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The 700 Club - December 13, 2018

Two doctors are working to bring medical care to a continent in crisis on the other side of the world. Plus, is Canada’s push to be the first “post-western” nation opening up the doors to radical Islam? Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Reporter] Coming up.

Our northern neighbors are aiming

to be the first post-western nation.

- [Narrator] You stand for everybody.

- [Reporter] But arethey just clamping down

on Christianity?

- She was being shamedfor being too Christian.

- [Reporter] And openingthe doors to radical Islam.

- [Tahir] Now we've seen thoseIslamists roaming around.

- [Reporter] Plus, two doctorsworking to bring medical care

to a continent in crisis.

See how they're helping outhalfway around the world

on today's 700 Club.

(dramatic music)

- Welcome to The 700 Club.

You know, isn't it bizarre?

It started out with adiscredited British spook

who wrote what was calleda Fusion GPS document

alleging that the Russians were trying

to influence the election by negotiating

with the Trump campaign.

And so there was a human cryto get to the bottom of it.

Alan Dershowitz of Harvard madea very brilliant suggestion.

Why don't you have acommission to do that?

But without the knowledgeof the President,

because the AttorneyGeneral, Jeff Sessions,

had recused himself,

his assistant

appointed a special prosecutor

who happened to be a former FBI guy

who was a buddy of all the FBI people.

And they asked for so-calledFISA warrants from judges

and they used, to get those warrants

to spy on Americans from a FISA court,

they used this Fusion GPS phony document

that it had turned out had been paid for

by the Democratic Party.

Now that's where it came.

All right, the head of the FBIwas before Congress yesterday

and they asked him,well, could you tell us

about that document.

I don't know.

Can you tell us who led that?

I don't know.

Is it an honest document?

I don't know.

I mean here's the head of the FBI,

what did he say, 240 timeshe said I can't remember

or I don't know.

He's the guy that led the charge, okay.

So they've got all this stuff going.

Now they have a fellownamed Robert Mueller

who's doing this thing,

supposedly to find outabout Russian involvement.

But what has he done?

He's begun to go intothe personal finances

of the attorney for thePresident of the United States.

And they violated something

that I always thought was sacrosanct,

that was what's called theattorney-client privilege.

That's something that ajudge would never open up,

opposing counsel could never ask.

They could say, well,that's attorney-client

and that is sanctity.

It's like the confession ofa Catholic before a priest.

But now, Michael Cohen,

who was the lawyer for the President,

his office was attached by the FBI.

They seized all of his personal files

and took them into custody,

and then they let peoplebegin to look at his files,

and now he's been sentenced.

And the whole thing is bizarre.

You say what in the world is happening?

But it looks like the Justice Department

and the people who hated Donald Trump,

especially in the FBI, there were several

who have themselvesbeen fired or indicted,

who wanted to get the President

and keep him from being thePresident of the United States.

And so you've got this thing going on now.

They say they were hush money payments

given to Michael Cohen,who in turn paid them,

one to the NationalEnquirer and then the other

to, what was it, Karen McDougal

who's a former Playmate or whatever

and this Stormy Danielswho was a porn star.

And apparently, the President,

you know, we don't know what went on,

but he said I didn't do anything.

But he gave money to Cohen.

Cohen, in turn, gives it to the ladies.

So now they're sayingthat's a federal crime.

I don't know.

I don't think anybody knows.

It's so hard to parse these things.

It's so complicated.

But whatever it is, a judgesentenced Michael Cohen.

- He did, to three years inprison for financial crimes

and for violating campaign finance laws.

After that, the NationalEnquirer, of all places,

made a surprise announcement.

CBN's Jenna Browder bringsus the story from Washington.

- Just two hours afterMichael Cohen was sentenced,

another bombshell.

The parent company of theNational Enquirer, AMI,

cut a deal with prosecutors,

admitting to helping the Trump campaign

cover up allegations of an affair.

Feds agreed not to prosecute

if the head of AMI agreed to cooperate.

The company admitted topaying Karen McDougal $150,000

in concert with the Trumpcampaign to bury her story.

Prosecutors say that and Cohen's testimony

that he paid $130,000 to StormyDaniels for the same reason

amount to illegal campaigncontributions, which is a felony.

- There were real feelingsbetween the two of us.

- [Jenna] It all hingeson if the President

knew the payments were being made

and if he did it to protect his campaign.

In a similar case

involving presidentialcandidate John Edwards,

a jury did not find heviolated campaign finance laws.

Senator Richard Blumenthal last night.

- The term co-conspirator isbeginning to fit Donald Trump

like a well-tailored suit.

- [Jenna] Senator Lindsey Graham though

played down the fall-out.

- I don't know if it means awhole lot for the President.

