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Apple's CEO Promises to Discriminate Against Views He Doesn't Like - That May Include Franklin Graham's Biblical Response

Apple's CEO Promises to Discriminate Against Views He Doesn't Like - That May Include Franklin Graham's Biblical Response Read Transcript

- Now so far, Apple has publicly banned

the conspiracy theory site Info Wars,

but it's unclear how far Cook

is willing to go with his censorship

or how far his definitionof hate speech may extend,

but some of his broadercomments about morality

have raised serious concernsamong conservatives.

Let's listen to Tim Cook now.

- At Apple, we believe that technology

needs to have a clear pointof view on this challenge.

There is no time to get tied up in knots.

That's why we only have one message

for those who seek to pushhate, division and violence.

You have no place on our platforms.

- Franklin Grahamresponded directly to Cook

in a Facebook post and asked the question

who defines morality?

Graham also reminded his followers

that Cook's commentsshould concern all of us.

He wrote, the only thingis, as sinful human beings,

we don't get to define morality or sin

according to our own desires,preferences or agendas.

Tim Cook can't, I can't and you can't.

Sin and morality has been defined

by the God of the universe,God and God alone.

God's Word, the Bible is the standard

by which questions of good and evil,

and right and wrong are determined.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday,

the battle betweenGoogle and conservatives

returned to Capitol Hillas the tech giant CEO

assured House Judiciary Committee members

he runs the corporation without partiality

toward any ideology.

GOP lawmakers pressedGoogle's CEO Sundar Pichai,

on allegations of employee'santi conservative bias

and how that may influence thecompany's business practices.

Pichai denied the charges,saying he leads the company

quote, without political bias.


- Mark, real quick, do weknow what Americans think

about the alleged bias

when it comes to social media companies?

- Good question.

A study from the Pugh Research Center

reveals concerns of bias are bipartisan.

Researchers found that 85% of Republicans

and 62% of Democrats believesocial media companies

intentionally censor viewpoints

that they find objectionable.


- All right, thank you much, Mark.

Want to continue the conversation now

with Craig Bannister,an editor with CNS News.

He joins us with more on Cook's comment.

So Craig, your colleague MichaelChapman blogged about this

and he talks specificallythe comments he made

quote, not defining those whoseek to push, hate, division,

and violence.

Why is this so concerning?

- Well, as Reverend Graham said,

this shouldn't be a subjective matter

but apparently morality in Apple's eyes

and Mister Cook's is,

and the concern is what about Christians,

conservatives, Jews and Muslims

who believe homosexuality is a sin?

Does that violate Apple'ssense of morality,

and is that going to be banned?

- Should Americans beconcerned when it comes

to constitutional free speech rights

when it comes to these platforms?

- Well, I think absolutely.

We've seen numerous examples, anecdotally,

reports from differentconservative organizations,

news organizations, whohave seen and sited examples

of bias in this, and it'srestricting what Americans,

especially today's internetaddicted Americans see

and what information they have access to

and then you also have theso called fact checkers

of these social media platforms.

And if they are bias in doing their job,

the information that Americansget is going to mislead them.

- Do you think there's adouble standard with this,

when Apple sells music aswell as videos with profanity

and sexual images versuscensoring and banning

for instance, Info Warsconspiracy theorist Alex Jones

because the content and opinions.

What do you think this suggests?

- Well, I think absolutely thisdoes show a double standard,

some hypocrisy, again, as you're saying,

Apple on iTunes features musicthat promotes gun violence.

Well, that's violence.

Violence against women,

and frequent use of theracially charged N word.

If they actually did intend on rooting out

violence, hate, racism,

then why are they still profiting

from promoting theseproducts on their platforms?

- And you also wrote aboutthe situation with Google

at a congressional hearingaddressing censorship

among other things.

Do you believe theymanipulate search results?

- Well, as Google's CEO was saying,

there isn't typically oneperson looking at one post.

It's, a lot of it isbased on their algorithms.

But that doesn't excusethem, because as you know

from programming language,

the expression garbage in, garbage out.

You can program thesealgorithms to look for words

like Christian, faith, morality,

traditional marriage and ifyou dub those hate speech,

well, then, it's going to discriminate

against certain points ofview, Christian points of view.

- All right, Craig Bannister,with CNS News Service.

Thank you so much for your insights.

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