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The 700 Club - December 25, 2018

Christian singer Hannah Kerr shares about her faith, Christmas, and sings “Silent Night”. Plus, CBN reaches out to a military family and gives them a holiday to remember. Read Transcript

(instrumental music)

- [Narrator] The following program

is sponsored by CBN.

- [Narrator] MerryChristmas from The 700 Club.

- Gloria, you can say that can't you?

Yeah (laughs).

- [Narrator] CelebrateChristmas Eve in Bethlehem

with Hannah Kerr.

Ring in the holiday with A Christmas Carol

read by Dickens himself.

- There is no doubt whatever about that.

- [Narrator] And see a military family

get a Christmas to remember.

- [Female Voice] We're gonna give our boys

a wonderful Christmas this year.

It's such a relief.

- [Narrator] On today's 700 Club.

(instrumental music)

- Well, welcome folks to this edition

of The 700 Club,

and for each one, a merry Christmas.

Thank you for watching

this special edition of our program.

Today we'll celebratethe birth of our Savior

with Christmas music,inspirational stories,

and a look at the realreason for this season.

- But first, we want to spread

a little holiday cheer.

If you've been followingthe news recently,

you may have noticed that policemen

have gotten a bit of a bad rap.

Well, the police forceof Lowell, Michigan,

wanted to change that perception.

So they partnered

with TV and videographer, Rob Bliss,

and they gave a few unsuspecting drivers

something other than a traffic ticket.

Take a look.

- Most of the contact police officers

have with the general public

is on a traffic stop,

and you can find out alot about that person

in that 10 to 15 minute window,

whether they're havinga good day, a bad day,

or a horrible day.

And then we got this idea,

what if we could change

that person's day in real time.

What if we could change

that person's day right now.

- [Police Officer] Got all

your Christmas shopping done?

- No, I haven't started.

- [Police Officer] No?

- [Driver] Yeah, shewants like Lego Friends.

I don't know if you'veever heard of those.

- [Police Officer] Oh, yeah, yeah,

my daughter loves Lego Friends.

They're great.

- Lego what, Friends?

Daughter wants Lego Friends.

Okay, we got 'em, we got 'em, we got 'em.

- [Male Voice] We've got it.

- [Male Voice] We got three.

- [Police Officer] Any other kids

or just the one?

- I got another one, yeah, I got a son.

- [Police Officer] What does he want?

- You know, he's only five,

so he has these these things

that he wants that are unrealistic,

like I'm not gonna be able to get.

- [Police Officer] Like what?

- [Driver] This electric scooter.

(Jingle Bells music)

- [Police Officer] Something like this?

- Oh, my God, yeah.

- [Police Officer] Allrighty, do you want to

open the back seat or your trunk?

- Was I really getting pulled over?

- [Police Officer] Yeah,you got pulled over.

You got illegal tinted windows.

- Oh, my God, she justput that on her list.

We just went through and did the list.

- [Police Officer] And the high school.

- Oh, my God, no way!

- [Police Officer] Pretty awesome.

- [Driver] Oh, my God, can I hug you?

Oh, thank you!

- You're welcome.

- [Driver] So I'm notgetting a ticket, right?

- I can give you one if you want.

- [Driver] No!

- [Police Officer] Gift,you open it, right?

- What?

- [Police Officer] Have you tried those?

- No, but.

- [Police Officer] Would those maybe fit?

- They're actually what I was hoping for

when I said that (laughs).

What the heck?

- This is insane.

- Can I have it?

- [Police Officer] You can have that.

(screaming with excitement)

And there's some there for you too, Sir.

- Hey thank you.

- You are my best friend.

- Oh my God, you're kidding me.

Ah, I wanna hug you.

That is so great.

Thank you.

- [Police Officer] Something

your little boy might like.

- This just turned my bad day

into a good one.

- What?

- [Police Officer] Yeah.

- Are you joking.

- [Police Officer] No,

it just fell off the back of a truck.

You know?

You didn't see the guy in the red sleigh?

Sorry the wrap jobisn't perfect, you know.

It's a little windy out.


Well we have radios and sleighs

and magic elves and stuff.

The Xbox One.

- Yeah.

- [Police Officer] That'swhat your kids want?

- Yeah.

- [Police Officer]That's the go to present

for your kid.

- [Male Voice] Go, go go.

- [Male Voice] Let's go.

It's go time, it's go time.

- [Police Officer] Yeah.

How about you?

- Huh?

I'm looking at maybe a new TV.

Like we were talkingabout that for the room,

for our bedroom,

'cause goofball here knocked

our LCD over,

and it cracked the entire thing.

- [Police Officer] Soyou need a new TV, huh?

- [Driver] Yes.

(background noise drowns out other sound)


- [Police Officer] Thank you.

(instrumental music)

Something like this?