It means a lot in Michael Cohen's life.

Anytime a former lawyerof yours goes to jail,

it's probably not a goodday, but I have yet to see

any evidence coming fromMr. Cohen of collusion

and that's what startedthe Mueller investigation

to begin with.

- Cohen is still working with prosecutors

and is prepared to testifybefore Congress, if called.

Yesterday, he said, quote:

I felt it was my duty tocover up his dirty deeds

rather than listen to my own inner voice

and my moral compass.

My weakness can be characterized

as a blind loyalty to Donald Trump.

Meantime, Special CounselRobert Mueller's team says

he has, quote, provided consistentand credible information

about core Russia-relatedissues under investigation.

It's possible Cohen couldhave his sentence reduced

if he tells more.

So far, silence from the White House,

but President Trump'sattorney Rudy Giuliani

did have this to say to Yahoo! News,

quote: Cohen is a completelydishonorable person.

I've never heard of a lawyerthat tape-recorded their client

without the client's permission.

Going on to add: ThePresident's not a lawyer.

The simple fact is that it'snot a criminal violation

of the campaign finance law.

And in another development,

a federal judge ordered Mueller

to turn over documentsrelated to the questioning

of former National SecurityAdvisor Michael Flynn.

This after Flynn's legal teamsaid the FBI pressured him

not to bring a lawyer to an interview

with agents at the White House.

There's talk of impeachment,

but President Trumpsays he's not concerned

and he thinks people would,quote, revolt if that happened.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Well, I don't know,

but ladies and gentlemen,if you feel as I do,

I think we've got to gettogether for this country

and this kind of unseemlystuff that goes on.

But without question, we've got Strzok

and Lisa Page sendingemails back and forth.

How can we get Trump?

How can we discredit him?

How can we keep him from being President?

There's no doubt.

And then, a former head ofthe FBI has been discredited,

and now, Comey has claimed amnesia.

It's unbelievable.

And those hearings.

But the biggest thing isare these payments anything?

The fact that the lawyersays I was blindly loyal,

and as Rudy Giuliani says,a blindly loyal lawyer

does not tape the statements

and the conversationshe has with his client.

That just is not done.

And if it is done,under any circumstances,

it would never be made public.

But that part of the legal system

has been shredded to piecesby these investigations,

and I think that somejudge ought to step in

and say this is wrong what's being done.

I mean I don't care what youthink about the President,

but that should never happen.

I mean a man should be able to talk

to his attorney in confidence.

And that's one of thepillars of the legal system

we have in America and theyhave violated it and it's wrong.

It's just flat wrong.

Well, in other news (chuckles),

Nancy Pelosi is trying to putdown a rebellion in her party.

John Jessup has more on that.

- That's right, Pat.

Pelosi is promising to limither time as House Speaker

to just four years.

The current MinorityLeader, who's 78 years old,

made the offer to Democrats

who say it's time forfresher faces to take over.

The deal also applies toher deputies, Steny Hoyer,

and James Clyburn, bothmen also in their late 70s.

The agreement is expected to clear the way

for her to take theSpeaker's post next month.

Well, the Senate will vote early next year

on President Trump's pickfor Attorney General.

Bill Barr held the post in the 1990s

under President George H.W. Bush.

Amber Strong brings us this look at Barr

and explains why someconservatives are hopeful

about his appointment.

- With a resume dating backto the 1970s as a CIA analyst,

William Barr is a staplearound Washington.

In the early '80s, he beganwork for President Reagan,

eventually serving asAttorney General for Bush 41.

- Respected by Republicansand respected by Democrats.

- [Amber] During his career,

the 68-year-old served asa boss to Robert Mueller

and on the general counsel for Verizon.

His views on issues such asRoe v. Wade and immigration

excite many Republicans.

And conservatives arehopeful he'll bring stability

to an embattled DOJ.

- The establishment's gonnabe asking the question:

Will Bill Barr be brave enough

to stand up to President Trump?

Frankly, the question should be:

Will Bill Barr be brave enough

to stand up for President Trump?

- [Amber] And that's the very thing

that has some on the leftand the right concerned,

particularly when it comesto past statements from Barr

seeming to criticize aspectsof the Mueller investigation.

- I'm glad the Presidenthas nominated someone,

someone with relevantexperience in the Department.

What I'll be looking foris will he be working

to guarantee the independenceof the Department of Justice.

- [Amber] Barr's receivedpraise for his thoughts

on counter-terrorism post-9/11,

but that, too, could be an issue.

- I'm concerned thathe's been a big supporter

of the Patriot Act, whichlowered the standard

for spying on Americans, andeven went so far as to say

the Patriot Act was pretty good,

but we should go much further.

- [Amber] Even still, mostRepublicans are confident

it will be an easy confirmation.

