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Christian World News - December 14, 2018

Christian World News - December 14, 2018 Read Transcript

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- [Wendy] This week on ChristianWorld News, President Trump

steps up for Iraq's Christians,signing into law a measure

to help victims of ISIS atrocities

and helping faith-basedgroups care for their needs.

- [George] Plus, why isAsia Bibi still in Pakistan?

We talk to her attorney to find out

when she can finally breathe free.

- [Wendy] And Canada's identity crisis,

how a radical national experiment

is changing the nature ofthis once-Christian nation.

- Hello, everyone.

Welcome to this week's editionof Christian World News.

I'm George Thomas.

- Good to have you back, sir.

- Thank you, ma'am, appreciate it.

- And I'm Wendy Griffith.

Well, President Trump istaking strong action to help

Christians and other targetsof genocide in the Middle East.

The Islamic ISIS army thatterrorize religious and ethnic

minorities is largely defeated,but its victims remain.

ISIS murdered hundredsof thousands of Yazidis,

Shiite Muslims, and Christians during its

four-year rule of parts of Syria and Iraq.

Millions of victims are now refugees

in the Middle East and Europe.

Others are returning hometo find their villages,

their homes, and their churches destroyed.

This week, the presidentsigned a law to help them.

- This bill continues myadministration's efforts

to direct US assistancetoward persecuted communities

including through faith-based programs.

It also allows governmentagencies to assist

a range of entities ininvestigating and prosecuting ISIS's

despicable acts, and theyare very despicable indeed.

Today, we honor the memoryof all those killed by ISIS

and Syria and Iraq, and we renew

our sacred commitmentto religious freedom.

- Many faith-based agencies,excuse me, agencies are at work

helping the victims ofgenocide, but up to this point,

they have had to rely almostentirely on private donations.

- Wendy, Jalil Dawood.

He grew up in a Christianfamily in Baghdad, Iraq,

but persecution and war ledhim to flee back in 1982.

Today, he leads theArabic Church of Dallas.

He is also the founderof World Refugee Care,

which works to bring hopeand healing to refugees

in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

He joins us now by Skype.

Jalil, great to have youon the broadcast, sir.

Let me begin with this.

Why do you think this law

that the president signed is so important?

- Thank you for having me.

God bless you all.

It is important because there is

two equations to the formula here.

One is domestic.

One is the refugee who left already.

So this will deal withthe people who are inside.

It will give them protectionthat they can live in peace

and be able to sustainthemselves who are there inside.

So this will be a good,great step towards that,

and the people outside,that's another formula

that I'm praying for, thatwe will be able to help

those who already left.

There's people who areneighboring nations, five to 10

years waiting, and we arepraying for them as well.

- Jalil, tell us about thesuffering of Christians

and other minorities in Iraq and Syria.

How are they doing?

- They're really struggling financially.

They're struggling to start life.

They are struggling withpressures, persecution,

and you know, the bill includes the Shia.

The Shia can go back tothis nation, to this people,

which is massive, and a lot of people.

But the Christians,they have nowhere to go,

and they need help, and they need hope,

and they need people tostand with them at this time.

So this is a great thing, great start.

It is a 300 million dollarstowards infrastructure

basically mainly, but it issomething that is wonderful

to start with that a presidentof the greatest nation

of earth will stand with them,and that's a great thing.

- I and do you see an opportunity

for the church in this situation?

- The church here, or I'm sorry?

- [George] Both, in the United States

and also there in the Middle East.

- Well, that's the thing.

The help needs to be distributed fairly

to all denominations, toall aspects, and to use

this fund to help peoplestand and live and survive,

and we as an organization,we're trying to do that.

This Christmas we'redoing program for orphans

and for internally displaced people,

that we might give them hope.

We need to stand with them, because we

could have been in thatsituation ourselves.

So America's standingwith them now, you know,

and we pray that it willbe more in a positive way

if we want them to stay there

and be light and salt among others.

- Yeah, and to that point,Jalil, talking about that.

Can the church in theMiddle East make a comeback?

- Nothing is impossibleto the Lord, as this is

Christmastime, and we rememberthe story of Christmas

and how the Lord createthings that do not exist.

So our prayer is we wouldhave presence there.

But the people who left,

they need to be helpedas well to get somewhere.

So it's a two-headed monsterthat we need to pray about,

support, and stand with,and see what the Lord,

how he works with the peoplethere and stand with them.

- Jalil, last question, whatcan our viewers do to help you,

folks like yourself doinggreat work on the ground

and others in the regiontrying to help out?

- Blessings to you andto the church in America.

We are blessed here first, I wanna say.

