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The Global Lane - December 13, 2018

Suffering Iraqi Christians celebrate Christmas at home for first time in 5-years, Help is on the way; Muslim Christmas outreach in Dearborn, Michigan; Minnesota State University Mary consent outrage; People attempting to steal away our Christmas joy. Read Transcript

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- Today from the Global Lane,

where in the world do you run?

Christians celebrateChristmas back in their cities

for the first time in five years.

Others remain far from home.

Help is on its way.

Dearborn Michigan, it's home

to America's largest Muslim community.

What one church is doing

to share the love ofChrist this Christmas.

Mary and the virgin birth atMinnesota State University,

free speech or taxpayer funded outrage?

And I'll drive it homeon attempts to steal away

our Christmas joy.

And it's all right here, rightnow from the Global Lane.

With ISIS now defeated,many Iraqi Christians

are celebrating Christmasback in their homes

and churches for thefirst time in five years.

They have a long road ahead

rebuilding their communities and lives.

Many are internally displaced,

tens of thousands are still refugees

in Jordan, Lebanon andTurkey, but help is coming.

President Trump has signed into law

the Iraqi and Syria GenocideRelief and Accountability Act.

It sends aid directly togroups helping Christian

and Yazidi genocide victims.

Here with more is Juliana Tamoorazy.

She's Founder and President

of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council

and Senior Fellow of the Philos Project.

So Juliana good to see you again.

Explain to us what Christmaswill be like this year

for many Iraqi Christians.

- Thank you for this opportunity.

The Christmas will be a joyous one

although as you mentioned the road is long

in terms of rebuilding, however

these individuals are ableto go back to their homes,

to their churches and reallytheir faith is still strong,

it's astonishing, theirresilience is astonishing.

And even when they weredisplaced in these refugee camps

they still celebrated withvery little that they had.

It really is an opportunityfor us to show them

a real Christmas bysending them our prayers

and by really standingby and supporting them,

especially now that the UShas started to take notice

to start helping with therebuilding of their lives.

- [Gary] Juliana, some havereturned to their homes

in the Nineveh Plain.

I understand that manyhave nothing to return to.

Many don't want to return.

Why is that?

- The ones that do not want to return,

their main concern is security.

Look, they've been throughthis over and over again

at least since 2003.

They've been on the run,

starting from the southernpart of Iraq from Baghdad

to the north, and really,

ISIS came to finish the job,

but gladly they weren't able to.

But still, the fear is very real

and that's why we lobbied Congress

and this US administration heavily

to really pay attentionto arming the Christians

to be able to protect themselves.

But if, if, God forbid, this rises again,

the ones that have returned,

they've returned to really nothing,

as you've mentioned, Gary.

I've been to Iraq three times this year

and they have very little.

They're rebuilding theirlives with their own hands.

The individuals that arerepainting their homes,

for example, putting thewindows back together.

I remember when I wasthere in January of 2018,

I met this man whose house we had rebuilt,

at least the first floor ofhis house we had rebuilt,

and he was a teacher

and he was telling me that he will

rebuild one brick at atime, the rest of his home,

but I'm so sorry to saythat in June, he passed away

suddenly of a strokeand he left three kids

and a wife behind.

- Many Americans think it's all over.

You know, they've defeated ISIS, okay.

They don't even think about Iraq anymore

but they know the Trump administration

has pledged to send money directly

to small organizations suchas yours, helping Christians,

rather than sending it to the government.

Why is that such a good idea

and is relief getting through now?

- It is important because all these years,

millions of dollars havebeen piped into Iraq,

but they've been given to theKurdish regional government

or to the Baghdad government

and money has gone missing.

Not much has really beenreceived by the community

so now this US administration, USAID,

is taking the right steps

and vetting these small organizations.

One of them is a AssyrianAid Society of Iraq

that we've partnered with since 2007,

but still, the aid is,

by the time it gets there, is really like

moving the Titanic.

