flynn.

This after Flynn's legal teamsaid the FBI pressured him

not to bring a lawyer toan interview with agents

at the White House.

There's talk of impeachmentbut President Trump says

he's not concerned and hethinks people would quote,

"revolt if that happened."

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

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