- Yeah, something very similar to that.

- [Driver] All right,

well open up your door, Boss.

- [Driver] (laughs) Are you serious?

- [Police Officer] Yeah.

- (laughs) What's this?

- Huh?

Merry Christmas.

You're welcome.

Merry Christmas.

- Man, that's sure nice of ya.

I mean, I've been pulled over

by police officers before,

and they've always been good to people,

but never this good.


- (laughs) That's amazing, isn't it?

Don't you love the disbelief

on their faces?

What a wonderful thing

for the police department

in that city to do.

I wanna say our own city,

the Chesapeake Police Department

has been doing something special as well.

In an effort to spread holiday cheer,

they have surprised drivers,

this is Virginia Police,

or the city of Chesapeake, Virginia,

Police Department, on December 14th

with turkeys instead of tickets

for minor infractions.

- [Pat] My goodness.

- [Terry] So with help from Kroger,

officers handed out 100 turkeys.

I just wanna say (laughs),

I want 'em all to know

what my license number is.

(both hosts laughing)

- [Pat] Okay.

- If I get pulled over,

I would welcome a turkey.

- I think that's wonderful.

That's really great.

- Isn't that great?

It really is.

- (mumbles) Yeah.

- A great Christmas opportunity

to bless someone.

But we have a Christmas tradition

here on the 700 Club.

Every year, Pat reads the Christmas

story out loud, and in this reading

he had four avid listeners,

his great grandchildren Susanna, Harrison,

and Bear, along with his wife, Dede.

Let's take a look.

(instrumental music)

- Ladies and gentlemen,

it's kind of a Robertson family tradition

where we read the Christmas story.

These are my great grandchildren here.

So this little fellahere is named Harrison,

and this one over here is named Bear,

and over there is Susanna,

so they're all ready,

and I'm gonna read theChristmas story to 'em,

so is that okay?

Susanna, you wanna read?

You want me to read for you?

Is that okay?

And Harrison, okay?

All right, well here's what it says.

This is in Luke,

it says, In those days adictator named Augustus

issued a decree that acensus should be taken.

Susanna, you know whata census is, sweetie?

- No.

- That's where they count people.

So they're counting people

to see how many in the kingdom there.

And Joseph, he went up to the town

of Nazareth, to Bethlehem,a town of David,

'cause he belonged to the house of David.

You know who David was?

David used to be a king in Israel.

He was a very famous king.

He went to register with Mary,

who was gonna be married to him,

and they were expecting a baby.

And the time came for her to have a baby,

and she wrapped him in swaddling clothes

and placed him in a manger.

Bear, do you know what a manger is?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, it's like here.

This is like a stable, yeah Harrison.

This is like a manger.

That's where they had feed for the cattle.

We've got a stable here,

and they had hay, justlike we've got here.

Something for the animals to eat.

That's where they put the.

- Go away.

- Yeah, there's a fly.

That's what you have in stables.

You got (laughs) unfortunately,

you've got flies.

Okay, and the shepherdswere out in the field,

and they were looking after their flocks,

and then an angel of theLord appeared to them,

and the glory of theLord shown about them,

and they were terrified.

Susanna, what does terrified mean?

- It means scared.

- They was scared.

That's right.

Why were they scared?

They saw those angels, those shepherds,

and they were scared.


Angels shouldn't make you scared.

- Go away!

- Go away (laughs).

Well the angels said to them,

don't be afraid,

because I'm gonna bring you good news

of great joy which will be

to all people, for unto you is born

in the city of David a savior

who is, what's his name, Bear?

Whose birthday is this?

- Baby Jesus.

- It's Jesus' birthday.

That's right,

and the savior is gonna be called

Christ the Lord,

and you will find a baby

wrapped in swaddling clothes

and lying in a manger,

and suddenly there was a whole heaven

full of, what was up in the heaven?

- Angels.

- Angels.

There were angels everywhere,

a whole multitude of them,

and they were singing and praising God,

and they said glory to God in the highest,

and on earth peace to men.

- (mumbles) Gloria!

- Gloria.

You can say that, can't you?

- Yeah.

- Yeah (laughs).

Well, the angels was singing

glory to God, gloria,

and on earth peace to men

on whom his favor rests,

and when the angels left,

the shepherds said, let's go to Bethlehem

and see what happened,

and they found Mary and the baby

lying in the manger.

And they returned totheir home praising God.

(background noise drowns out other sound)

Yeah, and so this is what Christmas

is all about,

and Susanna, what is it about?

- Jesus.

- Jesus.

It's the birth of Jesus.

That's what Christmas is all about,

and that's the story of how

he came to be,

and they laid him in a manger

just like this.

And have you all seen

the horses that are here yet?

Yeah, all right,

well you wanna see the horse?

You wanna pet the horse's nose?

- Yeah.

