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Your Questions, Honest Answers: - December 13, 2018


- Time for some email.

- Let's go for it, alright.

- This first one Pat,comes from Roxanne who says

"I'm part of a healthcare workers union.

"I am so conflicted.

"What is the right thingto do--support my union

"that protects my job or tobe there for my patients?

"What does the Bible say about this?

"is it biblical to go on strike?"

- I don't think theyhad unions and strikes

when the Bible was being written.

But what I would say is yourfirst duty as a healthcare

provider is to your patientsand I would be shocked

if a union would pull their members.

I think that governmentworkers shouldn't be

part of a union.

I think government union is wrong.

I mean, private enterprise is one thing,

but to strike againstthe government is wrong.

And I certainly think tostrike against a hospital

or to strike against the patients,

leave patients without criticalcare would be unthinkable.

So what do you say,what does the Bible say?

Well, your first duty isto love your fellow man

and that's the way you do it.


- This is Kieran who says,

"I am a strong believerbut I'm increasingly

"losing faith in myself.

"I constantly regretwell-meaning decisions

"I make for myself.

"I just seem to end upmore unhappy and feel like

"I have wasted years of my life.

"I have lost all self-confidenceand while all my friends

"enjoy themselves or settledown, I am lonely inside.

"What should I do?

- What you need to do istake the Bible's appraisal

of you and take it to heart.

And the Bible says we aresupposed to have our conscience

cleansed from dead works thatwe would serve the living God.

That other stuff is under the blood.

Whatever you've done,confess it, put it away

and then get on with your life.

And that's what the Lordsays, that you might serve

the Living God.

The reason you're on earthis to give glory to God.

Man's chief aim is to glorifyGod and to enjoy him forever.

So stop mulling over themistakes you've made.

We've all made mistakes.

There's not a singlehuman who doesn't have

plenty of screw ups.

I've got mine and you've got yours.

But we don't dwell on them,we have our conscience

cleansed from dead worksto serve the Living God.


- This is Bennica who says,

"I'm afraid to read the Biblebecause I know that the world

"is coming to an end.

"When I think about it Igo into a panic attack.

"I start to worry about mychildren and other children

"when the chaos will begin--

"I won't be able to protectthem from any of it.

"I'm afraid for my lifeand my children's lives.

"I'm crying at thismoment thinking about it.

"Please help."

- I don't know which version of the Bible

you're reading but how 'boutyour reading the Psalms.

They're not full of evil.

Read the Book of Ephesiansand then Corinthians.

They're full of joy and praise.

Read Revelation.

There's some bad things in Revelation

but the end, the bottom ofthe end of the book we win.

God's triumph is always in the Bible.

He will triumph over evil.

And if you're part of his kingdom,

the Kingdom of God will triumph,everlasting to everlasting,

you are God.

Of course you read the Bible.

The Bible is full ofhope and joy and praise.

And I don't know who'sgiving you all this stuff.

It must be in church thatthey're preaching all

this doom and gloom.

Sure the earth one dayis gonna come to an end.

Sure it's gonna melt with fiery heat

but who cares.

I mean, it's in God's hands.

The thing that God saysto us is keep occupied

until I come back.

You should occupy, stopworrying about some things

in the Bible.

But you need to get in theword and see what it says.

Take those promises, thegood stuff that's in there

and it's loaded with them.


- This is William who says,

"We're taught that Godforgives and forgets our sins

"when we repent of them.

"if so, why did God not forget Moses' sin

"when he struck the rockinstead of speaking to it

"as he was told to do?

"Moses was not allowed toenter the Promised Land

"because of that sin.

"It seems that God forgavehis sin but did not forget it.

- The only question ofGod forgiving, look,

what did Moses do?

He used the arm of the fleshand he didn't glorify God.

He was a leader of the peopleand he didn't glorify God.

If you shoot somebody,God might forgive you but

you're still going to jail,

you might get the electric chair.

So you say, well howcome the country hadn't

forgiven and forgotten about it?

You don't forget stuff like that.

And that has nothing to dowith God forgetting your sin

and for eternity it has todo with temporal punishment.

And what Moses didn't do,he did not speak the word

which would glorify Godbut he did use the arm

of flesh and he took his rock and struck

and that rock was Jesus.

And it was like, I'mstriking Jesus instead

of speaking the word whichbrought the worlds into being.

But you don't expect Godto forget the temporal

punishment that you're involved in.


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