It shouldn't be all that difficult.

This is someone who has along record in public life.

My guess is that, whenit's all said and done,

when it comes to a votein the full Senate,

that he'll have strong support.

- No date yet on that confirmation,

but it's likely to takeplace in early 2019.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.

- Thanks, Amber.

Pat, did you think this was a great pick?

- I think he's a superb pick

because he served with distinction before.

I think they approved him on a voice vote.

He's so popular.

And he has headed the Justice Department.

He knows how to do it.

He's experienced.

And so you're not someamateur going in there.

But he's made some very strong statements

that I think bode well for his tenure.

I do know that Jay Sekulow and others

have warmly supported him.

I remember, in Virginia,he was somewhat active

in the old days in theRepublican Party in Virginia

and was highly thought of,

and I think he's goingto make a superb choice,

is a superb choice as Attorney General.

But you know, I just don'tunderstand this business

about the independence ofthe Justice Department.

They're a branch of government.

They report to the Presidentof the United States.

And I don't know where we get the idea

that they're supposed to be independent.

Who is gonna control it?

To whom does the Attorney General report?

And it has been suggested

that we should split the office.

There should be onewho's gonna be the lawyer

for the President, and the other,

who's going to be runningthe Justice Department.

As it is, we've got two people

and the Attorney General,among other things,

is the confidant and alawyer for the President.

And at the same time,

he's supposed to runthe Justice Department

and it's a difficult situation.

But they're not supposed,as I understand it,

the Justice Department isnot some independent branch

that doesn't have a head.

The situation we have, everybodyhas to report to somebody,

and the Justice Department,the Attorney General

is the head of the JusticeDepartment and he, in turn,

reports to the Presidentof the United States.

And to say, well, they'resupposed to be independent

is nonsense.


Oh, enough!

It's gonna be Christmas.

Hey, ho-ho-ho.

Happy the stockings(Terry laughs)

and mistletoe and all that.- Heartfelt, huh?

- Yeah.(laughter)


All right.


- Well Pat, no stockings ormistletoe in this next story,

as President Trump reimposedharsh economic sanctions

on Iran last month,

Iranian hackers scrambled tobreak into the personal emails

of American officialstasked with enforcing them.

According to the Associated Press,

a London based cybersecurity group

found the hackers triedto break into the emails

of Treasury officials, DC think tanks,

and other key figures.

The AP says it's more evidenceof the ongoing cyberwar

between the United States and Iran.

Well, two Israelis were killed

in a terrorist shootingin biblical Samaria today.

It's the third such attackin less than a week.

But Israel's threats gobeyond Palestinian terrorists.

It's also fighting a hiddenthreat on its northern border.

Chris Mitchell reportson the IDF's discovery

of more terror tunnels runningfrom Lebanon into Israel.

- [Chris] Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu

issued a warning to Hezbollah

during a visit to Israelitroops in the north.

(speaking foreign language)

- [Translator] Our deploymentis ready for a strong response

if Hezbollah makes a bigmistake and decides to harm us

or to resist the operationwe are conducting.

They will be hit in such a way

that they cannot even imagine.

- [Chris] Israeli soldiersdismantling the tunnels

released the recording ofthe classified technology

to detect them.

(vibrating hum)

Meanwhile, a Hezbollah leader

boasts that all of Israel iswithin range of its missiles.

Sheik Naim Qassem said:

There is not a single pointin the occupied territories

out of reach of Hezbollah's missiles.

The Zionists cannot toleratesuch a high leveel of threats

in confrontation with Hezbollah,

which is why they have no motive

for entering another war with Lebanon.

Israel's chief of militaryintelligence warned lawmakers

that, while the risk of war is low,

the potential exists for circumstances

to escalate out of control.

Lebanon's President downplayed the danger.

- [Translator] Israel has informed us

through the United States

that there are no aggressive intentions

and they will continue towork inside its territories.

We too have no aggressive intentions.

- [Chris] The tunnels, however,

appear to be part of anaggressive strategy by Hezbollah.

Israel says the tunnelsviolate the UN resolution

that ended the 2006 Second Lebanon War

that prohibited Hezbollahfrom a military build-up.

Since then, however, Hezbollah missiles

have increased abouttenfold to some 150,000,

giving the terror groupmore military firepower

than 95% of countries in the world.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Thanks, Chris.

Pat, back to you.

- You know, the UnitedNations is a toothless tiger.

After that other war,

when I had the privilege of being there

while those rockets were being fired,

the UN moved in and said, all right,

we're gonna impose sanctions

and we're not gonna letthese people arm anymore,

we're not gonna let them build up anymore,

and we guarantee the security of Israel.