- Okay, well you can go see the horse.

And ladies and gentlemen,

from our family to your family,

we wish you a very merry Christmas.

All right, Bear,

go get 'em buddy.

Okay (laughs) there you go, Harrison.


All right, okay.

(instrumental music)

Wasn't that sweet?

- Bear showed considerable restraint

in that going for the horse, really.

- He did, yeah.

Well the horse was there,

and he wanted to see the horse.

- Of course he did.

- You know they were at the stable.

- They're beautiful grandchildren,

great grandchildren for you.

- Yeah, well they're beautiful.

I've got 14 grandchildren.

I've got now 14 and ahalf great grandchildren.

- [Terry] Wow!

- The half is almost born.

Another boy, that'll be14 great grandchildren.

- Well that's so awesome.

- Big family.

- Big, big family.

- All right.

- Big, beautiful family.

Well coming up, a Christmas performance

from one of Christianmusic's hottest singers.

Hannah Kerr takes us to Bethlehem,

and that's next.

(instrumental music)

(instrumental music)

Well Hannah Kerr only began touring

two years ago, and she's already

one of the biggest namesin Christian music.

Her last album was streamed

over 16 million times.

And her songs are among the most played

on Christian radio.

In her latest CD,

she's fulfilling a lifelong dream

by performing songs for Christmas.

- [Narrator] Awardwinning singer/songwriter

Hannah Kerr began singing

when she was just five years old.

Yet she never dreamed

her voice would leave

the four walls of her church,

because she was so shy.

Today, she shares the stage

with bands and Christian artists

that include Casting Crowns,

For King and Country, the Newsboys,

and Kari Jobe.

She just released her latest album,

Christmas Eve in Bethlehem,

featuring two original songs

along with many holiday favorites.

♪ A merry. ♪

- Well Hannah Kerr is here with us now.

Merry Christmas to you.

- Merry Christmas to you.

Thanks for having me.

- I know that this was a dream

to be able to do a Christmas album.

- Yes.

- Why are the holidays so special to you?

- I think just because

my whole family gets together

and because we're musical,

music is such a big partof Christmas for us,

and so my dad would lead worship

on Christmas Eve andChristmas day services,

and we would all get together and sing

and remember the birth of Christ,

so it always just feels so special

because we all get to be together

remembering together,making music together.

It's just special.- That's awesome.

And it's not just that they're musical,

like they like to sing along (laughs).

I mean, they're all trained.

- They're all way bettermusicians than me.

Trust me (laughs).

- So you said, when wewere talking earlier,

mostly brass players.

- Yes, we have 13 trumpet players,

two trombones, two french horns,

and a bunch of other things too (laughs).

- So what did you,

did you study with an instrument

when you were growing up?

- I did.

I played the french horn,

and my grandfather wasactually my teacher.

- [Terry] Really?

- So I would see him once a week,

and we would practice,

and it was really fun.

- [Terry] That's a great heritage, yeah.

- Some of my best memories,

and then we would go toStarbucks, of course.

(both women laughing)

- Well that was worth the trip, wasn't it?

- [Hannah] Yes, always.

- [Terry] When did you realize

that you had a gift,

as far as vocalizing is concerned?

- I think it was kind ofa gradual realization.

From the time when I was very young,

obviously my parents were like,

you're such a great singer.

We love you so much.

You gotta do this.

But it wasn't until I got into high school

that I really started recognizing

okay, maybe this is the gift

that God has given me to use.

I started leading worship at church,

and so when I started doing that

and really coming into my own,

I just really decided

that this is the gift

that the Lord has given me to use,

and I'm so grateful,

because it's been sucha wonderful journey.

I've learned so much.

I've grown so much as a person,

and I just really enjoy singing for him.

- Well you say that you are

admittedly an introvert.

- Yes.

- And yet to stand up on stage

in front of people,

I've known other people who've said this,

that something happens

when it's time on stage

and the lights come up

and the microphone is on.

Is that true for you?

Or how did you overcome your shyness?

- It's definitely true for me.

I think that just recognizing

God's calling really helps us

to be confident in what we're doing,

and I think too when I'm performing,

even if it's a concert,

I recognize that I'mreally worshiping God,

and so even though it may be my name

on the screen, it's not about me at all,

and that really relieves the pressure.

I just get to recognize

that I'm singing for the Lord,

and that he's in that place,

and that's what the focus is really on,

which is why I do Christian music,

because I can't imaginedoing anything else.

I absolutely love leading worship

and singing Christian songs.

- Yeah, you know, you'vesung all your life,

and been musical all your life,

but this whole recognition of that,

the accolades of people

and the CDs and everything,

have been fairly recent.

- Yes.

- I mean has it been hard

to deal with all that comes with that,

because it can be pretty intense?

- It has been a lot.

It definitely feels

a little overwhelming at times.

