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Prayer Link: October 9, 2018

Nairobian orphans pray for Melania Trump during her first international trip to Africa. John Hagee weighs in on Kavanaugh confirmation & the why the movie about America’s most prolific serial killer is getting pushback. Read Transcript

(upbeat music)

- Welcome to The PrayerLink, I'm Charlene Aaron.

- And I'm Wendy Griffith,I can't help dancing

to that open, I love that music.

- But Wendy, you recentlytook an amazing trip.

- Well, you know I liketo climb high mountains.

- Yes, tell us a little about it.

- I did the Tour du Mont Blanc.

- Okay, I can't pronounce that.

- The Tour du Mont Blanc in France.

You get to hike throughthree countries in one week.

You start in France, Chamonix, France,

which is this gorgeous littleski village during the winter.

Beautiful scenes of MontBlanc from every direction.

- [Charlene] Oh, wow,look at how gorgeous.

- [Wendy] That's Chamonix,that was the view

from my hotel room.

Then you hike through France,Italy and Switzerland.

That's our fearless leader, Bruno.

We saw a rainbow in Switzerland.

There's some of mygirlfriends that I went with.

Actually I met, I onlywent with one girlfriend.

You know what I've noticedabout me when I'm hiking?

I always have thebiggest smile on my face.

- It's where you belong, you love it.

It's your happy place.

- West Virginia's called theMountain State, and actually--

- It's not an accidentthat you were born there.

- I know.- It was on purpose.

- Almost heaven.

- You've also climbed MountKilimanjaro, you're a hiker.

- In Everest base camp,but I keep coming down

a little bit lower every time.

Because it's just easier to breathe.

This trip was harder on my knees, though,

than any of the other ones.

- What would you saywas a spiritual lesson

that God taught you climbing?

- Kilimanjaro, all aboutovercoming fear and perseverance.

Yeah, there's so manylessons from mountains

that God gives us.- Awesome!

Awesome, great to have you back.

Well, let's jump rightinto today's hot topics.

Everyone's talking aboutFirst Lady Melania Trump's

first international solo trip to Africa.

As usual, the FirstLady was picture perfect

in her safari outfit, andshe made stops in Ghana,

Malawi, Kenya and Egypt to promote

her children's welfare program.

And in Kenya she metwith Kenya's First Lady

and visited an elephant orphanage.

She also met with these precious children

from the Nest Children'sHome Orphanage in Nairobi,

which primarily cares for children

whose parents are incarcerated.

And get this, the childrengathered around her

and began to pray for our First Lady.

And I know that that willbe a treasured memory

that she will take away from that trip.

What a powerful image.

- That was the photo, and I think

we actually have that photo.

- Absolutely preciousto see those children.

- They're all orphanspraying for our First Lady,

and she looked like she wasjust really receiving it.

- I just love this.

- There's some of thekids with her right now.

- I think the children areleading a great example for us.

- Absolutely, absolutely.

- We need to pray for our First Lady.

- I love our First Lady.

Well, guess what, the Bieb was in London.

Justin Bieber got out his guitar

and started singing worship music

on the streets of London recently.

Fans gathered aroundthe pop star as he sat

on a fountain in frontof Buckingham Palace.

His fiance, HaileyBaldwin, was in the crowd,

there she is, and he stopped momentarily

to profess his love for his future wife.

And, in case you'rewondering, he was singing

the popular worshipsong, Good, Good Father.

Notice his guitar case was open and that,

I'm thinking, does the Biebreally need extra money?

But he was probably doing that for effect

so people maybe wouldn't know who he was.

- In disguise kind of.

- But you know, his hoodie,that's part of his thing.

So everybody's gonna know it was Justin.

- Well, Christian studentsacross the country recently

brought their Bibles to school

to celebrate religious freedom last week.

It's called Bring YourBible to School Day,

and it's an annual evensponsored by Focus on the Family.

Parents across the country sent CBN News

adorable pictures of their children.

And as you can see, they were all smiles

as they proudly broughttheir Bibles to school.

The event is aimed at encouraging students

to share their faith.

