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News on The 700 Club: December 13, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” December 13.: Read Transcript

- Welcome to The 700 Club.

Isn't it bizarre, it started out

with a discredited British spook

who wrote what was calleda fusion GPS document

alleging that the Russians were trying

to influence the election by negotiating

with the Trump campaign and so

there was ka-hoo and cryto get to the bottom of it.

Alan Dershowitz, of Harvard,

made a very brilliant suggestion,

"why don't you have acommission to do that?"

But without the knowledge of the President

because the AttorneyGeneral, Jeff Sessions

had recused himself,his assistant appointed

a special prosecutor who happened

to be a former FBI guy who was a buddy

of all the FBI people and they asked

for so-called "FISA warrants" from judges

and they used to get those warrants

to spy on Americans from a FISA court.

They used this Fusion GPS phony document

that it turned out had been paid

for by the Democratic Party.

Now, that's where it came.

Alright, the head of the FBIwas before Congress yesterday

and they asked him, "could youtell us about that document?"

"I don't know."

"Can you tell us who lead that?"

"I don't know."

"Is it an honest document?"

"I don't know."

Here's the head of the FBI

and what did he say it, 240 times?

He said, "I can't remember, I don't know."

He's the guy who lead the charge, okay,

so they've got all this stuff going.

Now they have a fellownamed Robert Mueller

who's doing this thing, supposedly finding

about Russian involvementbut what has he done?

He's begun to into the personal finances

of the attorney for thePresident of the United States

and they violated something

that I always thought was sacrosanct.

That was called theattorney-client privilege

and that's something that was never,

judge would never open up,opposing council could never ask.

They could say, "Well,that's attorney-client,"

"and that is sanctity."

It's like the confession ofa Catholic before a priest.

But now Michael Cohen who was the lawyer

for the President, his officewas attached by the FBI.

They seized all of this personal files

and took them into custody

and then they let peoplebegin to look at his files.

And now he's been sentenced

and the whole thing is bizarre, you see.

What in the world is happening?

But it looks like the Justice Department

and the people who hated Donald Trump,

especially in the FBI, there were several

who have themselves been fired

or indicted, who wantedto get the President

and keep him from being thePresident of the United States.

And so, you've got thisthing going on now.

They say there were hush money payments

given to Michael Cohenwho in turned paid them.

One to the National Enquirer

and then the other to Karen Mcdougal

who's a former Playmate or whatever,

and this Stormy Danielswho was a porn star,

And apparently the President,we don't know what went on

but he said, "I didn't do anything"

but he gave money to Cohen,

Cohen in turn gives it to the ladies.

So now, they're sayingthat's a federal crime.

I don't know (laughs) Idon't think anybody knows!

It's so hard to parse these things.

It's so complicated but whatever it is,

a judge sentenced Michael Cohen.

- He did, to three years in prison

for financial crimes and

for violating campaign finance laws.

After that, the NationalEnquirer, of all places,

made a surprise announcement.

CBN's Jenna Browder bringsus the story from Washington.

- Just two hours after Michael Cohen

was sentenced another bombshell.

The parent company of theNational Enquirer, AMI,

cut a deal with prosecutors,

admitting to helping the Trump campaign

cover up allegations of an affair.

Feds agreed not prosecute

if the head of AMI agreed to cooperate.

The company admitted topaying Karen McDougal $150,000

in concert with the Trumpcampaign to bury her story.

Prosecutors say that in Cohen's testimony

that he paid $130,000 to StormyDaniels for the same reason,

amount to illegal campaign contributions

which is a felony.

- There were real feelingsbetween the two of us.

- [Jenna Browder] It all hinges on

if the President knew the payments

were being made and if he didit to protect his campaign.

In a similar case, involvingpresidential candidate,

John Edwards, a jury did not

find he violated campaign finance laws.

Senator Richard Blumenthal, last night.

- The term, "co-conspirator" is beginning

to fit Donald Trump likea well-tailored suit.

- [Jenna Browder] SenatorLindsey Graham, though,

played down the fallout.

- I don't know if it meanswhole lot for the President.

It means a lot in Michael Cohen's life.

Anytime a former lawyerof yours goes to jail

is probably not a good day

but I've yet to see any evidence coming

from Mr. Cohen of collusion and

that's what started the Muellerinvestigation to begin with.

- [Jenna Browder] Cohen isstill working with prosecutors

and is prepared to testifybefore Congress, if called.

Yesterday he said, "Ifelt it was my duty,"

"to cover up his dirty deeds rather"

"than listen to my own inner voice"

"and my moral compass... my weakness"

"can be characterized as ablind loyalty to Donald Trump."

Meantime, Special CounselRobert Mueller's team says,

he has "provided consistentand credible information"

"about core Russia-relatedissues under investigation."

It's possible Cohen couldhave his sentence reduced

if he tells more.