I think that's the best word.

I'm also a full time college student, so.

- [Terry] Goodness.

- So in addition to touring,

I'm in class five days a week,

and it's a busy schedule,

but I recognize that it's so important

for me to do both.

I really feel calledto do school and music.

And everything that comes along with music

can be overwhelming, but it's so worth it,

because you know thatat the end of the day

this is a ministry,

where we get to minister to people,

and it's worth every time, every effort.

- Well school can be pretty intense.

Is the music kind of an exhale for you?

- Yes.

- When you get to come away from school

and do something you love so?

- Definitely, yes.

Music is definitely the way that I rest

and the way that I feelconnected to the Lord

is when I sing in worship, so.

- What are you majoring in?

- So my major is calledChristian leadership,

and it's kind of a survey of ministry,

so we take classes about preaching

and worship leading,

and all different things.

- Falls right into your heart.

- Yes, definitely.

And also allows me tolearn more about things

that I don't typically do,

so I've gotten to learnthings about counseling

and other areas of ministry

that I'd never considered before,

so it's been really cool

to just allow the Lord to grow me

in different areas of my life,

in addition to music as well.

- Well, I wanna mention

on the latest CD, or DVD.

Yeah, CD, the ChristmasEve in Bethlehem CD

that you released,

you've written a couple of songs on here.

Is that a first for you?

Or have you done that consistently?

- So I've been writingsongs since high school,

but writing Christmas music was new to me.

I had never tried to write

a Christmas song,

which is very challenging, actually.

- [Terry] Yes.

- We were writing them in the summer,

which was challenging on its own,

'cause it's about 100 degrees in Nashville

during the summer.

- [Terry] Yeah.

- But it was so much fun,

because for the first time,

I really asked myself,

what do I believe aboutthe Christmas story?

What does Christmas mean to me?

And so I really came to these two songs,

"Christmas Eve inBethlehem" and "Emmanuel"

that really just encompass

what Christmas is for me,

and just encompass warmth and peace,

and light, so that's my hope

for the album is that

people really feel that warmth

and the peace that comes at Christmas.

- Well great stocking stuffer, people,

but tell us, you'regonna sing for us today.

- I am.

- Tell what you're gonna sing today.

- I'm gonna sing "Silent Night,"

which happens to be myfavorite Christmas song.

- [Terry] Mine too.

- But it's also the first song

I ever sang in church.

When I was five years old,

I sang "Silent Night,"

and so it's just a special time

every time I get to sing it

and remember what it felt like

for the first time to sing it.

- I think it's a hallmark

Christmas song for everyone,

but I'm gonna let you, Hannah,

go over and get ready to sing

while I tell folks about the CD.

If you enjoy Christmas music,

be sure to add Hannah's latest album

to your collection.

As I said, it's called,

Christmas Eve in Bethlehem.

You can get ahold of itwherever music is sold.

You're gonna love it.

It'll be inspiring for your holiday,

and right now, here's Hannah Kerr

with "Silent Night."

(instrumental music)

♪ Silent night ♪

♪ Holy night ♪

♪ All is calm ♪

♪ All is bright ♪

♪ 'Round yon virgin ♪

♪ Mother and child ♪

♪ Holy infant ♪

♪ So tender and mild ♪

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace ♪

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace ♪

(instrumental music)

♪ Oo ♪

♪ Silent night ♪

♪ Holy night ♪

♪ Son of God ♪

♪ Love's pure light ♪

♪ Radiant beams from thy holy face ♪

♪ With the dawn of redeeming grace ♪

♪ Jesus Lord at thy birth ♪

♪ Jesus Lord at thy birth ♪

(instrumental music)

♪ Oo ♪

(instrumental music)


- [Narrator] Coming up,

a hero comes home.

- [Male Voice] It was like God,

please help me now.

Then everything stops.

- [Narrator] But finds himself fighting

a very different type of battle.

- [Male Voice] I started having nightmares

and I was sweating.

- [Narrator] How it got a life changing

present for Christmas.

- [Male Voice] There wasa picture of my kids,

and it just melted my heart.

- [Narrator] Later, on today's 700 Club.

(instrumental music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(crowd cheering)

- The holidays can be a stressful time,

and the Kennetts knowthis from experience.

Korum lost his job

right before the holidays.

Thankfully, CBN's Helping the Home Front

was there to give this military family

a merry Christmas.

- [Narrator] Korum Kennett served

five years in the army as a combat medic.

His wife, Mackenzie,is quick to praise him

for his dedication to serve.

- He has a very big heart,

and when it comes to helping people,

and his patriotism,

I'm always so, so proud to be his wife.

- [Narrator] Korum speaks

just as highly of Mackenzie

for taking care of their toddler, Hunter,

and newborn baby, Mason.

- I admire her.

