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Give a Special Year-End, Tax-Deductible Gift

See how your gift is helping give clean water to those in Indonesia – and so much more. Thank you. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Augustineand her daughter Ephiza

had only one goal after the earthquake,

to find containers and a source of water.

The plastic jugs came from a garbage dump.

The water came from this concrete trench.

It's contaminated andfilled with deadly bacteria.

- [Translator] Threenights ago in our shelter,

a baby died because of the bad water.

We drink it too, eventhough it's not safe.

Many babies and childrenare sick with diarrhea.

- [Narrator] Augustine'sdaughter got sick, too.

- [Translator] The pastfew days Ephiza told me

about pains in her stomach.

- [Translator] I don't want todrink the water here anymore.

- [Narrator] When Operation Blessing

learned about the camp,

we provided the family witha small solar power device

which makes chlorine.

The bacteria was killed and theentire five gallons of water

was safe to drink.

- [Translator] I am thankful to you

for the water backpack andthe machine you gave us.

Thank you so much.

- [Narrator] There's still time for you

to change lives this year

by giving a tax-deductible gift to CBN.

Your gift helps bring food, shelter,

clothing, medical aid, and hope

to people here at homeand all around the world.

Because your gift is tax-deductible,

you'll be saving money on your tax bill

as you share the love of God

with people who are in desperate need.

You'll be a great blessing,and you'll be blessed as well.

Visit to donateand help bless the poor.

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