No such thing happened,

and now, Hezbollah has gotmany, many more rockets,

much more sophisticated rockets,

much better guidance systems,

and now they're building tunnels

to bring in supplies and personnel

from the north to invade Israel.

They've got everything set up

and it's always in violationand the UN has done nothing.

And what I have suggested,and I do it again,

we need a substitutefor the United Nations.

It is nothing but a soundingboard for terrorists

and anti-Israeli andanti-American propaganda.

The General Assembly is toothless

and the Security Council, youknow what happened when...

If it isn't for the voteof the United States,

which has veto power,

that whole thing would run away from us.

And the Obama administrationrefused to act

on one initiative and theylet a resolution go through

that was very damaging to Israel.

We ought to redo that thing.

I mean it's World War II, its useless,

and we should stop supporting it.

We ought to go for another,

a community of democratic nations

that doesn't includeall these dictatorships

and these little penny andy countries

that don't amount to much.

I think the time has come,

but this is a time the UnitedNations should have acted.

They should have moved in.

They should have restricted Hezbollah.

They have done nothing,

and yet, that build-up is there

and it is extremely dangerous to Israel.

I don't know how they're gonna get away

from having a preemptive war.

Sooner or later, Israel isgoing to be forced to strike

or else its existence isgoing to be put in jeopardy.


- Coming up, we're gonnatake you to a country

that's rolling out thewelcome mat to ISIS members.

And it's not in the Middle East.

It's Canada.

- The white, left, liberal, feminist class

would sit-in ringside seatsand say, ah, how lovely.

- [Terry] Why the Canadians are embarking

on this radical, nationalexperiment when we come back.

(dramatic music)

- I was having symptoms of heartburn

and I was out of breatha lot and that wasn't me.

I never thought that itwould be cancer for me.

When I spoke to my oncologist

at Cancer Treatment Centers of America,

he recommended that I seesome of the clinicians there.

It was a team of people working together

taking care of not just the medical part,

but also the mentalpart, the emotional part,

the spiritual part.

- [Narrator] If you or someone you love

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- Cancer Treatment Centersof America really understands

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I'm determined to fulfillmy purpose in life.

- [Narrator] Call orgo to

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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Appointments available now.

(dramatic music)

- Well, people pay the pricefor the leaders they elect

and it seems that ourneighbors to the north

are having an identity crisis.

Canada has embarked on aradical, national experiment,

and those profound changes

could lead them down a dangerous road.

Our reporter, Dale Hurd,

again has a very insightful analysis

of what's going on.

- When Canadian PrimeMinster Justin Trudeau

says his country is a post-national state

and has no core identity,no one should be surprised

when some start asking ifCanada is even a country.

But the identity crisis facing Canada

is not only multifaceted, it's serious,

and could one day have a directimpact on the United States.

Canada is in the midstof, as one writer put it,

a civilizational experiment

that's transforming a western nation

into a post-western nation.

And this revolution is centered

around the cult of diversity.

- [Narrator] Your Canada.

- [Dale] Here's one version

of Justin Trudeau's post-national,post-western Canada,

transformed by diversity.

- [Narrator] Oh, Canada,you stand for everybody.

- [Dale] The questionis not whether Canada

should welcome immigrants.

The question, accordingto Toronto Sun columnist

and SiriusXM Canada host Anthony Furey

is whose values should win the day.

- And Canada right now, it'slabeled bizarrely xenophobic

and anti-immigrant andthey throw around terms

like racism to no end if you simply say

I'd like us all to integrate here

and live together in a compatible way.

- [Dale] Throughout their histories,

both Canada and Americahave welcome immigrants

of all backgrounds.

But Canada, rather than beinga melting pot like the US,

has said that it is amosaic of many cultures.

The problem begins withthe Canadian mosaic

includes more and more radical Islamists

who favor undemocraticvalues under Sharia law.

Prime Minister Trudeauwelcomed almost 50,000 refugees

from the Middle East in 2016 alone,

and has even welcomedreturning ISIS fighters,

saying in an interview thatthey could be a powerful voice.

- And a lot of people,probably the silent majority,

are saying I'm unhappy with this,

including new immigrantswho came to Canada,

whether it's a year ago or adecade or three decades ago,

who say no, I came to Canada for a reason,

because I wanted Canadian values

and I was escaping valuesin other countries.

- [Dale] One immigrant whowould like more Canadian values

is pro-western Muslim, Tahir Gora,

founder of TAG TV in Toronto,

a network with a largeinternational audience.

He's also a co-author of Submission:

The Danger of Political Islam to Canada

With a Warning to America.

- I moved to this beautiful country

because of its Canadian culture.

People like me escapedPakistan, or Middle East,

or the Muslim world came to Canada

and some went to the United States

with the hope that they will be left alone

by those radical Islamists.