Look at her little pinkBible, she's adorable.

- I love it.

Well, it was the story, Charlene,

that consumed the newsmedia and us here at CBN

for many, many weeks,and after what many say

was the most bitter battle everfor a Supreme Court Justice.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh wasconfirmed and sworn in

as Justice of the land's highest court.

I recently spoke with pastorand author John Hagee,

who had this to say aboutthe unprecedented fight

to put Kavanaugh on the court.

- What has happened to Judge Kavanaugh

has been a travesty, it has been a sham.

It was a lie magnifiedand repeated by the media,

and it was orchestrated bythe liberal left in America,

trying to keep the Supreme Court

from every considering theRoe versus Wade problem

in a way that it would reverse that issue.

It was also trying todemonstrate it had the ability

to electronically crucify anyone.

Here's a man who had been inspected

by the FBI six times,

and now a seventh time.

And they find him to be guiltless.

I doubt half of the preachersin America could pass that.

(Wendy laughing)

I assure you, that man deservesto be on the Supreme Court.

- That's amazing what he wentthrough, it's just amazing.

- It is, and when Pastor Hagee speaks,

there's just so much,the way he said that.

And he was right, whocould pass six FBI tests?

He's right, this was about Roe.

But I think it was about much more.

- I do too, I think it'sa deeper, deeper issue,

because we were lookingat the Supreme Court

in the next couple of years,how many more justices

will be appointed by the Republican party.

- Now's there's a fightfor majority conservative,

and everything is changing,and the enemy knew that.

The devil knew that, so that's why we saw

the demon-stration happening.

- We certainly need to keep praying.

Well, Abby Johnson hasspent eight years working

for Planned Parenthood.

As a clinic director,she helped facilitate

more than 20,000 abortions.

Then one day she walked away from it all

to become a pro-life activist.

And now they're makinga movie about her life.

Unplanned brings to the big screen

an eye-opening look insidethe abortion industry.

I visited the set of thisground-breaking motion picture.

Unplanned takes the audience

inside the abortion industry,courtesy of Abby Johnson,

once a passionate pro-choice advocate.

As clinic director for Planned Parenthood,

Johnson says she played apart in some 22,000 abortions.

The film depicts heremotional decision to quit

after watching an abortion via ultrasound.

I interviewed Johnson onthe set of the new film.

A movie about your life,how exciting is that?

- It's very exciting,it's a little surreal,

if I'm honest, to watch someone play out

the worst version of yourself in a film,

but it's also just a good reminder

that God can literally use anything

from our past and use it for His glory

and use it for His kingdom.

- [Charlene] Johnson'spast included becoming one

of the youngest clinic directorsfor Planned Parenthood,

and also a spokesperson for the nation's

largest abortion provider.

Actress Ashley Bratcher, who appeared in

other Christian films suchas 90 Minutes in Heaven

and War Room plays Abby in the film.

- I only got four pages ofthe script when I auditioned,

and I thought, wow,just in this four pages

there's this really interesting, amazing,

charismatic woman who'shaving this experience.

And it's real, it's gritty,but it's compelling.

And I thought, man, I needto know who this woman is

and I want to tell her story.

And after I saw Abby's testimony,

I was just in a puddle on the floor.

- [Charlene] WhenBratcher's mother learned

of her movie role, sheshared a deep secret

with her daughter.

- She said, "I'm gonna tell you something

"that I haven't told you before."

And she said to me, "I was in the clinic.

"I had my name called, I went back,

"I was being examined by awoman who was very pregnant.

"And I was on the table

"and that was when I changed my mind."

To hear I was seconds awayfrom just not existing,

and then also to know that here I am

telling Abby Johnson's story, what?

I mean, it's so clear to me and evident

that God's hand at work ispresent on this project.

- [Charlene] Meanwhile,faith-based filmmakers

Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon say

they're preparing for the likely backlash

against the film thathighlights the ugly truth

inside the abortion industry.

- We're taking on a monster.

We're taking on a great evil.

We're taking on thedevil's grinder machine.

So when you go up againstthat, he's gonna protect that.