She's strong and I'm strong,

but we're stronger together.

- [Narrator] Their strength was tested

when just before the holidays,

Korum was denied reenlistment

due to troop downsizing.

So instead of enjoying aseason of peace and joy,

they were now facing financial turmoil.

- I worry a lot.

It's my job to take care of my family.

I feel like I'm not doing my job.

That hits me pretty hard.

- [Narrator] Korum and Mackenzie

decided to use their final army transfer

from Fort Campbell, Kentucky,

to go back home to Wisconsin.

There, Korum could find a new job.

But the couple was already behind

on bills and rent,

and couldn't afford a deposit

on a new place in Wisconsin.

- It's very scary

going into the holidays

not knowing where we're going to be.

We've decided that we're not going

to buy gifts for each other this year.

I try to go to thrift shops

when I can and with the little extra money

that we have, which is not much.

Our boys need clothes,

and we always need more groceries

than we can buy.

The couple relied on their faith in God

that things would work out.

They continued to pray every day.

- We both feel so much better

after we've prayed,

after we feel like the Lord

has listened to us,

and God's gonna handle it.

I want her to feel peace of mind,

and I want us both to feel peace of mind

within the marriage, and with God.

- [Narrator] The Kennetts got a huge dose

of Christmas cheer

when their small group leader,

Bryan Flannery, with Reboot Ministry,

invited them over to tell them

that CBN's Helping the Home Front

was paying off the back rent due,

paying an additional two months' rent

to get them through the holidays,

and paying the rental deposit

on a new home in Wisconsin.

- Wow.

- What are you feeling hearing that?

- Relief.

- [Bryan] Relief?

- Wow.

I don't even know what to say.

- We're also gonna sit down today

and all of the back bills that there are,

we're gonna take care of those too.

- Wow.

- God is good (laughs).

- [Bryan] All the time.

- All the time (laughs).

- There's more.

- Are you kidding us?

(Mackenzie laughing)

- We wanted to make sure

that you could give those boys

the Christmas that they deserve,

so right here,

are 2,000 dollars in gift cards.

- Oh my gosh.

- And as soon as we're done,

we're gonna go shopping.

- Thank you.

I can't even process that we're,

that we're gonna be okay.

- [Narrator] The Kennettssat down with Bryan

and mapped out a plan

to pay all the delinquent bills.

Then they were off on a shopping spree

to buy everything the family needed,

including presents for the children.

- We couldn't be more grateful

for the blessings

that y'all are giving us.

And knowing that we're gonna

give our boys a wonderfulChristmas this year

with everything going on,

it's such a relief.

- Thank you 700 Club members.

You make that possible for our military

and also for people

who are at a severe and serious

point of need.

That's what you do.

You step right intothe midst of that need,

and you bring the love of Jesus

and some very practical help.

Right now, it's a time of year

when sometimes things are tight

for lots of people.

Will you help us with that

by joining the 700 Club?

It's such a simple thing to do.

Our number's toll free.

It's 1-800-700-7000.

65 cents a day, 20 dollars a month,

makes you a 700 Club member,

and while that may not seem like much,

you know when we all get together

and pool our resources,

we really can make a difference

in the lives of thousandsand thousands of people

here at home and around the world.

When you join the 700 Club,

by the way, our way of saying thank you

is to send you Pat's teaching

called "Miraculous Blessings."

This is really a wonderful teaching

from the word of God,

and it's also filled withsome great testimonies

that we think will bless you,

and by the way remember

you still have time

to save on your taxes for 2018.

Your gift to CBN is tax deductible,

so you can help change lives

here in America, and all around the world,

and at the same time take advantage

of that year end tax savings.

So, again, that number is 1-800-700-7000,

or if you prefer, youcan go to

We say thank you in advance

for caring about others.


- Well it's Christmas time,

and it's been wonderful,

and I hope that you're having

a glorious Christmas.

You know, if you're by yourself,

you're alone,

please know the Lord is with you,

and he makes the orphans,

takes the homeless andgives them families,

takes the widows and the orphans.

He loves people,

and whether you're by yourself,

or you're the only one,

or you've got a huge family,

whichever it is,

we hope that this is ajoyous Christmas for you.

Well I want to introduce you to Lucas.

Lucas served his country in Iraq,

but after two tours of duty

during the second Gulf War,

Lucas had little to show

for his time in the military,

other than what is called PTSD,

or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Lucas' memories of bombs and bullets

haunted him for years,

and one Christmas,

they nearly cost himeverything he held dear.

(instrumental music)

- [Narrator] For Lucas,

a husband and father of two,

Christmas is more than a holiday.

It's a reminder of everything he loves,

and everything he almost lost.

(engine humming)

- Our unit would find an IED

almost every single day.

So every bump you're going on,

it's like, is that an IED?

Is that an IED?