We are blessed.

We are thankful to theLord that he loves us.

He gave us so many blessings,

and we are to share that blessing.

And World Refugee Care, we are doing,

we're trying to sponsorfamily to feed those

refugee families in theneighboring countries.

They struggle with the survival.

They struggle withpersecution, outside even Iraq.

And so we need to influencethe government to protect

those minorities inside andoutside, and also, we need

to help them in a materialway, in a substantial way,

in a way that they can survive and say,

we have not left behind,and nobody cares about us.

But we are to care about them,love them, and show care.

- That's right.

That is an important point.

We have to leave it there.

Jalil Dawood, sir, thank you so much

for all that you do for the kingdom.

Thanks for coming on the show.

- Bless you, thank you.

- Wendy.

- War has marred theMiddle East for centuries.

It's even affected some of the most famous

sites in the Holy Land.

This week, Israel announced it's cleared

more than 1500 land mines near a site

revered as the place asthe baptism of Jesus.

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief

Chris Mitchell brings us that story.

- This is Qasr el Yahudon the Jordan River,

the place many believedJohn baptized Jesus.

It's also thought to be thearea the children of Israel

crossed over to the Promised Land,

and the site where Elijahascended to heaven.

Israel's side of the baptismal site

opened to visitors in2011, but the 250-acre area

around it, known as theland of the monasteries,

remained off-limits.

This area is strewn with minesand other explosive devices

remaining from the Six Day War and beyond.

Because of securityconcerns, the area was marked

and fenced, and access tothe church's properties

has been restricted since the 1970s.

- We are working here almostone year in this monastery.

We work here three months.

It takes us time to clean the area,

clean from mines, clean frommotors, clean for booby traps.

- [Chris] Seven churcheshave property here.

Three monasteries havealready been cleaned,

and CBN News toured two of them.

The Franciscan chapel was built in 1956

and belongs to the Vatican.

The Ethiopian monastery was much larger.

It had a bakery and guesthouse.

- Every millimeter of this side is checked

at least by three people andby two different actions.

So, as you understand,

it's very dangerous and difficult job.

- [Chris] Marcel Avivleads the Israeli agency

responsible for this type of operation.

It's working with HALO Trust,

the world's oldest andlargest humanitarian

mine clearance charity,to clean this area.

- When we will finish all the job here,

those lands will be given to their owners,

and the owners are the churches.

- [Chris] During the Six Day War,

this church-owned landcame under Israeli control.

It became an easy target for the Palestine

liberation organization toattack Israeli soldiers.

Eventually, the monks abandoned the area

and explosives were spread all around.

Israel has maps of the mines,but according to supervisor

Moshe Hillman, many haveshifted over the years,

and there are other challenges.

- And it was here full of metal.

It was a firing zone.

It was irrigation zone.

The monks have a smallfarm in this monastery,

so it's take us time to clean.

- [Chris] Some 800,000 peoplevisit the baptismal site

each year, and that's expected to triple

once the monasteries are back.

- I hope that this garden thatwas left 50 years ago will be

green again, and all of uswill be happy to visit here

and to see this amazing area.

I hope it will be, andI'll show that it will be.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell, CBN News,

Qasr el Yahud, The Jordan Valley.

(brisk instrumental music)

- Coming up, from Asia to Europe

to Africa, our GeorgeThomas has been on the move.

He tells us what's happening

with the church around the globe.

Stay tuned.

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are more

than 148 million orphansin the world today?

148 million.

But it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spendnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utterloneliness, the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changedme forever, and out of it

grew a ministry from my heartcalled Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

and become family to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now,

because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- And welcome back toChristian World News.

George, you have just returned,

literally, from a trip around the world.

- Yeah, it's been epic.

- Where have your travels taken you?

- Well, Wendy, it startedin southeast Asia.

I went to China, Japan,Vietnam, South Korea.

The highlight was Vietnam.

This was my first trip to Vietnam.

Looked at the church,looked at the challenges

the church is facing there.

Then I went all the way acrossthe two oceans to Africa,

profiled a story of an American missionary

who survived Ebola and is now

back in Liberia servingthe people of Liberia.

- So then your next stop was Europe.

You actually visited achurch there that has been

holding 24-hour prayerservices since October.

- Yes, that's right.

- Tell us about that.

- Yeah, for almost 10 weeks,it's been unbelievable,

pretty much down the sleepy road.

It's in a residentialcommunity on the outskirts

of the Hague in the Dutchcapitol, and, you know,

it's a church that, it'scalled the Bethel Church.

And about 10 weeks ago, the Tamrazyans,

they are an Armenianfamily, family of four.

