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Skydiver Saved by Prayer After Mid-air Collision

Korey should have died from his injuries after a mid-air collision with another diver, but he knew Jesus had another plan. Read Transcript

- I knew I was falling.

And I knew I was falling to my death.

But it was an acceptance.

There wasn't anything there.

There was no fear, there was no

I just accepted this is happened.

I'm dying and there's nothing I can do.

- [Narrator] In 2011,Corey Fisher began looking

for a way to gain self confidence

and learn to trust God in deeper ways.

That's when he discovered sky diving.

Six years later he was acertified sky diving instructor

with 1,500 jumps to his credit.

- I thought to myselfthis is closer to what

I imagine God wants us to live like.

This, experiencing this.

Being alive, it's about being alive.

- [Narrator] Then in November of 2017,

his life nearly came to an end

when he and another skydiver collided in mid-air.

- [Woman] Whoa! Oh!

- I only saw the individualfor about half a second.

Before the collision,

in that half a second I literally remember

thinking I'm dead.

There's nothing I can do.

- [Narrator] The two fellover 200 hundred feet

before hitting the ground.

Miraculously, both survived.

Corey was in and out of consciousness.

- I tried to move and couldn't.

And then passed back out.

Next thing I know, they'reputting me in a helicopter.

It was evident I was dying.

- [Narrator] He was lifeflighted to a nearby hospital

with a broken neck,

twelve broken ribs, andmassive internal injuries.

Corey was fighting for his life.

His mom Maria remembersthe call from the hospital.

- They told us that therehad been an accident

that he was catastrophically injured

and that we needed to cometo the hospital right away.

And my heart sunk.

- [Narrator] At the hospitalRia and Corey's dad Terry

learned their son might notmake it through the night.

Even if he did, he mightbe paralyzed for life.

They asked their church andcommunity to pray for a miracle.

- God gave us the peacefrom the very beginning

not to panic, not to go into a circular

thought process thatyou can all go through

when you are in a traumatic situation.

- There was definitely prayer going

around the clock forCorey in multiple places,

multiple churches.

- [Narrator] He survived the night.

By then they had learned therehad been another miracle.

Spinal surgeon Sayid al Shahabi says

considering the severityof his broken neck,

Corey's spinal cordshould have been severed.

Which would have lefthim paralyzed for life.

- It's in my opinionhonestly short of miraculous.

When I initially got the call

my initial question was well how bad is he

in terms of paralysis.

And the trauma doctor,

his words were specificallyyou won't believe it

but he's moving everything.

And essentially what he had done was

separated and shifted the number six bone

completely in front ofthe number seven bone.

The way they present this way

essentially is with a quadriplegia

or a paraplegic type of scenario.

- When his surgeon told me that he hadn't

in all the years thathe'd been a trauma surgeon

he'd never seen thisinjury without paralysis.

He said he fully expectedto walk into that trauma bay

after looking at his MRIsand find a paraplegic.

And he said to find full movement,

that blew him away.

He said this was the firsttime I as a physician

can say I've seen a miracle.

- [Narrator] He stillneeded surgery and prayer.

On the way into surgery, Corey woke up

and asked to speak with a chaplain.

- They brought me a phoneand there was a loving man

on the other end

who agreed with me and prayed,quoted scripture with me,

and then prayed.

And I remember feeling the peace.

And that I was gonna be all right.

- [Narrator] His surgery was a success.

Now doctors were saying Corey

would need to spend monthsin a rehab hospital.

Corey believed for another miracle.

- First words out of his mouth to me

were don't worry mom, Jesus has got this.

He said I'll be home for Christmas.

His doctors are standing onthe other side of the bed

behind Corey's headwhere he couldn't see 'em

and they're shaking their head no.

- [Narrator] But just threeweeks after the accident

and well before Christmas

Corey walked out of thehospital without pain

and completely healed.

- Not only did Jesus save my life,

but my recovery wassupernaturally graced as well.

It's completely a miracle.

No doubt about it.

- [Narrator] Corey wascleared of all fault

pertaining to the accident.

He has since resumed skydiving and instructing

with even more confidencethat God is with him

in every situation.

- He loved me that muchto gracefully save my life

and spare me in all of this.

And all the dreams that I had

that could've been takenfrom me in a second.

- What it made me realizeis that I can trust God.

For he will answer my prayers.

I looked at this way,

he jumps out of that planeand jumps into Jesus arms.

So I don't have to worry about it.

- If you can supernaturally change

a human being falling outof the sky's situation,

to not die, to not be paralyzed,

to override physicallimitations of the human body

when striking the ground,

he can handle all of the things in my life

that I'm not in control of

to give me my life back completely.

Uninhibited by anythingis overwhelming to me.

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