You don't know which person

is gonna throw a grenade at you.

You don't know which vehicle

is coming at you to blow you up.

I'm like, I don't wanna die out here.

- [Narrator] Long before he was a Marine,

Lucas dreamed of serving in the military.

- [Lucas] As a kid, I watched Rambo,

and was like, ah, cool,

and he was tough,

and he could take care of himself.

I pictured myself like that,

'cause I had to figureout things on my own.

- [Narrator] The youngestin a broken home,

Lucas grew up a loner,

always afraid that one day

he'd become like his father.

- We'd always heard stories

that he had murdered people,

and that he was gonna try to kill us.

Seriously, my own dad wants to kill me?

That's pretty messed up.

And then the thoughts would get to me.

He was an alcoholic, drug addict,

so I always thought in my head,

oh, I have this addictivepersonality as well.

Maybe I would kind of turn out like him.

- [Narrator] So he prayed every night,

hoping he'd be saved.

- [Lucas] I read the bible every day.

I knew that it talked about sin a lot,

and that you can go to hell for sinning,

so I repented my sins every single night.

That just brought even more fear

into the mix.

- [Narrator] At 18,

he joined the Marine infantry.

As a patrol driver, hedidn't see much action.

Until one night whenhis squad was attacked.

- I just wake up to these tracers

over my head, and this machine gun fire,

and just bullets flying everywhere,

and you don't know where it's coming from.

(yelling and gun fire)

It was like God, please help me now.

And everything stops.

That was like really frightening for me.

Shortly after that I started noticing

that my memory was going,

and I was getting more fearful,

angry and the vigilance would just get up,

and I'd be paranoid.

(crunching of footsteps in sand)

My way of escaping was suck it up.

That was like a model.

Suck it up, everything.

You're tired, hungry, cold.

Don't show it.

It's weakness.

- [Narrator] And whenhe returned Stateside,

he began self medicating.

- Something was missing,

and there was something off,

and so I drank to cope with that.

I would drink every single day.

- [Narrator] Just before his second tour,

Lucas married Ashley.

He hid his symptoms and drinking

until shipping off to Fallujah.

As a team leader,

ready to train Iraqi soldiers,

but upon returning home to Ashley,

he could no longer bury his fears.

- If there was a cardboard box

or debris on the road,

he would swerve like a madman,

'cause he thought that

there was a bomb underneath it.

If we would go to a restaurant,

he had to sit in a place

where he could see the whole room,

in case someone was gonna attack us.

(yelling and gunfire)

- I started having nightmares,

and I was sweating.

I always had my hand on my knife,

even in church,

like I'm paying out in my head

how I'm gonna get tothis guy and stab him,

like in church.

- [Ashley] I knew immediately

that he had PTSD, buthe didn't believe me.

- [Lucas] Back to that whole Rambo thing.

He could take care of himself.

I can take care of myself.

I don't need anybody helping me.

I've got it.

- [Ashley] The onlything I could do is pray.

I was like, God, please just have him

be aware of it.


- [Narrator] Eventually,

Lucas agreed to counseling

where he was diagnosedwith PTSD and medicated.

Four years later,

he was working as an insurance manager,

raising twins, and still battling PTSD.

To cope, he began drinking more,

but his symptoms only intensified.

- Too proud to ask for help.

And ashamed, I guess.

The person that I didn't wanna become

was kind of who I was becoming.

- [Narrator] Then one night

Lucas got drunk at a Christmas party.

When Ashley refused to let him drive,

he lost it.

- [Ashley] He grabbed my hair

and he smashed my facein the middle console.

I just was screaming for him to get out.

I just wanted him out.

It was over.

- [Narrator] Lucas took off,

and Ashley drove home.

The next day, he had no memory

of what had happened.

Then, Ashley confronted him and left

with the kids.

- I basically just turned into my dad.

I was heartbroken that I did that,

and that I screwed up the family,

and on the Christmas tree,

there was a picture of my kids

and I looked at them,

and it just melted my heart.

(instrumental music)


So I said to God, I said,

you know, I screwed this up,

but if you can fix it,I'll give it to you.

- [Narrator] Lucas quit drinking

and saw counseling, and for the first time

in his life, he felt no fear.

- I felt like at peace,

and I was kind ofinfatuated with this peace,

like this is pretty nice.

Just gradually I could tell

that things were changing.

- [Narrator] And when Ashley

spoke with Lucas on the phone,

she noticed something was different.

- He dramatically changed,

and he had this confidence

that everything was gonna be okay,

and God was gonna take care of it,

and it made me angry,

because I'm like, I'm divorcing you.

You've ruined our whole family.

This is not okay.

And finally, I got on my knees

and I cried out to God,

God, you have to do something.

It's like I felt a break,

and I just knew that God had fixed it.

I could love him again.