We have no naive thought

that Planned Parenthood won't fight back.

- There's nothing pretty about abortion.

Both sides know that, both sides,

if they're honest, will admit that.

Both sides are dug inpretty tight as far as

whether they think itshould be acceptable or not.

- [Charlene] Johnson,now a pro-life champion,

says the cast and crew know aspiritual battle lies ahead.

- We pray every day, we prayagainst spiritual warfare

in our home, in ourmarriage, with our family,

and certainly withvarious pro-life projects

that I'm a part of andcertainly this film.

- [Charlene] But Bratchermaintains this project

isn't about attacking the other side.

- I think this film is abouthealing, about redemption,

about knowing thatyou've never gone too far

that you can escape the graceof God, that He's so merciful

and that you can absolutely be forgiven.

- Wow, is that an amazing story

about the story her mother told her?

- I got chills when shesaid how she was so like

moments away from not even existing,

and now she's playing this character.

- Amazing how God, 30 yearsago she was almost not here,

but 30 years later God has her

on the forefront of this battle.

- And Abby's right, this isgonna be a spiritual battle.

Please, please pray for Abby,for the cast, for this movie.

They're gonna need the covering,

because this is gonna set people free.

- It's spiritual warfare.

- And it's gonna heal people.- It is.

- Like they said, it's notabout, it's about redemption.

- And healing.- It's about redemption.

- And God can forgive, nomatter what you have done.

- No matter what.- Absolutely.

- Well, coming up, it'sthe story the media ignored

and called toocontroversial for Hollywood.

Hear the shocking truth behind America's

most prolific serial killer, that's next.

- [Announcer] There's a movement growing.

- [Woman] I felt led to pray for America.

- [Man] I started to pray for America.

- [Woman] I'm praying for America.

- [Announcer] Peoplefrom all over the world

are praying for America.

From September 10th through October 19th

we'll be praying for all50 states for 40 days.

And we want you to be a part of it.

Only through humbling ourselves in prayer

can we change the course of our nation.

So join us, go to

Take the pledge to pray with us.

When you do, you'll receive your free

Let's Pray for America pack.

It includes patriotic quote cards,

a bumper sticker, and other helpful items.

You can also download your free Let's Pray

for America profile pic.

And be sure to use#PrayForAmericaCBN and #50in40

when you encourage others to pray.

Be a part of CBN's Let's Prayfor America, #50in40 movement.

Join us now at

(bright music)

- Well, this should havebeen front page news,

but the media largelyignored the 2013 murder trial

of Pennsylvania abortiondoctor Kermit Gosnell.

- That's right, Wendy, and now a movie

about Gosnell's casehighlighting the tragic abuses

and hidden crimes withinthe abortion industry

hits theaters this Friday.

I traveled to Hollywoodto bring you this story.

- Alright, listen up, weare looking for anything

that looks like drugs or paraphernalia.

- [Charlene] Audienceswill finally get to see

and hear details of atrue life horror story

in Gosnell, the Trial ofAmerica's Biggest Serial Killer.

- I don't know, I've never been

in an abortion clinic before.

- [Charlene] StarringDean Cain as a detective,

the PG-13 film exploresthe shocking crimes

and trial of Philadelphiaabortionist Kermit Gosnell,

sentenced to life forkilling thousands of babies

across three decades.

As far back as the 70s,the sign on Gosnell's

West Philadelphia Clinic read,

"Women's Medical Society."

Then in 2010, while investing an illegal

prescription drug operation,federal agents discovered

what they called a house of horrors.

Three years later, ajury found Gosnell guilty

or murdering three babies born alive.

According to the grand juryreport, Gosnell killed them

by severing their spinalcords with scissors.

Investigators alsodiscovered refrigerators full

of aborted fetuses in his offices.

The case went largelyuncovered by politicians

and the mainstream media.

- You'd think a case about amedical doctor killing babies

born alive would be a big news story,

but what was also shocking about the trial

of Kermit Gosnell was how little

media attention it received.

I was in the courtroom forCBN News covering the trial,

just one of a handful ofjournalists in that courtroom.