They had been in theNetherlands for nine years,

trying to seek political asylum.

You see the family there.

And they'd been waiting fornine years, and then suddenly,

the Dutch government said, no,we are going to deport you.

And so they decided to walk

into the Bethel Church and seek refuge.

Well, the Bethel Church officials,

they decided to go back tobasically the Middle Ages

to find an archaic lawthat says no police officer

or no government officialcan enter the church

while the church is holding a service.

So, Wendy, for the last 10weeks, pretty much every day,

24 hours a day, people willcome from around the country,

around the world, and I spoke

to a leader there whotalked about the impact

this has had on thechapter and the community.

Take a listen.

- We'd gotten enormous support

just because we are startingthe church asylum here.

A lot of pastors aresupporting now, more than 550.

I think it's even now 580pastors all over the country

went to the Hague to support our service,

to participate in it, to celebrate,

and thousands of peopleare coming to the services.

So the church is standing up for them,

and I think that's a wayto follow the gospel.

That's a way of being afollower of Jesus Christ.

- [Wendy] George, how longwill these services go?

- [George] They're gonna keep going

until they find aresolution for the family.

- [Wendy] That's amazing.

- [George] Yeah.

- Well, you also had a chanceto visit with the lawyer

of Christian Asia Bibi,the Pakistani Christian

who was in prison for many, many years.

- Yes.

- How's he doing?

- You know, basically, he escaped,

right after he got hisclient out of prison,

and we had a chance to meethim at an undisclosed location.

And he is, you know,his whole life has been

turned upside-down, andI asked him, did he have

any regrets for takingup the case of Asia Bibi.

Remember, he is a Muslimdefending a Christian.

And here's what he said.

- I'll never have a normallife like I used to.

I'll always be looking over my shoulder

for the rest of my life, because I know

there are radical Muslimfanatics who want me dead.

But what gives mestrength and encouragement

is the response I've had fromChristians around the world.

Since the day I leftPakistan, so many Christians,

even small children, youngpeople, and even the elderly,

some of whom run to me andhug me and kiss my hand

and they call me their hero.

This is very encouraging to me.

It reminds me that takingon Asia Bibi's case

was the right thing to do,despite the consequences.

- Amazing you were able to meet with him.

- Yeah, and his whole life

has been turnedupside-down, as I mentioned.

All eyes now is on Asia Bibi,when is she gonna get out.

My understanding is thatpretty much perhaps the nation

of Canada, we have a story onCanada here in just a second,

but perhaps the nationof Canada will give her

the asylum and theprotection that she needs.

- Oh, we hope so, all right.

Thank you so much, George.

- You're welcome.- Fascinating journey.

- Thank you.

- Well, coming up, whoa, Canada.

America's neighbor tothe north is undergoing

some radical, even dangerous, changes.

Stay tuned.

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- And welcome back toChristian World News.

Canada has a reputation asone of the nicest countries

in the world, but some fearthat this once-Christian nation

is having an identity crisis.

- Slightly.

Canada has embarked on aradical national experiment

with profound changes that couldlead down a dangerous road.

Our Dale Hurd has the story.

- When Canadian PrimeMinister Justin Trudeau

says his country is a post-national state

and has no core identity,no one should be surprised

when some start asking ifCanada is even a country.

But the identity crisis facing Canada

is not only multifaceted; it's serious,

and could one day have a directimpact on the United States.

Canada is in the midstof, as one writer put it,

a civilizational experimentthat's transforming

a Western nation intoa post-Western nation.

And this revolution is centered

around the cult of diversity.

- [Announcer] Your Canada.

- [Dale] Here's oneversion of Justin Trudeau's

post-national, post-Western Canada,

transformed by diversity.

- [Announcer] Oh, Canada,you stand for everybody.

- [Dale] The question is not

whether Canada should welcome immigrants.

The question, accordingto Toronto Sun columnist

and Sirius XM Canada host Anthony Furey,

is whose values should win the day.

- In Canada right now, it'slabeled bizarrely xenophobic

and anti-immigrant, andthey throw around terms

like racism to no end if yousimply say I'd like us all

to integrate here and livetogether in a compatible way.

- [Dale] Throughout theirhistories, both Canada

and American have welcomedimmigrants of all backgrounds.

But Canada, rather than beinga melting pot like the US

has said that it is amosaic of many cultures.

The problem begins withthe Canadian mosaic

includes more and more radical Islamists

who favor undemocraticvalues under sharia law.

Prime Minister Trudeauwelcomed almost 50,000 refugees

from the Middle East in 2016 alone,

and has even welcomedreturning ISIS fighters,

saying in an interview thatthey could be a powerful voice.