By the time it gets there,

as you and I speak today, Gary,

their suffering is veryreal and continuous.

So this is why, as US is giving their aid,

to the right organizations.

Thanks be the God.

To indigenous Christianorganizations on the ground.

We still, a ministry like mine,

still needs you to beable to answer the call

as proposals continue to come to me here

sitting in Illinois.

- So what can Americans do, then,

to help our suffering brothersand sisters in Christ,

as we celebrate comfortably in our homes

this Christmas season?

- Yes, thank you for asking that question.

If you visit our websiteat,

what we're doing this winter is we,

this Christmas season,

we are focusing on the refugees in Turkey.

There are 23,000 ChristianIraqis in displacement,

72 cities in Turkey.

We are connected to 7,000 of them.

Gary, there is one minister, one pastor,

that is ministering to7,000 Iraqi Christians

displaced in 32 cities.

He goes city by city.

So we are trying to helprelieve some of the suffering

and how, by providing them with food for,

with money for food and for rent.

Rent is on average between 250 to 250,

200 to $250 a month,

and food is about $100 fora family of four to five

so this Christmas season,

we are launching a massive campaign

to help answer some of that suffering.

This Christmas season,

we're focusing on ourbrothers and sisters,

who truly are hiding their Christianity.

When they are ministered to,

if they're blessed toreceive mass or services,

it's almost always done in hiding.

And we're reaching out to 7,000 of them

with your support this Christmas season.

- Very tough place,

Turkey and elsewhere in the Middle East,

to be a Christian.

Okay, Juliana Tamoorazy.

Thank you for taking thetime to be with us today.

- Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas to all of you

and thank you for always supporting us.

- You too, Merry Christmas.

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there aremore than 148 million

orphans in the world today?

148 million.

But it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first-hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever

and out of it, grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated

and they're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

and become family to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now?

Because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

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- This is a time of year

when many Americans put up decorations

and go shopping for Christmas gifts

and most of us loveshowing the holiday season

by spending time with friends and family,

but how many of usactually take the time out

to reach out to peoplein our own community,

by sharing the love of Christ with them?

Dearborn, Michigan ishome to one of America's

largest Islamic communities.

Members of one church there,

along with some other Christians

are sharing the Christmasstory with Muslims.

Here to explain isElizabeth and Sydney Doyle.

So why did the two ofyour journey to Dearborn

from your home in Michigan

and be a part of this effort?

- We'd been doing thisfor about 10 years now

since we moved to Michigan

and we just find thepeople are so responsive.

We worked largely amongstthe Yemeni community,

but there's Lebanesethere, Iraqis and Syrians

and we just, it's such a good time

to be able to share the love of Christ

with these folks and leave somegift bags with them as well.

- You know, the Bible saysGod so loved the world

that He gave His only begotten son

that whoever believes in Him,

shouldn't perish, buthave everlasting life.

And God has brought the world right here

to our doorsteps

and because of that,we've made it our mission,

every Christmas, to takeabout another 200 believers

from all different churches,

door to door in the Dearborn area

and sing carols, praywith all the families.

Last year, we gave 300 New Testaments out

to the different people at their doors.

Many have never heard ofthe true Christmas story.

So it's a great opportunityto spread good will.

- [Gary] Tell us a bitabout the Muslim community

in Dearborn.

How did they receive you?

- Very positively.

We are often invitedin and it's quite cold,

but the first Saturday in December,

so we're always glad to go in.

We go in and they offer us refreshments

and we tell the story.

We tell the Christmas story.

We find out where they're from.

We ask if they've gotfamily in any kind of

difficulty overseas and thisis all fuel for prayer later

and if their children arein school doing exams,

if they're looking for jobs,

and so, we're well received,positively received.

- Elizabeth, it sounds like you're trying

to build a relationship there.

How important is thatto build a relationship

and know their culture,understand their beliefs?

