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700 Club Interactive - December 14, 2018

Physician and Pastor Dr. Paul Osteen discusses the need for ministry and medicine around the globe. Read Transcript

- [Gordon] Concussions in football,

why our country's soldiersmay also be at risk.

- Very common that these folks come back,

they are not the same.

And in some very real sense they are not

the same person they were before.

- We'll share the possible link

between PTSD and CTE.

Plus, tens of millions of Africans

are in need of surgical care.

Dr. Paul Osteen and Keir Thelander

joined us to discussglobal medical missions,

on today's 700 Club Interactive.

Welcome to the show.

A new study shows suicide rates

have increased 30% since 2000.

Add in the rising number ofopioid drug-induced overdoses,

and needless to say, those factors

lower the country'soverall life expectancy.

- Well the big question is, why?

One explanation couldbe CTE, a brain injury

associated with repeated hits to the head

that happen in games like football.

But as CBN health reporterLorie Johnson tells us,

this condition is far more wide-reaching

than originally thought.

- [Lorie] Many people couldn't understand

why a Super Bowl standoutwith a $40 million contract

would murder someone, thencommit suicide at age 27.

But when scientists autopsiedthe brain of Aaron Hernandez,

and discovered an extremelysevere case of CTE,

his erratic behavior made more sense.

- [Lorie] Dr. Bennet Omaluwas one of the first doctors

to raise awareness about chronictraumatic encephalopathy,

better known as CTE.

He says hits to the headdamage the area of the brain

responsible for decisionmaking and judgment.

- [Lorie] Dr. Omalu'smedical contributions led to

the groundbreaking movieConcussion, starring Will Smith.

(dramatic music)- Tell the truth!

- [Lorie] While Omalu says thefilm's content was accurate,

the title was misleading.

- [Lorie] Dr. Omalusays in just one season

of practices and games, players can suffer

hundreds of violent blows to the head.

- [Lorie] Boston University's CTE Center

houses hundreds of brainsof deceased football players

and others from all walks of life.

- 20% of our cases, the donors

have never had a witnessed, diagnosed,

or reported concussion in their lives,

yet have CTE at the end of the day.

- [Lorie] Dr. Lee Goldsteinand his colleagues found CTE

in nearly all former footballplayers they studied.

What's possibly more disturbing

is they also found the condition

in brains of militaryveterans exposed to explosions

but who had not suffered a concussion.

- We were very surprisedby this, and very confused.

- So they went back to the lab.

This is the Shock Tube; itperfectly simulates in mice

what IED blasts do to soldiers.

All of the animals tested developed CTE.

But what's interesting isnone of them had concussions.

In fact, they seemedperfectly fine afterward.

- We were able to figureout what happens in blasts,

and that is, the head ismoving very, very quickly,

and it's that head motion, wecall it the bobblehead effect,

that causes the damage that leads to CTE.

- [Lorie] That raises the possibility

that battle-worn soldiers may have CTE

rather than the often-diagnosedpost-traumatic stress.

- Very common that these folks come back.

They are not the same, andin some very real sense

they are not the sameperson they were before.

In fact the front part ofthe brain may be damaged.

In that respect, theyreally are different people.

- [Lorie] According to Dr. Goldstein,

there are likely manyother types of people

beyond vets and athletes

suffering from this brain trauma.

- The homeless populations,

people who are chronically mentally ill,

people who are at risk for domestic abuse,

intimate partner abuse, child abuse,

elder abuse, incarcerated populations,

populations at risk forviolence, people in poverty.

- [Lorie] CTE can onlybe confirmed after death.

And while there is not yet a cure,

scientists are developing a test

to diagnose it in the living,

which could lead to a treatment.

Lorie Johnson, CBN News.

- Well that's a disturbing report

and certainly every parent needs

to take this very seriously,

when you have a medical doctorwho discovered this condition

saying just one season of football

can lead to irreversible brain damage.

It gives us all pause, butit's not just football,

it's anything with arepetitive head movement

or repetitive head injuries.

So start thinking about headers in soccer,

the list starts to really grow.

And we need to take avery hard look at that.

And I would say as a parent,

if I had known any of these things

then contact football wouldhave never been on the agenda

for my children.

- Yeah, and your son actuallyhad experience, head trauma.

- Yeah, he had a concussion,

and it put him out for that season.

They had a concussion protocol, but--

- By then it's done!

- It doesn't need aconcussion, it just needs,

you know, what are you doing?

- Jarring almost, yes.

- Are you hitting helmet tohelmet, if you are, stop.

- Yeah.

Well up next, nearly 60million people in Africa

need surgical care.