And that really becamepart of the story line,

which is why it was described as one

of the most important stories never told.

- We at the Media Research Center,

we actually tracked thisand we found it took 56 days

before all three broadcastnetworks covered his story.

So those are news showsby ABC, NBC and CBS.

So yes, there was absolutely a blackout.

And it's hard to know why exactly,

because abortion is a huge issue

that Americans are concerned about,

and this shouldn't justbe an issue for, say,

people who are againstabortion or for abortion.

It's a human rights issue.

These were atrocities that were happening

in this abortion clinic.

- [Charlene] Producers Ann McElhinney

and Phelim McAleer saythey were on a mission

to expose the truth about Gosnell.

They told CBN NewsHollywood rejected the film

because of its subject matter.

- Out of of every moment of the process

it's been challenged, it's like even

from the very beginning when we started

the crowd funding campaignand we went to Kickstarter,

where we had raised moneybefore for a different film,

for Frack Nation.

And suddenly we go toKickstarter, we tell them

our core campaign, and suddenly they're

basically censoring us.

They said, "You can'tmention babies murdered.

"You can't mentionbabies stabbed to death."

And it's like, how do we tell the story?

Are we raising money fora film about a thing?

We have to describe it.

It wasn't that, it wasn't that.

They didn't want to haveanything to do with us.

- [Charlene] Actor KevinSorbo and his wife Sam

supported the movie by urging people

to donate to the fundraising campaign,

Sorbo recently tweeting,"We raised over two million

"for the making of this film.

"Hope you all support to seethe truth behind this case."

And joining us now is Ann McElhinney,

one of the film's producers, welcome, Ann.

- Good to be here, thanksso much for having us on.

- So hey, first of all,you guys wrote a book

about Kermit Gosnell, and nowthe movie comes out on Friday.

Why a movie?

- Because nothing reallygets to a large population

of people more than a movie.

A lot of people don't read books,

they don't read the newspaper,

but people really like watching movies.

And people also in Americaparticularly like watching

crime movies, and thisessentially is a crime movie.

It's like a Law and Order episode.

It's like a courtroom drama.

But this really happened,this is a true story.

And there's so many aspects ofit that should alarm people.

Not just what Kermit Gosnelldid, but all the people

who enabled him to doit and all the people

who then covered it uponce it came to light.

The media are very, verybadly implicated here,

but so are multiple,multiple people in hospitals

in Philadelphia, inmultiple government offices

in Pennsylvania who failed to do anything.

Two women died in the clinic.

Samika Shaw was a youngAfrican American mother

who died in 2000, and that did not inspire

the Department of Healthto cross the threshold

and investigate what had happened to her.

It is incredible howprotected abortion is.

A woman dies and they don't investigate.

And she died, and becausethey didn't investigate,

a number of years laterKarnamaya Mongar died,

a Bhutanese refugee, inthe City of Brotherly Love,

in a sanctuary city.

- Ann, let me ask you this really quick.

I understand you guyshad a lot of challenges

making this film as faras getting funding for it.

What are some of theother things that happened

as you were filming that you ran into?

- It's interesting, justlistening to your earlier report.

We had extraordinary stories of,

one of the actresses, infact, who played a part

in the film, played apart of a woman actually

who had changed her mind and decided not

to have an abortion, shecame to me during the filming

and said, "This is my own story."

She had read the script,her name was Tasia Watley,

and her testimony actuallyis on YouTube now.

And she said she read the script

and she herself hadbeen having an abortion,

was ready for an abortionin Houston, Texas,

and the nurse came in andsaid, and put earphones

in her ears and said,"Why don't you listen

"to your baby's heartbeat?

"I'm just gonna go and do something,

"but I'm gonna come back."

And, of course, she lay here and listened

to her baby's heartbeatand she put her clothes on

and went out.

Her testimony is unbelievable.

She says he's now five years old.

At night she watches himbreathe and she can't believe

that she was going todestroy someone so precious.

- Ann, let me also saythat I understand that NPR

has banned ads, radio ads for the film,

as well as somethinghappening with Google?