- Yeah, that's very important

and you know, it's more than,

we're building bridges but I genuinely,

and I believe those that come with us

have a real love for these people

because we do recognize they're here

to hear about Jesus

and they're here to findout about eternal life

and it's great to sit around with them,

to talk with them, toshare the stories of Christ

and our own personal stories with them

and even this year, we've already been out

and we met people from, Afghani people

who've never, ever heard whatthe Christmas story is about

and we sing to them, we pray with them,

and they just love it.

They're open to prayer

because, especially the Yemenis right now,

this time of year, they haveso many of their loved ones

that are back home who are suffering

and they ask us to pray for them,

to pray for peace, particularlyin the Middle East.

It's just, it's amazing,

the kind of response that we get

when we go door to door in Dearborn.

- Syd, many Christians fear going

and meeting with Muslims here in America.

But really, that hasn'tbeen your experience.

So what advice do you have for churches

and Christians who mayconsider an outreach

to people of otherfaiths, not just Muslims?

- I think one avenue

is teaching English as a second language.

A lot of churches have opened up to that

and have made theirfriendships in that way.

And so, instead of being afraid of them,

I mean, the dress code, of course,

for women is different, butthis of them as Amish people,

think of them as peoplewho just dress differently.

And we encourage our women,

of course, in Islam, reaching Muslims,

it's men reach men and women reach women

and the women just say look,I look right in their eyes

and I talk to them about their children,

I ask them how they're doing,I ask them where they're from,

and by the time thatMuslim lady goes back home

to her community that night,

she shares that a whitewoman, American woman,

talked to me today andasked me about my children

and that will be aroundthe community like wildfire

because it's so often it doesn't happen.

We are afraid, we don't know what to do.

We feel uncomfortable.

But once you get to knowthem, make friends with them,

reach out to them, it's remarkable how

you find that they willinvite you to their home,

you get to know them and then everything

starts from there.

- Okay, Elizabeth and Sydney Doyle.

Thanks so much for joining us.

We appreciate the work you're doing.

- Thank you.- Thank you so much.

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- We had four jobs that didn't go right,

but you know, we didn'twaver in our faith.

- That's when God put on my heart

that we needed to do the will.

- [Man] But then a coupleof days, we got an insurance

refund check that wehad no idea was coming.

- But here we are,

you know, this year, it'sjust booming (laughs).

- You go out and help other people,

and you get rewarded for it.

- [Announcer] Get PatRobertson's latest teaching,

Miraculous Blessings.

- The Christmas season not only brings out

the worst in somefrenzied holiday shoppers,

but also some professors onAmerica's college campuses.

The latest outrage, it was atMinnesota State University.

A Psychology professor there tweeted,

"The virgin birth story isabout an all-powerful deity

"impregnating a human teen.

"There is no definition of consent

"that would include that scenario."

Well, joining us for moreon this is Emma Meschell.

She's with Campus ReformsLeadership Institute.

So, Emma, tell us more about

Professor Eric Spankle's remarks

and the reaction to what he said.

- Really, these remarks

are not only deeplyoffensive to Christians

or people who just respect theChristian faith in general,

but they are completelyand unequivocally false.

A statement like Mary didn't give consent

really is just a completediversion from the truth,

which is that Mary said,"Let it be done to me

"according to Your will,"

in the book of Luke in the Bible

and Christians know thatthis is a core tenant

of Christianity is that Mary engaged

in that dialog of free will with the Lord

when she was chosen to be Jesus' mother.

So for a professor at apublic university, especially,

to come out and say, withhis taxpayer funding,

they're signing his paychecks,

to publicly state something like

there's no definition of consent

that could include the virgin Mary

is so deeply offensive to those who

participate in the tradition of Christmas

and who believe in the story of Jesus

and how Jesus was carriedby the virgin Mary.

- [Gary] So why are peopleoffended by his remarks?

Doesn't he really havethe right to free speech

and say improper things?