- And a lot of people,probably the silent majority,

are saying, I'm unhappy withthis, including new immigrants

who came to Canada,whether it's a year ago

or a decade or three decades ago who say,

no, I came to Canada for areason, because I wanted Canadian

values, and I was escapingvalues in other countries.

- [Dale] One immigrant whowould like more Canadian values

is pro-Western Muslim Tahir Gora,

founder of TAG TV in Toronto,

a network with a largeinternational audience.

He's also a co-author ofSubmission: The Danger

of Political Islam to Canadawith a warning to America.

- I moved to this beautiful country

because of its Canadian culture.

People like me escapedPakistan, the Middle East.

All the Muslim world cameto Canada, and some went

to United States, with the hope that they

will be left alone bythose radical Islamists.

But now, we see those Islamists

roaming around in this part of the world.

- [Dale] Tarek Fatah isa journalist, writer,

and founder of theMuslim-Canadian Congress.

An immigrant from Pakistanand a proud Canadian,

Fatah says the Canadianleft, which, in his words,

is sinking in white guilt, nowaccepts and even celebrates

undemocratic radical Islamicbeliefs and practices.

He likens it to a circus.

- It considers radicalIslam as a phenomenon

that needs to be embraced,because it's so curious.

So we as Muslims areconsidered as circus animals.

We need to perform in away, and the white left

liberal feminist classwould sit in ringside seats

and say, ah, how lovely.

Just look at that monkey jump up and down.

Oh, that elephant stoodup on his two feet.

Honey, did you see that?

Oh, it's breathtaking.

- [Dale] Another facet ofCanada's identity crisis

can be seen in the growing trend

of what are called land acknowledgements.

- We wanna begin by acknowledgingthe traditional territory

of the Anishinaabe and Shoshone peoples

on which Wilfrid LaurierUniversity's campuses sit.

- [Dale] Land acknowledgementsare recited daily on campuses

and in schools acrossCanada, and they essentially

declare that Canada is an occupier.

- We respectfullyacknowledge the territory.

- In which we gather asthe ancestral homelands.

of the Beothuk, and the island.

- of Newfoundland asthe ancestral homelands.

- Of the Mi'kmaq and Beothuk.

- [Dale] These continue,even though a poll this year

found that most Canadians donot believe native peoples

should have a special status,and that the government

should stop apologizing for past wrongs.

The culture that is under fire here

is traditional Canadian Christian culture.

Ottawa resident Alexandra Belaire grew up

behind the iron curtain inCommunist Czechoslovakia,

and she sees some disturbingparallels between life

under Communism and life inpolitically-correct Canada.

What do you say to someonewho says that's preposterous.

I can say whatever I want in Canada.

How can you compare itto the Soviet world?

- But you can't say anything you want.

Because I was a daughterof a political dissident,

teachers would take thetime to berate me and say

bad things about me in frontof the whole classroom,

because that way, they wereproving they weren't showing

favoritism towards adissident's daughter, right?

Now, my friend's daughter was in school,

and she was being shamedfor being too Christian.

How's that different?

How is that different?

She was being shamed forfeeling very patriotic Canadian.

How is that different for being shamed

for being a dissident's daughter?

(bagpipe music)

- [Dale] There's a sayinghere that the world needs

more Canada, but if currenttrends continue, the world

is going to get less ofCanada as Canadian identity is

swallowed up in a left-wingmulticultural experiment.

Dale Hurd, CBN News,in Toronto and Ottawa.

- [George] To see moregreat stories like this,

just check out our webpage.

Find it at

We'll be back right after this.

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Did you know there are more

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148 million.

But it was three little girls

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My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utterloneliness, the pain

of rejection, and theoverwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed meforever, and out of it grew

a ministry from my heartcalled Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated, andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

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- Finally, this week, PopeFrancis wants to change

the wording of one versein the Lord's Prayer.

The London Daily Express reportshe believes the most recent

translation research onMatthew 6:13, which indicates

the English version ofthat passage is incorrect.

It reads, and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from the evil one.

The researchers who havestudied it for 16 years

say it would be bettertranslated as abandon us not

when in temptation for thefirst half of the verse.

Arguing his point, the Popesaid, a father doesn't do that.

A father helps you to get up immediately.

Francis said of the line in question,

it's Satan who leads us into temptation.

That's his department.

- Interesting.

- Good point, huh?- Yeah.

- Interesting stuff.

Well, folks, that is itfor this week's edition

of Christian World News.

Thank you so much for joining us.

- Until next week, from all of us here,

goodbye and God bless you.

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