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Christmas Shutdown Averted? McConnell Offers Plan to Kick the Can Down the Road as Dems Play Hardball

Christmas Shutdown Averted? McConnell Offers Plan to Kick the Can Down the Road as Dems Play Hardball Read Transcript

- Congress and theadministration say they want

to avoid a government shutdown Friday.

But while the administrationhas backed off its request

for $5 billion to fund a border wall,

the two sides still can't agree.

- I think there's certainlybipartisan support

for avoiding a governmentshutdown, and so,

we're now trying to figureout the way forward.

- The ball remains in the President's

and Republicans' court, to accept one

of our common sense proposals.

- [Charlene] The WhiteHouse set the tone Tuesday,

softening its positionby offering a proposal

seeking $1.6 billion for a border wall,

with an additional onebillion for border security.

That was rejected by theDemocrats as slush fund.

- We had a discussion abouta proposal that we offered,

that I thought wasreasonable to both sides,

to give us an opportunity to, in effect,

thread the needle on theborder security issue.

I've heard back from Senator Schumer

that the offer was notacceptable, and so, now I'm

in consultation with the WhiteHouse about the way forward.

- [Charlene] Later in the day,

the administration said it could work

to get the funds from other sources.

- We're looking at every avenueavailable to us possible.

The President's asked everyone of his Cabinet Secretaries

to look for funding that canbe used to protect our borders,

and for to give the President the ability

to fulfill his presidential obligation

to protect the American people,by having a secure border.

- [Charlene] SenateRepublicans are encouraging

the President to take a short-term deal,

so as not to shut down at Christmas,

and settle the issue after the new year,

but so far, the President is holding out.

- [Reporter] Mr. President,can we ask about the shutdown?

- See what happens.

- [Charlene] Meanwhile, fears

of a slowing economy is also a factor.

800,000 workers could be sent home,

or forced to work without pay.

CBN News' Abigail Robertsonsays, with just a few days

to go, before the Friday deadline,

both sides have to actfast to find a resolution.

- The clock is ticking, theyhave to reach an agreement,

and they have to bring itto the floor fairly soon,

I'd say in the next 24 hours,

in order to get something passedby that midnight deadline.

- [Charlene] Charlene Aaron, CBN News.


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