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Max Lucado Reveals His Sexual Abuse, Beth Moore Challenges Church at

Max Lucado Reveals His Sexual Abuse, Beth Moore Challenges Church at Read Transcript

- The summit is a historicattempt by the evangelical world

to publicly address abuse in the church,

and it has caught the attention,

not just of survivors, but church leaders.

- I have been raised in thechurch, and I have never seen

anything like today, ina gathering of this kind.

- [Heather] Bible studyleader Beth Moore kicked

off the meeting, noting a recentreport on widespread abuse

within independentfundamental Baptist churches.

- So the question comes to us again,

shall the church stand idly by?

I've been told by a numberof fellow Christians,

I just don't readarticles like that, Beth.

Moore told CBN News the church

must stand ready for these stories.

- One of the things Ireally wanna push back on,

is this thing that says,

I just can't stand to hear about it.

Listen, if people can go through this,

we can listen to their stories.

- [Heather] And from the appearance here,

people are preparing.

More than a thousand individuals attended,

or live-streamed, the event.

40 faith-based groupsalso watched remotely.

Conference speaker and church consultant,

Nancy Beach, says she sees a desire

by many ministry leaders, to learn more.

- I do think the fact that somany people are streaming in,

and many organizations are doing that,

is a sign that there's a need,and there's a call for help.

- This has been an issue in our churches.

It's not just the Catholics,it's not just fundamentalists,

they've all been in the news lately.

It's also evangelicalchurches, and we gotta address

some cultural issues within the church.

- [Heather] The summit putan emphasis on pastors,

calling for greater accountability.

- I would say, an unaccountablepastor is both unbiblical

and unhelpful, and can even be dangerous.

I think pastors need to be

in accountable community with others.

- I also think that whatwe're exploring here is

as much an abuse of power,as it is sexual sin.

- [Heather] Perhaps the biggest message,

survivors must be heard.

- When they become thepriority for us, for all of us,

for all of us in leadershipand servant leadership

and lay leadership, whateverit may be, that's health.

- For many churches,getting involved in an event

like this is an important first step,

and it might just signal to survivors

that change is possible.

Reporting in Wheaton, Illinois,Heather Sells, CBN News.


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