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Should US Rethink Decision to Leave Syria? The Kurds Say 'Yes' – Here's Why

Should US Rethink Decision to Leave Syria? The Kurds Say 'Yes' – Here's Why Read Transcript

(helicopter rotors whipping air)

- [Chuck] U.S. troops maybe headed home from Syria,

but one important U.S. ally is still there

fighting the remnants of ISIS.

They're known as theSyrian Democratic Forces

which are predominantlymade up of Kurdish fighters

known as the Peshmerga.

The Kurdish Peshmergahave been fighting ISIS

since the beginning, and they've been some

of America's staunchestallies in the region.

But the latest move bythe Trump administration

has them worried because they say

that there's still plentyof fighting left to do.

Masrour Barzani was just nominated

to become Kurdistan's prime minister.

- I have no doubt that ISIS

is going to be militarily defeated,

it's just a matter of time,but it will not be eradicated

because the ideology will stay.

And the burden of fighting terrorism

will mostly fall on the shoulders

of intelligence and security services.

That will make our jobseven more difficult

because then instead of fighting enemy

in one particular location,you have to find them

as ghosts running around all over.

This is a world war, butwe are in the front line,

but unfortunately reallywe are not being supported

to the degree that we need to.

- The U.S. has often made it harder

for the Peshmerga to fight ISIS

because we've sometimesrefused to sell them

the military equipment they need to do so.

This American Humvee now belongsto the Kurdish Peshmerga,

but they didn't get it fromthe United States directly.

They got it from ISIS.

Now, ISIS got it when the Iraqi army

left their equipment and ranaway in Mosul back in 2014.

So the Kurdish army says, wedon't get to pay with dollars

if we want to buy American equipment.

We have to pay with blood,and that's what they mean.

At over 30 million, the Kurdishare the largest people group

on the planet withouta country of their own.

And for generationsthey've dreamed of one day

having a free Kurdistan.

Hoshyar Zebrani has beenfighting for this dream

his entire life, and hesays a free Kurdistan

is an idea whose time has come.

- The issue ofself-determination for Kurdistan

has never been so highby the Kurdish people.

That after all the suffering,after all these years

they need a place under the sun also

like any other nation.

And after ISIS I think therewill be a lot of thinking

whether these communitieswhere people can live together

or be canned into those borders

or they should have theirown free will to decide,

you see, their future.

- [Chuck] And with Iran, Syria, and Russia

all vying for control in this region

Kurds think this mightbe a very good place

for a permanent U.S. base.

- We need Americans to rememberthat we are loyal friends

and loyal allies, we share same principles

and same values, and we are together

against internationalterrorism as long as it takes,

and in this case to eradicate terrorism

and to fight terrorism there are many ways

that we have to work together.

- [Chuck] But if theAmericans pull out completely,

the Kurds will keepfighting because for them

this fight is about their homeland.

Chuck Holton, CBN News, Erbil Kurdistan.


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