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'With God's Help': Vice President Pence Points to God in Space Force Announcement

'With God's Help': Vice President Pence Points to God in Space Force Announcement Read Transcript

- New era of American national security

in space begins today.

- [Narrator] Vice PresidentMike Pence announced

the nation's groundbreaking command today

at the Kennedy Space Center.

- [Radio Voice] All enginesrunning, launch commence.

- [Narrator] The announcementcomes nearly 50 years

after the Apollo 8astronauts became the first

humans to orbit the moonand return to Earth.

- [Radio Voice] We are now approaching

lunar sunrise, and for allthe people back on Earth,

the crew of Apollo 8 has a message that we

would like to send to you.

- [Narrator] As the threeastronauts rounded our moon

for the 9th time that Christmas Eve,

they took turns readingfrom the Book of Genesis.

- [Radio Voice] In thebeginning, God created

the heaven and the Earth, andthe Earth was without form,

and void, and darkness wasupon the face of the deep.

And the spirit of God movedupon the face of the waters.

And God said, "Let there be light."

And there was light.

- [Narrator] But today,space is much different.

The White House says adversarieslike Russia and China

are transforming it intoa war-fighting domain.

- When it comes to defending America,

it is not enough to merelyhave an American presence

in space, we must haveAmerican dominance in space.

- [Narrator] NASA will notbe part of this initiative,

however, since the AirForce already oversees

a small space command.

Critics of this executiveorder argue that shows

the military is alreadyprotecting American

interests in space.

- The US Space Command willintegrate space capabilities

across all branches of the military.

- [Narrator] As this 21stcentury space race continues,

the White House contendsthe need to stay ahead

has never been more urgent.

Pence says that willrequire one other thing.

- Faith in the capacity ofour people to accomplish

anything in the defense ofand the advance of freedom.

And we'll also do it with that other kind

of faith as well.

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