But now we see thoseIslamists roaming around

in this part of the world.

- [Dale] Tarek Fatah isa journalist, writer,

and founder of theMuslim Canadian Congress.

An immigrant from Pakistanand a proud Canadian,

Fatah says the Canadianleft which, in his words,

is sinking in white guilt now accepts

and even celebrates undemocraticradical Islamic beliefs

and practices.

He likens it to a circus.

- It considers radical Islam

as a phenomena that needs to be embraced

because it's so curious.

So we, as Muslims, areconsidered as circus animals.

We need to perform in a way

and the white, left,liberal, feminist class

would sit in ringside seatsand say ah, how lovely.

Just look at that monkey jump up and down.

Oh, that elephant stoodup on his two feet.

Honey, did you see that?

Oh, it's breathtaking.

- [Dale] Another facet ofCanada's identity crisis

can be seen in the growing trend

of what are called land acknowledgments.

- We want to begin

by acknowledging the traditional territory

of the Neutral, Anishnawbe,and Haudenosaunee peoples

on which Wilfrid LaurierUniversities campuses sit.

- [Dale] Land acknowledgmentsare recited daily

on campuses and in schools across Canada,

and they essentially declarethat Canada is an occupier.

- [Dale] These continueeven though a poll this year

found that most Canadians donot believe native peoples

should have a special status

and that the governmentshould stop apologizing

for past wrongs.

The culture that is under fire here

is traditional Canadian Christian culture.

Ottawa resident, Alexandra Belaire,

grew up behind the Iron Curtainin communist Czechoslovakia

and she sees some disturbing parallels

between life under communism

and life in politically correct Canada.

What do you say to someonewho says that preposterous,

I can say whatever I want in Canada?

How can you compare itto the Soviet world?

- But you can't say anything you want.

Because I was a daughterof a political dissident,

teachers would take the time to berate me

and say bad things about me

in front of the whole classroom

because, that way, they were proving

they weren't showing favoritism

to the dissident's daughter, right.

Now my friend's daughter was in school

and she was being shamedfor being too Christian.

How's that different?

How is that different?

She was being shamed forfeeling very patriotic Canadian.

How is that different from being shamed

for being a dissident's daughter?

(bagpipes blaring)

- [Dale] There's a saying here

that the world needs more Canada,

but if current trends continue,

the world is going to get less of Canada

as Canadian identity is swallowed up

in a left wing, multicultural experiment.

Dale Hurd, CBN News,in Toronto and Ottawa.

- Thanks, Dale.

Well, the book is called Submission:

The Danger of Political Islam to Canada

With a Warning to America,

and you can find itwherever books are sold.

Dale, good work as usual.


- Well, still ahead, a pair of doctors

who are gathering physiciansfrom around the world

and taking them to an areawhere people are dying

because of a lack of healthcare.

They'll share their life changingstories when we come back.

(inspiring music)

Well, you still have time tosave on your taxes for 2018.

Your gift to CBN is tax deductible

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It's 1-800-700-7000, or ofcourse, you can go to

Well picture an area the size of Louisiana

and imagine that the people there

only had one qualified physician on duty.

In some parts of Africa,that is the sad reality,

and that's why two doctors

are stepping out of their comfort zones

and, in doing so, hopefully changing

the fate of a continent.

Take a look.

- [Reporter] 56 million people in Africa

are in need of surgical care

and many are dyingbecause of the lack of it.

Dr. Paul Osteen is the founder

of M3 Mobilizing Medical Missions.

Dr. Keir Thelander is the CMO

of the Pan-African Academyof Christian Surgeons.

Together, they are addressingthis healthcare crisis.

The upcoming M3 MobilizingMedical Missions Conference

brings together doctors, nurses, dentists,

and anyone wanting to make a difference

in meeting these pressing needs.

- Drs. Paul Osteen and Keir Thelander

are here with us nowand we welcome you both

to the show today.- Thank you.

- Thank you.

- How serious is the problem, Paul?

- Oh, goodness.

You know, five billion people in the world

don't have access to safeand affordable surgery.

So people die of just simple,easily treatable conditions

and it just breaks your heart.

- It does break your heart.

Keir, what compelled you to do this work?

- Yeah, so training and discipleship.

Back in the early 2000s,it was obvious to me

that God was calling me to do training

and to do discipleship together.

It's not one or the other, it was both,

and so to do surgicaltraining and discipleship,

it's what God called me to do.

- Tell me about the M3 Medical Mission.

What are they doing?

What's it about?

- You know, what I want to do

is I want to introduce people

to the opportunities thatI never knew existed.

When I went through medicalschool, in my training,

and then early in my practice,

I didn't know that therewere real opportunities

and sustainable missionefforts all around the world.