So far, silence from the White House

but President Trump'sattorney, Rudy Giuliani,

did have this to say to Yahoo! News,

"Cohen is a completelydishonorable person,"

"I've never heard of a lawyer"

"that tape-recorded their client"

"without the client's permission."

Going on to add, "thepresident's not a lawyer."

"The simple fact is that it's"

"not a criminal violation ofthe the campaign finance law."

And in another development, afederal judge ordered Mueller

to turn over documentsrelated to the questioning

of former National SecurityAdvisor, Michael Flynn.

This, after Flynn's legal teamsaid the FBI pressured him

not to bring a lawyer to an interview

with agents at the White House.

There's talk of impeachment

but President Trumpsays he's not concerned

and he thinks people would,"revolt" if that happened.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- I don't know... ladies and gentleman,

if you feel as I do, I thinkwe've got to get together

for this country and thiskind of unseemly stuff

that goes on without question.

We've got Strack and Lisa Page,

sending emails back and forth.

"How and we get Trump?"

"How can we discredit him?"

"How can we keep himfrom being President?"

There's no doubt.

And then a former head ofthe FBI has been discredited

and now Comey has claimed amnesia.

It's unbelievable in those hearings.

But the biggest thing isn'tthese payments, anything

but the fact that the lawyer says,

"I was blindly loyal"

and as Rudy Giuliani says,a blindly loyal lawyer

does not tape statementsand the conversations

he has with his client.

That just is not done.

And if it is done, under any circumstances

it would never be made public.

But that part of the legalsystem has been shredded

to pieces by these investigations

and I think that some judge oughta step in

and say, "This is wrong!"

I don't care what youthink about the President

but that should never happen.

A man should be ableto talk to his attorney

in confidence and that's one the pillars

of the legal system we have in America

and they have violated it and it's wrong.

It's just flat wrong.

Well, in other news (laughs), Nancy Pelosi

is trying to put down arebellion in her party.

John Jessup has more on that.

- That's right, Pat, Pelosi is promising

to limit her time as HouseSpeaker to just four years.

The current minorityleads who's 78 years old

made the offer to Democrats who say

it's time for fresher faces to take over.

The deal also applies toher deputies Steny Hoyer

and James Clyburn, bothmen also in their late 70s.

The agreement is expected to clear the way

for her to take theSpeaker's post next month

Well, the Senate will vote early next year

on President Trump's pickfor Attorney General.

Bill Barr held the post in the 1990s

under President George H.W. Bush.

Amber Strong brings up this look at Barr

and explains why some conservatives

are hopeful about his appointment.

- With a resume dating back to the 1970s,

as a CIA analysis, William Barr

is a staple around Washington.

In the early 80s, he beganwork for President Reagan.

Eventually serving asAttorney General for Bush 41.

- Respected by Republicansand respected by Democrats.

- [Amber Strong] During his career,

the 68 year old served as a boss

to Robert Mueller and on thegeneral counsel for Verizon.

His views on issues such as Roe v. Wade

and immigration excite many Republicans.

Conservatives are hopefullyhe'll bring stability

to an embattled DOJ.

- The establishment's gonnabe asking the question,

"will Bill Barr be brave enough"

"to stand up to President Trump?"

Frankly, the question should be,

"Will Bill Barr be brave enough"

"to stand up for President Trump?"

- [Amber Strong] And that's the very thing

that has some on the leftand the right concerned.

Particularly when itcomes to past statements

from Barr, seeming to criticize aspects

of the Mueller investigation.

- I'm glad the Presidenthas nominated someone,

someone with relevantexperience in the department.

What I'll be looking for is

will he be working to guarantee

the independence of theDepartment of Justice?

- [Amber Strong] Barr's received praise

for his thoughts oncounter terrorism post-9/11

but that too, could be an issue.

- I'm concerned thathe's been a big supporter

of the Patriot Act, whichlowered the standard

for spying on Americansand even went so far

as to say the Patriot Act was pretty good

but we should go much further.

- [Amber Strong] Evenstill, most Republicans

are confident it willbe an easy confirmation.

- It shouldn't be all that difficult.

This is someone who has along record in public life.

My guess is that, whenit's all said and done,

when it comes to a vote in the full Senate

that he'll have a strong support.

- No date yet on that confirmation

but it's likely to takeplace in early 2019.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.

- Thanks Amber.

Pat, did you think this was a great pick?

- I think he's superb pick

because he's servedwith the station before.

I think they approved him on a voice vote.

He's so popular.

And he has headed the Justice Department,

he knows how to do it, he's experienced

and not some amateur going in there.

But he's made some very strong statements

that I think bode well for his tenure

and I do know that Jay Sekulow

and others warmly support him.

I remember, in Virginia,he was somewhat active

in the old days in the Republican Party

in Virginia and was highly thought of.

And I think he's goingto make a superb choice,

is a superb choice as Attorney General.

But you know I just don't understand

this business about the independence

of the Justice Department.

They are a branch of government,

they report to the Presidentof the United States.