Drs. Paul Osteen and Keir Thelander

will join us to discuss the enormous need

and how you and I can make a difference.

Don't go away.(newscasting music)

Well here in America,you and I are blessed

to have access to healthcare.

Let me give you an example.

In one ZIP Code in Houstonyou'll find 2500 physicians.

Now, compare that to Western Zambia,

roughly the size of Louisiana,

where several years agoDr. Paul Osteen learned

he was the only qualified surgeon.

It was then that herealized God was calling him

to make a difference.

- [Reporter] 56 million people in Africa

are in need of surgicalcare, and many are dying

because of the lack of it.

Dr. Paul Osteen is the founder of

M3 Mobilizing Medical Missions.

Dr. Keir Thelander is the CMO

of the Pan-African Academyof Christian Surgeons.

Together they are addressingthis healthcare crisis.

The upcoming M3 MobilizingMedical Missions Conference

brings together doctors, nurses, dentists,

and anyone wanting to make a difference

in meeting these pressing needs.

- Drs. Paul Osteen andKeir Thelander join us now,

welcome to both of you.

- Thank you, good to be here.- Thank you.

- Paul let me start with you, go back to

that moment in Zambia,what was that like for you?

- Yeah, it was an interesting moment

because I'd been there 31/2 months, and you know,

you work hard and a lot of the people

come across the flood plains from Angola,

they cross the ZambeziRiver by canoe to get to us.

And as I was leaving, oneof the surgeons from Lusaka

had flown out to do somecleft lips, and he said,

"Paul do you realize you'rethe only surgeon here,"

a qualified surgeon in anarea the size of Louisiana.

36 hours later, I was landing in Houston

and I could oversee the medical center.

- [Terry] Wow.

- And you know I just felt like God

just burst somethingthere, what if we connected

the resources we have inHouston and in America

with the under-resourced and underserved

portions of the world that many people

don't know still exist.

- Yeah, and many doctors,and nurses, want to go

and make a difference in a place

where everything they do matters.

Keir let me ask you, how seriousis the problem in Africa?

I know it's not just Africa,

but there are many, many needs there.

- Yeah it's an enormous problem.

You can say, on any given day,

there's 56 million or morepeople that need surgery.

- [Terry] Wow.

- That's people that herein our country, in the US,

would have already hadsurgery, or be on the schedule.

But many of them have no hope--

- [Terry] Not even the possibility of--

- Yeah it's probably 90%that don't have access,

in sub-Saharan Africa,90% don't have access

to safe, timely, andaffordable surgical care.

- Paul, tell me a little bit about

the M3 Medical Missions organization.

- Yeah, from that definingmoment several years ago,

God just birthed thisidea of the M3 Conference,

Mobilizing Medical Missions Conference.

We have three goals really.

Number one, to connect peoplewho have a heart to serve.

So if you're a healthcare provider,

or if you just have aninterest in missions,

come and connect with other people.

Number two, let 'em be inspired by people

who are out in the field doing the work.

Not people that have theories,

but people that are really doing the work,

like Dr. Thelander.

And then the third thing is as they walk

around that big bowl,there's 70 exhibitors,

and they all need people to help.

Incredible organizationswith sustainable efforts.

And as they walk around that bowl

we pray that God would burstsomething in their heart.

And they might take thefirst step or the next step

that he has for them.

- Well it's like laying the opportunity

at their feet, right? (laughs)

- Well as I said before, you know,

I want to provide people theopportunity that I didn't have.

- Yes, now Keir you're the CMO of PAACS?

What is that and what do you all do?

- PAACS is the Pan-AfricanAcademy of Christian Surgeons.

We do training and discipleship.

It's really a surgicaltraining model based on the US,

but then also a discipleship component.

So we're training ChristianAfrican physicians

to become surgeons, and fullydevoted followers of Christ.

- What are some of thechallenges you face in that?

- So in that aspect, you can imagine,

the cross-cultural componentis a significant challenge.

There's lots of times wherewe kinda of go like this,

one's up and one's down,and we aren't maybe

speaking the same language,both figuratively and literally.

But the other challengeis just the enormous need.

Balancing the need withthe time for training.

It's a big difficultyfor many of our trainers

that are on the ground.

- [Terry] Do you have all of the supplies

and the tools that youneed to do this well

and to give them everychance to be successful?

- God provides what weneed; whether we have

everything that we thinkwe need, absolutely not.

Do we have the things thatGod knows we need, we do.

We do, and so it's amazing what the desire

to really provide good care can overcome

in terms of lack of resources.

But could we use more,absolutely we could use more.

- What are some of the waysthat people can get involved?