There are small mission hospitals

all around sub-SaharanAfrica that need help,

and I'm compelled to go

and to relieve those missionary surgeons.

The point of M3 issimply to let people know

that there are waysthey can use their gifts

and their skills totell people about Jesus

and to advance the kingdom.

- It must be so satisfyingbecause, you know,

so many times here in the United States,

there are so many rules and regulations

and legalities andthings that, as a doctor,

I'm not medically educated,but if I were a doctor,

I would think it would be so wonderful

to get to the place where youcould actually go to the need

and see what you're doing,making a difference.

Keir, talk a little bit about,you're the CMO of PAACS.

How are you addressing thehealth crisis in Africa?

- Yes, so the health crisis,

the main thing that you need is personnel,

and so we're training anddiscipling Christian doctors

to become surgeons, to beleaders in their communities,

to be leaders in their countries,

and in the healthcare system.- So you're working

with nationals in that regard.- Absolutely.

And that's what we do.

- So tell me, for bothof you in your calling,

what some of the challengesare that you face.

I know personnel,obviously, is one of them,

but what else would you say, Paul?

- Well, I think sometimes,

you know, we live in abroken and complicated world

and sometimes the needs andjust the heaviness of that

can get you down.

But you know, what we foundis just take your five loaves

and two fish and see whatJesus can do with it.

You don't have to solve the whole problem,

but take part of that problem

and do what you can tohelp one person at a time.

You know, it's interesting,

when you put your fiveloaves in Jesus' hands,

it's amazing how he can use that.

- Keir, do you ever struggle with that,

with not looking at the intensity

and immensity of the big picture

and just kinda staying onwhat's God calling me to

today?- Yeah,

it's a daily challenge to figure out,

Lord, what do you want meto do right at this moment.

You can get overwhelmedby five billion people

or 56 million in sub-Saharan Africa

who need surgery right today, right now.

They would already have had surgery

if they lived in the United States.

So just to focus on whatdo I need to do today

to support the people that I'm helping

to do training and discipleship

to share the good news of Jesus

with a continent thatis in desperate need.

- And you're, and what you just said,

giving some amazingstatistics that are reality.

But just seeing it everyday is so heartbreaking.

How do you keep your heart right,

stay above the fray, and press on?

- Well, that's a very difficult question.

I think just yourpersonal walk with Jesus.

You just realize it may be exhausting,

it may be difficult, it maybe burdensome spiritually,

but it's also very satisfying

when you know you're doingwhat you can in a big problem,

and that's all Jesus asks us to do.

I love Matthew 25.

He said whatever you do.

He didn't say you hadto solve the problem.

Whatever you do when you care for the sick

and clothe the naked, feed the hungry,

and care for the thirsty or give water

to the thirsty.- I always say

whatever he's put right in front of you,

in your path,- That's exactly right.

- that's your job today.- Exactly.

- So Keir, how can people helpwith the needs over there?

I mean, you know, we sit comfortably

because God has blessed usso here in the United States,

but many, many people have a deep heart

for what's going on.

How can we help?

- Yeah, as physicians orsurgeons, certainly volunteer.

Come to the M3 Conference

and learn about how you can plug in.

Go to a PAACS site.

Spend a couple weeks

or spend your next five years or 10 years.

We would love that.

Other ways to get involved,obviously, to give financially.

It's not a cheap endeavor, butthis is what's called us to.

And finally, pray for us, for sure.

Pray for PAACS and whatGod is doing through PAACS

on the continent of Africa.

- And tell me about theM3 Conference before we...

- Well, we have three goals.

Engage people.

Connect people that havea heart to serve people.

Let them be inspired asthey hear from people

who are in the field like Dr. Thelander.

And that third thing is, there'll be,

around that big bowl of the church,

there'll be 70 ministryorganizations that need help.

So you know what, you can come,

you can connect withpeople, you can be inspired,

but you can also findyour mission there at M3.

- And you're looking forall kinds of medical people

I'm assuming.- Absolutely.

Nurses, doctors, all the medical fields.

- All of them, so wonderful opportunity.

That's what we see.

It's the next M3 Conference.

It's gonna be in Februaryat Lakewood Church.

That's in Houston, so you don't have to go

halfway around the worldto be part of that.

And you can get moreinformation by going to

Drs. Paul Osteen and KeirThelander, thank you.

Thank you for being with us

and thank you for what you do.

You're out there- Thanks

- making a difference.- for having us.

- Thanks for having us.- Wonderful to have you here.

Well coming up later, we'regonna open up our inbox

for another round of your questions

and some honest answers.

Roxanne says: I'm part ofa healthcare workers union.

What does the Bible sayabout going on strike?