I don't know where we get the idea

that they're supposed to be independent.

Who's gonna control them?

To whom does the Attorney General report?

And it has been suggested

that we should split the office.

There should be onethat's gonna be the lawyer

for the President and the other

who's going to be runningthe Justice Department.

But as it is, we've got two people

and the Attorney General,among other things,

is the confidante and alawyer for the President.

And at the same time, he's supposed to run

the Justice Department andit's a difficult situation

but, as I understand it,the Justice Department

is not some independent branchthat doesn't have a head.

The situation we have, everybodyhas to report to somebody.

And, in the Justice Departmentthe Attorney General

is the head of the Justice Department

and he, in turn, reports to the

President of the United States and to say,

"well, it's supposed to beindependent" is nonsense.


Enough, it's gonna beChristmas, hey, ho ho ho.

Happiness, stockings andmistletoe and all that.

- Heartfelt, huh?

- (laughs) Okay, alright, John.

- Well, Pat, no stockings or mistletoe

in this next story asPresident Trump reimposed

harsh economic sanctionson Iran last month.

Iranian hackers scrambled tobreak into the personal emails

of American officialstasked with enforcing them.

According to the Associated Press,

a London-based cybersecurity group found

the hackers tried to break into the emails

of treasury officials, DC Think Tanks,

and other key figures.

AP says it's more evidenceof the ongoing cyberwar

between the United States and Iran.

Two Israelis were killedin a terrorist shooting

in Biblical Sumeria today.

It's the third such attackin less than a week.

But Israel's threats gobehind Palestinian terrorists.

It's also fighting the hidden threat

on it's Northern border.

Chris Mitchell reportson the IDF's discovery

of more terror tunnels runningfrom Lebanon into Israel.

- [Chris Mitchell] PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu

issued a warning toHezbollah during a visit

to Israeli troops in the North.

- Our deployment is readyfor a strong response

if Hezbollah makes a big mistake

and decides to harm us or to resist

the operation we are conducting.

They will be hit in such a way

that they can not even imagine.

- [Chris Mitchell] Israelisoldiers dismantling

the tunnels released a recording

of the classifiedtechnology to detect them.

Meanwhile, a Hezbollah leader boasted

all of Israeli is withinrange of its missiles.

Sheikh Naim Qassem said,"There is not a single point,"

"in occupied territories out"

"of reach of Hezbollah's missiles."

"The Zionists cannottolerate such a high level"

"of threats in confrontationwith Hezbollah,"

"which is why they have no motive"

"for entering another war with Lebanon."

Israeli's Chief of Military Intelligence

warned lawmakers that whilethe risk of war is low,

the potential exists for circumstances

to escalate out of control.

Lebanon's President downplayed the danger.

- Israel has informed us,through the United States,

that there are no aggressive intentions

and it will continue towork inside its territories.

We, too, have no aggressive intentions.

- [Chris Mitchell] Thetunnels, however, appear

to be part of an aggressivestrategy by Hezbollah.

Israel says the tunnelsviolate the UN resolution

that ended the 2006 Second Lebanon War

that prohibited Hezbollahfrom a military build up.

Since then, however, Hezbollah missiles

have increased abouttenfold to some 150,000

giving the terror groupmore military firepower

than 95% of countries in the world.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Thanks, Chris.

Pat, back to you.

- You know, the UnitedNations is a toothless tiger

and after that other war

when I had the privilege of being there

while those rockets were being fired,

the UN moved in and said,

"alright we're gonna impose sanctions"

"and we're gonna letthese people harm anymore"

"we're not going to letthem build up anymore"

"and we guarantee the security of Israel."


No such thing happened and now Hezbollah

has gotten many, many more rockets,

much more sophisticated rockets,

much better guidance systems

and now they're buildingtunnels to bring in supplies

and personnel from theNorth to invade Israel.

They've got everything setup and is always in violation

and the UN has done nothing!

And what I have suggested,and I'll do it again,

we need a substitutefor the United Nations.

It is nothing but a soundingboard for terrorists

and anti-Israeli andanti-American propaganda.

The General Assembly is toothless

and the Security Council,you know if it isn't

for the vote of the United States

which has veto power, that whole thing

would run away from us andthe Obama administration

refuses to act on one initiative

and they let a resolution go through

that was very damaging to Israel.

We don't wanna redo that thing.

It's World War II, it'sused its usefulness

and we should stop supporting it.

We oughta go for another, acommunity of democratic nations

that doesn't includeall these dictatorships

and these little penny candy countries

that don't amount to much.

I think the time has come.

This was a time the UnitedNations should have acted,

they should have moved in,

they should have restricted Hezbollah.

They have done nothing andyet that buildup is there

and it extremely dangerous to Israel.

I don't know how they're gonna get away

from having a preemptive war.

Sooner or later Israel isgoing to be forced to strike

or else it's existence isgoing to be put in jeopardy.


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