(instrumental music)

- [Narrator] Together, Lucas and Ashley

learned to trust God and each other.

And through that trust,

Lucas has found freedom from fear.

- God healed me.

He needed me to let go of myself,

and just to fully trust in him.

God was the only way.

- There's nothing else out there

that can really fix your marriage,

your life, your heart,your mind, like God.

If you really do surrender yourself

and yield to God,

he will restore things,and make them better

than they've ever been.

- You know, God can do it all, can't he?

Isn't that wonderful?

This Christmas, what a marvelous story,

but that is a true story.

This isn't, they're not actors.

It's not made up.

These are real people.

This is really what happened.

But you know, that PTSD is terrible,

and people carry that burden,

and they're into combat and they suffer

all these things,

and they can't get rid of it.

Only God can cleanse the slate.

Only God can give you a new start,

and the bible says that he wants us

to have our consciences cleansed

of dead works to serve the living God.

So Lucas and Ashley,that's just one couple,

but that's an example

of what can happen to you,

and if you want help,

just call on the name of the Lord.

This Christmas, say God,it's Christmas time,

and I want to know the living God.

God bless you.

Terry, what's next?

- Well up next a Christmas carol

comes to life courtesy

of Charles Dickens' great, great grandson.

Discover a side of the famous author

that you have never heard before.

That's all coming up next.

(instrumental music)

- During Christmas, Mexico shares a lot

of traditions with the world.

There is a chance the glass ornaments

on your tree are handmade

by artisans in the village of Tlalpujahua.

Close to there, the entire town

of Atlixco lights up, reminding us

that the greatest light, Jesus,

was given to the world during this season.

And breaking Christmas piñatas.

Here they say that represents

the moment people decideto break with sin.

The candy pouring out

represents the riches of God's kingdom

being poured out on us

when we receive Jesus.

From Mexico, we wish you a blessed

and merry Christmas.

- [Group] Felíz Navidad.

- In 1843, an English author

named Charles Dickens introduced the world

to Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim,

and a tightfisted misernamed Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Well since its release,

A Christmas Carol hasnever gone out of print.

It's a story that lives on today.

Recently Dan Rainey met a man

who is bringing Dickens'

colorful characters to life.

He's Charles Dickens'

own great, great grandson.

- [Dan] Charles Dickens is the author

of one of the greatest Christmas classics

of all time, A Christmas Carol.

Today, Charles' great, great grandson,

actor Gerald Dickens,

is helping to carry on

the family tradition withis one man performance

of A Christmas Carol.

We recently caught up with Gerald

at the Inn at Christmas Place

in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee,

where he shared his thoughts

on the life and workof his famous ancestor.

Now what did you think

when you started reading Dickens?

- I absolutely hated it (laughs).

Couldn't divine it.

To be fair, it was at school.

I was a teenager.

We were given Oliver Twist

as a set text.

The English teacher pointed out

the beautiful language

and the use of the plot devices

and everything else.

Meant nothing to me.

- Now when did that startto change for you then?

- Well, through theater.

The Royal Shakespeare Company

in Britain wanted to do a stage adaptation

of one of Dickens' novels.

And they chose Nicholas Nickleby.

So I went along as the sort of

archetypal grumpy teenager.

(makes disparaging noises)

And sat there, and the play started,

five minutes, I was hooked.

It was fabulous.

- Gerald also talked about

Dickens' last book,

The Life of our Lord,

a little known work hewrote to his children

on the life of Jesus Christ.

Something I love about this

is that it's so personal.

- Yes.

- There are direct messages

to his own children.

- Absolutely.

- And future generations.

- You're absolutely rightabout Life of our Lord.

It is so personal.

And he wrote it very specifically

as a guideline to his children.

Take this, read it,

understand the life of Jesus Christ.

You won't go far wrong.

- [Dan] Gerald also developed

a particular fascination

with the characters and themes

in A Christmas Carol.

Today, he performs his one man show

for audiences in the US and Great Britain.

- Marley was dead

to begin with.

There is no doubt whatever about that.

- I would assume your earliest experience

with Christmas Carolwas around the holidays.

- Yep.

- Just as a young boy.

- Absolutely.

I remember laying in bed,

my cousins were stayingwith us over Christmas,

and their father, my uncle,

read A Christmas Carol to us,

and it didn't matter who the author was.

It didn't matter to me

that this was Charles Dickens.

It was just a riveting story,

and I was absolutely amazed

by the ghosts and the travel

and one minute we're in London,

the next minute we're out

in the middle of the ocean,

the next minute we're down a mine.

What is going on?

And my biggest memory,

and something I always try to get over

when I do the show

is the amazement to me

when Scrooge wakes up on Christmas morning

and discovers he hasn't missed it.

- [Dan] Gerald performs

more than 60 shows a year,

but he says it never gets boring.