Pat's gonna weigh in on that and more,

but first, our Christmas gift to you.

The Regent Singers are in studio

and they're gonna celebrate the season

with a live performance ofa few holiday favorites.

♪ Praise to God whose love was shown ♪

♪ Who sent his son to earth ♪

♪ Jesus left his rightful throne ♪

♪ Became a man by birth ♪

♪ The virgin ba-- ♪

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back to Washingtonfor this CBN Newsbreak.

Police are searching Franceand neighboring Germany

for the suspect whoattacked a Christmas market

near Strasbourg Tuesday.

Two people died and another is brain dead

and about a dozen werewounded in the shooting.

More than 700 officers aredeployed in the manhunt

for 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt,

a criminal believed tohave been radicalized

while in prison.

He reported shouted God is great in Arabic

before opening fire.

The nation is on high alert

with another 1,800 soldiersdeployed to patrol the streets.

Officials are asking protesters

to suspend their demonstrations.

Well, British Prime Minister Theresa May

survived a no confidence votefrom her own party Wednesday.

200 party members supportedher while 117 voted against,

a higher number than expected.

Before the vote, May pledgednot to seek another term.

She's faced harshcriticism for her handling

of the Brexit negotiations.

That's Britain's plan toleave the European Union.

Now she's trying to renegotiate the deal,

but analysts say, inher weakened position,

there's not much hope toimprove the agreement.

Well, you can always getthe latest from CBN News

by going to our website at

Pat and Terry will be backwith more of The 700 Club

right after this.

(dramatic music)

- A couple of weeks ago,

I was thrilled to go to a concert

of sacred music presentedby Regent University.

They had chorale groups and a choir

that was just outstanding.

And I was so pleased.

They do so many wonderfulthings at Regent,

but I wanted you to hear some of the music

because I enjoyed it so much.

It happened to be in honor of my...

They did a program inhonor of my wife's birthday

and it was dedicated to her.

But this is the Regentchoir and they're here,

the Regent University Singers,

and they're performing amedley of Christmas songs

that I hope will make youenjoy the holidays even more.

So would you pleasewelcome the Regent Singers.

(piano introduction music)

♪ Emmanuel, Emmanuel ♪

♪ Wonderful, counselor ♪

♪ Lord of life, Lord of all ♪

♪ He is the Prince of Peace,Mighty God, Holy One ♪

♪ Emmanuel, Emmanuel ♪

♪ Emmanuel, Emmanuel ♪

♪ Wonderful, counselor ♪

♪ Lord of life, Lord of all ♪

♪ He is the Prince of Peace,Mighty God, Holy One ♪

♪ Emmanuel, Emmanuel ♪

(piano interlude)

♪ Emmanuel, Emmanuel ♪

♪ Emmanuel, Emmanuel ♪

♪ Wonderful, counselor ♪

♪ Lord of life, Lord of all ♪

♪ He is the Prince of Peace,Mighty God, Holy One ♪

♪ Emmanuel, Emmanuel ♪

♪ Emmanuel, Emmanuel ♪

♪ Emmanuel, Emmanuel ♪

♪ Emmanuel ♪

(piano interlude)

♪ Oh, little town of Bethlehem ♪

♪ How still we see thee lie ♪

♪ Above thy deep and dreamless sleep ♪

♪ The silent stars go by ♪

♪ Yet in thy dark streets shineth ♪

♪ The everlasting light ♪

♪ The hopes and fears of all the years ♪

♪ Are met in thee tonight ♪

♪ How silently, how silently ♪

♪ The wondrous gift is given ♪

♪ So God imparts to human hearts ♪

♪ The blessings of His heaven ♪

♪ We hear the Christmas angels ♪

♪ The great glad tidings tell ♪

♪ O come to us, abide with us ♪

♪ Our Lord Emmanuel ♪

(piano interlude)

That Christmas Village is gonna be

on the campus of Regent

and I wanted to sayRegent Singers are here.

And Regent right nowhas 129 areas of study,

both online and campus, includingCybersecurity and Nursing.

It's been rated among the top 11%

of universities in our country.

And there's the number, 866-910-7615.

And if you want to be a student,

they'd be glad to welcomeyou as one of their students.

But this choir is just one example

of the excellence that we have at Regent.

I'm really proud of them.

All right, what you got?

- Well, this December,

the campus of CBN andRegent, as Pat mentioned,

has been transformedinto an enchanting place,

where the true meaningof the Christmas season

is celebrated.

You can immerse yourself in the ambience

of a Christmas village,sample German holiday treats,

and experience festivetraditions for your whole family.

The CBN Christmas Village isfree and open to the public.

The last three days aretonight and Friday night

from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.,and then this Saturday,

December the 15th, isMilitary Appreciation Day

and the Christmas Villageis going to be open

from noon to 9:00 p.m.with some special events

to honor our military.

