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Radical Nation of Islam Given at Least $365k in Taxpayer Money

Radical Nation of Islam Given at Least $365k in Taxpayer Money Read Transcript

- Well, Alana Goodman withthe Washington Examiner

joins us now with moreon her exclusive story.

Alana, why would the federal government

need to fund Nation of Islamreligious studies in prison?

- Well that's a great question

and that's one that a lot of people were,

I mean, people were just shocked

when I was talking to them about this.

I spoke to analysts whoresearch hate groups

and they said there's no reason

why an organizationlike the Nation of Islam

should be getting any moneyfrom the federal government.

This isn't necessarily justa freedom of religion issue.

Obviously, it's fine to havematerials, things like that,

that you can read in a prison,

but this is about federalfunding going to this group

and this is an organizationthat has been declared

a hate group by theAnti-Defamation League,

the Southern PovertyLaw Center, and others,

so they have a long history of that.

- Right, it's really interesting.

Well, does the US Bureau of Prisons

fund other religious groups

that spout this kindof hatred in this way?

- That's a great question.

I mean would they fund an organization

like the Aryan Brotherhood for example?

There are a lot of racist type groups

that are in prisons andproliferate in prisons

and I have not heard of any other group

that has this kind of background

besides the Nation of Islamthat has received funding.

- In your story, youtalk about how the Bureau

has to review the religious materials.

Why do you think that theBureau is funding these studies,

knowing the racist andanti-Semitic themes in them?

- That's a great question

and I have asked the Bureauof Prisons about this

and they don't want to talk about

the details of the contract.

They said that the initialcontract was over six years ago

and so they don't keep theirfiles for over six years.

So we really don't knowexactly what was in there

and exactly what is being taught.

But I will say, based on the analysts

who I've spoken to about this,

anti-Semitism and anti-white bigotry

is a foundational principle

in the Nation of Islam philosophy.

It's not just the fact thattheir leader, Louis Farrakhan,

goes out and goes ontelevision or on Twitter

and compares Jews to termites.

It's also that this is a fundamental part

of the Nation of Islam philosophy

and it really can't be separated from it.

- You also report the SenateForeign Relations Committee

found as many as three dozen US citizens

who converted to Islam in prison

then traveled to Yemen,possibly for Al-Qaeda training.

Can you tell us any more about that?

- Yeah, so this was somethingthat was also raised to me

when I spoke to Congressman Peter King.

You know radicalization in prison

has been something that hehas focused on for years

on the House Homeland Security Committee

and it's something thathas been a big issue,

even recently in the news,

where we saw this Christmasmarketplace shooting

in France recently andthat was carried out

by somebody who hadreportedly been radicalized

while in prison.

So this is a big concern

and as Congressman King toldme during our interview,

this is something thatshould concern all Americans.

- Alana, where do you see this all going?

Do you expect this funding to continue?

- Well, it has droppeddown under President Trump.

Under President Obama, it wasabout five times more funding

was going to this, so we'vereally seen it drop off a lot

in the last two years, and I don't know

if that trend is gonna continue,

but the Bureau of Prisons didn't say

whether they're gonna cutoff this program or not.

It seems like they're kindof defending it in some ways

so we'll have to justwait and see on that.

- Right, well it'll beinteresting to see the fallout.

Alana Goodman, thanks foryour report and your time.

- Thank you.


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