Paul, I know there are manylike me who are listening

and saying boy we wantto change those numbers,

get that stat to bedifferent; what do we do?

- Well the first thing I would say

is just pray and askGod to change your heart

or keep that burning in your heart,

because that desire to help the world,

I think we can't be comfortable

in America, in Western society.

We need to look through thelens of a suffering world.

So maybe just ask God to keepthat in your heart and mind

and I would just encouragepeople, you know,

if you're a follower ofJesus, you can hear His voice.

Just be listening for that voice.

And He may nudge youto take the next step.

It may be there locally.

You know, you can'tneglect your Jerusalem.

I can't be so concerned about Africa

that I forget about theneedy and the homeless

and the refugee population in Houston.

So you know, He mayallow you to start there,

but whatever it is, take that next step

that God's prompting your heart to do.

You're His follower,you can hear His voice,

listen for it and obey.

- I know you need financialsupport in what you're doing.

- Every missionary, thefinancial support is not for me.

It's to help people likeKeir and their organizations.

We want to help as many people as we can

spread this word andalso make a difference

in places where it's really needed.

- So tell me about theconference that's happening,

when and where?

- February 22 and 23, HoustonTexas, Lakewood Church.

We'd love for you tocome Friday and Saturday

to the conference, stay over for church

if you want to on Sunday andjust make a weekend of it.

- Wonderful, well it's a great opportunity

for people who are interested,

both in supporting andconnecting, possibly going,

maybe having some ofthe tools that you need.

If you'd like more information

on the M3 Global Health Conference,

go to, it's all outlined there

and we just highly encourage you

to support what thesetwo gentlemen are doing.

It's life changing, it's world changing.

We thank you for yourcommitment to all of that.

- Thank you.- Thank you.

- Gordon, over to you.

- Coming up, a teenagegangster hits the streets

with one goal in mind.

- It was an outlet for meto express total anarchy.

So if I was going to beevil, I became very evil.

- See why this evil teen wasno match for his own aunt,

when we return.

(dramatic digital music)

Alexander was a teen staringdown 20 years of hard time.

His rap sheet included robbery,burglary, and kidnapping,

and he was getting ready tohave the book thrown at him.

But as he was waiting to be sentenced,

Alexander witnessed something unexpected,

a miracle in a courtroom.

- By the time I hit maybeabout 11 to 12 years old,

I was already getting arrested.

And by 14, I'm sitting ina juvenile detention center

facing at least one year in prison.

- [Reporter] Alexander Pagani grew up

on the streets of the Bronx.

His parents were involvedin the drug culture,

and Alexander quicklydecided he was on his own.

- I felt completely rejected,and totally embraced

that sense of orphan or abandonment.

And I just lived for myself.

Like it's just me, and I'm going to do

whatever I have to do to survive, just me.

- [Reporter] For Alexander,survival meant joining a gang.

- It appealed to mebecause it was an outlet

for me to express total anarchy.

- [Reporter] His goal was dominance,

so he lived life to the extreme.

- I remember exaggeratingthat street lifestyle

when I didn't have to.

Or feeling like I didhave something to prove,

so if I was going to beevil, I became very evil.

- [Reporter] Alexander's extended family

tried to reach out and reason with him,

especially his Christian grandmother.

- I would tell my grandmother,"Come on Ma, don't start,

"with that church stuff,I'll go when I'm ready."

- [Reporter] By the timeAlexander was 16 he was facing

hard time for robbery,burglary, and kidnapping.

He was transferred to RikersIsland to await sentencing,

but as soon as he arrived heattacked two other inmates.

- I stabbed them, honestly, for no reason,

just to make a statement.

- [Reporter] He was sentto solitary confinement

for nearly a year; thetime alone was sobering.

- I'm 17 years old, and I have nothing.

And this is how this ends.

I think I was at thelowest that I could be.

- [Reporter] Alexander's aunt, Vilma,

worked at Rikers as a youth counselor.

- Tell him listen, you'vetried everything else,

why don't you try Jesus?

- [Alexander] So she beganto be my voice of reason,

because I had no choicebut to listen, here I am.

- [Reporter] One of theguards at the prison

also got Alexander's attention.

- There was just something about him

that really appealed to me, and I said

man this guy, he's really into Jesus.

You know, this God thing,he's really into that.

I could look right into his eyes

and I would see complete peace.

I didn't have that; I wanted that.

I didn't even know where to start.

So I started with the Christian officer.

- [Reporter] Alexander planned

to dispute the charges against him,

but when he went to court to be sentenced,

something unusual happened.

- When I walked in, Iheard a voice saying,

"They're going to give you nineyears; you are to take it."