If you'd like more information

and you're able to join us, go to

It's all laid out there for you.

Time for some email.- Okay,

let's go for it.- Are you ready?

- All right.- Okay.

This first one, Pat, comesfrom Roxanne, who says:

I'm part of a healthcare workers union.

I am so conflicted.

What is the right thing to do,

support my union that protects my job

or to be there for my patients?

What does the Bible say about this?

Is it biblical to go on strike?

- Well, I don't think they had unions

and strikes from theBible as being written,

but what I would say is your first duty,

as a healthcare provider,is to your patients,

and I would be shocked if aunion would pull their members.

I think that government workers

shouldn't be part of a union.

I think government union is wrong.

I mean private enterprise is one thing,

but to strike againstthe government is wrong.

I certainly think tostrike against the hospital

or to strike against the patients,

leave patients without critical care

would be unthinkable.

So what do you say?

What does the Bible say?

Well, your first duty isto love your fellow man

and that's the way you do it.

All right.

- This is Kieran, who says:

I am a strong believer,

but I'm increasinglylosing faith in myself.

I constantly regret well meaning decisions

I make for myself.

I just seem to end up more unhappy

and feel like I'vewasted years of my life.

I've lost all self-confidence,

and while all my friends enjoy themselves

or settle down, I'm lonely inside.

What should I do?

- What you need to do

is to take the Bible's appraisal of you

and take it to heart.

And the Bible says we're supposed to have

our conscience cleansed from dead works

that we would serve the living God.

That other stuff is under the blood.

Whatever you've done,confess it, put it away,

and then get on with your life.

And that's what the Lord says,

that you might serve the living God.

The reason you're on earthis to give glory to God.

Man's chief aim is to glorify God

and to enjoy him forever.

So stop mulling over themistakes you've made.

We've all made mistakes.

There's not a single human

who doesn't have plenty of screw-ups.

I've got mine and you've got yours.

But we don't dwell on them.

We have our consciencecleansed from dead works

to serve the living God.


- This is Bennica, who says:

I'm afraid to read the Bible

because I know that theworld is coming to an end.

When I think about it, Igo into a panic attack.

I start to worry about my children

and other children whenthe chaos will begin.

I won't be able to protectthem from any of it.

I'm afraid for my lifeand my children's lives.

I'm crying at thismoment thinking about it.

Please help.

- I don't which version ofthe Bible you were reading,

but how about you reading the Psalms.

They're not full of evil.

Read the book ofEphesians and Corinthians.

They're full of joy and praise.

Read Revelation.

There's some bad things in Revelation,

but the end of the book, we win.

God's triumph is always in the Bible.

He will triumph over evil.

And if you're part of his kingdom,

the kingdom of God will triumph.

Everlasting to everlasting, you are God.

Of course you read the Bible.

The Bible is full ofhope and joy and praise.

I don't know who's givingyou all this stuff.

It must be in church

that they're preachingall this doom and gloom.

Sure, the earth one dayis gonna come to an end.

Sure, it's gonna melt withfiery heat, but who cares?

I mean it's in God's hands.

The thing that God says to usis occupy it till I come back.

You should occupy and stop worrying about

some things in the Bible,

but you need to get into theword and see what it says.

Take those promises, thegood stuff that's in there.

It's loaded with them.

All right.

- This is William, who says:

We're taught that Godforgives and forgets our sins

when we repent of them.

If so, why did God not forget Moses' sin

when he struck the rockinstead of speaking to it

as he was told to do?

Moses wasn't allowed toenter the promised land

because of that sin.

It seems that God forgave hissin, but did not forget it.

- You know, any question of God forgiving,

look, what did Moses do?

He used the arm of the fleshand he didn't glorify God.

He was a leader of the peopleand he didn't glorify God.

If you shoot somebody,God might forgive you,

but you're still going to jail.

You might get the electric chair.

So you say, well, how comethe country hadn't forgiven

and forgotten about it?

You don't forget stuff like that.

And that has nothing to dowith God forgetting your sin

for eternity.

It has to do with temporal punishment.

What Moses didn't do, hedid not speak the word

which would glorify God,

but he did use the arm of flesh

and he took his rock and struck the...

That rock was Jesus and hewas like I'm striking Jesus

instead of speaking the word

which brought the worlds into being.

Don't expect God to forgetthe temporal punishment

that you're involved in.

We leave with Today'sPower Minute from I John.

God is love, and he whoabides in love abides in God,

and God in him.

Well for Terry and all ofus, this is Pat Robertson.

Thank you so much for being with us,

and Lord willing, this programwill be on the air tomorrow.

Don't miss a word of it.

We'll see you then.



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