- I know people are gonna come

and see the show because

I'm the great, greatgrandson of Charles Dickens.

Of course, that's marketing.

I understand that.

As long as they leave the theater

or the venue or wherever it is

having seen a fantastic piece of theater,

I adore it.

It's so exciting every single time.

- And as Tiny Tim announced.

- God bless us every one.

- Well if you enjoy A Christmas Carol,

we have a perfect gift for you.

I went into the sound booth,

and our producer Edie Wasserberg,

said listen, would you read this for me,

and I said, I've got a raspy voice,

and you know, it'd be perfect for Scrooge.

All right.

But the copy was so fantastic,

we did the whole thingall the way through,

and we have an audio version for you.

It's part of the deal

for a gift of 25 bucks,

but it's A Christmas Carol,

and I read all of the parts,

Tiny Tim and the Ghost

of Christmas Present and Past.

- Dare I ask what your favorite part was?

- Well Scrooge obviously.

- Of course (laughs).

- Scrooge.

It just lends itself, you know,

but I don't know.

When Scrooge comes,

he's visiting his sister,

and she says, home,

I'm gonna take you home,

and it's in there.

I'm gonna go home,

and the little boy was off in the school,

and her sister came to get him,

and he remembers that her nephew,

or her son is his nephew,

and he's got to do something for him.

It's an amazing story.

- [Terry] It is a great story (mumbles).

- It's a copy, I've never seen

anything like it.

I mean it just reads,

it reads itself.

It's brilliant.

But anyhow, if you want

a scratchy voiced versionof A Christmas Carol

read by yours truly,

we'll send you a copy of it,

and you wanna get this.

I think it's something you can use

for your family,

and then in addition to that

we've got the Christmas.

- [Pat And Terry] Traditions.

- That Gordon went ahead and had

some producers go all over,

in Finland and Germany

and interviewed the reindeer

and everything, you know.

(both hosts laughing)

- Well to find out why we do the thing.

- Oh I know.

It's interesting, but anyhow.

Timeless, and you can have it

if you want it.

If you want it, give us a call,

and it is under priced

at 25 dollars, no kidding.

- You're getting a bargain (laughs).

- It's worth a whole lot more than that.

Okay, Terry, what else?

- We're gonna be back

with some sounds

of the season after this, so stay with us.

(instrumental music)

(instrumental music)

- Well thank you forwatching today's program.

We wish you and your family

a very merry Christmas.

Our Power Minute today, by the way,

comes from Luke 2:11.

"For unto you is born this day

"in the city of David a Savior,

"which is Christ the Lord."

We leave you with some sounds

of the season.

Here are the Gettys singing

"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."

(instrumental music)

♪ God rest ye merry gentlemen ♪

♪ Let nothing you dismay ♪

♪ Remember Christ our Savior ♪

♪ Was born on Christmas day ♪

(instrumental music)

♪ God rest ye merry gentlemen ♪

♪ Let nothing you dismay ♪

♪ Remember Christ our Savior ♪

♪ Was born on Christmas day ♪

♪ To save us all from Satan's power ♪

♪ When we were gone astray ♪

♪ Oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪

♪ Comfort and joy ♪

♪ Tidings of comfort and joy ♪

(instrumental music)

♪ In Bethlehem in Israel ♪

♪ This blessed babe was born ♪

♪ And laid within a manger ♪

♪ This blessed Christmas morn ♪

♪ The which his mother Mary ♪

♪ Did nothing take in scorn ♪

♪ Oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪

♪ Comfort and joy ♪

♪ Tidings of comfort and joy ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

(instrumental music)

♪ From God our heavenly father ♪

♪ A blessed angel came ♪

♪ And unto certain shepherds ♪

♪ Brought tidings of the same ♪

♪ How that in Bethlehem was born ♪

♪ The Son of God by name ♪

♪ Oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪

♪ Comfort and joy ♪

♪ Oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪

(instrumental music)

♪ The shepherds at those tidings ♪

♪ Rejoiced much in mind ♪

♪ And left their flocks a-feeding ♪

♪ In tempest, storm and wind ♪

♪ And went to Bethlehem straightway ♪

♪ The Son of God to find ♪

♪ Oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪

♪ Comfort and joy ♪

♪ Oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪

(instrumental music)

♪ Now to the Lord sing praises ♪

♪ All you within this place ♪

♪ And with true love and brotherhood ♪

♪ Each other now embrace ♪

♪ This holy tide of Christmas ♪

♪ All others doth deface ♪

♪ Oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪

♪ Comfort and joy ♪

♪ Oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪

♪ This holy tide of Christmas ♪

♪ All others doth deface ♪

♪ Oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪

♪ Comfort and joy ♪

♪ Oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪

(instrumental music)

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

(instrumental music)

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Hey, yeah ♪

(instrumental music)


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