When I heard that voice, Ido remember saying to myself,

"Who's that, who's speaking to me?"

And when I look up, thecourtroom had, behind the judge,

"In God we trust," the word God,

like rays of light cameout of the word God

and came into me, like into my mind.

- [Reporter] The judgeagree to lower his sentence

from 21 years to nine,if Alexander pled guilty.

- I knew God was talking to me.

So without even thinkingabout what was told to me,

I had pleaded guilty, very quickly.

I said "Yes, I did it."

And the next thing I know,I'm being whisked away.

- [Reporter] When he got back to his cell,

Alexander wrote a letter to his aunt

explaining what had just happened.

- I'm telling her how Ibelieve God wants me to change,

but I'm really having a hardtime making that transition,

but I know that I need to,and I'm beginning to want to.

Because I want to go to heaven.

When I wrote the word because,

Jesus Christ came into my cell,

and He speaks to myright ear, "Follow me."

And I lifted my hand,and when I said I accept,

it felt like thingswere breaking off of me,

and I felt so peaceful, I fell asleep.

- [Reporter] When he woke up the next day,

he was a changed man.

- Cigarettes, thepornography, the cursing,

everything instantaneously left me,

and I lived for Jesus behind prison walls.

- [Reporter] As Alexanderstudied the Bible,

God became more than justa powerful force he feared.

- I read Romans 8, where it says

we have the spirit of adoption,where we cry "Abba, Father."

I clearly remember that day,

having a problem calling God "Father."

I realized that myrelationship with the Lord

is based on me lovingHim, not fearing Him.

And I began to love Him,love Him to this day.

Just, He's my father; He'severything that I have.

- [Reporter] Today Alexander is married.

He's also an author and now serves

the same neighborhood he once terrorized.

Alexander's family now attends his church,

and his aunt Vilma isamazed at the change in him.

- Nothing is impossible,especially when God is in the mix.

He's a different person, he really is.

He really, really is.

- Make the transition,surrender to the Lord.

He'll radically change your life.

- "Make the transition,surrender to the Lord,

"and He will radicallytransform your life."

Those are wonderful words,and they're words of truth

spoken from experience.

Here's someone who said I want to be evil,

I want to do that.

Most people don't ever get that far.

And there's a realcurious paradox in life,

and that is when you try to be good,

and you try to do things on your own,

you know, check all the boxesthat I'm going to be good,

you're going to find it's going to be

very hard to fulfill that.

There's going to besomething that you do wrong,

there's going to be a mistake,

there's going to be somethingyou wish you hadn't done.

The other side of it,when you try to be evil,

you can actually havea lot of success there,

and you can go so faryou end up in prison,

where you want to stabpeople for no reason at all.

And that's exactly what happened to him.

But at the end of that, he realized,

well I want to go to heaven, I need that.

Now he had dramatic encounters.

He heard voices, he saw light.

He had several spiritual experiences.

Well here's some greatnews, you can have that too.

God's no respecter of persons,He wants to show up for you.

The Bible talks aboutHim manifesting Himself.

Literally it means turning on the light

so that you can seeand you can understand.

Now if you've been livinglife away from God,

and you've been wondering,have I gone too far?

Let this story encourage you,no you haven't gone too far.

God still loves you.

You're still His child.

He put His breath in you,and He wants a dream for you.

You may have given up on that dream,

but God hasn't given up on that dream.

To get it, to get whatyou just saw happen,

here's what you do, you ask for it.

You pray a very simple prayer,

and you let God do all the rest.

When I talk surrender,I mean total surrender,

that you're willing to sayGod no matter what it takes,

whatever I have to do, I wantto do, I want to follow You.

All the days of my life,I'm all in with You.

This isn't something whereyou play a joke on God, no.

This is something, when you're serious

and your heart's there,well then God comes in

and He does the rest.

So if this is for you, don't turn away,

let today be the day where youhave your encounter with God,

where you say yes I want You in my life.

If this is you, pray with me right now,

let's do this together.

Jesus, that's right just sayHis name, say it out loud.

Jesus, I come to You, and I surrender all.

I'm tired of the way I'm livingnow, and I want to change,

I want to change from myinnermost being and live for You.

So I open the door of myheart, I ask that You come in.

I ask that You forgiveme, that You make me new.

And Jesus, if You do this for me,

I want to follow Youall the days of my life.

Hear my prayer, for Ipray it in Jesus' name.

If you prayed with me, give us a call

and let us know, 1-800-700-7000.

Here's a word from Romans,"For you did not receive

"the spirit of bondage again to fear,

"but you received the Spirit of adoption."

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