- He certainly does havethe right to do those things

and the right to practice

or you know, disavow anyreligion that he wishes,

but there is an ultimateneed for accountability

to the public, which he is employed by,

and Christianity is theworld's largest religion.

There are thousands of students

at this university that statistically

would be a part of the Christian faith

and as the LeadershipInstitute's Campus Reform,

we do report on instances of

professors doing thingslike going on active

tirades against Christianity

so that those taxpayers can

hold those professors accountable

and maybe ask those universities,

hey, should be potentiallytrain these teachers

and how to be respectful ofall student in their classroom

regardless of their faith background

or what they believe politically

and that's ultimately whatwe're setting out to do

is hold accountability,

though they certainly dohave free speech rights,

it's important to knowthat you're accountable

for the things that you choose to say.

- Emma, I'm sure you'd admit

that the #MeToo movementhas raised awareness

and it's done some goodbut is this another example

of things gone a bit too far here?

- This is certainly and example

of the Me Too movementbleeding into academia

and bleeding into higher education.

There are great things thatthat movement has done.

Harvey Weinsteen was a monstrous man

and he deserved, I think, the things

that came out against him

and the punishment that he received,

but I do think thatthis has become sort of

blown out of proportion whenit gets to the point where

the story of Jesus, whoultimately is our redeemer,

He's the one who comes and brings light

to these situations.

When even that story has become

brought into this conversation,

it really is, it is nothelping the Me Too movement

and it's not helping the people

who are seeking to find justice

for those who have been wronged.

Really what it does, isit drags the movement down

into something that should not be

which is typing in one ofthe most, the most pure

story of redemption ever, and turning it

into something to talk about politics

and to talk about the MeToo movement and consent.

It really is irrelevantto that conversation.

This is something that shouldbe known as a positive story

because it is trulythe most positive story

that we could have.

- Emma, I think our Lord and Savior

can take that criticism.

He took much worse onthe cross and so forth.

But I don't think taxpayerswanna pay for that.

And they're paying his salary, correct?

- Correct, yeah,

he is employed by thetaxpayers of this state

of Minnesota and it willultimately be up to them

to decide this.

And that's why we report on these things

and these people can be the ones

to hold him accountable andsomething else that we've seen,

this really is a broader pattern on campus

at this exact same school,Minnesota State University

last year, they came out with a guide

to an inclusive Christmas that said

you should not wrap giftswith bows or ribbons

and that you should avoid,

if you're throwing a holiday party,

you should avoid termslike Christmas party

or even Hanukah Party and don'teven use color combinations

that evoke feelings of Christmas.

So red and green for thosewho celebrate Christmas

or blue and white for those who

maybe celebrate Hanukah,

so this is a pattern at this university

and it's something thatit's important for us

to pay attention to as thisbore on Christmas conversation

has been unfolding in the past few years.

This really is a good example of

the left overplaying its hand

when it comes to turning things political

and turning somethingas simple as Christmas,

which is, for most people, a nice respite

from political conversation, into a chance

to talk about progressive politics.

- Okay, Emma Meschell of Campus Reform.

Thanks for bringing us thatCampus Christmas update

and Merry Christmas.

- Thank you.

Merry Christmas to you.

(light orchestral music)

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smiles grow bigger.

When you care,

homes are happier.

When you comfort,

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Did you know there aremore than 148 million

orphans in the world today?

148 million.

But it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activities

of the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,and the overwhelming

desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever

and out of it grew a ministry

from my heart called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated

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- Christmas is a joyous time of year

when we celebrate Christ's birth

with our family and friends.

We enjoy Christmas carolsand tree decorating

and of course, the firstfamily tree lighting

at the White House.

But there always seems to be someone

ready to steal away our Christmas joy.

When I was a young child

and watched Christmasmovies on television,

the thief was always Ebenezer Scrooge.

- Merry Christmas to you anyway.

- Leave me.

- And a happy new year.