- Yes, yeah.- Tell us about that.

- We've had a lot ofopposition, as I said,

with the Kickstarter thing.

Then we had NPR refusing to run our ads,

refusing to run the ads,they wouldn't allow us

to call Kermit Gosnell an abortion doctor,

even though in all their news stories

about Kermit Gosnell theycalled him an abortion doctor.

And now we have Facebook,Facebook have rejected ad

upon ad upon ad that we have put up.

And you cannot believehow benign those ads are.

One of them has justDean Cain sitting there

with Tucker Carlson, they rejected that.

They rejected that ad.

There has been demonicforces in some ways,

I have to say, constantly try and stop us.

- And Ann, you comparehow the media ignored

the Gosnell case with howdemocrats have treated

Brett Kavanaugh, talk about that.

- Yes, yes.

What we have witnessed as a country,

what humanity has hadto witness with the way

that this man has been treated,

with these ridiculous allegations,

uncorroborated allegations,with repeated investigations.

I don't know what thatman would have had to do

to have proved himselfworthy to the democrats.

But you know, in the endI think you and I know

very, very well this was never about,

it's not even about immigration,

it's not about a borderwall, it's not about anything

but about abortion, thisis all about abortion.

And those shrieks from thegallery will haunt people,

that people were so, Idon't know, possessed,

they were out of control, hysterical

at the notion that thisman would be confirmed.

And I see a huge parallelhere between what has happened

to us and what happened to him.

People expected there to be opposition,

but nothing like whathappened to that man.

And I think it'll take thecountry a long time to recover,

but no one's going to forget.

I think he said he'd forgive people,

but I think no one's gonna forget

what was at the center of this.

And that's why people shouldcome out to the theaters

on Friday and support us, just the way

that they supported Kavanaugh.

- Absolutely, and finally, Ann,

what do you hope people,as they're walking away

or driving away from thetheater after seeing this

on Friday, what do you hopethey take away from it?

What do you hope they're talking about?

- Do you know the one thingthat I think is very important

about this film is?

It's unlike any other filmthat's ever been made,

and I don't even think in AbbyJohnson's film they have it.

We have testimony froma good abortion doctor,

and we used exactly thewords that were used

in the trial transcriptsdescribing an abortion.

And I don't think that'sbeen done in a movie before.

And the testimony cannot be questioned,

because the person givingthe testimony thinks

that what they're doing is right.

And I think people need that education.

People in Ireland votedin favor of abortion.

I don't think they knewwhat they were voting for.

- Ann McElhinney, thankyou so much for your time.

Make sure you go out and youwatch this film on Friday.

Thank you so much.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

- Well, we're going to spendthe next couple of minutes

praying for the unborn and for your needs.

But first we want toencourage to you email us

your prayer requestsat

- That was such a powerful interview

that we just heard with Ann.

- She's very passionatebecause she's been up close

and she's seen it, you know.

- I think what struck mewas all the women who get

to the abortion clinic and then maybe hear

the baby's heartbeat and then walk out

and don't get it done.

And so many people arewalking around today

that were just momentsaway from an abortion.

- We saw that in the story earlier.

- I really wanna prayfor those women right now

who are in that moment of decision.

- Absolutely, let's prayerfor 'em, they need prayer.

- Father, in Jesus' namewe lift up these women,

young ladies that, oreven older ladies, Lord,

that have found themselvesright now with a child

and it was unplanned and nowthey're making a decision,

Lord, that they would understand that

there are no accidents with You,

that every living, breathing person was

because You wanted them to be.

And Lord, right now, thatthere would be that nurse

that puts the earplugs in somebody's ear

that they can hear their baby's heartbeat

or there would be miracleshappening right now

across abortion clinics,across America, God,

that women would get up, puttheir clothes on right now

and walk out and those babies would live.

Lord, we just thankYou for the testimonies

that are coming, wethank You for this movie

that's being made.

Lord, we ask You that, it's been made,

it's coming out Friday, Lord,that You would protect it,

Lord, let everyone see itthat needs to see it, God.