- You leave me!


- And on television in the mid-1960s,

it was Dr. Seuss, the Christmas classic,

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Not only did the Grinchwant to steal away joy,

he wanted to steal Christmas.

- I must find some way

to keep Christmas from coming.

- That was then, this is now.

Fast forward to 2018.

The PC Police are at the again.

This time, people are criticizingthe Christmas classic,

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

Too much bullying of Rudolphby other reindeer, they say,

and Rudolph was ridiculed by his dad,

who didn't allow Rudolphto just be himself.

Rudolph was forced tocover up his shiny nose.

Oh no, horror or horrors!

Slate Magazine tried to steal away

the First Lady's Christmas joy

when they described thered trees Mrs. Trump

put up in the White House, asred Christmas trees of death.

In Lake Jackson, Texas,

someone stole Christmas treesfrom this woman's parking lot.

She and her husband worked hard

to save enough money to buy the trees

and then sell them for Christmas.

Even Satanists set up aChristmas tree display this year

in San Jose, California.

I didn't know Satanistscelebrated Christmas, did you?

Well, people keptstealing those ornaments.

Even Satanists are victims of thievery,

but folks, some of the worst offenses

against up this Christmas season

are coming from Washington.

Only days after the funeralof our 41st president,

when all the talk wasabout being more civil,

the Democratic leaders NancyPelosi and Chuck Schumer

criticized and argued with the President

right in the Oval Office.

- Please don't characterize

the strength that I bring to this meeting

as the leader of the House Democrats

who just won a big victory.

- Elections have consequences.

- Let me just say--

- And that's why thecountry's doing so well.

- The President is representing

in terms of his cards overthere, are not factual.

We have to have anevidence-based conversation.

- The Washington Post today

gave you a whole lot of Pinocchios

because they say you constantly mistake

how much of the wall is built

and how much,

we shouldn't shut down thegovernment over a dispute

and you wanna shut it down.

You keep talking about it.

- The last time, Chuck, you shut it down

and then you opened it up very quickly.

I don't wanna do what you did.

- 20 times you have called for

I will shut down the governmentif I don't get my wall.

None of us have said--

- You wanna know something?

- You said it.

- Okay, you wanna put that in my,

I'll take it.

- Okay, good.

- You know what I'll say?

Yes, if we don't get what we want

one way or the other,whether it's through you,

through a military, throughanything you wanna call,

I will shut down thegovernment, absolutely,

and I am proud--- We disagree.

- And I'll tell you why.

I am proud to shut down the government

for border security, Chuck.

- Did you know the five billion dollars

the President wants for a border wall

is only 1/10 of 1% of the Federal budget?

Of course, President Trump isn't innocent

in this dispute.

He's threatened to shutdown the government

just before Christmas.

Smart politics to get hisway on border wall funding?

I think people may see itas a Bah Humbug moment.

Federal workers andmembers of our military

need their paychecks for Christmas.

Border wall funding, yes,

but bad timing, Mr. President.

So let's not allow ourpoliticians, tree thieves,

or the PC Police to stealour joy this Christmas.

Take time out from all your frenzied

last minute shoppingand remember the reason

we celebrate.

One of my all-time favoritesand perhaps yours too

is Linus Van Pelt andthe Christmas classic,

A Charlie Brown Christmas.

- Behold, I bring youtidings and great joy.

It shall be to all people.

For onto you, was born thisday in the City of David

a Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord.

And this shall be a sign onto you.

You shall find the babewrapped in swaddling clothes,

lying in a manger.

And suddenly, there was with the angel

a multitude of theheavenly host praising God

and saying, glory to God on the highest

and on Earth, peace andgood will toward men.

- Yes, God gave us thegreatest gift of all,

a Savior for the world,and He is called Emmanuel,

God with us.

So be joyful and Merry Christmas

from all of us here at the Global Lane.

And until next time, be blessed.

(dramatic orchestral music)



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