We plead the blood ofJesus Christ now over

even the theaters, the seats,

and the people that will see it, God,

and the cast and crew, God.

We just thank You thatthese movies are going forth

for Your glory, for redemption,

and that lives will besaved, in Jesus' name.

- And Father, we pray even on the back end

of those who have childrenthat they'd didn't plan

but we know You planned them, Lord,

we pray that You wouldprovide for their needs.

People who are singlemoms or who have been,

their husbands have left thembut they're still pregnant

and they don't know what to do

and they're just soconfused and feel lonely

and they feel like theyhave no help, we ask, Lord,

that You would supernaturallyprovide for single moms, Lord.

Women who are pregnantwho the father of the baby

is nowhere around, want'snothing to do with the child.

Lord, we pray that Youwould provide for her needs

and the baby's needs.

We ask that You willprovide formula and Pampers

and daycare and, Lord,that You would send aid

and support just becauseYou love them, Father God,

just because You're concerned about them.

And Lord, we pray thatYou will draw them to You,

into relationship with You, Lord Jesus.

We thank You for meetingthe needs of those

who are watching who aremaybe in this situation, Lord.

And we just thank Youfor miracles, Lord God,

abounding all acrossthe country, Lord God,

with regard to abortion, in Jesus' name.

- In Jesus' name- Amen.

- So that movie, what'sthe name of the movie?

- Gosnell.- Gosnell comes out Friday.

- And the other one comesout in the spring of 2019.

- Okay, so wow, two powerful movies.

Up next, we're diving into scripture

and bringing you the wordof the week, stay tuned.

- I was Muslim for four years.

I had spells cast on me.

Just everything you can think of.

I never got what I was looking for.

There was no real power to change my life.

I had tried everything,it just came to a point

where it was like, you know what,

I don't wanna do this anymore.

There was a little old lady at the church,

she'd come and get me.

She prayed for me, and all I know is

I felt the love of God.

We would read from Genesis to Revelation,

and we just went deep in the Word of God.

Everything about me,even my very countenance,

began to change after that point.

And now I just have a desireto see them experience

the loving kindness of Godthat I have experienced,

to see that true change is possible,

and that what you thoughtthat you were looking for

can only be found in Christ.

- Welcome back to PrayerLink, and before we go,

here's the word of theweek from our good friend,

Dr. Kellie Lane of Warrior Nation.

- Can you believe God forthe absolute impossible

in your life?

Can you believe that when you pray,

no matter how difficult it may seem,

God will answer your prayer?

It reminds me of a familiarpassage of scripture

in Genesis 24.

It is here that we findAbraham, the father of faith,

well-stricken in age,and he asks his servant

to go back to theirhomeland and find a wife

of their kindred for his son Isaac,

who we know was the promised child.

The servant quickly and excitedly gets up,

loads up 10 camels withall types of gifts,

and travels 450 miles one way,from what I've researched,

which would take about two weeks one way

to go and find this wifefor the promised child.

He's looking for a womanwho will be at the well

who would also offer him andhis camels a drink of water.

Sounds kind of ridiculous, right?

This is what he asked for.

In Genesis 24:14 he says,"This is my request.

"I will ask one of them,please give me a drink

"from your jug."

If she says, "Yes, yes have a drink

"and I will water your camels too,

"let her be the one you haveselected as Isaac's wife."

He says, "This is how I will know

"that you have shownunfailing love to my master."

Rebekah did exactly that,she went the extra mile.

She even gave camels water,which each camel can drink

about 53 gallons ofwater in three minutes.

Was it a ridiculous request?

Was it impossible?

Yes, but God honors thattype of crazy faith.

Can you believe God for theimpossible in your life?

God bless you.

- Amen.- Can you believe God

for the impossible?

- I'm believing the camelsare on the way for me,

and they're loaded.(laughter)

They're loaded with good stuff.

- Awesome, praise God.

- Well, that's gonna do it

for this week's edition of Prayer Link.

- Don't forget to shareyour prayer requests

and testimonies with us, emailus at

Until next time, God bless you.

Remember, prayer works.


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